ATI error and no windows - Satellite Pro A60


When I start my computer, I get a blue error screen c0000415
A quick google reveals that this is one of these:

"So what are you bothering? I hear you cry - the problem I have is, in getting this error of the other (also the ATI card based) I stuck my red disc in and erased everything - including the windows... and CFLA error occurs before windows installs and SafeMode (-that worked perfectly before) does not work because windows is not installed!

Oh the fun.

"I think it's a hardware error" - Yes so don't I... However, before the reinstall and get it back, I could work to the computer in safe mode and videos played very well with the resolution and full color. Am I missing the point if I think a video work is an indicator of a working video card?

I admit that I'm perplexed indeed. I'll try to dig up an old Windows 98 drive, but I don't know how much this will help, because the only copy of XP I have is on the recovery disk... [Return to step 1]

Any suggestions much appreciated - thanks in advance...

[it's a satellite pro A60 w / 256 +?] RAM, processor celeron 2.8 Ghz, ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 etc...]



As suggested in document of Microsoft this problem can occur if an ATI Radeon 7200 graphics card has been installed on your computer and the driver that is supplied with this adapter may not work correctly with Windows XP.
The installation of SP2 should help.

This statement of Ms. says it all! It of not a hardware problem but it is a compatibility issue with Windows XP (without SP2) and the driver radeon ATI 7200.

You should try to get an original CD of Windows XP with or without SP2.
The software callednLiteallows you to create a Windows clean boot CD and add the patches MS and service packs for this CD.

Then, you can try to boot this CD and after installing the OS, you need to update or change the graphics driver!

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  • Error video driver on Satellite Pro A60

    I had problems with my Toshiba A60 which has just run out of warranty. About a week ago I started getting blue screen errors and kept restarting my laptop. Once it had restarted using Microsoft error checking that it has been said that there is a problem with the video device driver.

    Since the video driver in my laptop is the first thing I did to ATI mobility graphics chip 7000 IGP has been download a new, updated driver from the Toshiba site for this. Unfortunately this did not remedy the error. I was getting the errors blue stop screen, so to try to combat this, I reduced the hardware acceleration on the Panel against zero in case of problem, but there is not good.

    When to start the laptop I just get the F8 screen first for giving me options to start Windows, main characters in the text are flickering and disappeared.
    I've updated several different drivers etc on the Toshiba site one being the BIOS of the victory. Looking at the forums, I realized that I'm not the only one with this problem. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


    Unfortunately, if the blue screen error message is displayed if it s software mainly heavy fault or malfunction of the equipment.
    To find out what's wrong the best way to reinstall the entire Windows operating system.
    If this procedure works correctly, so it could be a software problem. But if is not possible to install the operating system or the error message appears again after the new installation so there must be something wrong with the hardware. In your case, maybe it s the chip of the graphics card.

  • Satellite Pro A60: Blue error screen

    I got my satellite pro A60 laptop for about 6 months and, recently, a blue screen started flashing up to white writing scrolling down really fast and then the laptop restarts. I don't have the time to read what says the writing of this article. Can someone give me advice on what this could be and how to solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance.


    Well, the simple is to reinstall the operating system. But if you wish, you can disable the function of Windows Xp to automatically read this massage of error on reboot.
    Go to system in Control Panel. Then the Advanced tab. In the announcement of the Startup Recovery section press set button. You need to disable the option automatically reboot.
    But it of very difficult to understand the error blue screen for ordinary users.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A60: Windows XP cannot start isapnp.sys driver missing or corrupt

    I had a Satellite Pro A60 for about 3 years without problems.

    Last week Toshiba touchscreen developed vertical lines of the bleeding and I got error message "Windows XP cannot start because of the missing or damaged driver isapnp.sys. I tried using the recovery disk, but it loads OK, but it fails to make a difference. Hard drive seems to work OK as slave to another computer.

    No matter what wil suggestions appreciated!

    Thank you

    Found this Microsoft Knowledge base article:
    You receive a "Windows didn't start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Isapnp.sys" error message at startup

    Can it help

  • Need latest driver for ATI Radeon 7000 igp - Satellite Pro A60 mobility

    Please let me know which ati driver to d/l for my laptop satellite pro a60 en please.

    How can I find out what bios version I have installed and which is the latest relevant version for me and windows xp.

    Many thanks steve

    Hi Steven,

    You can access the last display on the web site of Toshiba driver. Just click on the tab Support & downloads (Download Files) and then enter the details of your laptop. You can select all drivers or just the display drivers.

    You can find out what version of BIOS you have by entering the BIOS during the initial power on the process. Just press the ESC key when the TOSHIBA logo appears, and then press F2 to enter the BIOS configuration panels. Make sure you do not make changes to the BIOS settings unless you really want to. :-) As with the details of the driver, you can access the latest version of the BIOS for notebook on the Web from Toshiba-> Support site @ downloads-> update your BIOS, then just enter the details of your laptop.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite Pro A60 - Windows XP shows / use only a part of RAM available

    Hello guys!

