Assassins Creed 1 plays do not full screen

I have an AMD 3.2 Quad with a 5770ATI graphics card all my game graphics is great and all my other games run in full screen with no boarders (section between the graphics card is OK).  OH a Windows 7, which is great. My problem isn't with assassins 1 which seems to work with a resident of windows of a certain type that I don't recognize, there in the upper left corner of a white rectangle with a small blue square in the Middle, one to the right of the name of Assassin's Creed. the background has also the task bar, the best I can do to make it full screen is just click on the top bar a successful move and then just click the lower bar a bar disappears but the top still stains. If I go to near the Summit during a match with my right mouse on the box to move the button back once again. I don't know if this problem is with the game or a windows setting, I'm not yet very well with my new computer or windows. I hope I gave enough information for a soloution, thanks for any help you can give, I haven't used forums before hope reaches the right person Mr.Rockit


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I found on the Web from UBISOFT site in the forums. Please take a look at the following links for the specific thread, however you can just search the forums there are more possible solutions.

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    A reboot opens only the previous windows in the default position, not full-screen.

    Control-command + F after reboot will change the view Mode to full screen.

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    Hey Wilson,

    Please contact the technical support contact customer service if the problem persists.

    Kind regards


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    I'm not sure that this will solve your problem, but you can incorporate into your files, the following code, which will leave the FS mode when they are open:

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    Go in Edition > Preferences > display, and you can choose to have the virtual machine screen stretch to fill the home screen.

    Or, if you want your resolution of the host to change to fit the resolution of the virtual machine, when you enter full screen mode, click the icon in the toolbar of VMware Workstation, then select exclusive Mode.

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    Have you tried a BIOS update and the latest graphics drivers?

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    Once the game started, click Options, then check that full screen is selected.  If this does not produce the correct results, right click on the file *.exe to the game on your desktop (Yes, you will need to do this for ALL of your games that are not correct) and select Properties, then in the shortcut tab, verify that, in the Fun section, Normal or enlarged Windows is selected (the one that produces the desired result).

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    Thank God I have corrected, I downloaded the latest version of

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    Please see images added to this posted question. Thank you!!!

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    You can zoom using your keypad. Hold down the CTRL key and press + to enlarge and shrink button. More info: font size and zoom - increase the size of the web pages.

    If you have a screen high resolution and that you want to set a higher level of zoom by default, there are a few Add-ons that you can install for this.

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    Believe it or not, after a week of uninstalling, reinstalling, verification of configurations, I simply décliqués menu toolbar, and now it works perfectly regular, maximize and full screen. Go figure. Thanks to your efforts, people.

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    When I open certain video games that have been made prior to Windows Vista (it seems that way), the video game will open, but there are black borders on the sides of my screen, and it is really hard to see what is happening in the game. On my other laptop computers that are running Windows XP, the games work fine. On another game that was made in 2007, I had the same problem but fixed it by changing the game at a higher resolution. The problem is, the older games are running in the highest resolution possible, and none of them have a resolution as high as the most recent games. Please help me!

    The games are:

    2001: Stumovik IL-2 1946

    2002: battlefield 1942

    2007 (resolved): Medal of Honor Airborne

    found the following on this in another thread:

    You have some software related to your graphics card, such as ATI Catalyst Center?

    You can check the solution in this topic: screen not dimensionnera lower resolutions to fill screen...

    "If you try ATI Catalyst Control Center to follow this:

    Go to the ATI Catalyst Control Center (by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing to go to the ATI Control Center), at the top left there will be a drop menu, click on it and choose "Office and poster" at the bottom of the screen right-click on the icon of your screen and choose "Configure," on the next screen select "scaling Options" tab You can then drag the updated rul up to 0% on the scale and you should see the screen change to cover the full screen.

    starting from this post:

Maybe you are looking for