AT300 unrecognized external power - system update is not possible

I have an AT300 bought in the United States, but I live in Germany. I bought a Kensington absolute Power Dual USB wall adapter with 2. 1 is to connect the USB charging cable to charge the tablet that works very well. Now, the Toshiba Service Station concludes a update for the Tablet system however, an update is not possible because the update process think that a charging cable is not attached, even it is. Why the Tablet does not recognize the connected charger cable? How can I do a system update? What is the difference between the wall adapter to the United States and the Europe Kensington adapter?

My guess would be that Toshiba has put a few resistors-ID in the data line in the standard charger so you can identify it.
Here is an article on Apple doing: [epanorama |]

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    Thank you


    Comment to Moderator: Subject published to specify the model.

    Nice day.

    You can check if you have the latest version of installed TVSU:

    Kind regards.

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    It will be useful.


    Bianka Attre

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    Hi all

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    Ok... You are grounded. Have you removed all the apps system? If you have done which causes the failure.
    Did you also change the replenishment of stocks?

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    Please help me...



    this thread should provide you with the answer.

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    R51 running XP Pro.  When I click on the update of the system icon, I get a message that says - tvsukernel.exe - was not found.  I did a , and it is not on the system.  Checked the Lenovo system update file and see that most of the files have been updated on 19/05/2008.  Is it possible that this update deleted 'tvsukernel.exe '?

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    Hello Mbient,

    I suggest to uninstall and install and then new system update.



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    I tried to update the BIOS to my M700-110 PPM70E-02302DEN from 1.60 to 1.80 (P005Bv180.exe).

    However, it fails with the error "the BIOS update is not taken in charge of operating system. No support for operating system or service pack installed. »

    In the "more information", I have read "OS independent.
    This is the Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 unsupported?

    What is the problem?
    What BIOS is right for my system?

    Please help me!
    Thank you very much.


    It seems that the OS Vista was preinstalled on this laptop.
    This means that you have installed the Windows 7 system to your own hand.

    The point is that BIOS update requires a few essential tools of Toshiba.
    For example, the package of value added is an important software package and must be preinstalled on the laptop.

    VAP is installed?
    If this isn't the case, install the PPV before trying to update the BIOS.

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    BTW: my laptop is L350 - 12 c

    Before update you the display driver, you must remove the old one. Then, restart the computer and install the new drivers via setup.exe or in Device Manager.

    On the Toshiba site is a newer driver for the Satellite L350 available you have ( So, you should try this one: > support & downloads > download drivers

  • AT300-101 / AT305 - recovery with root is not possible

    @ all

    We have 2problems:

    -mini-usb dosnt mount ntfs sticks/drives
    -umts stick does not work
    -recoverys with root are blocked

    I can't root on this unit?
    a lot of little things you need to root!

    Thank you!

    > Can I root on this unit?

    As far as I know that's not possible.

    Maybe you should take a look at other pages 3rd party as forum.xda -

  • Update is not possible Muse - does "system memory" or "disk use" for update?

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    Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.01.49 PM.png

    Thank you, Brad.

    I discovered that my operating system is old.

    When I try and update the Mac operating system, it misfires and does not want to download past about 2 GB (have downloaded real fast, pretty much stopped download spent 2.25 GB). Do you think that my computer is old or not powerful enough for the new operating system to download from Mac?

    I appreciate the help.

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    You seem to have an Intel Mac and using the old OS x 10.4.1

    The latest version of Mozilla to work on such is the Firefox 3.6. * where the current 3.6.22 update can be found at

    From Firefox 4.0 and newer Intel Mac and OSX 10. 5+ is required.

  • Corsair POWER supply update does not post, powers of the powers of 5 seconds down and loops...

    Have the HP Pavilion Elite m9650f with motherboard replaced in April 2012 class good to go.

