Attempt to update v9.4.3 and am said iPhoto update is not available because it has been purchased by another user despite the fact that my new Mac utilities show that he got Apple 19/04/13.  How can I fix this?

My attempt to update iPhoto which presents in the folder utility as having been obtained from Apple on the 19/04/13 is rejected w/notice that the update is not available for this Apple ID because it has been purchased by another user.  How can I get the update?

There are some inconsistencies in your question:

1. If you do not have 10.11.4 then you can not possible be eager to download iPhoto 9.4.3 because it does not work on El Capitan.  You'll need iPhoto 9.6.1.

2 - If you get the message that iPhoto was bought under another Apple ID then he leads us to ask if you have purchased your new iMac or used?  Try to go on the App Store, sign out and then sign in with your Apple ID and see if you get the same message.

We are just so not the same page what system are you running?  What version of iPhoto do you currently have? Have you bought the new iMac or used?

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