Aspire laptop connects to a wireless network, but not another

First of all, I need to let you know that my home network consists of a Motorola router/modem from my ISP. I have the wireless off, then I use a cat5 ethernet cable to connect a Belkin wireless router, so that I can use the two USB ports on the back for a network storage device to make regular backups on all the pc in the House, and my printer not wireless, so we can print of anyroom home instead of taking the computer back to where the printer is. So about three days ago, I got my Aspire 5734Z-4386 laptop, and I don't have a wireless connection. So I checked my phone, and he always had a relationship with the Belkin. I took ten minutes to troubleshoot the Atheros AR5B93 wireless card. Could not understand why I didn't have a connection, it was great to work for about 12 hours before.

If for some reason, I used another pc and connected on the Motorola and wireless turned on and immediately the Aspire showed a connection available, I clicked it and it says "connecting" for a few seconds and showed 'internet connection '. I spent about 5 minutes to surf the internet and then disconnected from the Motorola and reconnected to the Belkin, it says "connecting" for about a minute, then came to the yellow triangle, no internet. Back and clikced Motorola, once again the internet connection, but not on the Belkin. So I'm the other pc and checked the Web for the Belkin page to ensure that the Aspire had not been blacklisted in some way, there is nothing here to explain why I can't connect. So I spent three days, the adapter of the uninstall and re - install, I used the Motorola to download the latest driver for the adapter.

When the Aspire is the Belkin network with the rest of the other pc, I have no problem, move files from and to the Aspire. I can use the Aspire to connect to one of the other pc and right click on a file and copy them to the Aspire and watch the file appear on the Aspire, take the Aspire and copy a file to another pc or use another pc to access the Aspire. But I can't get internet connection, unless I'm on the network from Motorola. Now, I had the wireless on the Motorola off so all attached devices would be on the same network, then we can share files, and other connected activities.

I will admit that I am totally confused, it's not logical at all. I mean if someone else told me that their computer did this, I would have told them "it's impossible". Engineering wise, wise technology it not is not possible for an adapter do what made mine. But he does. Can someone please help me understand what is happening and how to fix it? I don't often admit defeat, but this time I've been beaten almost to death.


Have you tried to reboot the router?

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    I suggest to refer to this link and follow the instructions in the link below and check, if this can help:

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    Are you the same Scott, I tried to help the last month? If this is you, I left a couple more views. In one of them, I explained that exactly the same problem you encounter happened on my son's computer. I just disabled the router, waited for about ten seconds and he turned his back and that's what it took. I used actually utility of Windows troubleshooting and he advised me to do.
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    Your post is off-topic in the forum Feedback, I moved it on the forum of "Web and Networking" Windows RT.

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    Hi @lelg,

    I understand that you want to configure the printer on the wireless network. I can help you with this.

    Uninstall the printer software.

    Uninstalling the printer software.

    Restore the default settings of the printer.

    Go to Configuration, restore the default values.

    Cycle power to the router and the computer.

    Run the installer on the printer wireless.

    Go to the configuration, Setup, menu wireless network, Wireless Setup Wizard.

    Print a configuration page to get the IP address of the printer.

    Print a Configuration report.

    Select the method.

    If you have a valid IP address for the printer, then try and access the Web built-in to the printer server. Type the IP address in the address bar of your web browser. (Internet Explorer)

    If it loads the page from the network printer then the printer is on the network.

    Download, save, and then run the installation of the software. Color HP LaserJet Pro 200 pilot M276nw MFPS.

    Select your operating system, click Next and click on the software to download and install.

    Test the printer.

    What operating system do you use? How to find the Windows Edition and the Version on your computer.

    Please provide detailed results if you're still having problems.

    Good day!
    Thank you.

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    I recommend you read some threads here in the forum about similar issues.
    If this problem occurs using the WiFi network, then check if you can use the connection to the local network.
    Using the WiFi network, you must check if the common WLan parameters are favourable;
    Check if the encryption key is right; turn off filtering by mac address, check the TCP/IP protocol settings if it has been set to automatic, disable the firewall settings, rest you WLan router, check if you connected to the right SSID.

    Good bye

  • My PC is connected to the wireless network, but it is impossible to open any internet page. I went through the diagnosis of Internet Explorer, see below.

