As an icon view setting is not persistent in Windows VM 8.1

Running 4.3.30 VirtualBox guest additions installed. The virtual hard disk is located on a removable HARD drive for portability between workstations. I get a fairly homogeneous use, except for the fact that whenever I start it, I have to go into the settings of block diagram and disable "view as an icon" new terminals. Is this a documented error? Is there something that I am missing? Some registry setting I can use?

Are there other parameters in LabVIEW that you change also do not seem to stick?

It seems to me that LabVIEW is either not updating the LabVIEW.ini file with that setting (writing errors?), or virtual machine is to restore the LabVIEW.ini downgrade.

It is not a registry setting.  It is a setting in LabVIEW.ini called FancyFPTerms = False if LabVIEW place controls as ordinary terminals.  If this line is missing, then LabVIEW place the terminals as icons "Fancy."

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  • Local storage setting is not persistent.

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem, try to increase the setting of local storage in my Flash Player. Given that I have installed the flash player local storage parameter is set to None. Whenever I have try to increase it, and then return to the settings panel there is reset to zero. I think it's a problem with my machine, is there something that could cause this problem? Permissions on a directory maybe? I have seen that local storage is stored in player %APPDATA%/Macromedia/Flash... but this directory does not exist for my user.

    Thanks in advance,


    Solved the problem, it was caused by the AppData registry setting on my machine doesn't point is not a valid path. The key can be found here "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" even though I think you need to change here 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders' and when you log in the process explore will evaluate the settings of user Shell folders and move them across Shell Folders (so you have to maybe restart the process explore to make it work)

  • Note of disapproval of player not persistent in VI Toolkit 1.5

    I've updated my VI Toolkit (the script thing) 1.5 1.0 Tuesday, and I discovered a problem with one of my scripts.  Changes to the road from IndependentPeristent to IndependentNon-persistent States no longer work, produces the following message:

    : 12/02/2009 13:30:22    Set-HardDisk  C9875D59-A700-4FDC-AE1D-8DF0189623B9    Changing virtual hard
    disk persistance from "IndependentPersistent" to "IndependentNonPersistent" is not supported. At
    C:\vmbop\VMBOp.ps1:163 char:58+  Set-Harddisk -VM (get-content $strVMList) | Set-HardDisk  <<<<-Persistence IndependentNonPersistent

    While there is a slight pain as the script is concerned, the reason is a bit more concerning.

    The bit that changes the persistence of the car is as follows:

    Get - hard drive -VM $objVM | Hard drive set -Persistence IndependentNonPersistent

    I thought that maybe the syntax has changed in this latest version, so I ran help against the command Set - hard drive that showed me what follows:

    Specifies the disk persistence mode. The valid values are: Persistent, NonPersistent, IndependentPersistent, IndependentNonPersistent, and Undoable. This parameter
    is supported only when the disk type is set to "rawVirtual" or "flat". Note that the 'NonPersistent' and 'Undoable' persistence policies are deprecated and will be discontinued in future releases. Their
    usage is not recommended because they do not work with snapshots and are not supported on ESX 3.5 and higher.

    I changed the command to:

    Get - hard drive -VM $objVM | Hard drive set -Persistence not persistent

    Which resulted in the following:

    Consider using another persistence policy because 'NonPersistent' is deprecated
    and will be discontinued in a future release. Also it doesn't work with
    snapshots and is not supported on ESX 3.5 and higher.

    And then wrong with:

    Set-HardDisk : 13/02/2009 14:15:53    Set-HardDisk    2A59A949-0BCF-4E7A-8837-4D3583D27C8A    Changing virtual hard disk persistance from "IndependentPersistent" to "NonPersistent" is not supported. At line:1 char:48
    + Get-Harddisk -VM MSIBenchmarking | Set-HardDisk  <<<< -Persistence NonPersistent

    If VMware remove non-persistent features for disks, then this will cause me trouble, according to the circumstances, that I can't use snapshots.

    Also, does anyone know how to fix the script so that it will work in VI Toolkit 1.5?

