Assign IP address to the Interface VLAN of Web Admin?

It is a simple question, I can't find can in the web config page to assign an IP to an interface vlan.

Example: I create a vlan 40 and assign ip to it, I can accomplish this with the CLI with 'config; interface vlan 40; " IP address" but it does not seem to exist in the web interface!

Thank you

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  • SG300-20 - configure DHCP on the interface VLAN

    I have read the different partners of the discussions on the SG300 and SG500 going on regarding the high setting of VLAN and DHCP on VIRTUAL networks.  For some reason, I could not get even this simple task to work.

    First thing I did was update my version firmware and boot as follows:

    SW version (date of 12 January 2014 time 18:02:59)

    Start the version (dated 21 July 2013 times 15:12:10)

    HW version V02

    When I rebooted the SG300 after the SW/Boot updates the boot configuration has been crushed and I had to configure my switch from scratch.  The intention is to have two VIRTUAL networks:

    VLAN 1: all the devices, servers, etc.

    VLAN 2: subnet basis which distributes DHCP addresses

    The SG300-20 is connected to a router Asus RT-AC66U on the 192.168.1.x subnet and provides access to the internal network and WiFi access (IP address of the router is and the default gateway).  Everything works without any problem.  So my task is simply to create 2 VLANS on 192.168.2.x subnet and use DHCP to assign addresses.  I spent many hours on it and I still can't get it to work.  When I connect a laptop to the port (GI8) assigned to 2 VLANS, I end up finding a few wobbly 169.254.x.x address.  I definitely thought something would not 'easy' that hard to set up, but apparently I was wrong.

    The SG300 is running in mode L3 as shown in my running-config below.

    Someone gets to see something which could prevent my client from the laptop to receive the interface VLAN 2 DHCP IP addresses that are not on the 192.168.2.x subnet?

    Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Here's my running-config:

    v1.3.7.18 / R750_NIK_1_35_647_358
    CLI v1.0
    router adjustment system mode

    SSD of encrypted file indicator
    config of SSD
    control of password file unrestricted SSD
    no control of the integrity of the file ssd
    SSD-control-end cb0a3fdb1f3a1af4e4430033719968c0
    database of VLAN
    VLAN 2
    Add a voice vlan Yes-table 0001e3 Siemens_AG_phone___
    Add a voice vlan Yes-table 00036 b Cisco_phone___
    Add a voice vlan Yes-table 00096e Avaya___
    Add a voice vlan Yes-table 000fe2 H3C_Aolynk___
    Add a voice vlan Yes-table 0060 b 9 Philips_and_NEC_AG_phone
    Add a voice vlan Yes-table 00d01e Pingtel_phone___
    VLAN voice Yes-table add Polycom/Veritel_phone___ 00e075
    Add a voice vlan Yes-table 00e0bb 3Com_phone___
    Hello interface range vlan 1
    hostname MYSTICSW1
    host record
    logging source hostname id
    username privilege 15 b4a0fcf20b2cd9d80a55b06ab8f83277f9733904 encrypted password cisco
    location of the SNMP-Server Office
    clock timezone ""-5
    DST Web recurring U.S. clock.
    clock source sntp
    unicast SNTP client enable
    unicast SNTP client survey
    survey of SNTP server
    interface vlan 1
    no ip address dhcp
    interface vlan 2
    name MysticWAN IP address
    interface gigabitethernet8
    switchport mode access
    switchport access vlan 2
    Default IP gateway

    Thanks in advance!

    Clint Lambert

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  • The interface VLAN ACL of inbound traffic?

    Hi, I may be over thinking this, but I have an ACL that is applied when entering an interface vlan. I have a line to allow udp any any newspaper which is temporary. I see hits, but the source ip address is outside the network to the ip address of the destination interface vlan. I expect to see ip source addresses only in the range of ip addresses of What do you think? Thank you

    Interface vlan 100


    IP access-group ACL_IN in

    Hit of the ACL

    % S: SW1-6-IPACCESSLOGP: list of the allowed ACL_IN (137) udp-> (137), 1 packet


    That looks like to me WINS navigation, a response packet.