    Diagnosis of last run time: 28/01/12 10:16:32 Gateway diagnosis

    Entry door

    Info the following proxy configuration is used by IE: automatically detect settings: enabled Automatic Configuration Script: Proxy Server: Proxy bypass list:

    info could not get the proxy settings via the Proxy Automatic Configuration mechanism

    Info this computer has the following (s) default gateway:

    warn that there is no default gateway entry

    repair automatic action: reset the network connection

    action to disable the network card

    activation of the card network action

    successfully activated information network adapter

    Info this computer has the following (s) default gateway:

    warn that there is no default gateway entry

    user redirection of information in support of the appeal

    IP layer diagnostic

    Corrupted IP routing table

    prevent the default route is missing or not valid

    Invalid entries in the ARP cache

    action cache ARP has been emptied

    Diagnosis of IP Configuration

    Invalid IP address

    detected info valid IP address:

    Wireless diagnosis

    Wireless - Service disabled

    Wireless - user SSID

    required user input action: specify the name of the network or the SSID

    Wireless - first installation

    Info the name of the wireless network (SSID) to which the user wants to connect is IrinaLaptop-router.

    Wireless - Radio

    detected info valid IP address:

    Wireless - off limits

    Wireless - hardware problem

    Wireless - Novice user

    Wireless - network Ad - hoc

    Wireless - less preferred

    Wireless - 802. 1 active x

    Wireless - Configuration mismatch

    Wireless - low SNR

    WinSock diagnostic

    WinSock status

    info all base service provider entries are present in the Winsock Catalog.

    channels of information the Winsock Service provider are valid.

    Info entry provider MSAFD Tcpip [TCP/IP] passed the loopback communication test.

    Info entry provider MSAFD Tcpip [UDP/IP] passed the loopback communication test.

    Info entry RSVP UDP Service Provider provider passed the loopback communication test.

    Info entry RSVP TCP Service Provider provider passed the loopback communication test.

    Info connectivity is valid for all Winsock service providers.

    Diagnosis of network adapter

    Network location detection

    Info to help home Internet connection

    Identification of network adapter

    Info network connection: name = connection to the LAN, device = Broadcom 440 x 10/100 Integrated Controller, MediaType = LAN, type = LAN

    Info network connection: name = wireless network connection, Device = Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection, MediaType = LAN, type = Wireless

    Info network connection: name = 1394 connection, device = 1394 Net Adapter, MediaType = LAN, type = 1394

    Info network connection: name = connection high speed, device = Miniport WAN (PPPOE), MediaType = PPPOE, type = NONE

    Info network connection: name = blank, peripheral = Miniport WAN (PPPOE), MediaType = PPPOE, type = NONE

    Info both Ethernet connections and wireless available, ask the user for selection

    required user input action: select network connection

    Info Wireless connection selected

    State of the network adapter

    Info network connection status: connected

    HTTP, HTTPS, FTP Diagnostic

    HTTP, HTTPS, FTP connectivity

    warn HTTP: error 12007 connecting to the server name or address cannot be resolved

    warn HTTP: error 12007 connecting to the server name or address cannot be resolved

    WARN HTTPS: error 12007 connecting to the server name or address cannot be resolved

    WARN HTTPS: error 12007 connecting to the server name or address cannot be resolved

    WARN FTP (passive): error 12007 connecting to the server name or address cannot be resolved

    WARN FTP (active): error 12007 connecting to the server name or address cannot be resolved

    error could not make an HTTP connection.

    error could not make an HTTPS connection.

    error could not make an FTP connection.

    I did not want to do this (restore point). However, I found a solution. It comes:

    Where there are two crucial steps (do not know if the two were needed) RUN command (1) netsh int ip reset reset.log and (2) netsh winsock reset catalog

    After a restart, hey presto my wireless connection was repaired. This seems useful, but not essential (shows wireless performance but not the solution): which is run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector 
    Thanks for your time!
    Good bye
  • my printer and computer are both connected to my wireless network, but I can't print documents

    I have a HP Photosmart 6180 and am using Windows Vista.  Both the printer and the computer indicate that they are connected to my wireless network and my computer shows my printer on the network.  When I try to print a document from my computer, nothing prints and printing on my computer says a mistake of the printer.  The printer itself works fine and HP diagnostics indicate that everything is ok.  Any suggestions?

    OK, go to start > Control Panel > printers and delete all instances of the printer.


    1. make sure the printer is on and connected to your network. Verify that you can access the printer's internal web page by accessing its IP address before continuing. Get his IP address for a network Test printed on the front of the printer.
    2. click on > start > Control Panel > printers.
    3. click on add a printer
    4. Select local printer
    5. Select create a new port and select Standard TCP/IP Port, and click Next.
    6. under device type, select TCP/IP Device. Under the name of host or IP address, enter the IP address of the printer. Click Next.
    7. Select Hewlett-Packard in the list of manufacturers and select and select your printer model. Click Next.
    If your printer model is not in the list, then select disk provided, browse the CD that came with your HP printer and select the first file begins with hp and ending with INF. click Open, then OK. Select your printer model. Click Next.
    8. If prompted, use the driver that is currently installed.
    9. He will ask the name of the printer - enter a new name or use the one existing. This will be the name of the printer that you select from other applications.
    10. we may ask you to share the printer. Choose No.
    11. the printing area of Test Page is displayed. Go ahead and print it out.
    12. click on finish.

