Ask stuck in Mode full screen

Hello, my request of makerbot is stuck in mode full screen on el capitan. Im not sure if I have the application correctly all in full screen. The app was windowed with yellow red and green buttons at the top left as a normal window. Every since I went full screen I can't get it back. I tried to go through the application options to deselect full screen mode, but no options are available. I also tried to uninstall and reinstall using three different methods, the uninstall application provided with the software, manually and through "Appcleaner. Whenever the redownloads application and opens full screen again. This seems very strange because demand seems to be recognized as a window in OSx but also makes the dock and disappear from the top menu bar. El Capitan also doesn't let me choose this application to the separation of the screen. I have attached the Images. Is there a way I can uninstall it COMPLETELY? Or another way to prevent this?

What happens if you are on your application and instead of the Green buuton using ESC top left?

If it does not have you looked at the MakerBot options > Preferences

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  • Stuck in mode full screen during playback of videos in Windows Media Center

    I have the same problem as soon as I get into WMC.  The only way I found to get out of the mode full screen is to hit the help button on my MS keyboard for a window appears and then I can use my mouse to navigate until I get a new screen, then I have to use the help button again.

    ESC does not work. >

    ALT + Enter toggles full screen in WMC.

  • Browser is stuck in mode full screen, restart does not help.

    I entered the mode full screen on a website and now cannot get out. Restarting my computer does not help. Problem is that when you are using Firefox, no other browsers. Firefox continues to open full screen mode whenever I open it, and I have to reboot in order to use another browser.

    Try to rename (or delete) the file xulstore.json in the Firefox profile folder.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

  • My VM Fusion is stuck in mode full screen

    I have a virtual machine OS X 10.7, who was running in a window of 1024 x 768 on my iMac 27 "retina.  Wanting a larger screen/desktop computer, I first tried simply resize the window of Fusion, but everything that blew a 1024 x 768 screen.  I have also been unable to change the native display size in OS X > System Preferences > monitors.

    Finally, I made the mistake of clicking on the green button zoom on the merge window, waits that will expand the window to the maximum size (with a window border) under the Fusion menu bar.  Instead, I now a window full-screen OS X with no menu bar merge and no ability similar to exit full screen mode.  Since there is no window border, there is no green button to zoom out the window.

    Move the mouse to the top of the screen displays the merged menu bar.  I am able to stop the virtual machine.  But when I restart it, it's back in fashion full screen.

    How can I escape mode full screen?


    Hi Ward,

    To exit full screen, click on the view menu in the toolbar and choose the command window.

    You can also use the following key combination: "control-command + f" (can be used to turn on/off n/b full screen and single window)

    About the resolution of the screen, have you tried to install VMware Tools?

    If not, click on the Virtual Machine > install VMware Tools.

  • The mouse pointer stuck in mode full screen, but works for bearings and clicking on boxes

    Using win7 x 64, when I get full screen of a game (wow) mode, I lose the use of mouse pointer (its icon is stuck, but I can't gess it runs from bearings and clicking any key).

    Also, if I use another game with win7 x 64 (Flight Simulator) everything works. So, without blaming win7 in itself, I suspect a problem of compatibility between the client of the game and also the video card driver.

    Since everything is updated, my only hope is that you can suggest something, the mouse settings, settings, anything which might help as a workaround. Thank you, ricardo

    Found the workaround from another thread in, and I reported it here:


  • Prospective Golf Sports simulation mode full-screen on one monitor, but when it runs the mouse would not return to the other monitor.

    original title: two monitors, mouse stuck
    I'm under Simulation of Golf Sports prospective mode full-screen on one monitor, but when it runs the mouse will not return to the other monitor. It seems that the mouse is not bound by the program, but I want to be able to use another application on the other monitor. Any suggestions?


    What operating system is installed on the computer?
    Method 1: You can press the Windows key on the keyboard that appears in the start window and your mouse will automatically gets shifted to the main monitor.
    Method 2:
    (a) click Start, type change the mouse settings.
    (b) go to the pointer Options tab of
    (c) uncheck Display pointer trails
    (d) click apply and OK.
    Method 3: See if he has all the parameters of the Simulation of Golf to release the mouse button.
    If the methods above do not help, you can contact the Golf Simulation for additional help.
  • Problem of mode full screen

    I have a Toshiba, and I am unable to switch to full screen mode when I watch things online.  There is a diagonal line in the middle of the screen with the top down and black white.  I can hear very well, but nothing is displayed.  Y at - it a setting or something I need to change to make it work?