    And as MS navigation works at level 2, it sends a response to the IP of the router where he sees demand for travel coming - maybe your customers have a configured WINS server address?

    Do not forget
    allow udp any any newspaper

    will match ANY ip src, not only your local subnet and is why your journal entries show the traffic in both directions.



  • Vista attempts to save a non-existent address on the interface.

    Every 10 minutes, event log reports "MYBOOKWORLD: 0 ' cannot be registered on the interface with the address"A ". The computer with the address "B" did not allow the name to be claimed by comouter B. I can't stop this error does not happen every 10 minutes. The MYBOOKWORLD works well and it has a wired connection to my local network. I don't know where to go from here.

    The summary event indicates the source of this error is 'netbt', the event is identified as "4321", level is "Error", and user is "N/A".


    I suggest you try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps:

    NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that restore you the computer mode normal startup such as suggested in step 7 of the above article.

    It will be useful.

  • F10 4820 t - pulsations on the interface vlan

    Hello everyone

    Using Force10 S4820T on 9.6

    Rate limits can be applied to the physical interfaces only? and if yes how can I do to fix a speed limit on an interface vlan? Policy-map?

    Thanks in advance

    Based on the information contained in the user guide, it seems that it cannot apply to the physical interface.

    Page 739:


  • SSL VPN IP address other than the IP address of the interface?


    Is it possibe to use a differnt IP Address from the same Subnet of OUTSIDE
    INTERFACE? Instead of Interface IP Address itself. The Idea behind is,
    Clients should not use OUTSIDE Interface IP Address for SSL VPN, but whereas they can
    use from the IP Address Pool of OUTSIDE Interface.


    Brassart Abbas

    If SSL is completed on an ASA firewall, you can finish it on all other ip addresses but the external interface.

    If it is completed on a router IOS, Yes, you can use a different ip address to put an end to the SSL VPN connection.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • Flash Player multicast: address of the Interface

    , I created my own Configurator of multicast and the player. Now based on the documentation here 1 a - 8000.html #WS7812b00092aae0dc-24f6ecf312a54a597b9-7fff I always found how to use "Address of Interface" parameter in the script action.

    Can someone please point me right direction/class to add in the drive and the Configurator?

    If the machine hosting the FMS has more than one NETWORK card, it means that the machine will not. equal IPs on the no. the NETWORK card. When we install FMS on such machine, he leaps to all IP addresses.

    When you enter the IP address of a NETWORK card in the text box of the Interface Address (which is an optional parameter) of the Configurator, FMS determines which NETWORK adapter to use when the publication using this IP address. If you enter the address of Interface in the configurator and other details and click on generate, it adds a query parameter named "fms.multicast.interface" in the name of the stream editor. This stream name is used for multicast on FMS stream publishing. Next to the drive, you don't have to add or change anything for this parameter.

  • Lockout Ganymede, define the interface VLAN bad


    In the middle of application and test the new configs GANYMEDE, I put the t 'GANYMEDE SOURCE INTERFACE IP' to the VLAN evil. My mistake and fortunately, I tested on a switch that is not really used. So I tell myself no case submission, I'll disconnect the trunk and move the console with the user name, with my understanding that if no RADIUS server is available, the local user name would be used. Well the name of username/password combo is not correct or the theory of "not being able to communicate with radius server, so use the local username" is not correct.

    Anyway, anyone have any ideas? Perhaps a password recovery can change the username password and fix VLAN?

    Thanks for your help...


    If you are not able to access the switch, simply do a recovery of password for the switch. you would be able to access the switch and change the configuration.

    It is based on the orders of AAA configuration for authentication if you gave Ganymede then local authentication if the aaa is not accessible...

    Thank you

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  • SG300/SG500 remove interface vlan


    The question is the following:

    I add a VLAN interface to test IP connectivity to this vlan by adding an IP address for this interface vlan and ping on a host.

    for example
    interface vlan 5 IP address

    Then I can remove the ip address "without ip address', but I can't delete the ' interface vlan 5".»

    Even when I delete the vlan itself of the database for vlan. There is no command "no interface vlan. I can only stop the interface vlan.

    If anyone knows how to remove the interface vlan switches SG300/SG500 cli.

    Thanks, Woeger


    I tried just that with my switch from laboratory here.