  • B110A connects to the wireless network but no PC connection

    Hi Forum,

    I just bought a new HP Photosmart B110A printer range. I got set up with my Belkin wireless router. It is successfully connected. I could set up printing webservice as well. The printer is offline and I could also print a document by sending an email to the email address for the printer configuration. This means that the printer is connected to the wireless network and the internet.

    However, I can not connect to this printer from my PC connected to the same wireless netwrok. When I open the HP Solution Center, it displays the message "disconnected wireless.

    When I connect the printer via USB cable, I am able to connect to the PC and impressions as well fire.

    Can anyone help please?

    Kind regards


    Download and run this utility:

    What did he say?

  • Can not get the new laptop to connect to my wireless network but connects to others

    I have just bought a new laptop Dell Inspiron 1545 to and have tried to set up the wireless internet for the past hours. The laptop running Windows Vista Home Basic Edition, & my wireless router is an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (about 4-5 years). Below is a list of problems / advice I've come across so far:

    (1) when trying to connect to a network, my network don't appears in the list of local networks sporadically even if she lost the signal strength of any nearby wireless signal (I must refresh the list to make it appear sometimes)
    (2) when my network is displayed in the list, it is described as a network that is not secure; There are 2 others that come and go in the list that are also not guaranteed, but I was able to connect through one of them.
    (3) when I try to connect via my network it either says unable to connect immediately or poster progress bar, then after a minute or two, says that it cannot connect.
    -to diagnose the problem, I can exclude is not not in the range of my camera as I tried to connect when I'm 2 feet more far
    -It also says view wireless connections again and try again, but this brings me to the same screen
    -L' diagnostics screen mentions that "the network is"hidden"and is either not in range of this computer or wireless settings on this computer do not match the settings of the network." (is there a setting I'm familiar with that?)
    (4) I checked device drivers and all said that they are working correctly
    (5) I can connect to the internet via a direct connection to the router via a cable ethernet not wireless

    In my view, that it is all the information I can provide about this problem. If you need more information, such as the specifications of the system, let me know where to find them and I will re-post. Thanks in advance for any help provided.


    Well, it looks like the old router was the problem. You have a new N Wireless for about $80 as suggested and it works like a charm. At took 5 seconds for your laptop to recognize and connect to it and were without problems since then. Thanks again for the help guys... I hope that I won't bother you again =)


  • XP is connected to the wireless network but can't get online...

    I have a wireless network that works very well with my computer laptop and desktop so its punt in Mac OS, but when I boot XP, it cannot get online. He sees the network and says I'm connected but IE and Firefox keep the display of error messages telling me that they can't connect. If I click on the icon of repair under wireless network connection settings, it would loop forever in the IP address area you are looking for. I figured out how to manually enter the IP address and the error is now in the clearing the DNS cache.

    I also tried implementing the wizzards and messed with the different service settings, but still no luck.

    Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong or what needs to be done to get this connected to the internet?

    Why windows is so difficult? my Mac is hooked up very well with little effort.

    I'm so frustrated. Help, please

    If you are connected your computer must be able to connect to the menus wireless router and have an IP address valid (169 . xx.xx.xx isn't a valid IP address).



    Maybe this can help,

    Also make sure that the security software on your system does not block the connection.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Flea market Vista laptop connects to the wireless network


    I just got a computer mobile opportunity and I can't connect to our net at all. We have another laptop and a PC that both executed 7 that connect to it no problem at all. It is very strange that the laptop works perfectly, displays the connection, but point blank refuses to connect! I wonder if it is because it is not password protected? (I know, I know, but the PC does connect to him otherwise, that's weird). Any help is most appreciated!


    These steps and tell us where is the breaking point.

    Check the Device Manager for the wireless card valid entry.


    If there is no valid entry, remove any entry from fake and re - install the drivers for the wireless card.

    Check network connections to make sure that you have a network icon/entry wireless connection, and that the properties of the icon (right-click on the icon) are correctly configured with the TCP/IPv4 protocol in the properties of network connections.



    The wireless card drivers much also install utility wireless of the seller.

    Make sure that if there are teas from Wireless Utility of seller does not work with the native Windows wireless utility (Service WLAN).


