Assessment of the legends of failure in Captivate 9

With regard to the registration of a new Simulation software > assessment Cap 9:

I enabled Edit > Preferences > record Modes > assessment Simulation > click boxes > failure Caption

When I record an assessment, however, it inserts failure of forms instead of legends of the failure.  It's embarrassing because I can't use ("tails") legend options that are available with legend styles to point to a very specific place on the screen.  Is to generate captions of failure instead of forms like in Cape 7 anyway?

Thank you

The forms are much more flexible than the legends, you can even move the "tail" of the forms of the legend.

But it's your choice: for the demo mode, you can override the global setting in preferences, default values (to the CP9, default value is forms instead of legends) under record Modes. This isn't the case for the assessment that follows the global setting in preferences, default values. Legends of failure never will, however, have a tail, not as a form, and not as legend. As you choose a 'tail' to the legends version, you can also change to such a version of forms (form of replacement), even with more possibilities for the 'shape' of this form.

Preferences apply only to new simulations. If you want to convert existing slides, use the context menu, return to the text of the legend.

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    Settings for text captions aren't going to help.

    Select the legend of failure, look in the timing Panel, to change his "timing"

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    When I look at the advanced audio management, audio object is listed as it should. However, when previewing the project, by incorrectly answering the questionnaire slide and pressing the Submit button, the legend of the failure appears but plays the audio.

    Y at - it a trick to make the audio playback when appears the legend of failure?

    I can confirm that this is a problem in Captivate 8 but not in Captivate 9.

    But it will certainly NOT to get fixed or patched in Cp8 Cp9 now than is currently available.

  • More stuck small simulation on larger project. Can't see the legends of failure

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    I forgot, but now I see, you're on CP7, right? Any of the forms on the slide is interactive (button)?

    Could you try to copy a blank slide from another project, that has a theme that do not spoil the slide blank? I suspect it has to do with this model of slides, indeed.

    I still don't understand why you do simulations in another resolution. With this workflow, I understand, but you're talking about copy/paste?

    Create and use a Master blade 'Knockout' - Captivate blog

  • Drag and drop the legend of failure time


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    I want to keep the legend of failure more visible.

    Is it possible to increase the time of the legend of failure?

    Thank you

    Select the legend of failure and change "timing" in synchronization properties panel:

  • Insert the video on the legend of failure in training mode

    Dear all,

    I'm working on a project I need to insert a video on the legend of failure in training mode in Adobe Captivate 6

    In other words, I used simulation software to produce the output I want

    So by default in training mode, a text caption is displayed in case of failure (when the user clicks outside the click box)

    What I want to do is remove the area of failure of legend text and instead of him put out a video with extension (.mp4) [or any other format I can code what is fine for me]

    Suggestions, how can I do this?

    Thank you

    Thread is marked still unanswered. Especially if you come to the forum that I visit only the threads not responded.

  • Does anyone have a resolution for the legends of failure box click works does not after publication in Captivate 7?

    The legends of the insufficiency of work during preview, but not when the file is published. I have read other entries in the forums and I tried to remove the captions and add it again, made sure the click box is at the top of the timeline and tried different. I have the number of attempts the infinite value, that I know has been a problem in previous versions, but I have another project where these settings are working.

    Any resolution would be greatly appreciated!

    Are you still on CP6, exit right SWF?

    In this case: a box of big click under the box click on the green button (same point of suspension) and use the action of the success of this big box click to give the failure message.

  • 7 animation of necessity in the event of failure of Captivate

    I'm new to Captivate and is working on a training simulation. I want to see an animation that points to the click box after 3 failed attempts.  I tried everything I can think of.  I put the LAST ATTEMPT to apply with the defined Animation effects, but no matter what I do, the animation playback depending on the timeline in the properties of the click box Panel. I also tried to set the timing for the animation object. I don't think there should be a time in the animation, it should show after that 3 unsuccessful attempts.  Be as detailed as possible if you can help.

    Apparently you did not read my last paragraph:

    "That the animation should be hidden, uncheck 'Visible output' in the properties panel." After the third attempt, the animation will play AND head out of reading. This means that if you want to stay in the slide, maybe you need to add another box to click which is a break just after the animation. »

    You must use the "Animation Show" action in the Actions panel for "after the last attempt. Who will free the read head and display the animation.

  • Legend of failure to replace the caption text


    How would I be able to achieve the following in Captivate 5:


    I have an image, a clickbox on it and a text caption requiring the learner to click the clickbox. If someone clicks on the clickbox, a legend of the failure appears.

    I'm looking for:

    Currently, the legend of failure shows for the duration of the slide (3 seconds), then he disappears and returns to the text caption. However, I want the legend of failure to replace the text of the caption completely.

    Can anyone advise me on what I should do?

    Thank you!!

    Hello BettinaK,

    Welcome to the Adobe forums.

    You can set the timing for the legend text in its properties lets say 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, it will disappear.

    Now if the user clicks the clickbox, you will get 'type text of failure here', you can click on it and set the ignition for it, like the rest of the slide.

    Here are the screenshots

    Step 1 > your slide is something like this (I'm sorry to not use any image of the slide)

    Step 2 > now you can set the timing for the text of the legend (click here). Here I put it for only 3 seconds, so it will disappear after 3 seconds

    Step 3 > now click on 'Failure Type here text' and adjust the ignition in his properties as well

    By doin this failure of Type here text appears for the duration that you want and it will take the place of the legend text

    I hope that helps!


  • How to apply/generalize the same text of failure in all Failure_Caption in the project in order to avoid manually change in each legend of failure?

