Ask the photo of a Geforce 755ti mounted on a Dell Optiplex 755 MT


I took al peek inside my Optiplex 755 MT and space for a better GPU is very narrow. A scale (2 card slots will not fit, I presume.

Someone has a picture of a Geforce 750ti mounted in a 755 MT and would be willing to download it if I can see how the card matches?


There is no single slot cards.   If one has been in they hacked the support in half or deleted support entirely.  If you remove the bracket on the EVGA models you can use a shears tinsmith to CUT OFF half of the support.  The ventilation openings are blocked, so you may need to drill holes in the case of clear air.  Maps of long with 2 fans DON'T FIT and WILL NEVER FIT in the tower or any other size.

Only a few cards with a few fans to adapt.

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    • Turn off (preferably uninstall) your Antivirus utility before you perform the upgrade.
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  • Problem with the Dell Optiplex 755.

    Have a refurbished Dell Optiplex 755 with windows 7, only a few months ago.  Sometimes the screen rises all yellow and you can't get out.  Sometimes screen goes all black but if you click anywhere on the screen with the mouse will go up all that is behind the screen where you clicked, but you must do it all over the screen to see what is there.  Now the last week or so whenever you leave the computer and return windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown down.  Can someone tell me what could happen?

    This behavior indicates a video problem.

    A cable loose or damaged video from your computer to the screen.

    A failed video monitor.

    This computer has a separate video card?  If the cable connected to the back of the PC is vertical, the answer is probably no.  If it's a separate video card, you need to open the PC and remove, then reinsert the video card - its called re-seats of the Board of Directors.

    How old is follow you and what type is - LED or CRT.  Is - this really really heavy?

    Remove and check the end of the thread and examine the tiny pins in the connector, none of them are bent?

    The judgment is not likely related to changing the color on your screen.  A number of things that cause, but you need to check your hard drive and check the temperature inside the box.

    Turn off the power.  Hold the button for 7 seconds.  Open the case and see if there is a lot of dust.  Have one of those cans of compressed air.  Blow off the dust from the case.  Pay special attention to the fan on the processor with the fins of the radiator aluminum under him.  Make sure that it is free as well as fans of dust.

    You should test the hard drive to ensure that it is not a failure.  If you tell us the manufacturer of the drive, we can tell you where to find the appropriate software.  In the text box above the globe on the left lower part of peripheral type.  Type of device.  Click on Device Manager.  In the window that appears, click the small arrow to the left of the disc.  Send us the model number, you can see it.

  • Not able to configure the network on ESXi (Dell Optiplex 755), how to get a shell prompt to configure the network card or check?

    Any knows is Dell Optiplex 755 is compitable with ESXi server?

    When I want to install ESX 3.5 update 3 on the Dell Optiplex 755, it detects drive hsrd (WD), I don't know what to do?

    ESXi is detecting disc hard but not able to configure network & with ESX 3.5 update 3 does not detect the hard drive.

    Comment (I have 2 HDD on the system, 250 GB WD & WD 1 TB).

    Help please.

    Kind regards

    Mustafa Rashid

    SATA, who worked at the 2 update driver update changed 3.  So, you may be able to work around the problem of disk with a modified file, you can probably find at vm-help, but you will still need a NIC for networking.


    VMware vExpert

  • View the issue with a DVI-I got splitter to Dell Optiplex to adapt TV

    Good evening!