    Make sure you firewall No. preventing / blocks wireless components to join the network.

    Some 3rd party software firewall continue to block the same aspects it traffic Local, they are turned Off (disabled). If possible set up the firewall correctly, otherwise totally uninstall and get rid of its remaining processes that permit the own local network traffic flow.

    If the 3rd party software is uninstalled, or disables, make sure Windows native firewall is active .

    party like Hello and NetMagic 3rd network managers can block local traffic too.


    Stack TCP/IP work should look like.

    Right-click on the wireless network connection card, select status, details and see if she got an IP address and the rest of the settings.


    Description is the data of the card making.

    The physical address is MAC of the card number.

    The xx must be a number between 0 and 255 (all xx even number).

    YY should be between 0 and 255

    ZZ should be between 0 and 255 (zz all the same number.)

    The date of the lease must be valid at the present time.

    * Note 1. IP that starts with isn't valid functional IP.

    * Note 2. There could be an IPv6 entries too. However, they are not functional for Internet or LAN traffic. They are necessary for Win 7 homegroup special configuration.


    A message in the small window that says connected wireless doesn't means that you are really a valid functional connection.

    Above everything is OK, you must be able to connect to the router.

    Connection to the router means that you can enter the IP of the router base in an address bar in one go, being able to connect and configure the router menus see.

    If it doesn't connect to the router, journal newspaper from any computer that can connect to the router wirelessly with a wire, disable wireless security, make sure that the wireless SSID broadcast is enabled and try to connect with no. wireless security.

    Enable security wireless after you eat to make a functional connection.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Connected to the wireless network but no Internet access?

    I recently got a Packard bell easy note laptop ts shows its connected to my wireless connection but when I open Internet explorer, it can not display any web page, anyone know what could be the problem? It connected correctly to my last connection Wireless at home.


    You did changes to the computer, before the show?

    Method 1:

    Run the network troubleshooter, and check.

    Using the troubleshooter from network in Windows 7

    Method 2:

    Consult the following link:

    "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error in Internet Explorer

    Warning: him reset Internet Explorer settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings

    See also,

    Note: The link above also applies to Windows 7.

  • XP SP3 cannot connect to WPA2 wireless network, but can Debian on the same PC.

    I have a Toshiba Portege M200 dual-boot Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 3 installed and Debian GNU/Linux codename Wheezy with Debian non-free package firmware-ipw2x00 allowing my wireless adapter to use and wicd package to manage wireless connections.

    Two operating systems are able to connect to a WPA - PSK network automatically without any problem whatsoever.

    Debian is able to automatically connect to a WPA2-PSK network without any problem, but simply Windows doesn't connect at all.

    Windows shows the WPA2 network in the list of available networks and correctly recognizes as having the WPA2 security.  However, when trying to manually connect, Windows ask me the network key (I have enter), then spend about two minutes «Waiting for network...» "with the usual animation and indefinite progress bar.  Windows back me to the list of available networks window, then shows me not connected to everything as if I didn't choose any.  When waiting for Windows to connect automatically, Windows will sometimes appear a bubble icon connection wireless network saying that it could not connect to one of my favorite networks but that he will continue to try.

    I get no error message or any other message of any kind.  Windows just trying with fanfare and fails silently.

    The two operating systems have updates of installed operating system vendor.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    To give a vision a little to the solution "install a new driver" discussed in the Technet forum thread, it seems that the problem here is the same as that commonly encountered when trying to update printer drivers: a user downloads the new driver and installs it but the problem remains.

    What happens is that if the older driver is not removed all first, it is not replaced by the new driver.

    Windows installs hardware devices using INFs.  They are located in % windir%\inf.  Actually, the previous statement is incomplete.  The first time that a device is installed, Windows uses the INF file to create a corresponding PNF file located in the same directory.  The PNF file is a "precompiled" version of the INF file and Windows Setup actually uses the PNF file because it is "more effective" to do.

    If you download a new driver and replace only the INF file and do not delete the old driver files, when you 'day' the driver, Windows Setup examines the old file PNF which points to the old files and uses.

    Then... either completely uninstall the device or at least delete the PNF file appropriate before attempting to install an updated driver.

    And download the new driver from Toshiba or the manufacturer of the adapter wireless in the computer.  Don't understand from Windows Update.

  • can not print says printer connected to the wireless network but pc says printer is offline

    happened before the printer says connected to the network but pc says offline


    Have you tried the Network Diagnostics to see you the network can see the printer

    Go to

    Network Diagnostics has a link to the wireless printing site that can help out you.

Maybe you are looking for