Are the Photos and videos uploaded (iCloud Photo Sharing) equal to the (ios iphoto reviewed)? If not, what is the new equal to that? If so, can I organize the layout as I wish? can I convert (iphoto ios log backup) to the file (iCloud Photo Sharing)?

I always use the ios 7 because I like my reviews of iphoto, ios 8 and after don't support is not iphoto, I intend to upgrade to the latest version of ios. so my question is:

Are the Photos and videos uploaded (iCloud Photo Sharing) equal to the (ios iphoto reviewed)?

-If so, I can arrange the provision in the way I want? What happens if you want to convert my old (iphoto ios log backup) to import (iCloud Photo Sharing) that it is?

-If not, what is the new equal to that with the possibility of transferring these journals?

Thank you

No they are not really the same thing and you can't convert one to the other. When / if you update, you will simply lose your logs. You cannot influence other available photos of the order appear in

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    The journal of defragmentation is shown below:

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    Volume (c)

    Volume size = 34,06 GB

    Cluster size = 4 KB

    Used space = 24,84 GB

    Space free = 9.22 GB

    Percentage of free space: 27 percent

    Fragmentation of the volume

    Total fragmentation = 25%

    Fragmentation of files: 48 percent

    Fragmentation of free space = 3%

    Fragmentation of files

    Total files = 114 757

    Average size of the files = 357 KB

    Total fragmented files = 281

    Total excess fragments = 162 361

    Way of fragments per file = 2.41

    Pagefile fragmentation

    The pagefile size = 3.91 GB

    Total fragments = 18 189

    File fragmentation

    Total records = 14 294

    Fragmented folders = 1

    Excess folder fragments = 0

    The Table of master files (MFT) fragmentation

    MFT size = 210 MB

    Number of records MFT = 130 468

    Percentage used MFT = 60%

    Total of fragments in the MFT = 252


    Fragments of files in file size that cannot be defragmented

    728 MB 23 \WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386\

    1 027 33 MB \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\software.sav

    556 36 MB \System Volume Information\_restore{202550A8-7A33-4BCA-9586-051D24DDBF8F}\RP350\A0037561.exe

    541 \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\Freight&Customs.sbd\Thornley&Pitt 36 MB

    470 37 MB \System Volume \RP370\snapshot\_REGISTRY_MACHINE_SOFTWARE Information\_restore {202550A8-7A33-4BCA-9586-051D24DDBF8F}

    558 38 Mo \WINDOWS\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\G7HWHKBP\iTunes[1].msi

    545 40 MB \Documents and Settings\Mark Galperin\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search\dbeam

    522 40 MB \Documents and Settings\Mark Galperin\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search\dbdam

    718 45 MB \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\BELLS.sbd\Bigorski

    45 1 309 MB \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\Avg (2) \incavi.avm

    734 \My Documents\__TEMP\Bell'sInequalityMFTI-19nov2008\10.mp3 49MO

    643 50 MB \Documents and Settings\Mark Galperin\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search\fii.cf1

    1-329-51 MB \Documents and Settings\Mark Galperin\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\kgs99xmi.default\urlclassifier3.sqlite

    911 57 MB \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\Freight&Customs

    743 \Program Files\ACD\ACDSee\ImageDB.dtf 61 MB

    \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\BELLS.sbd\Pyatkov 70 1 116 MB

    1 058 70 MB \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\BELLS.sbd\BellAgents.sbd\JohnCox

    1 061 70 MB \Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Setup Files\RdrBig710\ENU_\

    1 217 76 MB \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\BELLS.sbd\FortRossBells

    1 378 89 MB \Documents and Settings\Mark Galperin\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\16LEQ61Q\fr-cornell-10-show0[3].flv

    91 744 MB \Documents and Settings\Mark Galperin\My Documents\My Pictures\ControlCenter2\Scan\CCI00027.tif

    1 472 94 MB \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\Inbox

    1 459 96 MB \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\FriendsAndFamily

    125 1 434 MB \Program Symantec Shared\SymcData\virusdefs-2.5-e\BinHub\virscan7.dat

    2 050 128 MB \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Defs\core.aawdef.hashdiskcache.bin

    1 444 132 MB \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\BELLS

    \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\BELLS.sbd\Vera 149 2 260 MB

    \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\Sent 223 2 980 MB

    3 522 230 \Documents and Settings\Mark Galperin\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop Search\rpm.cf1

    563 4 906 MB \My Documents\__Netscape7Emails\default\8eqvritz.slt\Mail\\BELLS.sbd\_Bells_Sent

    IMO, if you have Windows XP or a newer version of Windows, not worth obsessed during defragmentation.

