ASUS IPMTB-TK Pegatron card mother watt minimum / maximum specifications for the new power supply

I need to get some update a new GPU card will need a bigger PSU but can't seem to find the specifications of power to my motherboard. I know that connections in the search of what power this motherboard is rated for.  Help, please! and thank you Asus Pegatron IPMTB-TK Intel x 58 Socket 1366 mATX



You should be able to use a power supply up to 650 watts.  I've seen a few posts on this forum where more than 650 Watt power supply would not work.  I have successfully used a Corsair HX650 with the same motherboard.

You have some good recommendations for old_geekster and wb2001.

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  • Pavilion NC768AA #ABA: HP Pavilion model. a6719f new video card with the new power supply?


    So, I won money to buy (hopefully) a new video card!

    However, I have a problem.

    I don't know which one to get!

    SO, someone please, please recommend a video card for intermediate level games.

    (My budget is less than $280)

    My PC has stock everything.

    Thus, it was purchased as it was when you would get everything first he.

    Yes, I need also a new power supply that is included with my budget.

    Thank you!

    Revionion, welcome to the forum.

    I'd be happy to help you in your choice.  The main problem is, recent video cards require UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS to legacy.  HP didn't start using UEFI until mid-October 2012.  The latest maps not requiring UEFI were the series GTX 640.  However, MSI has made a card that has a VBIOS hybrid which can operate with a BIOS.  The best thing to do is to choose a video card you like and contact Technical Support from the manufacturer to ensure that it will work on your computer as it is almost 7 years old.  This will save you problems.  They are the experts on their cards.

    I like Corsair power supply units (PSU).  I suggest at least 500W.  This will give you plenty of power for any card that works in your computer.

    If you have any other questions, let me know.  I'll be happy to help you.

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  • Z640: Upgraded the video card to 1070 GTX. I have to upgrade power supply?

    My Z640 has a supply of poer 925w but the power plug 6 pins only I think remaining is not enough to feed my 1070 GTX video card in use heavt. It requires care supply 2 x 8 pins and adapter I installed is not always able to provide enough power. HP chat support wasn't any help. Do I need to install a new power supply that provides power sheets 8 pin pci-e?

    @MacTheSteve, welcome to the forum.

    This is Service and Maintenance Guide for the workstation.

    I contacted StarTech to see if they would have an adapter 'Y' which had two 8-pin power connectors.  However, those that they should be the following on your motherboard or the power supply:

    StarTech Brandon: basically, there are 4 SATA power or LP4 molex.

    I believe that your diet is enough power, but simply do not have the required connectors.  At least, I don't the seen on the diagram of the motherboard.  It seems that you need to upgrade the PSU.

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  • HP-P7-1510 new ASUS 6670 w HD video card / new power supply

    I bought the HP P7-1510, I improved the 500W PSU and installed an ASUS AMD RADEON HD 6670. I had problems, a beep that indicates the graphics was not start. I took out graphic card let start system normally has stood the test of implementation system with integrated card. Now, I installed the new graphics, the computer will still beep after installing all the drivers. It beeps but 2 minutes later, it starts well. Any ideas? I got lost.

    I don't know what to do, I tripled checked, I
    When it is eaten on not so perfectly no error. But why keep the commissioning of a beep and then start normally?


    You must go into the BIOS and change the setting from UEFI in legacy mode, save the settings and reboot.

  • First time with a card mother OEM and try to find the drivers

    Hello world

    This is a new game for me, the world of OEM motherboards. I just realized that a certain type of motherboard a motherboard manufacturer can have all sorts of variations when performed as an OEM Board for the likes of HP.

    I have just acquired an old Pentium 4 motherboard. Now, before your eyes start to roll, I am is not a cheapskate here and in fact need this type of motherboard, not a sign of bang dual core or quad wiz who actually do not work with my software. It is so why I am persevering with a print like this.

    It's an Asus P4SD - Rev 1.06

    3 pci slots

    1 agp slot

    4 usb ports

    1 firewire port

    1 ethernet port

    1 PS/2 mouse port

    1 PS/2 keyboard port

    4 memory DIMM slots (some computers HP with this Council have only 2 DIMM slots)

    Built No. taken in vga (seems some versions of this Council have built in graphics)

    So not knowing what HP computer that came out I cannot locate the correct drivers. As far as Asus goes, this card is not listed on there pilot site.