    Replaced the stock GPU Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT with a Zotac GTX 560 Ti GPU and

    the stock HP 460 Watt power supply with a W0388RU Thermaltake TR2 600 Watt PSU in may 2012.

    All goes well until October 2012.

    PC randomly starts shutting itself off the coast and not feed until I have unplug the power cord and wait 5-10 minutes.

    Finally, he stopped turning on all together.  Reinstall all power PSU connectors, etc.  same result.

    Removed all cards, etc, same result.  Cards reinstalled one by one, etc., same result.

    Reinstall the stock HP 460 Watt PSU, now everything works fine.

    Thought it was a premature failure of Thermaltake PSU.

    Bought and installed a Corsair CMPSU - 850TXV2 850 Watt power supply for a few days but still not good to go.

    Lights, fans spin, but no MESSAGE, no video, tracks for all

    5 seconds, stops, turns on itself over and over again.

    Reinstall all power PSU connectors, etc. same result.

    Removed all cards, etc, same result.  Cards reinstalled one by one, etc., same result.

    Reinstalled the HP PSU stock, now everything works perfectly again.  ?

    Spends hours reading the forums...

    Some say that the RAM may not report correct voltage for power supply.

    If so, what can I change RAM voltage in the BIOS?

    Others say reset CMOS I did, same result.

    And someone on this forum HP thought that perhaps the Pegatron IPMTB-TK

    Card mother Truckee can only accommodate up to 750 Watts POWER supply.

    Any ideas?

    Can I get away with just using my HP 460 Watt power supply after all stock?

    Thank you.

    I have an additive to add to this topic.

    To refresh, my questions focus on a possible shift of the power supply and card mother specs:

    What is an ATX 12 v 2.0 and above technical problem or a power CAP problem?

    I posted my questions on the Forum of power SUPPLY Corsair PSU

    at the same time and I paste it here now, a response

    to GUY of RAM.

    "Hey RAM GUY."

    Sorry I couldn't answer until now.

    Please specify the difference between the ATX 2.0 specification and 2.01

    Spec that the negative - 5 v Rail is not present in the 2.01 spec and

    beyond.  As I mentioned previously, the Thermaltake PSU that has been

    running in my 2009, HP i7 tour for 7 last month said 12 volt ATX 2.2

    on the case and even if the power supply HP OEM said 12 volt ATX

    2.0 in the technical literature, that I found on Google, the real PSU I have does not work

    have any note on the case ATX specification.  So I think it's safe to say, my

    motherboard does not have the negative Rail v-5 at which he played

    nicely with 12 volt ATX 2.2 spec, until recently.

    Although theoretically it is supposed to be no limit on the amount of

    Absorbed power, you can use to power your motherboard, the motherboard because

    is supposed to use only what suits him and cap the rest, it seems that the OEM

    can dial up limitations of power if they deem necessary.

    Could be as simple HP, without wanting to compete with some of his HPs

    Professional workstations, caps so power on some Pavilion Elite

    Series models to prevent them from becoming a much cheaper


    In any case, I think that all the available information, digested, he does not speak

    Specification of the ATX, but rather my motherboard HP has a limit of 650 Watts of power

    If I think that I read that someone else got the same motherboard goes with

    750 watts, but I do not remember where to find this announcement. »

    I'm back and Yes!

    Thanks again Lasvegaswireman!

  • System update was not able to connect

    I bought a phone like 3 days ago and I tried to update the phone, I tried to update system to 1.32.24 but they say "the attempt to upgrade has encountered an error because of the failure, connect" I did factory data reset like 3 times and still works, I even made Motorola blur account on my phone , someone please help.

  • My current operating system update will not accomplish

    My mac book pro full download of the update - even when the value automatically - ends but restarts and it sees the update always used pending

    It keeps re - download the update and the cycle continues.

    It might be helpful if you indicated the year/EXACT model of your MBP so OSX you are trying to update.

    Is the MBP second hand?


Maybe you are looking for