Assessment of the Vi

Hi all. I'm almost finished my first Vi. It does exactly what I want what he (apply 1-5 volt signal, read an input voltage, read capacity series, read the dissipation factor and place all the results on a spreadsheet which I then open with Excel). OFF to the left of the Vi is a sub Vi which is still under construction, it's all just a confirmation that the device is to test but have not yet finished. Very simple, but since this is my first I am no longer enough here will say it of crap and could do much better and that's why I write it here, even if embarrassing, so that I can know what I could do better with the same results. I lived physicians1, 2, and 3 in line but it is the use of only practicle of my training I. This could be an unreasonable request however, I really want to learn for any criticism is welcome. Thank you

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  • Error 401 during the passage of the assessment of the production environment


    We recently moved our application for assessment of the production environment by using the credentials provided by the Push of BB Services, only to find out that we receive an "HTTP 401 - PushServiceId/password status invalid in the authorization HTTP header" whenever we try to send a push notification.

    We do not have change our code (which works very well using assessment data) at all except for his replacement by credentials. We use the URL to send our push notifications, where xxx is the CPID provided by BlackBerry, and we're certainly using the password for the initiator to push (instead of the password for the portal content provider).

    Needless to say that we are base64 encoding app id and the password in the header, and as I said if switch back us to the environment assessment (change credentials), everything works fine.

    This becomes a problem, I would appreciate help if someone was faced with a similar problem.

    That's all. He works with the new credentials.

    Thank you.

  • An expression of EI is always assessed once the project is implemented in a .mov format?

    Hi all

    I am very new to AE and I m checking to see if it is possible to have an expression of AE assessed once the project is implemented in a .mov format?

    For example, I want the motion to be built to display the name of a computer of the person who plays the motion.

    Thanks for your help

    The video is video and video is not interactive. You can have interactive video players, but this isn't happening with AE. Think HTML5, javascript, or flash. You will need a custom video player and the external code.

  • Impossible to assess all the songs.

    After that I brought my music from my computer to my Clip + by copying the music files and sticking them in the Clip + of the 'Music' folder, I could play without any problem. However, when trying to assess my songs, it brings up the interface to increase and or reduce the stars but any button I press once the stars never recorded.

    everyone knows about this problem?

    I'm not positive, because I do not write my songs, but I think you need to be in MTP mode for the sides to work.

  • Assessment of the legends of failure in Captivate 9

    With regard to the registration of a new Simulation software > assessment Cap 9:

    I enabled Edit > Preferences > record Modes > assessment Simulation > click boxes > failure Caption

    When I record an assessment, however, it inserts failure of forms instead of legends of the failure.  It's embarrassing because I can't use ("tails") legend options that are available with legend styles to point to a very specific place on the screen.  Is to generate captions of failure instead of forms like in Cape 7 anyway?

    Thank you

    The forms are much more flexible than the legends, you can even move the "tail" of the forms of the legend.

    But it's your choice: for the demo mode, you can override the global setting in preferences, default values (to the CP9, default value is forms instead of legends) under record Modes. This isn't the case for the assessment that follows the global setting in preferences, default values. Legends of failure never will, however, have a tail, not as a form, and not as legend. As you choose a 'tail' to the legends version, you can also change to such a version of forms (form of replacement), even with more possibilities for the 'shape' of this form.

    Preferences apply only to new simulations. If you want to convert existing slides, use the context menu, return to the text of the legend.

  • BPEL 2.0: assessment of the values of node in the forEach loop

    [With the help of BPEL 2.0, SOA Suite 11 ( Linux Virtual Box on Windows 7]

    It seems like it should be pretty simple, but for some reason that is eluding me. I run a database query to return a list of nodes in the network in a system. then I execute a forEach income statement using a number of XML nodes as a limit of loop. It all works very well.

    That is the problem. now, I'm just (?) try to assign the value of the current node UID in the loop to a local variable, using concat and the loop index. Thus, the value should be something like "401" or "523". However, what I actually get back is concatenated XPath itself, as well as the iteration of the loop, my variable is as follows:

    [< currentNetworkNodeID xsi: type = "def:string" > $networkNodesOutputVariable.ExecutionNetworkNodeCollection/ns6:ExecutionNetworkNode/ns6:executionNetworkNodeUid[1] < / currentNetworkNodeID >
    [< currentNetworkNodeID xsi: type = "def:string" > $networkNodesOutputVariable.ExecutionNetworkNodeCollection/ns6:ExecutionNetworkNode/ns6:executionNetworkNodeUid[2] < / currentNetworkNodeID >

    I tried to reach "/ text()" to the end, using ora:getNodeValue (...), etc., but nothing I tried to will give me my value of the current node. If I just use "$networkNodesOutputVariable.ExecutionNetworkNodeCollection/ns6:ExecutionNetworkNode/ns6:executionNetworkNodeUid", I get an error of multiple selection, as expected, because there is always more than one executionNetworkNodeUid.