    I created VLAN 10 and he has given an IP address.

    Then I did a no ip address on the interface VLAN and then not a vlan 10.

    At this stage there is no interface THAT VLAN 10 in my config running or when I do a show ip interface.

    So remove the VLAN has done actually remove the interface for me, brings me to my question.

    What version of the bootcode/firmware do you currently use?  Maybe this problem has been fixed, because I am running firmware with code to boot.

    If you are on a low moving forward and put to date, don't forget to upgrade the boot thus code, it is necessary for new versions of firmware.

    Hope that help, but if not just let me know and we can take another look,

    Christopher Ebert - Advanced Network Support Engineer

    Cisco Small Business Support Center

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  • Not able to ping inside the interface from outside


    I'm trying to stimulate a new network like the diagram of the topology below:


    However, I have a problem:


    I can ping to: (Site_RTR IP, int fa0/1) (ASA vlan interface IP, outside interface) (DC_RTR, int fa0/1) (ASA vlan interface IP, inside the interface) (machine)

    The RTR website, I can do a ping to: (machine)

    but not (ASA vlan interface IP, inside the interface)

    Question 1:

    It is possible to access / ping back to this address within the IP Interface from outside?

    Question 2:

    As all subnets will go through the interface on the outside, however for the internet traffic, out thru interfacera outside 2.

    I haven't set up any nat, is correct to nat all out for outside2?

    NAT (inside outside2) source Dynamics one interface


    Thanks for the help.


    Hi JJ,

    If you plan doing a ping within the IP address of the interface, while the traffic is coming from any interface other than inside, you won't able to ping inside the IP address of the interface.

    This is by design, and you cannot change it by any ACL or other settings.

    Thank you
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  • Why wi - fi has a self assigned IP address?

    Why wi - fi has a self assigned IP address? The Macbook Pro has not already an IP address problem.

    There is a failure in your wireless network that prevents you to be assigned a correct IP address of your network servers.

  • WAG54GS allows wireless clients to connect but will not assign IP addresses for full connectivity

    I have three XP 3 computers connected between them in a MS home network via a wired hub and access to the internet through a wired connection to a router WAG54GS.  DHCP is enabled on the router, the IP addresses are correctly assigned and internet access to these computers Wired is not a problem.

    In the past, I've connected also with success of laptops to the internet via the feature wireless router, but having not used that for a while, I think now it will not work.  I tried to connect with laptop computers running XP 2 and Vista Home and the problem is the same.  Laptops find broadcasting wireless router and connect but they are not assigned IP addresses during the phase of "Acquiring IP address" resulting in a "Limited or no connectivity message."  Packets are sent to the router, but none are received in return. It is with the strength of the Signal at 73% and the quality of the link to 100%.  Ipconfig displays no deafult assigned gateway and the IP auto configured to be for example.  Ping the router gives "Destination host unreachable".  Not surprisingly, laptops are able to 'see' other computers wired on the MS. network  These laptops connect correctly to the MS network and internet if I change the wired connection.

    If I check the status of the network wireless router configuration good laptops MAC addresses are displayed, but the computer name and the IP address are missing.  I usually use a protection WEP 128 bit on two channels 6 and 13, but it makes no difference if I change this without guarantee, once again the connection occurs, but no IP address is assigned.  DHCP is enabled in the tab for basic configuration of router from with selected up to 50 users DHCP (and DHCP works very well for cable customers).  The IP address of the router is set to  Wi - Fi router is set to "allow everything".  Default settings are used for the parameters wireless advanced, although I tried to reduce the 100 interbval tag at 50 and the RTS and Fragmentation threshold to 2304.  The policy of Internet access on the router is disabled.

    If I have (for purposes of testing only) connect laptops to one of my neighbors secure networks (there are several) to connect laptops very well so I can access the internet, DHCP works great on laptops.  Firmware is v1.00.08 (I looked this modernization, but while I can identify my router version 1.2 downloads talk about types of Annex A and Annex B are mutually exclusive and I'm not clear I have.  I am also doubtful as to if the firmware upgrade would make a difference, because there is no trace of the upgrade solve this kind of problem and I had the Wireless does not work if long ago).  I'm running out of ideas, is there something that I missed?