    I am facing strange problems with one of my two A60s. I just upgraded two of them with 1024 MB of RAM the same. One works perfectly, but the other will show me only 410 MBs in Windows. The BIOS indicates the correct size. I changed the RAM from one to the other, but this strange error is always present. The version of the BIOS has been updated to 1.90 and has Windows XP SP2.

    Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Is there an easy way to put the management of RAM in Windows?

    Thank you in advance!


    It s very strange.
    I found that an additional Satellite Pro A60 info has been delivered with a different hardware configuration.
    Some A60 Pro comes with an internal memory of 512 MB and others with only 256 MB internal memory.
    In addition, the internal memory modules cannot be deleted and there is only one slot for memory upgrade.

    But I put t know why the OS shows only 410 MB

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the graphics card, also use the part of the main memory and, therefore, the operating system of shared memory could indicates a value of different memory.

  • Satellite Pro A60: error code 11030 - invalid destination drive

    I have a satellite pro a60 and it won't let me do anything I have an error message 11030, - drive destination not valid. can someone please help me solve this! regards Jean


    I read that this error can appear after using the Symantec ghost.
    Have you used this program?

    Try using the chkdsk command or try to run the error checking that you can find in the properties of the HARD drive.

  • Satellite Pro A60-832: sometimes the OS starts without sound and modem


    I have a problem with my Satellite Pro A60-832. Everything works perfectly, but sometimes my system starts without sound. When this happends, modem also does not work. After reboot, everything works well again. I integrate Windows XP Pro SP2, but the same thing was happening with the original Windows XP Pro SP1 provided in the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    Any ideas?

    Sorry for my bad English.

    As mentioned, a high temperature might be responsible for these drop-outs, but I n t think that there is a problem in your case.
    I think that the temperature cannot be very high immediately after the start of the laptop.

    In case I would recommend comparing the BIOS installed on the unit you with available on the Toshiba page BIOS.
    If there is a new version of the BIOS so you can try to update.
    But be sure you use the good BIOS and the proper procedure.

  • During BIOS update by Satellite Pro A60 went down and did not start

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite Pro A60 and I've updated the bios. To halfway the update, my laptop came down and started Hasna´t since. It only give a couple of beeps (trying to tell me the bios is damaged, I guess) and turns off again.

    Tried to start with (~) key pressed (a tip I received from a friend), but without success.

    I live in a country where there is no available Toshiba dealer and I rather not ship the laptop for repair.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    This doesn't sound good.
    If during the POST, the BIOS detects a problem, it will normally display an error message visual on the monitor explaining what the problem is. However, if a problem is detected before it initializes BIOS video card or a video card is not present or not detected then BIOS will play through the Speaker beeps to let you know there is a problem.
    Depending on the type of BIOS you have the BIOS can play beeps in a specific pattern to indicate what the problem is, or emits the signal even a few times indicating the problem.

    In your case, it is possible to s you used a bad BIOS or bad BIOS procedure. Both can damage the motherboard.
    To avoid such damage and mistakes, Toshiba published FAQ document.
    How to upgrade the BIOS on most of the units!

    That you should read before making updates to the BIOS!
    Unfortunately, I n t think that you can fix yourself. I think you should ask to help ASP.

  • Satellite Pro A60 and Port Replicator



    I understand your problem in this way.

    You have connected the printer via Port Replicator ports for the A60 SatPro.

    Œuvres driver and so on correctly because the test page can be printed. But when you want to print from Word the printer isn't or what do you mean by "GOGGLEDYGOOK".

    Could you describe a little more detailly and give us some more information like Toshiba shipped OS or MS based installation, Service Pack installed, the name of the printer and so on...

    When you want to validate this information, it would be easier to help you!


  • Satellite Pro A60: On startup graphics card problem

    Just got a Satellite Pro A60.
    Whenever it starts it stops and then restarts. It then works perfectly OK, even if restart you. But then if you start it once it is shut down for a few hours it crashes at startup upward again?
    Windows error report accusing the graphics driver ATI Radeon 7000 (see report below), but I've updated the graphics driver and still get the same problem.

    This is the error report:
    Error caused by ATI Graphics Driver: no specific solution found
    Description of the problem
    An unknown error has occurred in ATI Graphics Driver, created by ATI® Technologies, Inc.
    Resolution of problems
    ATI® Technologies, Inc. is currently not aware of a specific solution for the problem you reported. Here is a list of recommendations to take that may help prevent the problem does not happen.
    Download and install an ATI Graphics Driver Update from one of the following locations:
    o Windows Update
    o ATI® Technologies, Inc..
    If an updated driver is not available, check with your computer manufacturer.
    If you are running the latest version of the ATI graphic driver, please contact ATI Technologies, Inc.® for your support options.

    More information
    If this problem persists with the latest updates to ATI Graphics Driver, we strongly recommend that you obtain assistance and troubleshooting directly from ATI® Technologies, Inc. information.
    If you are not familiar with ATI Graphics Driver and you are questioning how the program was installed on your computer, it is possible that the program was installed with another program. If you don't know why ATI Graphics Driver is running, many programs configure themselves automatically starts whenever you turn on your computer.