    That said, I offer the following comments:

    • Files that start \System Volume Information\_restore {... are your system restore points.  If things are running OK and you do not anticipate the need to restore to an earlier time, disable System Restore (which will delete all system restore points) and then turn it back on again.  Or just run Disk Cleanup and use remove all but the last restore point.
    • The \WINDOWS\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\G7HWHKBP\iTunes[1].msi file looks like a file cache of remains of Internet Explorer 5.  In any case, it is a setup of iTunes and you can safely remove.  In general, you can safely remove all in C:\Windows\Temp
    • I guess you kept all of these files in e-mail Netscape 7 for some reason, but if they had just neglected when you moved from Netscape 7 for any email application you use today, you can remove these establishments.
    • The normal Windows Defragmenter cannot defragment various system files, including the page file and the MFT, which are quite highly fragmented in your system.  I think that for this reason there is not enough contiguous space on your hard disk to defragment most of the other files in the list even if you have more than 9 GB of free space.

    To defragment the paging file, you can disable (or very small), restart and then set it to "system managed size".  To do this

    • Make a right click my computer and select Properties
    • Click on the "Settings" button in the box 'Performance '.
    • Click on the "Advanced" tab and the button 'Edit' under 'virtual memory '.
    • Click on "No paging file" and the "Set" key
    • OK your way out and restart
    • Defragmentation and then go back and put the pagefile "system managed size".

    A better approach, however, would be to use (free) PageDefrag, which defragments non only the pagefile, but both the Windows registry files.

    Microsoft has apparently made a utility that will defragment the MFT (on the restart), but you must call customer service to get it:;en-us;320397 I used not this utility and cannot give you any information about it beyond what is in the Article.

    Some commercial defragmenters defragment the MFT (on the restart).  If they have trial versions, trial versions may include this feature, but I don't know.
    O & O Defrag 14 Pro:

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    I have a subscription to Acrobat DC which ends November 24. Since that night, I can't convert WORD into PDF files. I got a message that my subscription has ended. Please help me because I have an urgent document to convert to PDF

    Some general information for a subscription of cloud

    Sign out of your account of cloud... Restart your computer... Connect to your paid account of cloud

    -Connect using


  • How can I convert a PDF to xls or csv file

    How can I convert a PDF to xls or csv file? thnx

    HI newapiary

    You can either use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe ExportPDF Service online.

    Please visit:

  • Uploading photos and videos to iCloud...

    Hello, I have the same challenge that many seem to have, in that my photos and videos take forever to download if they load at all. This is a paid service and the answers seem to be "it could take a month" or "be patient"? Well, it has been over a week now and my 35 pictures and 6 videos have not downloaded. I've stopped and started the service, I rebooted my phone and left if for hours and nothing. It is absolutely ridiculous and I would be really grateful if someone could give something more than a 'be patient' so that Apple continues to extract funds from me for a service that can not be used?

    Oh and the videos are not large (we are 67seconds and they total 329seconds) as I had no space to take big videos because I waited "patiently" to download photos and how big can they really be?

    I have 45.7 GB of unused space.

    Waiting patiently...

    Suspend the download and turn off iCloud library temporarily.

    Have you tried signing off iCloud and then insert it again? I suggest that you try it. Once signed in, return iCloud library on which will restart the download.

    If this does not work, then try to reset your device: hold the home and power buttons at the same time and continue to hold until the Apple appears (up to 30 seconds). Once the slide to unlock screen is displayed again, return iCloud Phtoto library on which will restart the download.

    See you soon,.


  • Display the pictures and videos on iCloud drive app issues


    My iCloud drive is enabled in my iPhone 6 + and iPad Pro and on the Apple TV. I can see all the photos and videos on my Apple TV. However, when I opened the iCloud reader app on my iPad Pro, no photos or videos are indicated. He is white, except for a couple of documents. I have a subscription of 200 GB and 157GB of available, but nothing shows up on my iCloud drive app in my iPad Pro. Ditto for the iPhone 6 + if I was made to understand the elements are all in the camera app. I took almost all of my pictures and videos on my iPhone and these are uploaded to the icloud drive. Please give me some suggestions as to why they do not appear on my iPad Pro but are visible on my Apple TV. I signed in with the same username and password to iCloud.

    The photo aren't in the iCloud drive application, which concerns the documents.