    Well in this case you can try to upgrade the firmware of your router, go to the website of your router model serach tab... select the correct version of your router... Download the firmware file... save this file on the desktop.

    Follow these steps to upgrade the firmware of the device: -.
    Open a page in Internet Explorer browser on a computer hard wired to the router...
    In the address bar type - Leave the name blank username & password use admin lowercase...
    Click the 'Administration' tab - then click on the 'Upgrade Firmware' under the tab-here, click on 'Browse' and navigate the .bin firmware file and click on "Upgrade"...
    Wait a few seconds until it shows that "the update is successful," after the upgrade of the firmware, click on "Reboot" and you will be returned to the same page OR it will say 'cannot display the Page.

    Now reset your router:
    Press and hold the button of reset for 30 seconds... Release the reset button... Unplug the power cable from your router, wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cable... Now re - configure your router...

    Once you re-configured settings of your router, and you are able to go online Wired computer, here are some settings that you can configure your wireless router, I think this might solve your problem

    Open an Internet Explorer browser on your computer (desktop) wired page. In the address bar type -
    Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase...
    For wireless settings, follow these steps: -.
    Click on the Wireless tab
    -Here, select manual configuration... Wireless network mode must be mixed...
    -Provide a unique name in the name box of the wireless network (SSID) in order to differentiate your network from your network of neighbors...

    -Set the Standard - 20 MHz Radio band and change the Standard channel to 11-2, 462 GHz... Wireless SSID broadcast should be enabled and then click on save settings...
    Please take note of the name of the wireless network (SSID) because it's the network identifier...
    For wireless security: -.
    Click the sub-tab under wireless > Wireless Security...
    Change the mode of WEP wireless security, encryption must be 64-bit. Let the empty password, do not type in anything... Under type of WEP Key 1 in all 10 numbers please (numbers only and no mailbox for example: your 10-digit phone number) and click on save settings... Please note the 1 WEP key as it comes to the security key for the wireless network...

    Click the settings advanced wireless
    Change the interval of tag to 75 > change the Fragmentation threshold to 2304, change the RTS threshold to 2304 > click 'save settings '...
    Now let's see if you can locate your wireless network and try to connect... And check if you are able to navigate.

  • ASA 5540 - cannot ping inside the interface

    Hi all. We have recently upgraded PIX to ASA5540 and we saw a strange thing going. In a Word, we can ping the inside interface of the ASA from any beach on our 6500 network (which is connected directly behind the ASA on the inside), but one where our monitoring tools are placed. Inside there is an ACL that allows all of our core networks, but it does not help that the interface is really strange.

    In the ASDM, I see messages like this:

    ID ICMP echo request: 2004 x.x.x.x y.y.y.y on the inside interface to. I don't think that's the problem, but I could be wrong.

    This is also the configuration of the interface VLAN VIRTUAL local area network from which we cannot ping inside the interface we can ping to and since this VLAN and machines without problem. The only problem is ping the inside interface of the ASA.

    interface Vlanx

    IP x.x.x.x

    IP broadcast directed to 199

    IP accounting output-packets

    IP pim sparse - dense mode

    route IP cache flow

    load-interval 30

    Has anyone experiences the problem like this before? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Can you post the output of the following on the ASA:-

    display the route

    And the output of your base layer diverter: -.

    show ip route<>

    HTH >

  • Find the mac address on the appliance IPS-4255

    I have an appliance IPS-4255, and this unit has 5 GE interfaces.

    I'm trying to find the addresses for all of these interfaces. It does not show the 'sho' int to the CLI, or appear in IME.

    Where can I see them?

    When the sensor starts, you can see the MAC address of the interfaces.

  • Interface VLAN SG300-28 Firmware


    I just my SG300 to update the last firrmware and I met this problem:

    -By default, the interface VLAN has been activated, but the display is always disabled

    -I can not change and I can not ping to the VLAN IP interface as well (I gave an IP

    Is this a bug? Does anyone know how to fix this? Please help me!

    Appreciate your help



    You upgrade the startup code for Sx300_FW_Boot_1.3.5.58 ?


Maybe you are looking for

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