ASA, blocking long URL access

Hi Forum,

I can't seem to find an answer to my ASA blocks access to long URL. below is the only http filtering configurations I can find on my firewall. What is the default settings? How can I activate it, y at - there a better way?

I use ASA5500.

Thank you very much


http-map inbound_http

content-length min 100 max 2000 action open

content-type-checking match-req-rsp action open

allow the action header-MaxLength request 100

Open the max-uri-length 100 action


You have any filter http commands and orders url server configured? If so, there is an option to truncate long URLS.

In addition, bugs seem to exist in the http inspection engine in versions after 7.1 (2). Try to disable the http inspection and see if the problem goes away.


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    This has nothing to do with the Muse or elsewhere in the HTML. You would have to put in place a whole bunch of rules server side to transfer users and extract content from specific referents, but in the end, there are a lot of mumbo jumbo for nothing. Search engines can pretend to be browsers browsers can pretend to be stupid to caterpillars and even obscured links can be followed in any way. You should just press F12 and cross browser debugging console. I'm afraid that it is something that you really can do it properly, using a dynamic system where you can use the ID session PHP, cookies, or personalised channels encoded in your URL. In your scenario current all you can do is to use .htaccess and robots.txt files to block search engines to dig in your records, but they still don't sign up under your main domain name and not necessarily pass. On the other hand, since the search engine still has the URL of the folder, little sleuths like me could pull off, stick it in a separate window and then apply the view of the folder for the site when possible or browse your files based on the URL in the iFrame code or their names. What you want is fundamentally mutually exclusive and goes against the work of sites HTML static how.


  • WRT160Nv3 problem with blocking traffic through Access Restrictions


    I want something very simple. Block Youtube. I go in "Access Restrictions", choose a name for the policy 1, turn it on, choose the pc in the list of pc, but then...

    If a click Deny, all other options will be disabled (grayed out, do not click or write on them).

    Therefore, I can't put the URL I want (youtube).

    I tried to write the url with "allow" and then change to 'decline', but it crashes ALL the traffic.

    Not good.

    So, how can I make a new policy just to block this URL?

    Is it normal that when I click and choose "Refuse" all is disabled afterwards?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    for the internet access policy DENY wants to restrict internet access for hours and days specified. This may block ALL internet traffic to the said Annex. Web site blocking of URLS, blocking by keyword and the applications would then NOT AVAILABLE as long as the computers would have access to internet at first if you have such a policy is disabled.

    for your case, you can try to turn on the restriction of access to the internet to ALLOW then specify under website by URL blocking. This would have internet access all the time (if you have the DAILY deadline), computers or during certain days and hours but do NOT have access to youtube.

  • E4200 block a URL on the WHOLE network

    I'm trying to block two URL on the network through my E4200. I'm having a devil of a time to do this, I have connexiona my router via the browser (web Setup) (because I think that Cisco Connect on the Mac is the worst software ever written.) And I go to the page of Access Restrictions. I understand that I have to use the part of the strategy of Internet access to do some more advanced than the Parental control settings.

    I have a name for my rule, well. Activate it. Go to the page of PC applied. Open the page for entering the MAC and IP addresses. I'm going to the range of IP addresses and buried in the numbered box 01; to which in my case is the enitre network. Save the settings and close this window.

    I do not restrict access to refuse because it seems to block the entire network set.

    So I'm going to the blocking of the website by address URL option and enter the URL to block.

    I do not have anything with the Applications blocked because I don't want to block an application or a specific service. If I click on save settings.

    And yet when I go to the URL to block it does not work! Why is this?

    Here is a screenshot of my settings:


    What I am doing wrong?

    Your settings are correct, except that you must leave the slash at the end of the URL.

    The deny/allow buttons are for internet access, which is why when you clicked on refuse, you have lost the connection to the internet.

  • ASA 5505 VPN cannot access inside the host

    I have access remote VPN configuration on an ASA 5505, but cannot access the host or the AAS when I connect through the VPN. I can connect with the Cisco VPN client and the VPN is on on the SAA and it shows that I am connected. I have the correct Ip address, but I can't ping or you connect to one of the internal addresses. I can't find what I'm missing. I have the VPN without going through the ACL interface. Because I can connect but not going anywhere I'm sure I missed something.

    framework for configuration below

    interface Vlan1

    nameif inside

    security-level 100 IP address

    IP local pool xxxx - mask

    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-SHA-ESP-3DES-3des esp-sha-hmac