    It looks like a bug. We change the behavior of this cmdlet, and I think it is because it is impossible to create discs of IndependentNonpersistent on 3.5. Which corresponds to your experience?

    I asked the dev team to watch him.

  • Personlize parameter is not available in windows 8

    Why my Personlise setting is not available in windows 8 months?

    Original title: problrem about Microsoft

    Try running the following commands from a command prompt (Admin).

    (1) sfc/scannow, reboot and run

    (2) dism / online/cleanup-image /scanhealth to run

    (3) dism / /cleanup - /restorehealth online image restart and run sfc/scannow and restart if necessary.

    Hope this helps and if you need any additional aid station and we will be happy to help you.

    The above opinion is mine and mine nothing and does not necessarily reflect that of Microsoft, it's employees, or any other Member of this forum.

    "When we try to take anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."-John Muir

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  • Opens the task bar of Windows 8 and programs not in full window... not flashing on the taskbar

    Everytime I open a text document (. doc.txt etc.), image file (.jpg, etc.), multimedia (.avi (.mp3etc.) the associated software with these files is to say windows media player for mp3, pictures etc for windows photo viewer they will not open a window it just flashes on the taskbar until I click to open it in a window or make it full screen) , sound very annoying is there a way to solve this problem.

    This problem does not produce with other files such as pdf, html documents where this info helps.
    Thanks in advance

    Solved the problem, it was a program I installed what was causing the problem called Object Dock by Stardock.

  • &lt; f: view &gt; tag is not set by default under the &lt; jsp:root &gt; tag of the root while creating .jspx in jDeveloper 11 g Release 1

    Hi all

    I am a beginner for Jdeveloper and ADF, I installed Oracle XE and Jdeveloper11g R1 in practice.

    I created the application, under the model, project Viewcontroler, created components BC and made mapping.

    Now created new page and tried to expose VO (from data control) on the page, immediately it's end with the error message saying "invalid parent for the element af:document element.

    I found that the problem with the tag < f: view > isn't there (not defaulted) under the tag root, by go - ogle.

    My question is why < f: view > tag is not set by default when creating the .jspx page.

    is there any work around to avoid this problem, because every time I can't add this tag manually to the new page?

    Thank you


    You are created JSP, not the a jsf page.

    Here's what you'll need:

  • How to disable the Message box 'the current compatibility setting is not supported. Turn off compatibility view before you run this web page.

    Hi all

    Since a few days, we are on and using IE 11. In IE 11, we can use Oracle EPM Suite only in Enterprise Mode, otherwise only "Bindows" appears. Now, my question is how can I disable (or remove) the Popup Message "the current compatibility setting is not supported. Turn off compatibility view before you run this web page. "because it's really embarrassing that this message whenever I start a planning application, Manager of calc or what ever.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Kind regards


    You can go to tools > compatibility view settings and you should be able to remove the Web site / uncheck compatibility view so that you won't get this message



    ORACLE | Essbase

  • Interactive report with display of the icon to set the page element

    Hi all

    I am currently using Apex 4.2.4, I have an interactive report using icons, each icon has a link to another page but a few I want to set a value in a page hidden in the same page element which is then used as a variable for a classic report.

    I have this work via link href in the icon as f? p ='|| |': 1 :'|| : app_session |': P10_ID_ITEM :'|| FA.link_name without error.

    My problem is that I wanted to put the value of the element without using a link href that I could handle the clicked icon to change the background color so that the user can have a Visual representation, where it was clicked, then using the value of the page item appears the classic report in another region with a partial refresh.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    Can you provide a detailed explanation of the purpose of this report and the logic used in the report query? What are the rules to control which icons appear in the IR, what icons link to the second report on the page of IR, and icons to link to separate pages?