    Here's what you do;

    You are using Safari go on iPad Pro.

    Once there hold your finger on the circular at the end of the URL field arrow until the Bureau request website. Tap the Office application site.

    Connect to your iCloud account.

    Press photo icon.

  • Are the files $NtUninstallKB83522WXP$ and lots of files with names like KB2566454.log is necessary to keep?

    Original title; These files are needed?

    I hundredes swith of file names such as $NtUninstallKB83522WXP$ and lots of files with names like KB2566454.log. Can they be deleted?

    My system became very slow lately and it's the first timeI saw these files.

    The files have dates between 2005 and 2012. My computer took more time to start and is much slower in response to requests.

    Because thses files take up so much space I would like if possible remove them.  I'm under Windopws XP SP3.

    If your PC behaves properly, you can remove the hotfix Windows backup hidden files that start with $NTUninstallKB to the WINDOWS folder. Be aware that once they are removed you will not be able to uninstall the updates they represent.

    There are two ways to do:

    1. manually, but copy the files on a CD/DVD first to enable their restoration has a fix must be removed at a later date. Now delete the folder \WINDOWS, but leaves the orphan entries to add / remove programs intact. Remove only the $NTUninstallKB files that relate to corrections, not those for applications such as Word, WMP, etc.. In addition, DO NOT DELETE THE folder$ $hf_mig.

    2. my preference is to run a script that also removes the corresponding entries in Add / Remove programs. Once they are deleted by the script, they cannot be restored. Download, extract and run this little script creating a system restore point first just in case something goes wrong when the update of the register.

  • Are the files on my drive to BOTH mac and iCloud?

    When I save a file to my iCloud Drive on my Mac using the FINDER, is ALSO the file on my MAC?

    I really want to free up space on my MAC by saving files to the iCloud drive and NOT on my Mac.


    They are in both places. To my knowledge, there is no method to change this behavior.

    If the implementation this way, you will have to wait as the file to download before editing.

  • Where are the files created in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Setup logs?


    Where are the installation saves the files created in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005? I checked the temporary directory and couldn't find the logs for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.

    Thank you!

    Hi EugeneWhitlock,

    The installation files of all installed programs stored in the C:\Program Files location.

    I would also recommend to post your question in the MSDN forum:

    Hope the helps of information.

  • What are the files with long names, the letters and numbers?

    I have several labels of large folders with names very long "ae61cbac70034e54059be539829a7e", that means these and I can delete them?

    Hello, TerriML,

    Performs a search of malicious programs.  Boot safe mode with networking

    Download the following tool and an analysis of the system.  I suggest also disable the system restore because the malware is known to hide in the restore points.

    Turn off System Restore in Windows XP

    Files such that you listed are known to the Windows operating system files - I advise until you know still don't not to tamper with them.

    Folder in which you made to locate these files in?  Is there an extension at the end of the file name?  Example: .dll, .sys, .ini

    What is e717295f-174-46de-ae61?

    e717295f-174-46de-ae61 truly is a process belonging to Microsoft Windows Operating System System. It is used by a lot of different software on your computer. Many programs, you are familiar with that run as stand-alone executables, such as e717295f-174-46de-ae61. However, most of the services are executed can operate independently. That of why, e717295f-174-46de-ae61 loads these files and runs himself. This is why you will often find several copies of an e717295f-174-46de-ae61 running on the Windows Task Manager.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Apple music does not display songs in alphabetical order more by ios10

    After the update to ios10 my iphone 6 is more kinds of songs alphabetically by song title. It shows that it alphabetically by artists on the songs tab. It's really hard to look for my favorite songs now. Please fix this!

  • link of iOS 9.3 Safari freezes, crashes Safari

    Whenever I click on a link in Safari (that either google or on another page), the link will gray and never opens. If I try to press several times, the device is completely insensitive. After about a minute, Safari hangs. Help, please

  • Adobe Reader has stopped working

    My adobe reader has stopped working.  (Error meassage 1606 could not access network location % appdata%\).  I tried to uninstall the same error that presented themselves.  Tried to download adobe 9 same error appeared.

  • What will be him made a mistake of assertion caused by a download from adobe?

    I'm really bad trying to work with this place. I'm not very computer. my email address is * address email is removed from the privacy *.

  • How to open my blocked hotmail?

    my hotmail is very important for me, unfortunately it has been locked. the problem, it's my yahoo its also been locked and my hotmail is an alternative email to my yahoo. now yahoo send me an email to reset my password... but I can not access my hotm