    I work in IT and my understanding of these things is superior to what a novice and a part of the reasons why this question is so frustrating. It should also be noted that I am also posting this in Dell support forums to cover all the bases.
    Here is my goal:
    To use my model of TV LED Panasonic TC-L47e5 as my primary and only monitor for a Dell Optiplex 745
    My configuration:
    Dell uses a DVI-I've got splitter (DVI & VGA) as she went out to monitoring devices. I use a DVI (male) to HDMI (female) to connect on one of my HDMI inputs on the TV.
    The problem:
    Until I'm the adapter to the DVI, I used the VGA with no issues whatsoever. However, once I plugged the DVI - HDMI setting, it was working fine until I unplugged the VGA it is connected to the connector on the back of the TV. The screen went black, even though it was on the HDMI input. I tried to update the drivers, configuration of the display settings, etc and nothing allows me to run the installation of DVI-HDMI without going through the connected VGA also. If I switch back to the VGA input on the tv I see black. But if I unplug the HDMI, I see the desktop. It's very strange, but it seems that thought the VGA adapter display takes over, which is insane, because the pc shows through a DVI - I connection separation. I scoured the internet for a solution and this little hiccup is driving me crazy. Any help you all can provide is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    Hello Hunter M.

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    You need a video cable to make the physical connection. For a better image quality, you must connect to the computer to the TV using standard VGA ports or via DVI to HDMI cable provided your TV supports these ports.

    I suggest to disconnect the HDMI cable and try to connect it buy, follow these steps.

    1. Turn off your computer and place it near your TV. Unplug the monitor, but leave the mouse and keyboard connected.
    2. Connect the video cable appropriate to your computer's output to your TV.
    3. Turn on your TV and set it to the input that matches the output on your computer. You may need to refer to the supplied with your television user's guide for instructions on how to do it.
    4. Turn on your computer.
    5. You should see windows displayed on your TV. If the screen looks stretched, or part of the screen seems cut off, you will probably have to adjust the screen resolution in Windows.
    6. If Windows is displayed on your TV, you will need to reconnect the computer to your monitor and adjust the screen resolution before connect you to your TV.

    See also:

    I hope this helps. Feel free to write us again for any further assistance.

  • USB key in the machine of W2K3 on ESXi 4 on a Dell Optiplex 760

    I'm testing the new ESXi 4 on a Dell Optiplex 760. In ESXi, I have an Ent W2k3. Machine of R2 SP2 and I want to use a USB device.

    In the config of het windows machine I add the usb controller.

    When I start the machine, I see a 'Remove hardware safely' there is a connected usb controller.

    But if a connected a USB to the ESXi machine it does not appear in the windows machine.

    Should I install additional drivers in ESXi?

    I see if ESXi if he sees the usb ports?

    USB keys are not supported on a virtual computer that is located on ESX/ESXi.

    Incidentally, I don't think not that ESXi is supported Dell optiplex 760... Please see the matrix of compatibility on the VMware Web site.

  • Webcam does not work connected to the desktop Dell optilex 755.

    Original title: live webcam

    Hello, I have a creative labs inc vf-0050 webcam and I can't use it, I installed a webcam Center but there it will capture all the images. in my Office Windows 7 prof 64-bit dell optiplex 755 in devices and printers a webcam live photo but there it wil not install cockpit pilot programs, I have tried fixes and solutions, but not of him, everything so I looked for updates, but no, I've also automatic updates but fixes and solutions says automatic is not on , but it's on! I hope you can help I have my webcam into the USB the greenlight is working.i don't now want to do more. Please can you help me, thank you already anyway... Frans uthof Dutch Frisia franeker.

    PS my antivirus works and is microsoft essentials.

    Hi Francis,.

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing and will certainly help you in the right direction to solve the problem. However, I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions to refine the question in order to provide you with better assistance.

    1. It worked before? If Yes, you did it all changes before the show?
    2. Are all the device drivers and updates of Windows updated?
    3. Have you tried different USB ports? Has been the result even?
    4. Other USB devices work properly?

    According to the issue description webcam does not work on your DELL computer. The question might be if there is a corruption of USB drivers or drivers need an update. So, try the steps below and see if it helps you to solve the problem.

    Method 1

    I suggest you to run to build convenience store which solves the problem if a hardware device is not working properly. Try to run the checking and convenience store if it helps.

    It checks the common issues of interest and ensures that a new device or hardware connected to your computer has been installed correctly.

    Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter

    Method 2

    If the drivers for any device that is attached to the computer is not updated so there could be a risk that the device would not work, then I would say you to update the drivers of webcam vf-0050.