    For me, the report query seems too complicated and inefficient by returning the data it does, and if another level of data is added to the hierarchy or more data is added to the second level, it fails with:

    ORA-01427: einreihig subquery returns multiple rows

    I'm guessing that the intent is that the IR displays only the icons at the top level of the hierarchy and icons for posting a link to a different page when they have no descendants, or to display the related lines in the secondary report below the IR when they do. I created a new page with the report query modified to a route of tree and keep the upper level lines. It is much more effective than the original query and simplifies the logic necessary for the verification of end-nodes. Instead of generating a URL link (which violates the separation of concerns), the query returns of the discrete values that can be used to implement the HTML link in the Icon View link Custom property:

    with icon_tree as (
            , ic.icon_name
            , ic.link_name
            , nullif(connect_by_isleaf, 1) is_parent
            , level depth
              icons ic
                connect by
                    prior ic.link_name = ic.id_parent
                start with
                    ic.id_parent is null)
      , icon_name
      , link_name
      , apex_util.get_blob_file_src('P10_ICON_IMAGE', id_icon) img_src
      , nvl2(is_parent, '586', link_name) target
      , nvl2(is_parent, 'P586_ID_PARENT', null) parent_item
      , nvl2(is_parent, link_name, null) parent_id
      , :app_id app_id
      , :app_session app_session
      , :debug debug
        depth = 1

    In the interactive report, Use Custom Icon Link is set to Yes, and the custom link is:


    Public static ID icons and results are applied to the IR and the regions second report respectively for use as selectors in action dynamics and CSS. The protected value property for the page P586_ID_PARENT element must be set to No for the value can be defined by a dynamic action.

    Dynamic action with several real actions is needed to bind alternatives click behavior to the links on the icons that have descendants (i.e. where the data-parent-id attribute has a value):

    Event: Click

    Selection type: jQuery Selector

    jQuery Selector:.apexir_WORKSHEET_ICONS a:not([data-parent-id=""])

    Real Actions

    Seq: 10

    Action: Delete the class


    Selection type: jQuery Selector

    jQuery Selector:.apexir_WORKSHEET_ICONS a

    Seq: 20

    Action: Add the class


    Selection type: trigger element

    Seq: 30

    Action: Set value

    Wait for result: Yes

    Type of value: Expression of JavaScript

    JavaScript expression:$(this.triggeringElement).attr('data-parent-id')

    Selection type: Agenda

    Point: P586_ID_PARENT

    Seq: 40

    Action: Discount

    Selection type: Region

    Region: results


    Action: Show

    Selection type: Region

    Region: results

    Seq: 60

    Action: Cancel event

    Finally, add a style sheet to the Inline CSS property page. Initially, this hides the secondary report and select the parent clicked icon:

    #results {
      display: none;
    #icons .apexir_WORKSHEET_ICONS a {
      border: 1px solid transparent;
      border-radius: 3px;
      padding: 0.8em 0 0.5em;
      #icons .apexir_WORKSHEET_ICONS a.selected {
        border-color: #6a9cda;
        background-color: #bbd1ec;
        transition: 0.6s;

    However, after all it is the question of why you use an interactive report here if you turned off all the features of the IR? A dynamic list with a custom template box seems to be more applicable?

  • Login to view server does not accept connections from Microsoft RDP

    Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to help me in my attempt to jump into the world of the VM.

    I managed to get everything up and running with little trouble, but I'm a bit confused on the subject of clients.

    I understand that the PCoIP connection method is preferred... but I want to better understand the methods of connection and keep soft things as possible.  Being as I'd like to be able to connect to the pool by using the customer view and Microsoft's RDP client provided with windows, but I meet an obstacle.

    My office pool was initially set PCoIP preferred, but allowing users to substitute... I could not connect via the view client no problem for my pool of offices not persistent, but not with the Microsoft RDP client using the address of the connection manager.  If I put the IP address of one of the XP VM in the pool I can connect via RDP, but not via the connection manager.

    I get the pool to be favorite RDP that allows the user override... no change.

    So I'm confused as to how it works... is the connection broker/manager only work with the client of the view, or I would be able to connect anyway?

    Am I missing some setting?  I did my setup based on the 'evaluation' guide, then maybe there's a checkbox miss me.