    How I can truly assess these XPath expressions to assign the node real value to my variable...? I can do this in a simple entitled, as I'm doing, or what I have to use a transformation...?

    Here is the code:

    < parallel forEach = "" counterName = "nodeCounter."
    name = "forEachNetworkNode" >
    < startCounterValue > 1 < / startCounterValue >
    < finalCounterValue > count($networkNodesOutputVariable.ExecutionNetworkNodeCollection/ns6:ExecutionNetworkNode) < / finalCounterValue >
    < name of scope = "Scope1" >
    < variables >
    < variable name = "currentNetworkNodeID" type = "xsd: String" / >
    < / variables >
    < name of sequence = sequence of '1' >
    < assign the name = "assignCurrentNodeID" >
    < copy >
    ([< to > concat('$networkNodesOutputVariable.ExecutionNetworkNodeCollection/ns6:ExecutionNetworkNode/ns6:executionNetworkNodeUid[',$nodeCounter,'] ') < / from >
    < to > $currentNetworkNodeID < /pour >
    < / copy >
    < / assign >
    < / sequence >
    < / scope >
    < / forEach >

    Edited by: rhoward on April 3, 2013 15:08

    Should not just $networkNodesOutputVariable.ExecutionNetworkNodeCollection/ns6:ExecutionNetworkNode/ns6:executionNetworkNodeUid[$nodeCounter] without using concat?


  • Is it possible to publish learning assessment simply the little children?

    Read about SCORM LMS and Tin all its FAR too heavy for the tiny pieces of assessment I do with children who cannot read or who are just starting. I read that Acrobat offers something, but I'm not understand it.

    For example, AUDIO: what word is?   choice: and is

    What do you suggest me that I do, learn, read about to understand this? How much room do I need on my own Web site, to keep internal? It is not for general public consumption. Probably a small number of students.

    I'm on the closest possible point in the learning curve. Thanks for any advice.

    Your course is a course of vast and complex or a small and simple, just follow the user interaction a rating changes everything.  Adding an additional requirement for reports to your courses means that you jump into something much more complex, because although Captivate created content that can REPORT this information, it is not actually COLLECT and record the information.  If you need a different kind of system to capture data for reporting purposes.

    Turning on LMS for SCORM in Captivate is not a big problem, but it does not help unless you have access to a Learning Management System (LMS) that will be storing this data for you.

    I WISH I could say all this is simple enough, but the fact is that there are a number of ways, it can become complex.  If you REALLY need your class declaration, then there is really no alternative.

  • PC Health Monitor - assessment of the State of the battery on the L50T Satellite - A (2)

    I'm not allowed to add to the previous thread on this topic... it turns out that my question is not answered as monitor of my laptop is, after two days, returned to showing the battery in "fair" condition... because he did evidence the battery as in "good" condition I've charged the battery completely twice and always allow discharge to sub 10%... not partial at all.

    Someone at - it bright ideas?

    I guess you are referring to that another thread:

    From my point of few PC Health Monitor software work properly but probably the battery is in good condition and as a result, you should check with a new battery.

  • PC Health Monitor - assessment of the State of the battery on the L50T Satellite-

    Last week, I bought a brand new L50t-A-145 8.1 Windows running. Beautiful machine and apparently everything works perfectly.

    However when activating the PC Health Monitor, he recorded the drums as being in a State of 'fair'... which means that there ' a loss of capacity, but it will meet the needs of most users. For a new machine, it is simply not good enough... I have a P845t that is over a year who never recorded the State of the battery as in anything other than "good" condition.

    I did a number of things (which, I hasten to add, I never had to worry about the P845t or also any other Toshiba laptop)... (1) I charged the battery completely and let run for sub 10% at least 6 or 7 times; (2) I uninstalled PC Health Monitor and downloaded the latest version on the Toshiba site and reinstalled (3) I completely reset the computer. All to... nothing is done, the battery status still shows as that 'fair '.

    The reason for which I got a number of options, is that it seems to me there is nothing wrong with the battery... it does not seem to take longer than usual to load and I appear to get the proper use of the machine as she throws... my little finger tells me that there is nothing wrong with the battery.

    However, in contrast to previous cell phones, this one comes with the sealed battery (one wonders who the nutter who thought about this or has it been done to overcome the concerns of airport security and other?). Therefore, if it turns out that something is wrong with the battery, it would mean the withdrawal of the front rear and associates of concerns. Or is it strange reading symptomatic of another potential problem with the computer?

    So I am sending you the machine backwards, but requested, before, if anyone out there can think of something else I can do to check the situation?

    Please keep in mind, I'm not particularly bright when it comes to computers, so any advice must be specified for a layman to understand!

    Thank you very much.


    Thanks for the comments. I don't know what went wrong, but the essential is that everything is OK again.

    Discount to zero has been the good method to check the hardware and software features.