    Try to update the drivers manually from the Device Manager.

    1. Click on start.
    2. Type run in Start Search box , and then press ENTER.
    3. In run the Open box, type devmgmt.msc.
    4. In Device Manager, look for webcam vf-0050, right-click on it and select Update driver automatically.
    5. Restart computer and check.

    Method 3

    Drivers are important for our computer because without the right driver, the hardware or devices that are connected to our computer will not work correctly. You can also try to update the drivers by following the steps provided from the link provided below and check if it helps.

    Update drivers: recommended links

    Drivers Dell Optilex 755

    Please let us know the results. Do not hesitate to write back for any further assistance with Windows, we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards

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    Hello 11/18/2015 I bought Illustrator photo and ask the Adobe site plan for individuals with credit cards, but to date I have not received the confirmation email. How can I contact for more information on the good end of the order?

    Your subscription to cloud shows correctly on your account page?

    If you have more than one email, you will be sure that you use the right Adobe ID? for subscriptions on your page from Adobe


    If Yes

    Some general information for a subscription of cloud

    Cloud programs don't use serial... numbers you, connect you to your cloud account paying to download & install & activate... you may need to sign out of the cloud and restart your computer and log into the cloud for things to work

    Sign out of your account of cloud... Restart your computer... Connect to your paid account of cloud

    -Connect using




    -ID help



    If no

    This is an open forum, Adobe support... you need Adobe personnel to help

    Adobe contact information -

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific Time)<=== note="" days="" and="">

    -Select your product and what you need help with

    -Click on the blue box "still need help? Contact us. "

  • I edited a photo in Lightroom 5 and when I exported the completed picture, she went from a 1.3 MB to a 542KB file.  Everything I read says it is fine and I don't lose any resolution - but I wanted to ask the community.  Thoughts?

    I edited a photo in Lightroom 5 and when I exported the completed picture, she went from a 1.3 MB to a 542KB file.  Everything I read says it is fine and I don't lose any resolution - but I wanted to ask the community.  Thoughts?

    You may not have lost any resolution... or you can understand the word "resolution" bad

    Resolution isn't the file size, which are the numbers you are quoting. So the 1.3 MB changing to 542KB does not indicate a change in resolution. If you export the picture and let the box that says "Resize to Fit" disabled, so you don't waste no resolution at all, even if the file size has changed.

  • SE message: changes made to this photo has not been saved. The file may be read-only or you are not allowed to check-in at the location of the photo, trying to crop an image, or mount it

    Original title: photos

    If I try to crop a photo or repair, it has a message of: changes made to this photo has not been saved. The file may be read-only or you may not save to the location of the image.

    They worked very well the other day, what's past?

    Hi boneyardwolf,

    1. where are the photos?

    2. you have any third-party photo editing software?

    3. what type of files you want to change?

    You can check the following link and try the steps suggested by Marilyn - Support Engineer Moderator Wednesday, March 4, 2009 04:47 and see if it helps to solve the problem

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

    If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • Why don't Windows (or the Photo app) read more a picture of the USB port?

    Why do Rt Windows reads only one photo at a time a USB plugged into the USB port?  I had imagined that the Photo app would be able to see the drive and move from one photo to another, but it does not work.
    I have tried using Windows Explorer to slect all the pictures, and then click right and select 'open' from the menu.  Only a single open photo.  He need to return several times to explore, click on the following picture, wait until it opens, etc..

    On my desktop PC (a Dell running Windows 7), Windows Photo Viewer will open one and then pass that one to what is provided for in the same folder, by clicking on the button "Next" or "previous."  Works with both files on the disk hard and files on a USB key.  Seems pretty obvious to me.

    Am I missing something?

    (PS: I'm sure that someone else asked this, but a couple of searches do not turn up quite the same question.)

    Last updated on 15/07/13: I managed to solve this problem. All I had to do was to rename the folder in the case to be 'Photos' instead 'photos.' It's a trick that I had read some time ago and had not followed. Once I renamed the mounted folder (because it shows on the C drive), the photos are visible in the Photos app.   Curiously, the photos appear but not the name of the subfolder. Not really a major problem, but a little... weird, maybe.

