Assistant DAQ synchronization settings

I have what I think, it's a simple question. I'm under DAQmx with the following parameters:

Acquisition mode - meter samples

Samples to read - 1 k

Rate (Hz) - 10 k

First of all, I understand that under continuous samples never stops read data and control the box 'samples to read' reading how it is averaged together to create a single data point. If this is incorrect, please specify my question may be null.

My question is; with my settings, is she out 10 k datapoints per second (collected from 10 000 000 readings per second)? Or is it take 10 000 readings on average 1,000 of them at a time, then exit 10 datapoints per second?

It will display every 100 m 1000 samples each sample will be taken to intervalles.1 to ms. There is no average goes everywhere. Arithmetic is basic - samples divided by samples/s is equal to acquire both. If you had 1000 samples per second and asked 100 samples, the acquisition time would be the same, but each sample would be 1 ms apart.

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  • Call Assistant DAQ of Labview code


    How can I call the DAQ Assistant dialog box

    from Labview code, as well as a program compiled with Labview runtime?

    Now, I can set the Express Assistant DAQ vi in the block diagram, but cannot be changed during execution.

    But the configuration of data acquisition is not static. The end user must change.

    A similar dialogue is used inside the Measurement & Automation Explorer with a task global DAQmx.

    Can I call this dialog of Labview?


    There is a way to call the DAQ Assistant of MAX of Labview code to create or modify a task DAQmx: Screw Wizard DAQmx LabVIEW

  • Gap between the screws with the NI 9237 & Assistants DAQ

    I have a set of scales attached to a NI 9237 module in a cDAQ 9174. I have two separate screws following the gross load cell output (mV/V). The two screws acquire through a DAQ Assistant. Two Assistants DAQ are configured in the same way, and yet they have different output values. Reads around 0.003 mV/V being not charged while the other reads 0.03 mV/V - an order of magnitude difference. Any thoughts on why this is? Thank you!

    Thanks David,.

    Finally, I followed him there down to a calibration offset null being applied to a DAQ Assistant and not the other. Is there a way to remove this discrepancy in the DAQ Assistant? It is not evident. I only noticed after DAQmx code conversion and managed to remove it it.

  • Analog input voltage assistant DAQ

    Does anyone know why theres error when you use two assistant DAQ (in a while loop at the same time) for reading of the analog input voltage?

    There is not a problem if you use a wizard to data acquisition for analog input voltage reading simple.

    If you get an error, wouldn't it useful that you have told us what it was, we may be able to explain it?

    I'm guessing that you have error-50103, and if you look in the forums for '50103' (leave out the negative sign), it will give you the answer for this question has only requested thousands of times before.

  • Impossible to get assistant daq to appear

    Hi all

    I am currently using student Labview 2009 edition, I also installed NOR-DAQmx 8.8, I don't have that a little project to do with the acquisition of a voltage using a DAQ6008.

    I'm trying this project: the problem is that Assistant DAQ is nowhere to be seen in my Labview program.

    Is there something that I missed?

    I searched the palette DAQ and its certainly not there.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Hello Marko,

    The problem is that NEITHER-DAQmx 8.8 is not supported by LabVIEW 2009. You must download and install DAQmx 8.9.5 or later for LabVIEW 2009 supports. I recommend the latest version of NOR-DAQmx:

    NOR-DAQmx 9.0.2 - Windows 2000/7 x 64/7/Vista x 64/Vista/XP

    Let me know if you encounter other problems.

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    Well, this Web page doesn't let me attach the screenshot despite the menu option. Arrgghh...

    It says: "cannot save preferences becaiuse file is locked, you don't have the necessary access permissions or anothr program uses the file." Use the Get Info command in the Finder to make sure that the file is unlocked and you are allowed to access the file... »

    The file is not locked; I have the permissions and no other program is using the file. The problem persists even when no files are open.

    So you're a Mac user.  What version of the OS?  We have seen several problems with recent Mac users permissions.  This _might_ help

    t - issues.html

  • Properties assistant DAQ does not open

    We use version 8.0.1 LV with daqmx version 8.7.1. Win Xp with a PCI-6025E, SCB-100 card is attached. I can measure the thermistor in the SCB-100 in the measurement and automation for the hardware seems to work OK. The problem is to use Daqmx in LV I am following the tutorial at . When I drop the Daq Assistant on the block on that diagram it does not open the property page for me to configure an analog input, double-click don't work, simple click and selecting Properties does nothing. In the measurement and automation, I can create a task and he launch the daq - mx box and setup of measurement with the PCI-6025E. Probably a setting issue somewhere, any ideas?

    See this discussion and this one.

    Hope this helps

  • There is no inputs or outputs Assistant DAQ

    During the last day, I lost access to the inputs and outputs on the DAQ Assistant. I followed the instructions posted here with no luck.