  • IIF ssems to assess allways the two parameters, the true AND the false cases


    try the new command of the IIR, I'm a little surprised. Run the following code:

    Dim a, b

    a = 1
    b = 3
    logfilewrite (IIF (a > 0, b/a, a/b))

    a = 0
    b = 3
    logfilewrite (IIF (a > 0, b/a, a/b))

    And you will get a division by 0 error in the second case.  But that's exactly what I want to prevent with this IIF statement.  This example isn't very useful, but there are many cases where this behavior leads only. As in the 'useful' following line of code:

    logfilewrite (IIF (RootPropExist ("MyProp"), RootPropValGet ("MyProp"), "DefaultValue"))

    Someone at - it workaround keeping cela an inline statement?

    Best regards

    Martin Liese

    Hello Martin!

    IIR is like no other VBS function call. All parameters are evaluated until the function is called. In general, it's OK in the case of the IIR, it is sometimes annoying. The solution is to build your own equivalent function of the IIR:

    IIFX = Eval (TrueExpr)
    On the other
    IIFX = Eval (FalseExpr)
    End If
    End Function

    The downside is you have put it the false and true expression in a string. Hard to read and sometimes a little difficult to write. Your example should bechanged to:

    logfilewrite (IIFX (RootPropExist ("MyProp"), "RootPropValGet (""MyProp" ")", "" "DefaultValue" ""))


  • Windows (7) performance index hangs in the assessment of the 'multimedia decoding Performance '.

    I'm running Windows 7 Pro; 32 bit.  The GPU is an ATI Radeon HD5770 (1 GB) card with the latest drivers AMD (ver. 8.801.0.0).  All software of Windows is also updated.  The WEI always freezes at the same point when "evaluate Windows Media decoding Performance" - a massive failure.  The computer hangs and requires a stop to restart.  I tried some other suggestions posted for the same problem that others are experiencing (e.g.SFC/scannow, which show no difference), but nothing helped. Please tell us if you need additional information.  Thank you.

    The latest ATI drivers have a 110 MB download at the top of the page that includes a "beta" / excerpt from their new control panel. I had problems with this new version until I downloaded the CCC 77 MB with the old style regular control panel. The download you want to download and install is just below the 110 MB version.

  • CSCux34781 - assessment of the acs5 for Java_December_2015


    What is the status on this bug?

    It is marked with the 'Fixed' status, but it is not any information on how to implement a fix.
    Unlike the status indicator, the fixed versions "known" has the counter to 0.
    The description says that "all the patches and revisions of 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8 are vulnerable" and that there is no work around.

    So how is it 'fixed '?


    After doing some research I found below. It will be useful.

    Table 7 resolved the problems in the rollup ACS


  • Assessment of the posture with ISE for smartphones

    Hi community support...

    I would like to know if it is posible to implement the NAC for smartphones (android, iphone, iPad essentially phones) using the ISE. the main objective would be to check that the smartphone has an Antivirus installed.

    Thanks in advance.

    No, phone operators do not have sufficient access to achieve this. Is the closest you can get by integrating ISE (v1.2 - soon) with a seller as MDM, Mobile iron, etc...

    Sent by Cisco Support technique iPad App

  • Function should be assessed at the Date

    Hi all

    We have included a condition in where clause of a logical table for a date field.

    Evaluate ("to_date (%1, %2)', 'abcd'. » ». "" 123 ". "" "" Dim_SALES '. "" CREATED_DATE', 'DD-MON-YY') > 1 January 15 '

    Now, we have changed the data type of this timestamp field and the function above does not work.

    Can you please help me make this work has a timestamp.

    Thank you

    found the solution... Cast (such as date) worked for the timestamp... Thank you

  • First 2014CC always in the mode of assessment after the buying process

    Dear people of Adobe!

    I live in Hungary and after 28 days of trial period that I was convinced, I needed your wonderful software. I contacted the official dealer of Hungraian ( and made of all purchase processes according to their instructions (it wasn't easy but...). However, trying to open my first it says it is in trial mode and more than 2 days before the end

    I wonder what that step i missed or why it is not working properly. In two days, I will be unable to kepep working on a project I started in trial mode?

    I tried:

    downloaded the trial version of the removal and reinstallation

    removal and reinstallation of CC

    setting the language to English (international)

    I wonder if there is any process, issuance of code or something for which I just have to wait - or if I made a mistake during the installation.

    Please get back to me, I'm desperate...

    any help is appreciated.

    misidunai wrote:

    I wonder what that step i missed or why it is not working properly. In two days, I will be unable to kepep working on a project I started in trial mode?

    PR will continue working beyond your test time if you actually bought a license.  You will see that on the information page of your account on the Adobe website.  It will show if you have a license or are still in trial mode.  If you have a license, it presents, then just ignore the pop-up.  In a few days, he will stop appearing and you can continue to use the software.  Don't forget that the mode of trial is no different from a feature perspective, then you will be fine.

Maybe you are looking for