AS - 15 can not copy videos from 60 fps with playmemories on IOS7 iphone 5


Since I bought this camera, I was unable to transfer videos on my iphone if 60 fps, I selected. I tried to update to the latest version, reset the phone and camera, check the permissions but I still have the error failed to copy.

However the 30 fps videos copy every time.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thank you
All the

Don't be afraid it's just your phone, 25mbs is just to much info for her. A galaxy s2 I (yes I know, it's really old) and can drag and drop vids 60 fps on it, but they will play only about 60% of the normal rate. This is equivalent to 15mbs, even at this pace, the player crashes all the time.

If you can find another way to get them on your Iphone for example if you can connect it as a usb drive (I'm sure that there are applications that allow that) to your computer to try to drag and drop on it. If it works then you may need HD player that can handle some 25mbs.

I can't wait for the 100V ACEs as he recoreds to 50mbs which will be fun

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    For this reason, I reserve now an audio file WaveBurner also folder in my home folder. In order to save themselves from WaveBurner cannot find the audio file, all audio files that I do, I put in my folder of audio files WaveBurner first, then copy them in WaveBurner from there.

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    What is the file type (or types) of your music files?

    In WMP, press F3 to display add it to the library, make sure that the Advanced Options are displayed, add the folder that contains your music iTunes to the list and click OK. The songs that are in a format which WMP recognises, will then be added to the library.

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    Welcome to Microsoft Community where you can find the answers related to Windows.

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