    The pool works seamlessly with VMware view client but not MS RDP. Pointers on where to find would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is my config of pools:

    Number of workstations (at a minimum): 10

    Number of workstations (maximum): 10

    Number of workstations (available): 2

    Stop commissioning error: Yes

    VM naming pattern: NPVM

    Tags: all the

    What VM is not in use: do nothing

    Turn off and remove the virtual machine after the first use: No.

    Automatic disconnection after disconnection: never

    Allow users to reset their desktop: false

    Allow multiple sessions per user: No.

    By default the display protocol: Microsoft RDP

    Allow users to override the default protocol: True

    Quality of Adobe Flash: do not control

    Adobe Flash limitation: disabled


    Chicagojsh001 wrote:

    ITTech2002, in your response you said

    «No need to use the MS RDP Client directly, but it is a good work-around if necessary.»

    You say that you cannot connect to the pool of offices with the help of MS RDP, rather you need to connect to PCs by IP address rather than the broker for connections are so?

    View client appealed to RDP and PCOIP according to which selected protocol.  The display client uses the broker for connections to allocate your session, provide the usb redirection and map printers.   So in a sense, you can use RDP with the broker for connections with no problems, but there must be through the client view.

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  • Look an OSX 'point of view to portrait"not"view of landscape ".

    My Air 11 '' has a screen that is up 5 5/8 "and 10" wide.

    This is not a screen ideal for reading a document, if you are looking to him normally, but if I had to rotate and read the book with the WIDTH being 5 5/8 "and 10" HEIGHT, would be perfect. of course, I have to hold the computer in this way while I was reading, but I would try this.

    is there such a feature that would allow me to test this out. interested in native or third-party options.

    Thank you

    Look an OSX 'point of view to portrait"not"view of landscape ".

    If you use only the MacBook Air screen it's doable, but it's hard to return to the normal display.

    Try this (works) in El Capitan:

    1. Launch of system in the Apple  menu preferences.
    2. Command-Option-click on the "View" icon
    3. On the right side of the display preferences, search for the "Rotation" menu dropdown visible again.

  • Error when you click icon: the application or DLL C:\Windows\System32\ccfgnt32.dll is not a valid Windows image.

    Not a Windows image is valid. Help!

    At the start of my PC, and whenever I click on any icon I get the error message:
    The application or DLL C:\Windows\System32\ccfgnt32.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check the Setup disk.
    At the start there are several, each with a file name of a program in the blue bar, i.e. "firefy.exe - bad Image" followed by the above statement. After you click the only option, 'OK', the system works well, but the message will continue to re appear after clicking on any icon on the desktop or the start menu.

    I need help with the removal of this question. I have not installed or run new programme before the start of last week. Thank you.

    3/15 - installed, updated and ran Ccleaner and Malwarebytes. Restart the pc after a successful run of each. Same question:
    The application or DLL C:\Windows\System32\ccfgnt32.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check the Setup disk.
    Help please. Thanks in advance.

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    Hello RRC633,

    I suggest that see you if you have corrupted system files.

    Click Start
    At the command prompt, type: sfc/scannow

    This will check for any violation of the integrity and repair any damaged operating system files. It may take some time to run.

    Reboot your system.

    The KB Article ID: 310747 - Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)

    If that comes back without any problems of integrity, then I would check the event viewer for errors in the application or system event logs.

    The KB Article ID: 308427 - how to view and manage the event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP

    Please answer back with an update.


  • Presentation of details view is not remembered in Windows 7

    In Windows 7, the layout of the details view is not known! I can use settings to force Windows to remember I want the Details view for specific files. However, he can't remember the EXACT details, I want the file to display.

    For example, I NEED to 'Name', 'Authors' and 'subject' to the categories displayed in the Details view. I continue to remove other options and selecting these three fields. However, as soon as I leave the folder and then come back, he reconnects with details of the name/Date/Type/size/Tags by default and it drives me crazy.

    This has never been a problem in XP... the views of folders (including the exact details of display in Details view) were never changed unless specifically, I changed the. Is there a way to fix this in Windows 7?