    Some information:

    I'm a cDAQ9172 with a series of modules to HAVE/AO/DIO/Relay operating. I also use a SCXI1000 with a NI1303 multiplexer thermocouple.

    When I access channels of AI on MAX, I can read out very well. When I place a DAQ Assistant on a white VI, I can configure the channels very well (T/C type, range, etc.). When I build the Express VI, nothing happens and it returns the attached figure.

    According to the instructions from the link above, I installed and reinstalled LabVIEW and MAX and updated with the latest version updates. I am now in a bind, because it does still not properly, as he had done in the past. I'm frustrated. Thank you!

  • Assistant DAQ missing even after installation of 14.0 DAQmx f1


    I am currently using NI LabVIEW student 2015 Edition. I have an NI USB-6009 data acquisition card, and it came with a marked installation CD OR-DAQmx 14.0 f1. Then after you install the software from the CD, I was looking for the DAQ Assistant, but he is still missing. No action in terms of getting DAQ Assistant on my VI?

    Best regards,


    Install the latest DAQmx driver for compatibility with LabVIEW 2015.

  • Example of mode 1 Acquisition Assistant DAQ

    Hi all

    I'm reading a sample by loop in LabView. I used the wizard DAQ and USB-6009. However, I had a problem. This error occurred in the Mode 'Acquisition' after double clicking on the DAQ Assistant, if I used samples N mode and 1, the value 'samples to read:

    Error-200077 occurred to the DAQ Assistant
    Possible reasons:

    Requested value is not supported for this property value. The value of the property may be invalid because it is in conflict with another property.

    Property: SampQuant.SampPerChan
    asked the value: 1
    Valid values begin with: 2
    End with valid values: 8589934590

    And if I used the 1 sample (on request), another error occurred when I started to run the program after building vi successfully:

    Possible reasons:

    An attempt was filed with to set up a trigger without having to configure the properties of the appropriate sample clock or if Type of sample time is set to On Demand.

    Configure the type of clock sample to something else to demand to use a trigger.

    Property: Start.TrigType
    The corresponding value: Digital Edge

    Property: SampTimingType
    Corresponding value: on request

    Task name: _unnamedTask<2E06>

    Sorry, wrong file. See a new.

  • Starting assistant DAQ prior to the main version of the program


    I would need to begin to acquire data via the module Wizard DAQ 100ms before my main program in the while loop starts (see attached photo). How could I just realize this (without having to include the DAQ assistant in the while loop itself)?

    Thanks for your help,


    Put a picture of flat sequence between the beginning of mx DAQ and the while loop.  Connect the wires of error through it.  Put a wait 100 ms function in the frame.

  • Why generate code OR DAQmx to assist DAQ?

    If I set up a channel of AI using the DAQ Assistant why converting using NOR-DAQmx code generate the menu? It runs faster? What is the advantage of the conversion?


    In addition, you have more control over DAQmx code vs express screws if you need configure the parameters that were not in the express VI, as export a trigger causes another trigger, you might add the code to do.

    Finally, the express VI contains probably more functions you really need.  A lot of unnecessary code.  With DAQmx, you put only what you use.  No unnecessary functions wasting time.

  • Assistant DAQ need graphics update during the collection of samples of N

    Hi all, I have a question about the DAQ Assistant. I need to acquire data at low rates (ca 10 Hz). I want to acquire Let's say 100 samples. I join my card day ten times per second. But when I choose N (100) to 10 Hz, updates to the table only once - 10 seconds samples. Is there another way to take samples of N and be able to watch the chart updated 10 times per second the use of samples keep (10 Hz, 1 sample to read) with timer that ends the while loop after 10 seconds?

    When I use the last mentioned way and write data in the file, I always acquire 101 samples, not 100. And I think that's not an ellegant way to write data to file 10 times per second (higher sampling rates, LabView is unable to write all of the samples file .xlsx, with the CT (s) files, it's better).

    Perhaps to collect 1 sample on request would be ok, but so far I have not had an experience with that.

    Thanks for your replies


    First of all, read this excellent whitepaper on the DAQ-mx hardware and stop using the DAQ Assistant, who does not have the flexibility you need to do what you describe.

    Don't you see what you want to do?  You ask to taste 10 Hz and want to update for each samplegraph.  So how many samples do you take before you add the data sampled at the table?

    Now, with the knowledge of what you have learned in the white paper, put some (you can do it in one) features DAQmx to start the Acquisition, in a loop For (with this that connected to N?), take the appropriate number of samples and send that to the table, and then out of the loop, stop the Acquisition.  If you use tasks (created by MAX or using the command 'New task' of the LabVIEW project), you should be able to do this with as little as 3 functions DAQmx (I'd probably use 4) and a single loop.

    Bob Schor

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