are these good and safe and secure programs

Hi, I have a laptop windows 8 and I want to ask you about some programs I have and please, I want you to tell me if they are safe and secure to use. the first program on the list is malwarebytes anti-malware pro. the second is Fixer of dll files that it is registered. the third argument is boostspeed 6 by auslogics and he is registered too so all of these programs cost money and I use them for a long time, but I want to know if they are safe to use it please answer me.


Hi, I have a laptop windows 8 and I want to ask you about some programs I have and please, I want you to tell me if they are safe and secure to use. the first program on the list is malwarebytes anti-malware pro. the second is Fixer of dll files that it is registered. the third argument is boostspeed 6 by auslogics and he is registered too so all of these programs cost money and I use them for a long time, but I want to know if they are safe to use it please answer me.

MalwareBytes AntiMalware is not only safe and secure, it's a great program. I highly recommend that you keep and use.

Do not use the fixer of DLL files. Here's why:

And above all to remain far boostspeed auslogics, as well as similar programs 6. They are all very dangerous - more likely to create more problems to resolve.

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  • Task Scheduler... What are these tasks and that they planned?

    Initially, MSE does scan automatically as I had planned that he... .and then there is two days, he stopped. I have switched between the options [run while you are logged in, but not using it]... and makes no diff.

    Then... I looked around and stumbled upon Task Scheduler (that I used to twist a lot during my years XP) and was stunned to see 15 tasks scheduled to run on different times and different triggers... indefinitely. I don't know any of them, and I did not had everything, or the other. I noticed that I slowed down when he was running. Then I disabled all.

    48 hours later, my PC doesn't seem different (I expect event catastrophic/s)... MSE is still running is not on calendar (which is quite ok with me, because I decided that I would really rather run it when I want).

    Question: What are these tasks and why they operate indefinitely?... .and that at the request of their? And why disabling does not seem to matter? MSE is responsible for any of them?

    BTW, registration of WMC would prevent Autostart MSE? (Because on the two failed retirements, WMC has arrived to save)

    Hi Coolnewyorker,

    Your question on "that them regular '-the answer is Microsoft.

    Scheduled tasks, include the restoration of the system, Defragmenter to Windows, Windows troubleshooting, Windows Customer Experience. You will also find tasks to check the health of your PC. It's to name a few.

    With regard to disabling them does not make any difference, you might find that not much, if anything, is actually scheduled for work when you really are on your PC. In many cases, most schedules run at about 02:00 or, in the case of everything Microsoft has planned on my machine, it does not at all simply because my system is stopped when the majority of demand is demand - or at least it used to be. Systematically, I went through them and changed the time when I was online so that information to Microsoft are downloaded - for example files that are created when the PC crashes etc.

    About MSE, as most of the applications that run on a schedule, there is a strong dependence on the PC being idle for many minutes before the start of the schedule. If you are running another program, such as WMC in record, the system is not idle, it's registration; so, Yes, WMC record could affect the operation of MSE. John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Desktop Experience: Web: ; Web: ; Web: ;

  • Whenever I turn on my computer there is always an icon of "ready to install update" showing. What are these updates and why so many?

    "When I turn off my computer, I have an icon of" ready to install update "in the upper right of the button 'disable' located between the"stand by"and"restart"buttons. In the past, I would occasionally get one of these notices, but now they happen whenever I'm on the computer. What are these updates and why they are so common and if they pose a threat to my computer?

    Hi Michael,

    Try the following.

    Step 1: Check if there is lack of updates.

    a. click Start, click all programsand then click Windows Update or Microsoft Update.

    b. on the Windows Update Web site or on the Microsoft Update Web site, click view update history. A window opens that displays the updates that have been installed or that have failed to install on the computer.

    (c) in the State of this window column, find the update failed to install and then click on the red X. A new window opens that displays the installation error code.

    d. Note the error number. (If any).

    Step 2: reset Windows Update components and then install updates. Visit the following link and click on Fixit.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

  • How can I recover the files and programs before a system restore? my document folders are all empty and my programs will not open!

    How can I recover the files and programs before a system restore?  my document folders are all empty and my programs will not open!

    I know they are there and hidden somewhere, but this restoration took my settings of the computer to 2004! We lost all our data, our software that we use to operate our company at home, our quickbooks that has all our financial data, family photos, videos, Outlook will work not so no e-mail, all turned in time and 6 years ' worth of documents have disappeared.

    What happeneded was that I was trying to upgrade to quickbooks software when I got an error, I cancelled out of the facility, then restarted and that's when I got an error hal.dll something? I thought about a system restore would allow me to go back in time to just before when the error occurred, but he basically took my computer back to factory settings, so all the programs that I installed and paid hundreds of dollars for the past six years has disappeared, Microsoft Office and very expensive construction estimating software that we wil have to pay once AGAIN for If I can't get this program working properly.