    Y at - there no way to know what HP PC came this motherboard?

    See you soon,.


    On the issue of SATA - if the installation disc that serves as an integrated SATA drivers then then this might explain it.  WinXP on its own did not include them, but some have them slipstreamed into the installation. Either that or the BIOS was set to emulate the IDE interface for easy installation.

  • Need advice for the new graphics card

    I have a desktop HP Pavilion a6610t with HP w1907 monitors. Windows 7 32 bit.  I want to upgrade to a graphics card that supports two monitors.  Games isn't a factor, but I'd like a card that does not become the neck of the bottle when you surf or work remotely.  I have a PCIe - x 16 available slot.  My price range is around us $100.

    What should I look for another as the PCIe - x 16 and the ability to support two monitors when you shop for a graphics card?  I think the AMD Radeon HD 6570 is a good starting point.  What do you think?

    Any information will be appreciated.

    Here are the specifications and the configurable option for your desktop HP Pavilion a6610t CTO. According to specifications, your system came from the factory with a 250 watt power supply. Most retail graphics cards require a power supply minimum system assessment of 300 watts or greater. The Radeon HD 6570 you noted requires a 400 watt or a bigger power supply. The CX500, CX600 Corsair are highly recommended, are favorites of the forum and are known to adapt to most cases of HP. For useful information on the selection of a graphics card that fits your computer and meets your needs, read Guide of Big_Dave of a discrete video card selection .


  • What graphics card work on a p7-1026 Pavilion without a power supply upgrade?

    I just bought a Pavilion p7-1026. This is my first of all the computer set purchase because I always had my made-to-order systems. The CPU and the size of the hard drive and the plug is quite good for the price (I was looking for a cheap replacement for an old office) but I would like to make a few other updates. I'll add another 8 GB of memory, but I would also add a graphics card because I don't like the built-in graphics card.

    Is there a graphics affordable (about $100) with a minimum of 256 MB of memory, which runs on the power supply 250 watt existing and with no electrical connection needed? I watched some, but I've seen as low as 300 watts. If I need to replace the power supply, how can I find a compatible with this system. I looked at a site ('911' something) that has had a lot of listed HP models but not this one.


    Beyond that, you walk down this road, you really need to open the case.

    It only has 4 slots for memory and probably (2) 2 GB and (2) sticks of 1 GB of DD3-1333 PC3-10600.

    Your will does not add anything, you need to replace all with 4 GB sticks (4) If your planning an upgrade.

    New models are hard to return. You'll need to find the power supply model # for all references.

    BTW, this characterization of 250W is mounted. The (constant) nominal value is most likely 200W.

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    Scroll to Tech Specs.

  • Upgrading a p6510f Pavilion with a new power supply, graphics card and RAM work?

    Well, here's the deal that I go back to Japan for about 3 months and during this time I will borrow my laptop Cousins (in Exchange for my office) for Skype etc.. No problem their the thing is that he is a player and this p6510f has a few bad specifications when it comes to this, so I thought that I could let him borrow some cake rather than dirt, if you catch my drift ha... As well, when I get back gamer I ~ ('voice of Yoda"aka How Japanese works...)

    So I looked on Newegg / Amazon read comments and planned my purchase but the question is can this case and the Board of Directors manage what I use? lazy to measure everything out / busy.

    So first thing, I would like to replace:

    Replace the 2 x 2 GB ram cards default with:

    4 x Corsair blue Vengeance 4 GB (2 X 4 GB) 1600 mHz PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM of 240 pins

    For a total of ram 16 GB with my x 64 bit PC of course

    Link: (note that I buy two)

    Replacing power 250w with an overkill rather one but it is the same price as a 550w then why not eh? After all the future upgrade/ability to use it in future builds?

    1 x Corsair Enthusiast Series 650 watts 80 Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply Compatible with Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and AMD platforms

    For the graphics card + overclocking.