    I suggest you perform the steps:
    a. Open a file and make the changes you like.

    b. press Alt to display the menu bar. Click Tools -> folder options.

    c. click on the view tab.

    d. press the "apply to folders" button.

    e. click apply , and then click OK.

    To apply the current view setting to other folders

    I hope this helps.
  • When you try to set up my Tv Tuner in Windows Media Center, I get this error message: "TV Setup has encountered a serious problem. Click Finish to exit, and then try again. If this problem persists, restart Windows Media Center or the computer. »

    I have a HP m8034n pc with a tuner Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1600 NTSC/ATSC Combo.  The pc came with Vista and Windows media center worked great just with the tv tuner.  I upgraded to Windows 7, December 2 and fail to put in place my tv with WMC tuner.  The recorded shows that I had before the upgrade to Windows 7 appear and play without problem in WMC. I used the hardware diagnostic tool that is installed on my pc to control the Tuner, and during the test, I can see fine TV stations.  This unit is compatible according to microsoft Windows 7. I have the latest driver and tried to uninstall and reinstall. I ran Windows Update and everything is up-to-date. After that WMC checks tuners, it says:

    screen A___
    WMC has discovered the following:
    Analog cable (1 Tuner)

    Other tuners or TV signals were detected but will not be configured.
    (Show details)

    Is this Setup correct and complete?
    o Yes, configure TV with these results
    o no, show more options
    When I click on show details, it is said:

    screen B___
    No TV Signal
    If a TV signal should be present, check your signal for following tuners connections and try again:
    Hauppauge WinTV 418 BDA Tuner
    There is another question, because he does not list my correct tv tuner. I click, so I'm now on A screen again.

    When I click Yes, set up TV with these results,-(for the analog option Cable(1 tuner), I select my cable service is, and then click Next.) It then displays a confirmation of analog cable and my cable provider, I click Next again and the error message "installation TV met with a serious problem. Click Finish to exit, and then try again. If this problem persists, restart Windows Media Center or the computer. "appears.

    I even tried to set up the signal manually and on the confirmation screen, I click Next, and get the exact same error.

    I would really appreciate any help and if more details are required, please let me know.  Thank you!


    I don't know what happened, I left my PC off overnight and planned reformatting today. But I decided to give him another chance. Instead of saying the tuner was not available. He showed me a static snow image strong, as he was trying to use my Analogue tuner. In fact, it is supposed to use the composite input for my cable box. I re set my TV signals, and now everything works well again. Its strange because I reboot half a dozen times last night and it's never worked. Leaving the PC turned off for the night must have done the trick, I guess.

  • Network of shortcuts without "start in:" set of path does not work in Windows 7

    Well, here is the current situation.  I have network drives with shortcuts that point to another server mapped.

    With a XP machine, shortcuts work fine and open as usual.  In the properties box, the target domain is filled by the full path to the target file, and the start in field is empty.

    With a Windows 7 machine, shortcut icon is only a blank white page icon, and if you open properties, the target field and the field "start in" are empty and do no editing for each field.  Double click on the shortcut results in nothing happens at all.

    I can go to the same short cut on the XP machine and fill it "start in:" field in the properties of the shortcut and it instantly starts to work under Windows 7.  The problem with that is, we have a lot of shortcuts all probably created by the XP machines on these mapped drives.

    Of course, XP has no problem with the start in the field being blank, y at - it a way to make that not required by Windows 7 to the shortcut work?  A change of setting or registry maybe?

    Thank you


    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

  • RELOADED 6.3 Lightroom and the icon is set to "keep in dock". Program is leave whenever I close the window? [was: Hi,]


    RELOADED 6.3 Lightroom and the icon is set to "keep in dock". Program is leave whenever I close the window?

    Thank you

    "Keep in Dock" and close the window of LR is 2 different actions.  "Keep in Dock" means that, even if LR is closed, the LR icon is always in the dock for the reopening.  If you want to keep open LR, do not close the window.  You can minimize LR as suggested above, or you can 'Hide LR LR in the menu.  Cmd + H keyboard shortcut

Maybe you are looking for