    Crypto-map dynamic outside_dyn_map 20 set pfs

    Crypto-map dynamic outside_dyn_map 20 the value transform-set ESP-3DES-SHA

    PFS set 40 crypto dynamic-map outside_dyn_map

    Crypto-map dynamic outside_dyn_map 40 value transform-set ESP-3DES-SHA

    Crypto-map dynamic inside_dyn_map 20 set pfs

    Crypto-map dynamic inside_dyn_map 20 the value transform-set ESP-3DES-SHA

    map outside_map 65535-isakmp ipsec crypto dynamic outside_dyn_map

    outside_map interface card crypto outside

    map inside_map 65535-isakmp ipsec crypto dynamic inside_dyn_map

    inside crypto map inside_map interface

    crypto ISAKMP allow inside

    crypto ISAKMP allow outside

    crypto ISAKMP policy 10

    preshared authentication

    3des encryption

    sha hash

    Group 2

    life 86400

    global service-policy global_policy

    XXXXXXX strategy of Group internal

    attributes of the strategy group xxxxxxx

    banner value xxxxx Site Recovery

    WINS server no value of DNS server

    VPN-access-hour no

    VPN - connections 3

    VPN-idle-timeout 30

    VPN-session-timeout no

    VPN-filter no

    Protocol-tunnel-VPN IPSec

    Split-tunnel-policy tunnelall

    by default no

    disable secure authentication unit

    disable authentication of the user

    user-authentication-idle-timeout no

    disable the IP-phone-bypass

    disable the leap-bypass

    disable the NEM

    disable the NAC

    NAC-sq-period 300

    NAC-reval-period 36000

    NAC-by default-acl no

    the address value xxxxxx pools

    enable Smartcard-Removal-disconnect

    the firewall client no


    url-entry functions

    Free VPN of CNA no

    No vpn-addr-assign aaa

    No dhcp vpn-addr-assign

    tunnel-group xxxx type ipsec-ra

    tunnel-group xxxx general attributes

    xxxx address pool

    Group Policy - by default-xxxx

    blountdr group of tunnel ipsec-attributes

    pre-shared-key *.

    Missing nat exemption for vpn clients. Add the following and you should be good to go.

    inside_nat0_outbound list of allowed ip extended access any

    NAT (inside) 0-list of access inside_nat0_outbound

  • No Internet connectivity with ASA 5505 VPN remote access


    I configured ASA 5505 for remote access VPN to allow a remote user to connect to the Remote LAN officce. VPN works well, users can access Office Resource of LAN with sahred etc., but once they have connected to the VPN, they are unable to browse the internet?

    Internet navigation stop working as soon as their customer VPN connect with ASA 5505 t, once they are disconnected from VPN, once again they can browse the internet.

    Not ASA 5505 blocking browsing the internet for users of VPN? Is there anything else that I need congfure to ensure that VPN users can browse the internet?

    I have to configure Split Tunnleing, NATing or routing for VPN users? or something else.

    Thank you very much for you help.




    What you run into is a default behavior of the ASA in which she will not route traffic back on the same interface on which he arrived. So if the VPN traffic arrived on the external interface the ASA does not want to send back on the external interface for Internet access.

    You have at least 2 options:

    -You can configure split tunneling, as you mention, and this would surf the Internet to continue during the use of VPN.

    -You can set an option on the ASA to allow traffic back on the same interface (this is sometimes called crossed). Use the command

    permit same-security-traffic intra-interface



  • mod_plsql: long URLS

    We get the following error mod_plsql: long URLS frequently when executing reports, this error message occurs in the log file after 5minutes launch of the performance report.

    Version of Oracle's Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit Production.

    Please see the details of configuration for mod_plsql

    # ============================================================================
    # mod_plsql DAD Configuration File
    # ============================================================================
    # 1. Please refer to dads. Readme for a description of this file
    # ============================================================================

    # Note: This file must generally be included in your plsql.conf file with
    # directive the "include".

    # Tip: You can watch some fathers of the sample in dads. README file

    # ============================================================================
    PerlModule TWAT::AccessHandler
    < location / pls >
    PerlAccessHandler TWAT::AccessHandler
    SetHandler pls_handler
    Order deny, allow
    Allow all the
    AllowOverride None
    PlsqlDatabaseUsername xxxxxxx
    PlsqlDatabasePassword xxxx
    PlsqlDatabaseConnectString xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic
    PlsqlErrorStyle DebugStyle
    # PlsqlDocumentTablename scott.wwdoc_document
    # Docs PlsqlDocumentPath
    # PlsqlDocumentProcedure scott.wwdoc_process.process_download
    < / location >

    # ============================================================================
    mod_plsql # Configuration of Cache file
    # ============================================================================
    # 1. Please refer to the cache. Readme for a description of this file
    # ============================================================================