    Finally no more ATI integrated BS... Please for the love of the creator (will it work?)

    1 x EVGA GeForce GTX 580 1536 MB GDDR5 PCI-Express 2.0 2DVI/Mini-HDMI SLI

    If my PC can adapt to this card, and it works with power above that will make me happy enough. (Regarding the cooling if it becomes a problem, I can upgrade fans me but first comes this material.)


    I checked the slot for graphics card, RAM and power supply power and it seems to me that this will work out I want just a professional opinion...


    Card not present upgraded

    HP Pavilion p6510f PC / Nr WW639AA #ABA

    Four cores AMD Athlon 630

    4 GB Ram DDR3


    Integrated ATI Radeon graphics card...

    Power Max Power 250W

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


    Thank you! ~ Of Amerindian


    According to Corsair, the DIMMs that you chose is detected only at 1600 mhz, which is not in the specifications published by HP.

    You can roll the dice on the DIMMs that you chose, but I wouldn't recommend that buy you them until you contact Corsair and get a confirmation.  Computers HP can be very finicky with DIMMs, especially if you try to mix them with other DIMM modules.  If you do buy these bars and want to be them mixed with the existing DIMMs, then make sure the timings of latency CASE corresponding information validated HP. Also mix DIMM sizes will cause the memory function in unbalanced mode that adversely affect the performance of the memory.

    You should be able to make your own decision on whether to roll the dice.

  • Recommendation for the new graphic card for the Pavilion a1250n Office running windows xp service pack 3

    trying to upgarde my pavilion a1250n computer of office for graphics card MSI r5450 radeon. After installation of the new card in the PCI express and turn on the machine, does not start, screen goes black and the fans to run at top speed. The card and the machine starts fine with the ATI radeon 200 exprees edge. I went into Device Manager and disabled the ATI radeon 200 adapter, and the system still wouldn't start with the new card. Went into the Bios at startup and changed the setting of the adapter PCI E, the slot where I put the card, and still won't work, even with the Bios and Device Manager changes I made.

    New card right out of the box, could be bad, or perhaps not compatible with my system? If is not compatible, what would you recommend? Currently I am running windows XP SP3 and am looking for a card that can be upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit. I know that the ATI integrated graphics card cannot be upgraded, so I'd appreciate some advice really.

    Thank you.

    John Perez

    Hi John,.

    The link above will show you how to clear the CMOS memory.  Just scroll down once you click on it.

    NVIDIA video cards are planned for a 300 Watt power supply

  • Installation for the new video card will not work. Message "Hardware not detected" what's the problem?

    Windows XP Home Edition. Motherboard ASUS P4PE. (Old) NVIDIA geforce4 TI 4400 failed - video card replaced by Prowler Radeon 7000 64 MB agp (Mad Dog). The black screen with the old card and bought a new one. At out the old card and installed a new.  Start the computer and graphics were. With Nvidia drivers installed, display settings could be changed. Device, 'Monitor' Manager showed now default monitor instead of good Sony monitor. Remove all drivers video and rebooted.  Screen "new hardware found" appeared, but I couldn't get the new drivers loaded. I inserted the disc by the manufacturer, but the pilots has not can be detected. Has attempted to launch "Setup" on the disc, but received a material not found error message. Yellow mark points to "Other devices" and the hyphen "VGA Display adapters". No 'monitor' in Device Manager. Tried to turn off the windows firewall and Virus software. I tried windows update. Still have a problem. What's wrong?

    The old drivers must remove the first test pilot seeper guru3d.

    The nvidia Setup program should find the material but otherwise download the latest version of the software from their Web site.  They must be the pilot, right down to the revision number, not only the model number.

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    Thanks for the recommendations!  I think I'll go to the evga GTX 750ti.

    Thanks for all help on this.


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    I need assistance with selection of the hardware platform for the scenario of vpdn. This deployment will serve up to 20 users Max can you tell me which is the minimum routing platform and version of IOS to use to the LAKE? And for LNS?

    Thank you.

    Best regards.

    28xx and 29erxx do not need DRY license, 880 can handle it too, but I don't know if the ordinary license is ok.


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