    Hello Lizzard4210,

    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community.

    If I understand that correctly ask you try following these steps should solve the problem:

    Switch between display modes in Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player has five display modes: full (the default view), skin, full screen, compact, and mini Player. You can easily switch to the mode that works best for the content that you post.

    To switch from full mode to compact mode

    Compact mode allows you to view only the player controls.

    • Click the switch to compact mode button near the lower right of the player.
      Click the button again to restore the full mode player.

    To switch from full mode to skin mode

    Skin mode allows you to use a customized, alternative player view.

    • Press CTRL + 2 to change the player in the most recently selected skin.
      For more information on the mode of the skin, change to see how the Player looks using skins.

    To switch from full mode to skin mode

    Full mode is the default display of the player. It offers full access to all the features of the player.

    • Right-click anywhere on the player, and then click on switch to full mode.

    To switch from full or skin mode mini Player

    Mini Player mode allows you to minimize the player to the Windows task bar, while having access to playback controls and the ability to view visualizations and information about the currently playing item.

    • Right-click on an open in the taskbar area Windows (such as the system clock), point to toolbars and then click Windows Media Player.
      This activates the function and should only be run once. A check mark appears next to Windows Media Player to indicate that it is turned on. To switch to mini player in the future, simply click on the button cut in the drive.

    From the mini Player Full mode or skin

    • In the mini Player, click anywhere in the drive that is not used as a button or volume control. The Player returns to the way it was before.

    To switch from full or skin mode full screen

    Full screen makes videos, DVDS and photos fill the entire screen when you play them.

    1. Start to play (or pause playing) a video, TV show, DVD, or song with a visualization.
    2. Click the button to view full screen, or press ALT + ENTER.
      To return to full mode, press ESC. For more information about how full-screen, view a video using the entire screen.

    To prevent people to enter full-screen mode

    You can use the lock full-screen to prevent people to enter full-screen mode to another mode. You can use the lock full-screen, for example, during an evening to prevent customers to use other programs while playing your music.

    1. Play an item and then switch to view full screen.
    2. Click the mode button the lock screen.
    3. Type a personal identification number (PIN) four-digit and then click on the OK button.
      To turn off full-screen lock, click the release mode button full screen, enter your PIN, and then click the OK button. If you forget your PIN, restart your computer.

    Let us know if these steps solve your problem.  I hope the information is useful.

    Kind regards

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Captivate 8 publish mode full screen

    Hello world

    We have created e-Learning courses since 6 Captivate and didn't have this problem before, so I'm probably missing something.

    When we publish a sensitive project the screen won't go full screen, but he's stuck at the top. I know that is not a problem of release of HTML5, because already published of the modules in Captivate 7 HTML5 went mode full screen also when the user has changed the size of the screen. So what am I not clicking and where can I find it?

    Captivate 8 output of HTML5:

    Captivate 8.jpg

    Captivate 7 output of HTML5:

    InteroperSiteAuxcomm HTML5_smaller.jpg

    Thank you very much for your help!

    There seems to be a difference when you publish an inadmissible and a sensible course.

    This is a normal course, inadmissible - who must do what is in your second screenshot:

    Here is a suitable course:

    I made a sample file to see how scaling works in a sensitive course and learned that the maximum size you set for the office is the largest the course becomes and can scale down from there, depending on the size of the browser on the desktop, or in the window of the device if it is a tablet or a phone.

    That's what I used in my example:

    1280 (width hd - desktop), 1024 (width of iPad in landscape), 667 (iphone6 width in landscape)

    the course will not go higher than 1280 x 720 on a desktop computer, but smaller... hope this helps.

  • How to disable the prompt mode full screen

    I have a folder level javascript that puts all of the PDF files in mode full-screen.   This is a super simple script; app.fs.isFullScreen = true;

    My problem is that he always asks the user, informing them that Acrobat is trying to put the course pdf mode full screen.  I would like to disable this prompt.  I want Acrobat always go full screen mode and never prompt the user.  Can I turn off this prompt in javascript?  Help, please

    Is there a way to do that is set programmatically via Javascript?  I have 60 inch monitors who will view and browse several PDF files.  I want these pdfs to always display full screen, to fill the monitors.  It is so can be accessed via Javascript, these preferences and power "deselect" alert when switching mode full screen for all PDF files, instead of having to individually?  I looked at the docs of javascript; but I think not app.fs will give me access to these properties.

  • Fusion 2.0 (question) Mac sliders mode full-screen.