    Hi Barry,.

    I'd be inclined to return your laptop to an authorized Service Agent Toshiba. The OEM software should not require all the updated drivers at this early stage of his life, and the unit will be well within its warranty period.

    The closer your repairman details can be found on the Toshiba site.


  • Satellite Pro A60: Blue screen - ATI2DVAG display driver. DLL in endless loop

    Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 with ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP video card, running Windows XP Professional and SP 2.
    During the start in most cases systems hang up with blue screen.

    I installed the latest drivers from (Version dated Date 09/03/2004) but the problem continues. After second - last third - it reboot now works.
    The blue screen says (translated from German):
    "Component that probably caused the problem: ati2dvag.dll; the device driver is in an infinite loop; Subsequently the unit does not work, or the device driver is not program the equipment in the right way. STOP 0X000000EA. A dump was created.

    Please HELP - THANKS in advance!
    Best regards


    I studied a bit on the Toshiba site and found this interesting paper Toshiba on the error message Satellite A60 and blue screen on startup.

    This document describes how to upgrade the BIOS. The update of the BIOS should help solve this problem. Take a peek inside.
    Please post if you have solved the problem

  • Cannot start WXP installed on my Satellite Pro A60


    I just got a Satellite Pro A60 of second hand. He had installed xp pro, but I did have no password. , so I formatted the drive and made two partitions. There are 30 GB and the other approximately 7 GB.

    I tried to install a WXP Pro copy that has worked for me before, but he would not complete the installation. Now, I have a Toshiba Recovery disk. When I use the recovery CD, the installation goes fine, but when its full and restarts, the laptop does not start in Windows.

    He comes to Toshiba screen twice then WXP logo appears for a moment about 10 seconds or more, then go back to the f8 screen. Last time, he said it could be due to a hardware change with these lists of 'safe mode' options, safe mode with command prompt mode implementation network, security, last known good configuration. I tried all the but still cannot boot into windows.

    The hard drive has the files I used l-soft [email protected] unerasor tools, change password and partition Viewer, I could see the file system of windows etc. Laptop has 512 MB RAM, 40 GB drive HARD, Celeron.

    I just updated the bios to V1.90 by CD-ROM. Please can someone help me?
    Thank you

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    You have installed the operating system from the recovery CD Toshiba but have you used the original Toshiba comes with this laptop recovery CD?

    The BSOD appears mainly due to hardware failure or the software flaw serious
    The Toshiba Recovery CD contains all the drivers needed and tools, but if you use a recovery CD badly the pre-installed drivers can cause the error and BSOD could appears.

    However if some hardware like the memory module or the graphics card is damaged the BSOD are included also.

  • Satellite Pro A60: NTLDR is missing

    Satellite Pro A60 tells me when I turn on that I have a ntldr is missing, press ctrl + alt + delete to restart.
    So I tried reinstalling and it will not let says me I file setupdd.sys could not be loaded error code is 4 Setup cannot continue to press a key to exit.


    If it of not possible to restore the operating system of the Toshiba CD recovery if the HARD drive or only the partition is damaged or corrupted.
    According to Microsoft description message Setupdd.sys could not be loaded. 4 error code may occur if your computer contains a material that is damaged or is not compatible with Windows XP.

    "Well, I also found Microsoft troubleshooting document on the NTLDR is missing ' error message.

    I think you should follow the guidelines. If it doesn t help trying to format the whole HARD drive, delete all partitions and launch the installation from the original Windows XP boot CD

  • USB devices not seen on Satellite Pro A60


    I'm having a problem with my laptop Satellite Pro A60 running Windows XP Home: it is simply not to see all devices at all. Devices (USB, fan keys) are to be supplied with electricity, but I can find no trace of them on the computer anywhere. It is even not complain that they are not recognized - it's as if they were not there. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers of hub USB root/controllers, but that has not helped.

    It is the latest in a string a glitches that can be helpful to know: a few weeks ago, the ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP suddenly caused windows crash at boot time. I could just sort the problem by updating the bios and reinstall the ATI drivers (all toshiba). It is not of course the relevance, but after the bios update I also improved the 6 F-secure antivirus software. XX to 7.01.

    Usually, I try to get as much as I can by reading these forums but I'm not a guru of computing and on this one, I'm out of ideas - because Windows is not identify any fault, I don't even know what to look for on google... Someone has an idea?

    Thank you very much


    Hmm, you said that you have already reinstalled the drivers of USB controllers/root hub.

    But maybe you should try to make this again as a result of this procedure;
    -Disconnect all USB devices
    -go to the Device Manager and change the view to display hidden devices.
    -Open the tree of the USB controller and remove all controllers.
    -Restart the computer and wait until the OS has installed everything again.
    -Then plug the USB devices to the USB ports for laptop

    If this does not help, it would be desirable to recover the laptop with the Toshiba Recovery CD supplied.

    Good luck

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