    # Note: this file should be included in your plsql.conf with the 'include '.
    directive #.

    PlsqlCacheEnable on

    PlsqlCacheDirectory /opt/twat/oracle/product/10.1.2/Apache/modplsql/cache

    PlsqlCacheTotalSize 20971520

    PlsqlCacheMaxSize 1048576

    PlsqlCacheMaxAge 30

    Every day from 23:00 PlsqlCacheCleanupTime

    # ============================================================================
    mod_plsql configuration file #.
    # ============================================================================
    # 1. Please see plsql. Readme for a description of this file
    # 2. Settings in this file must be configured manually
    # ============================================================================

    # Configure Oracle HTTP Server to load mod_plsql
    LoadModule plsql_module /opt/twat/oracle/product/10.1.2/Apache/modplsql/bin/

    # Load guidelines mod_plsql if mod_plsql is responsible
    < IfModule mod_plsql.c >

    # ============================================================================
    # Global parameters Section: the guidelines that apply to all the dads
    # ============================================================================

    PlsqlLogEnable off

    PlsqlLogDirectory /opt/twat/oracle/product/10.1.2/Apache/modplsql/logs

    # PlsqlIdleSessionCleanupInterval 15 (by default)

    # PlsqlDMSEnable on (default)

    # ============================================================================
    # Database access descriptors settings section
    # ============================================================================
    include the /opt/twat/oracle/product/10.1.2/Apache/modplsql/conf/dads.conf

    # ============================================================================
    Cache settings section.
    # ============================================================================
    include the /opt/twat/oracle/product/10.1.2/Apache/modplsql/conf/cache.conf

    < / IfModule >

    Please suggest what changes should be made in the configuration files to avoid these mistakes.


    user584123 wrote:
    Please suggest what changes should be made in the configuration files to avoid these mistakes.

    You can only avoid this error by running web process (which normally should give an answer in a few seconds) not that lasts more than 5 minutes to produce a response.

    You can probably do the timeout of Apache for a long URL length sooner or later - but that will not solve the problem when a web page response takes several minutes (or even hours) to generate.

    The real problem is the real web process itself which takes so long to produce a response. Juggle with the timeout on the web server does the symptom and not the cause.

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    What "information" do you want to go? You can transfer iTunes downloads to another account, or to merge accounts - all downloads are permanently associated with the account that has downloaded (if only this account can potentially re-download purchases, downloads of updates of its applications, authorize such purchases on iTunes from the computer, and make in-app purchases in them).

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    Hi mesbit8851,

    If the suggestions here have not solved the problem you are having, I suggest you to send your request in the TechNet forums.

  • How to block the URL of some Web sites on my network

    Dear Sir.

    I want to block some website in my network. I have 35 clients and Server 2008. How we can block the URL using Group Policy management.

    Please advise me to block the URL

    Thank you

    Forward your support more lovable.


    Domain/server/business questions are best addressed @ Technet.  Answers is more connected consumer.

  • How can I block the users access to microsoft office?

    How can I block the users access to microsoft office?

    You must set "" permission to run on each of the Microsoft Office programs (word.exe, excel.exe, powerpnt.exe, etc.) such that the group 'Administrators' and the SYSTEM is allowed to run.  To do this, you do a right click on the .exe file, select 'Properties', then click on the 'Security' tab and change security as you wish.

    If you do not have a 'Security' tab, then it is because you have XP Home Edition, or if you have XP Pro with active Simple file sharing.  For XP Home, you must boot mode safe (repeatedly tap F8 at startup key) and login as an administrator to access this tab.  For XP Pro, follow the instructions in the following article:

    "How to disable the file sharing simple and how to set permissions on a shared folder in Windows XP"
      <> >


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    I have a HP all-in-one Officejet J4550 Copier-scanner-fax.  My question is how can I send a fax when I need to enter a series of numbers without connection with the fax number to reach a long-distance line?  It's a long story, but I mainly long distance access via a calling card.  I first call a toll-free number and enter a 12-digit before I can enter the fax number.  The Officejet does not seem to have provisions for this.  She has just one field for the fax number.

    I was able to answer my own question by using the method of trial and error.  It turns out that you can use the machine all-in-one HP Officejet J4550 fax 'manual', after all.  Forget the software "Solution Center".  I wrote just to the top of the other fax manually on the phone machine, put in all my codes required.  When I got another fax to the line, I put the Officejet key 'FAX (black and white)' using the arrow (adjacent to the 'OK' button '), responsible for my fax in the feeder and you press '1' at the prompt to send the fax.  (By pressing '2' will tell the Officejet to receive a fax.)  It's good to know, especially for the time that you can not by software.

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    I found the error.

    I confused on the conversation of the URL.

Maybe you are looking for

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