    When I enter the mode full screen, I always get the OSX cursors instead of the sliders of the window. When I exit full screen, I recover the Windows cursors. A minor problem, but it can be real annoying after awhile. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    See you soon,.


    Hi Jay,.

    Welcome to the VMware forums.

    Looks like you have the problem of the 'Mr. hand'. Please respond to this message Re: pointer on a virtual computer gets stuck display the hand cursor, sometimes disappears altogether if you have the opportunity/time to test a fix for this problem.




    Visit the new VMware developers at wiki

  • Mode full-screen Windows 10

    I installed Firefox on a new computer with Windows 10 and initially failed to enter fullscreen (F11) mode. After some tests, I came up with a procedure that works, but involves starting Firefox twice each time - a minor annoyance.
    I have 1 'Favorites' tab and the other tabs open with a working fullscreen and close Firefox normally (I don't get the warning waited on the closure of several tabs). The following steps find Firefox upward and mode full-screen:

    1. launch Firefox. It gives a blank page expanded with the address bar and the bar tab with a single tab.
    2. press F11. Curiously, square set full-screen mode, it replaces the page 'Restored' size.
    3 maximize. Window extends to its appearance after step 1.
    4. stop Firefox. Window goes away.
    5. start Firefox a 2nd time. This time, it will come with the 'restoration' page Firefox (with address & tab bar) which shows the tabs that were open at the previous close and gives the opportunity to select the tabs you want to come this time.
    At this point F11 will toggle in and out of fashion full screen properly, so steps 6 and 7 can be either order.
    6. press F11. He's going to full screen (i.e. address & tab bars disappear).
    7. click on the button "restore". Earlier closing tabs are restored and F11 is fully functional.
    Issues related to the:
    1. Why don't I get the warning for closing multiple tabs? (It seems more to be an option.)
    2. because (in XP at least) the "Restoration" page should appear only after a forced or abnormal stop, why is she even get involved? (Both the cases referred were normal).
    3. why Firefox doesn't come until normal the first time, with only the tabs that have been pinned and F11 functional?

    Since the first opening of this problem, it seems that the updates have been applied to Firefox, Windows 10 or both, and itself has the problem. So "thank you" to the one who fixed it.

  • The top of my browser shows when I switch mode full screen @ youtube. WHY?

    The top of my browser shows when I get home mode full screen when watching youtube videos. It wasn't like that yesterday, and I have not changed a thing. I want the old way back if it is true full screen.

    To be honest, I found a "update" of firefox button that has deleted all changes without removing the passwords and others.

    has worked like a charm and fixed it.

  • Mode full screen

    I have installed an extension of full screen on my Asus laptop convertible and he (mode full screen) is now locked without options toolbar, bookmarks or browsing tools.
    I've uninstalled and reinstalled without success.

    If I remember this extension has only controls when a Web page is loaded. Click on one of the links on the home page. Once the finished page loading tap and hold on an area which is not a link and that there should be an option of full-screen output. Once out of the mode full screen open the extensions Manager by typing it in the address bar and typing about: addons type the extension and select Remove or uninstall.

  • Customize the black guest "* is full screen" when using the API of full-screen mode full screen shutter?

    The prompt on the top of the screen is so big and not very attractive. Y at - it any way/API to change his style?

    Another problem is that if the mode full screen is enabled on a machine with two monitors, you can toggle focus on programs in another monitor. But whenever you focus on the browser full screen, black prompt is displayed again, which is annoying.

    Hi fordbzd,

    This could be a big question for or

    These are third party, but they are nice places to start:

    It depends on the api used as well to track down the call for the notification of full screen or a video player:

  • the desire of firefox kiosk mode when the mode full screen allows a URL one exit (other than ALT + F4) required for the enterprise timesheet entry. No opt. No navigation.

    using win 7 SP1, firefox 18 with kiosk software component snap-in r_kiosk - 0.9.0 - fx.xpi to x 86. Mode full-screen kiosk uses a URL to the entry of company time sheet. Firefox is not company standard and should only be provided for this purpose. We are apt to virtualized delivery via AppV and have a solution, BUT... Really like the absence of toolbars providing no other choice to the user. Do not click no right, no navigation. Perfect except there is no fence or exit option except STROKE keyboard such as ALT + F4. I'm not talented enough to modify the XPI file to provide a booth full screen BUT with an option to close simple enough for 3500 users. Advice appreciated.


    You can see the kiosk for Firefox modules. A quick search on gave me this result: Have not tested it myself, but I hope that it is close to what you are in demand!

    See you soon,.

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