Aspire laptop connects to a wireless network, but not another

First of all, I need to let you know that my home network consists of a Motorola router/modem from my ISP. I have the wireless off, then I use a cat5 ethernet cable to connect a Belkin wireless router, so that I can use the two USB ports on the back for a network storage device to make regular backups on all the pc in the House, and my printer not wireless, so we can print of anyroom home instead of taking the computer back to where the printer is. So about three days ago, I got my Aspire 5734Z-4386 laptop, and I don't have a wireless connection. So I checked my phone, and he always had a relationship with the Belkin. I took ten minutes to troubleshoot the Atheros AR5B93 wireless card. Could not understand why I didn't have a connection, it was great to work for about 12 hours before.

If for some reason, I used another pc and connected on the Motorola and wireless turned on and immediately the Aspire showed a connection available, I clicked it and it says "connecting" for a few seconds and showed 'internet connection '. I spent about 5 minutes to surf the internet and then disconnected from the Motorola and reconnected to the Belkin, it says "connecting" for about a minute, then came to the yellow triangle, no internet. Back and clikced Motorola, once again the internet connection, but not on the Belkin. So I'm the other pc and checked the Web for the Belkin page to ensure that the Aspire had not been blacklisted in some way, there is nothing here to explain why I can't connect. So I spent three days, the adapter of the uninstall and re - install, I used the Motorola to download the latest driver for the adapter.

When the Aspire is the Belkin network with the rest of the other pc, I have no problem, move files from and to the Aspire. I can use the Aspire to connect to one of the other pc and right click on a file and copy them to the Aspire and watch the file appear on the Aspire, take the Aspire and copy a file to another pc or use another pc to access the Aspire. But I can't get internet connection, unless I'm on the network from Motorola. Now, I had the wireless on the Motorola off so all attached devices would be on the same network, then we can share files, and other connected activities.

I will admit that I am totally confused, it's not logical at all. I mean if someone else told me that their computer did this, I would have told them "it's impossible". Engineering wise, wise technology it not is not possible for an adapter do what made mine. But he does. Can someone please help me understand what is happening and how to fix it? I don't often admit defeat, but this time I've been beaten almost to death.

Have you tried to reboot the router?

Tags: Acer Laptops

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