    Hi Benzman,

    1. what other app are you talking about where the photos are working properly?
    2. were there any changes (hardware or software) to the computer before the show?
    3. What is the format of these photos?
    I tried on my side, and it works correctly.
    a: I clicked on the Windows Logo + E to bring up Windows Explorer.
    b: then I selected all the photos and then right-click on it and choose Open.
    c: open photos, and then I click on the arrows to navigate to other photos.
    Good day!


    1. you need to fix your cap lock - ad in capital letters is rude and very difficult to read

    2. you need to learn how to post - you posted a question of photos in the iPhoto forum - towing totally different programs - I ask that your message be moved

    3. you need to learn how works photos - he is a database application and has no duplicates - all photos are in a library, and can be seen in different ways, but not matter how manny albums (once more records cannot view pictures, albums can only) a photo is in there is no duplicates - just different views of the only picture in the library - multiple windows in the same room


  • Reinstall the driver for Nvidia GeForce GT 650 M

    How can I reinstall the driver for nvidia geforce gt 650 m on my MacBook Pro (retina, medio 2012)? And where can I find the driver?

    Yo, why yo need to install an additional driver?

    Mac OS is delivered with all necessary records for the components provided by Apple.

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post moved to the forum of laptop MacBook Pro or another appropriate forum.

  • How can I change the display option in the Photos of "Dungeon sorted oldest first" to sorted most recent first?

    All my photos are displayed as "oldest first". I want to change that "declining" but it doesn't seem to be an option as the Dungeon sorted oldest first is "grayed" and is not accessible."

    You can't because it's not an option - you can ask Apple -

    It will contain all the photos - so you can make a smart album with a criterion not responding as date is not 1/1/1000 intelligent alum can be sorted by title or date, alphabetical order


  • Confused.  Try to understand the Photo app Syncing iCloud

    Hi, just bought myself an old 5s iPhone which is big for me.

    I have some questions on how the Photos sync app works on my Mac.  I have a Mac mini desktop computer.

    This sharing of photos is incredible, but I am very new to it and get confused what is actually happening.

    I activated the option "Upload automatically to iCloud" on my iPhone but when I look on my desktop Mac that I do not see my most recent photos appear in the folder called 'iPhone' in my desktop version of Photos.  To get my downloaded photos I must actively download them from my phone.

    This folder has appeared after I connected my iPhone to my Mac via the USB cable.  I did this because someone on Facebook said.  This iTunes open for some reason and other things started happening that I don't understand.  I wanted to share pictures, not tunes and he tried to update but the Wi - fi wasn't working at the time so he kept failing.  When I checked the Wi - Fi works on my phone, it updated but iTunes kept trying to update.  Then the iPhone suddenly had all the records that I had done in Photos on my Mac, but the records were all empty.  Yet, all the Photos I had taken on my iPhone that day appeared on my Mac.  Now finally some pictures randomly my Mac on my iPhone as well and I do not understand why.  Then, when I open Facebook on my iPhone, the pictures that I had taken to a family visit appeared there with a musical slideshow!  What is everything?

    How does this work?  It works by sending photos of the invisible iCloud, which means that it requires action by me to make them appear in my desktop?  In this case, this mean I'll have hundreds, maybe thousands of images are circulating in the iCloud I can forget and end up running out of space on my iCloud?  Or do they stay on my phone until I have actively download them on my Mac?  If I turn off the automatic function, will I still be able to send photos to my Mac?

    If I delete a photo on my Mac, it will also disappear from my iPhone (and vice versa)?

    I have a lot of other questions but my poor old brain melting now and I forgot what I was going to ask, so I'll post them later.

    Thank you for your patience.  I'm old (and a bit thick).

    The IVous article explains works iCloud photo library.

    Photfos user / help guide:

    IVous has a very detailed and well illustrated article on iCloud photo library:

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