    How to apply/generalize the same text of failure in all Failure_Caption in the project in order to avoid manually change in each legend of failure?

    For example the 'wrong' text in all the legend of failure

    You can set the default text that appears in all the legends of failure for the quiz via the parameters for the Quiz questions.  However, after you have made changes here that will affect quiz slides that you add AFTER that, change.  There is no way to change the text in all the legends of defect EXISTING at the same time.  You will have to select each one and replace the current text manually.  If you firmly believe that you will need to do this more than once, you might consider using a user Variable that displays as the value in the legends of the failure.  Then you can edit them while changing just the value of the user variable.

  • Legend of failure and legends Hint

    When I record in Captivate 4 on Windows XP, the legend of failure or hint captions do not display upwards.  It also does not show my mouse movements.  I tried to change the settings and options, but nothing seems to work.  Any help is appreciated!

    Hi again

    When you click on Simulation software, you have a few options. Demonstration, evaluation and Simulation of training Simulation. Demo mode will only provide the movements of the mouse. Only Simulation modes offer the legends of suspicion. FMR will enable the registration of the mouse, but you can't later to change.

    In regards to the legends of the trick, SEE it only actually once that you have saved in simulation mode and reading in a preview or output has published. The indicator shows when you hover over the image map.

    Does that help?

    See you soon... Rick

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  • How to add a hyperlink in the text of the legend?


    I am using Captivate 5. Everyone knows how to insert a hyperlink in a text caption? For example, the text in the text of the legend are 'See Adobe Captivate Forum for more details'. How to create a hyperlink for 'Adobe Captivate Forum' which leads to the website of the forum?

    Thank you


    There is no hyperlink tru object in Captivate as such.

    You can use a button or click box to provide users with an interactive object that when you click on will call a URL or a document.

    However, this is not really you give a substitution effect of mouse than the way users are accustomed to seeing in normal web hyperlinks.

    If you really want to add a piece of text of the hyperlink screen (with substitution effect) for a Captivate project, the closest, you will come to is this widget:

  • See the legend and to display after failure


    I wonder if it is possible to show a legend and select the box after box click failure? So basically what I want to do is the following:

    1. ask for the learner to click on an icon

    2. the learner gets 3 attempts

    3. after the 3rd attempt incorrect box highlight indicates the correct icon and legend says 'it's the icon

    I do not know how the highlight box and the legend are displayed only after that the 3rd attempt failed.

    Thank you


    Hi Deborah,

    I think I got your question. Question is cropping in due to this click box.

    Let me tell you first of all the question:

    1. you click on box to-> after the failure of the third attempt of you show the highlight box & the legend.

    Now note that click the box suspends the slide just before the slide ends => so when the user fails three times-online the highlight box & text caption here for a fraction of a second as this slide ends andproject advances on other slides.


    1. use a transparent button instead of the click box. reason being, you could control when pause on slide-online break both slide to halfway to the slide so that the user has enough time to see the legend of box and highlight text. I have made changes to the slide No 7 in your project and sent to you.


  • Replace the legends of success or failure with images.


    Can I use legends of success and failure for clickboxes or buttons.

    Is it possible to display an image of success or failure in place?


    Hi Brian

    I saw your post earlier today. Unfortunately (actually fortunately in this case) I was unable to answer, because I was in the middle of the realization of a class of Captivate. At that time, I probably would have advised that it is simply not possible.

    Tonight, after reviewing things again and passing through the messages of today, I almost responded again with a resounding no. Then I suspended and figured it out. That thought, was how these subtitles are really just still images. Where the text is superimposed background images. Then, I remembered that when you select the image used for the background of a legend, a choice appears on the list that allows you to navigate to a desired image. So I tested and here's the deal.

    Double-click the legend of feedback
    Select the text that has been provided and delete
    Click the type of legend drop-down and scroll the selection to the end. You should see .
    Select the item and dialogue should appear immediately. It should contain 'Open' in the title bar.
    Note that this dialog box is programmed so that the images in list in. In BMP format. Don't let this discourage you if your image is in a different format. Perhaps. GIF or. JPG. All you need to do is navigate to the location where your image is, and then in the file name field, type *. GIF or *. JPG and press ENTER to display images of this type.
    Click to select your image and click on the OK button.
    Now, your image must be pulled in the slide, but it seems rather odd. This is because it has been extended to the size of the legend. Do not alarm you. All you have to do is to adjust the size so the image seems appropriate. It is enough to click on one of the corner resize handles and try to make the image as small as possible. You will notice that you cannot resize the tiny image what she really is.

    And there you have it!

    Sincerely, I hope that's what you're looking for and it helps out you. Rick

  • Failure of the legends and funktionality click right does not work

    I have a problem with the publication of my adobe captivate project. I do softwaresimulations and so must my learning to have legends funktionality and right-click to fail. But it does not work on the PDF or SWF file. I already know that I have to go the presets and take off the easy check (sorry, I don't know what you call it in English, in German, it is "Barrierefreiheit"). If this isn't the solution. Today I did an update of captivate and when I publish it now I can open the file called "index" and then it works very well. How can I make it work when I want to publish e-Learning-course on my company Intranet Portal?
    Thank you very much for your help!


    The SWF file is not supposed to be uploaded to a server or LMS as such: when you publish to SWF you get multiple files, not only the SWF file. Click right feature is integrated into the JS-companion file. You have to start the file HTML (same name as the name of the project), which called the JS file (and possibly the file dependent on the CSS version) and then launch the SWF file. Did you follow this workflow?

    You must uncheck "Accessibility" to provide right click functionality.

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