    I am a fool! I can't believe what's happening.

    Someone at - it instructions on how I can retrieve either the programs and data that I need specifically or how to go and seek shade from the files I read online on and restore my computer for about 12 hours ago?

    Thank you all!

    Sally in Georgia

    Looks like you did a system rather than a system restore recovery.  If you have inserted a disc supplied with your machine and booted from it, you probably erased the disc and installed the original operating system provided with your computer.  Usually, a step in this recovery is to do a full format or quick of your drive.  If you did a full format, your data is permanently lost.  With a quick format, your data may still be there, somewhere but inaccessible by normal means.  Applications must generally be installed, in order to recover the files probably will not help unless you have the original installation media.  Your other data files (images, videos, financial data) may be salvageable, but at this point, it would be advisable to take your computer or your disk to a business/professional who is experienced with data disc recovery.  It will be cheap and there is no guarantee.

    Impatient, remember investigate you a backup strategy for your computer and critical data.  Hard drives can go wrong with little or no warning.


  • What are these files and they deserve to be delete?

    In my C drive in the expanded Details view, under the file Windows are these. What is it? They do not appear in the Navigation mode. Can they be deleted safely?

    I find the names of similar files in my user account properties and occasionally in my external hard drive.
    The only thing I can find, but for this, am suspicious of is that they can be files created by Norton, a newspaper any. Although I am generally able to identify those of the own file created by the analysis of privacy by Symantec Norton Utilities.

    These files are temporary etilefrine some installations/uninstallations. You can delete it to save space and they are of no use. But note that some files are accessible by some programs, so that the files cannot be deleted. In this case, not ignore them. But do not delete the temp/tmp folders in the local directory directly. You can only delete the files in the folders. However, you can delete the folder directly, if it is present in the external storage.

    Also, change any setting in this regard in Environment Variables.
  • Are there privacy and security for facetime ios 9

    I am afraid to do a call facetime from what I have heard tell that many people try to vocation and someone answer it then call us if there are privacy and security for facetime in ios 9, please let me know

    What are you talking about?

    Please explain.

    Why are you afraid?

  • The safer browser and e-mail provider & how are these viruses and malware problems to spread?

    I use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 to surf the web. In my view, they have everything to lose if their browser has problems of security, however, makes also large target. A Yahoo email account has been hacked. How, I don't know. Then the spam was sent to all my contacts. I have used e-mail accounts, with all programs of well known web site outside of Yahoo. Hotmail/Live, AOL, Gmail, mail, and They all seem to work. With spam being a problem on Yahoo & Hotmail. For me your browser must protect users against viruses and software malware and other things of that nature. Because surf the Internet, it's what you want to do with a browser. How is distributed most of these things? What is the e-mail provider and a more secure browser.

    Hi dough.

    I agree with Bugbatter that even if all the major Webmail as some antivirus e-mail scanning, but you cannot rely solely on them. Also, it is not a question of what browser or webmail is more secure or better. Don't forget a website or a program can be infected sometime or another. However there are a few things to you, as a user, can do to protect yourself. As BB says above. It is your responsibility because it is your PC, your account and your identity that you want to protect.

    1.) keep your operating system (including your browsers) and the security of programs up to date. There are programs such as Java, Flash, Reader which are important targets by malicious software so that they can be used to infect your computer. If you can, avoid them, otherwise, leave enable automatic update so that any security flaw can be fixed in time.

    2.) use a strong password. Combination of 10 or more letters, numbers and symbols using capital letters too. Use different passwords for all your sites; emails, social, banking and hang them on a regular basis.

    3.) don't be click happy. Do not open unknown emails and if a friend sends attactments, call him or her or answer her and ask if he or she send these attactments. If something seems fishy, it's probably so don't click on don't it. Do some research first. Have a special folder where you can download your attactments and scann again. Do not open it directly fron the site, and if possible have a secondary scanner to get a second opinion. Malwarebytes is a good choice.

    In open wifi hotspots) 4 (coffe shops, airports) switch your firewall to 'Public' if possible and avoid banking on cibersites using a public PC.

    5.) have a backup strategy. Make a regular backup of your system and important documents (files, photos, emails, videos, music, Fav). Win 7 and Win 8 joined, I understand, a very good program to do this. There are other third-party programs that can also make an image of your HARD drive regularly.

    I think those are the mayor points to be relatively safe, but I imaging of other members of this forum can add a little more.

  • Security Essentials removed a Trojan horse. Here is a list of items (8 files). Are these deleted and I'm done or is there more to do?

    all detected points is checked - view of the elements that have been detected on your computer

    lower than

    Trojan downloader - deleted

    lower than

    items: 8 registered

    These disappear

    Choose 'delete history '.

