AT10LE - model differences?


Son of learning has split the screen on his Tablet AT10LE-A108 excite Pro and I would like to try DIY repair because it is very attached to it!

Via Ebay, I can find a screen at reasonable price / digitizer but it says it's only for the model A109.

As far as I can tell (Toshiba docs on this are poor online) the A109 is the 32 GB of the A108 model, so I'm willing to consider taking a risk and the purchase of the A109 screen on the grounds that it is very likely to be the same component.

Anyone has any info on this at all? for example the differences of A109/A108 confirm or direct me to a source reasonable price of a specific screen A108?

Thanks in advance!


I also have the problem with the broken screen. my tablet is AT10LE-A-107. What is the adjustment of the A109 screen? who knows?

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    About the documentation, you're not alone, I really hope we can get more technical documentation...

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    I talked to Toshiba and they were a little gray in their response. They said that, if you didn't damage the laptop, it should be fine, but if you send it as an unrelated question, with what they can carry out repairs on the laptop if the hard drive does not match the orgional one provided...

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    Kind regards


    As much as I know RAM and HDD upgrade do not negate the warranty. For many models of laptops, you can find instruction how to do this. It is described in the document of the user s manual or you can find short videos on Toshiba documents (knowledge base).

    Even on this forum in the USER SELF REPLACEMENT section you will find instructions how to replace the hard drives.

    What you can also do is to contact the nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and check what they say on this subject.

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    The processor is clocked at 1.1 Ghz. There are different models made by Intel, including that which is supposed to be clocked at 900 Mhz. Apple does not use a customized version of the CPU. The differences between the M3 and M5 model is displayed on the Intel Web site. Among the differences are the M5 is clocked at a higher speed and the M5 is generally about 15-20% faster than the M3 at the same clock speed.

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    The game is a concern, and I would take the computer to Apple for review. After all, you are covered by the warranty.

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    Range normally would be about the same thing... because the power of diffusion of wireless routers is limited by law... and each manufacturer seems to work their routers at full breath.

    But, because of the age of the A1143 AirPort Extreme, he's probably lost 30 to 40 percent of its performance, maybe more.

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    Welcome to the community of Sony.

    There is no Action Cam with HDR-AS10A model number available in the United States. Only the AS10-HDR and HDR-AS10/B are available. The only difference between the two is that the 'B' in the HDR-AS10/B model number matches the color of the camcorder, which is black.

    Thank you for your message.

  • Difference between the G20 and G25 models

    Hi people!

    I searched your laptop and I was amazed by the Qosmio.
    When I was going to order it, I noticed that there are many models of the G20 with different specifications. Also, I found G25 on internet research and found no difference between the G25 and G20 except receiver TV G25 is NTSC and G20 was released on March and G25 was in June. Instead, they have the same specifications for the hard drive.

    I live in the Portugal and the model Qosmio I can find that this is the G20-118. I was looking for the model that has 2 x 100 GB SATA HD, but cannot not thought about it.

    Internet research I found Qosmio G20-111 which has 2 x 100 GB SATA HD, but on the web page mentioned that it was a Pentium III processor (ridiculous, isn't?). I was looking for more reliable information.

    Already searched for toshiba pages and found no specifications for all models I found 490LS on the research on the web as the G20 - 102, 105, 106, 108, 109, 111, 118, 123,...

    Can someone help me with this? Are there any reliable web page where I can see the differences between the models? is there a .pdf or anyone who can please give me some advice?

    Money is not a problem at this time to acquire the laptop, I'm looking for only the laptop performance more!

    Best regards
    João Pereira


    It of very difficult to say what camera is best, because there are many models with different parts.
    However, I found page with description of the G20 and G25.
    Take a look at this link.

    Good bye

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    Is there a difference between Satellite A210 - 11 c model PSAEGE and model Satellite A210 - 11 c PSAFGE? I have a model PSAEGE and I need the XP drivers. I found some useful for model PSAFGE drivers and I don't know if it's ok to install.
    Thank you very much!

    Can you please tell me where you've created all of these useful drivers?

    Sorry, but according to all possible documents, I found on the Internet by Satellite A210 - 11 c is certainly PSAEGE and I didn t find with PSAFGE part numbers. When you picked up that info?

  • Difference between the D30 models: 4223, 4228, 4229

    Sorry for the newbie question, but what is the main difference between these models?




    Seems that most of the people have the 4223.

    They are all the same in terms of hardware. The difference is the way in which they are built, the components they are configured with and warranty rights.

    4223 systems many TopSeller and CTO (configured to control) systems with 3 year standard on-site warranties. TopSellers are systems preconfigured with the most popular groups of component, then make in bulk in order to lower the price. They are usually sold through major retailers. CTO systems are available only on and are made how you want.

    4228/4229 systems are generally pre-configured models containing less popular configs or those who tend to be more expensive. Guarantee is still generally 3 yr + OS here in the United States since it is the standard for the machines. If it's a ThinkPad so security could be drop foregoing and on-site for other models. You'll also see systems controlled through special deals with the types of machines 4228/4229. As CTO, but built in a configuration standard or ordered with a special config and in bulk for an organization.

    A later update of the platform presented on the MTMs 4353/4354 where the support boards and component system changed. 4354 s were generally TopSeller/CTO and 4353 s Pre-preconfigured/SB/Refurb/etc.

    I don't know that a much longer answer could be considered here. However, the details get pretty boring.

    (Esays: fixed typo's fault)

  • Satellite L30 - difference between these models?

    Hi all

    Not really a question of technology as such, but here goes;
    I have a Satellite L30 10Y and in my quest for drivers (now all sorted), I found many other models of L30, including the 10v, L30 x 10, 10 p L30 L30, etc.. My question is, is anyone know the differences between these models? I searched for the specs on all variants and can see no differences were observed.
    Type of processor, memory, general specifications all look the same!

    I thought that the location can be the difference, my BIOS (L30 - 10Y) has only 2 languages available, English and Japanese.
    Info received with gratitude, simply for the sake of knowledge is the reason why I ask this question


    Hi Markkyboy,

    The differences between these models are the hardware configuration. For example L30 - 10V Intel Pentium 2080 CPU with 512 MB of RAM and L30-10 X has Intel Celeron M 440 CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

    But why you want to know this?
    Satellite L30 is older, and as far as I know you can t buy it more.

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    Hi all

    I make a purchasing decision for M92p tiny (do not know what is the appropriate form for him, is it SFF or USFF or something like Mini ITX).

    I can see on various websites there are different model variants listed for this series, for example on the official lenovo, he mentions around 9 variants of M92 and M92p.

    So, I'm totally confused as to what is the exact model, I'll buy. If anyone can, then please answer the following queries:

    1. What is the difference between M92 and M92p (known as "tiny")

    2. What is the difference between all the variants of the model numbers on the support Web site. I'm a 3235, he therefore M92 or M92p.

    3 in case to get accurate detailed data sheets for all model with the numbers part numbers so I tried option but it did not. A web link would be really useful.

    Thank you for reading and answering queries.


  • difference between microsoft lifecam studio model # Q2F-00013 and model #Q2F-00001

    What is the difference between microsoft life cam model studio # Q2F-00013 and model # Q2F-00001

    Hello, Paul.

    See details on the two



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