    If all detected items are listed as deleted , then they were as stated removed. No need of remove history. That is simply what is said and removes / deletes recorded items that were deleted history. No further action is required on your part, see the following topics:

    How to view or clear the history in the Microsoft Security Essentials?

    Hope that answers your question.

  • All of a sudden I can't open attachments to emails. I get a message that the 'security settings' do not allow. Where are these settings and who put?

    I use TWC (Time Warner Cable) as my server e-mail and Firefox as my browser. I went to my emails and has attempted to open an attachment and got an error message stating "security settings prevent the download file. Well, I contacted TWC, Norton and my PC settings. It seems that Firefox is the problem! If I use another browser ie: Google and go to my email account, I have no problem. I remember recently that Firefox did a download of updates and this may be the cause of the problem.

    Thank you for your private message with the error text: "your current security settings do not allow this file to download."

    Firefox partially integrates with Internet Explorer security settings for download purposes. You can realize your Internet Explorer settings to the 'Internet' zone by following the steps described in this answer to Microsoft forums:

    Note: Traditionally, the Internet Options dialogue box was available in the Control Panel, as well as in IE. Not sure about Windows 8.1.

    What is fix?

  • can someone tell me what are these boxes and why they keep appearing? I need to restart my computer to get rid of them?

    can someone tell me what they are? they appear only and I have no idea why? I'm on Outlook when they first pop up.

    Those who look like the 'hot tips' helper that popup when you press Alt and you know what keys activate the different menu commands in a program. In fact, they duplicate what I see in Word or Excel 2010 to the H. My order Ribbon typing shortcuts differ after that, but I don't know that one of the programs with a Ribbon menu is their production.

    As to why they are ghosting on your screen, I don't know exactly. You can try to update your computer's video driver to eliminate it as a source of the problem. If the problem is indeed one of the offices of the applications (you should see which program corresponds to these hits of Ribbon tips), try to run the OffCAT (Desktop Configuration Analyzer Tool) found in any one of the following links.

    Microsoft Office 1.2 Configuration Analyzer (Download Center)

    Information of Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT)

    OffCAT: Desktop Configuration Analyzer Tool

    If you cannot determine, or you feel that you need guidance to proceed safely with a resolution suggested a location problem, post back with a progress report. Include all relevant information collected as part of OffCAT, in your investigation; in particular the criticism of the scan report section.

  • Too small police in the area of text and some programs in vista

    I can't read the text in the box on the page internet IE and firefox as well as some programs in my computer. I have not found the solution for this problem on the internet, including using microsoft and response. Please don't suggest me IE uncheck options - move - visual blah blah or press on CTR and scrolling up, none of them are working. I think the problem in windows vista, but I can't find, wht caused.


    I solved the problem which the police is causing the problem, you must reinstall the fonts.

    Type fonts in the search box when the police all pop-up left click in the empty spot of the fonts page, you will see install it new font. After this action if bad things police to install probably its Times new Roman, or I prefer you install all. Your problem will disappear that text in the text box will be not small.

  • HP 15-AC048CA: what are these screws and how to remove? (HP 15-AC048CA)

    Trying to replace my laptop screen but I can not take off the last two screws at the bottom...

    The first two on the top of the cross-shaped (philips), but the two lower screws would not come off the coast.

    What type of screwdriver do I need to down those? What is still the form of these lower screws.

    Hi @paviolon,

    Please become a member of the HP's Support Forums. I understand your question on a screw from the hinge. I'll be happy to help you.

    Page 67 of Maintenance and Service of Guide, the screw must be four Phillips PM2, 5 × 7.0 live.

    Please keep me informed of the progress of things.

    If you need help, let me know and I will gladly make all that I can to help you.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem by marking this post as "accept as a Solution.
    To simply say thank you, click the Thumbs up below!

    Thank you.

  • What are these gray and blue parts on the Timeline?

    I don't know what they are for, I looked for a few minutes. I looked all around, but there is no way to delete that I met. I'll show you what I mean, that would help a lot! pxbLNRz.png Answer soon some time! I need now a little...

    It is the indicator of cache. Blue = Green = disk cache cache RAM. In any case, it is necessary to understand basic stuff works AE and you need to read up.

    Getting started with After Effects (CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, & CC). After the effects of interest area


  • Email that can be removed and freezes the computer when you try or when you scan up to this particular email when opening other emails. Other emails are very good and can open and delete them.

    I have an email on Outlook Express, which leaves me the delete (distribution of the mail... Mail delivery failed).  Whenever I try to delete or scan down to it, it causes my computer to freeze and have to go out and come back and work with my emails.  All other emails can be read and deleted.  How can I remove this email? I have Windows XP and uses a Compacq computer.  There is also a small icon of trombone to the left of this message.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Try to go to view | Layout and turn off the preview pane, so that the message does not open when you select.  Select the message and press and hold the SHIFT key and press the Remove button to remove it permanently.  See if it works.


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