Attempts of P2V - results in multiple instances of VMDK files


I have all my servers migrated to VMware. Then, I noticed on the P2V who does not first left a directory with the name of the server with only an inside VMDK file and not other files generated. Is there a better way to clean these failed attempts in vSphere? For now I'm just looking at the settings of each guest to see what it points to a file VMDK, then by removing those that none of my guests make reference. It seems that I have about 500 GB of failed attempts of P2V in my data store.


You can use RVTools (RVTools - homepage) to connect to your vSphere, go to the Vsante tab and search for zombie vmdk.

This zombie files can be deleted, since they are not associated with virtual machines for security.

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    Solved! The problem is with the permissions on the 'TEMP' directory which is used during the process of zip. See this announcement and scroll down to "more useful answer.

  • running multiple instances of VBAI does not work

    Hello everyone,

    We are 4 common examples of VBAI at the same time. Recently, he had to copy it (because production is doubly).

    With our first system, we have no problems when you try to run multiple instances of VBAI. This time, however, it does not.

    Our system:

    • 4 cams: Allied Manta 201

    • camera is triggered (rising edge) separately, but almost simultaneously.

    • Four port NIC (with the right driver :-))

    • 4 ports and our on-noard port are bridged.

    • computer: intel I5 (4 cores)

    • License to run Vision Builder 2012.

    • Programmed with Vision Builder HAVE 2012.

    • Interface programmed in c# (receives images of the relevant info 4 programs and displays on the screen).

    Action taken:

    • Test with our program that opens 4 instances of VBAI. Result: 1 single instance opens.

    • Removed our bridge a connected our cams on a switch. Result: 1 single instance opens.

    • Open VBAI 4 VBAI-programs directly (but separately). Result: Each program opens and is fully working.

    • Open 2 programs at the same time (with VBAI). Result: Fist opens and is equipped with the work. At the opening of the second program, that we get error messages saying that it is not possible to connect with our camera.

    • The test above was created with:

      1. The cam connected to our network card 4 ports.

      2. The cam connected through a switch.

    • I have also written 4 simple programs (just enter a period followed by image)

    • With these programs, I tried the above test (VBAI 2 hours and run both programs at the same time). Same problem: 1programs starts, the error messages when opening a second program.

    I have the impression that it's a network problem, but what bothers me is that, when the bridge, I don't see a difference with our another computer that works on our original assemblyline. When you work on a referral that our parameters are the same as on a computer that does not have a network card 4 ports. The computer (and liked)) allows us to run multiple instances.

    Any thoughts?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here, but I don't really see.

    If you need more information about something, let me know.

    With sincere friendships.
    Tom Declercq

  • Multiple instances of rundll32.exe in Windows 7 Premium using all RAM - no viruses detected by MSE but PC runs slowly

    Processor: AMD Athlon (TM) 9750 Quad-Core 2.40 GHz

    4,00 (3.75 usable) GB RAM

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    At startup, there are three instances of rundl32l.exe with no path name Image displayed in the Task Manager.

    The three were separated from the PID of 1624, 1634 and 1644.

    None has an associated user name.

    Used private working memory is listed as 128K, 344K, 520K.

    Commit size is listed as 1, 036 K, 1 864 K and 1 940 K.

    List page 717, 1 731, and 2 044 defects

    Note that the following persons have no associated user name, until I log in as an administrator:

    Csrss.exe, nwsvc.exe, until I log in as an administrator, date at which all are listed as belonging to the user of the system.

    There are two instances of csrss.exe after I login as an administrator to monitor the system.

    Note that as soon as I open MSIE (worm: 9.0.8112.162421 64-bit Edition |) Update: 9.05 (KB2647516) | Encryption level: 256-bit)
    The use of the RAM dropped to 1.04 BG of the GB available total 3.75, jumped but still once 3.14 GB and the balloons of the use of network.

    as soon as I logged as administrator.  There are multiple instances open for svchost.exe attributed to the system, network and Local Service.

    Since I use MacAfee and Microsoft Security Essentials and have found a problem, I wonder if there is a virus that creates multiple

    run32dll.exe and this according to the capacity of detection of these two programs.

    You know, it's more difficult to follow all the news - just to get a response.  I've restored as soon as possible, has got rid of the programs and the remains, then reinstalled MSE and updated, and, Yes, the computer is updated and better now with the improvement of power, video card and without an easy way to trace this information (you know a feature of Windows that would follow easily everything you ask?) - it seems a big eater of real-time , for questionable results.  I thought that Windows 7 Ultimate would have included more administration tools just to log on and view, copy, paste, rather than the back-and-forth necessary to fill out a form that is as unique as it is not shoot all the tools.  I see that much info required users, and where is the forensic tools easy to use a computer owner should have?  Malware authors certainly use them.  The average owner must be at least as good a handle on reports on what's happening, everything down to the core.

    Any tips?

  • Unique VO shared by multiple instances of the same taskflow

    Hello Experts,

    Need your expert opinion to this problem. I have a VO that is used to display the details of the master-child table on page jsff (say it as a Page of country-state).

    The user comes to the jsff by taskflow launch page, passing a search results table (say it as countries search result). I have provided hypertext links in the table of countries so the user can click on the name of country and go to the country-state page.

    Occurs when the user clicks on the links from different countries and thus to open several pages of country-state jsff. In this case, all the pages pointing to the same country-state record.

    Example; Search country table has three rows - India, China, Japan. User clicked on the India, China and Japan of the Web links provided in the table. He opened 3 pages of the table of State of the country. But all these pages show details of the Japan as he was finally activated.

    I'm new to ADF and it's the first assignment . I learned and put in place through blogs on the internet but stuck here now.

    Appreciate any help.

    PS - I've seen a few articles mentioning to create multiple instances of VO, but my problem is that I don't know how many instances of create. Because it depends on how many times users click on hyperlink and launch taskflow.

    Kind regards


    This is not a property of the vo but the workflow. Please watch this video that shows the concept.


  • Create a concatenated string of attributes on Multiple Instances of the entity

    Hello world

    I wonder if someone has met this challenge, or ideas. We have been asked if OPA could produce a string containing the concatenation of the values of an attribute of text stored on multiple instances of an entity. The number of instances is variable, generally.

    Example: Assume that the attribute is "DayOfWeek", and we have an entity called "Appointment", with the authorities:

    appointment_1 (DayOfWeek = 'Monday')

    appointment_2 (DayOfWeek = 'Thursday')

    appointment_3 (DayOfWeek = 'Sunday')

    ... we need produce a string "AllAppointmentDays" = "on Monday, Thursday, Sunday.

    We don't think that this is possible without either: (a) an external system to generate the resulting concatenated string of the output, or (b) modules with the command of the approach to read the white paper Oracle in Nov 2012 (approaches to limits, thresholds and preferences), combined with hard-coding and the constraints on the length of the string.

    I was wondering if there was a better way to do it without external script or forced / hardcode.

    Thank you


    I don' t know that an external implementation would be easier, but it could be more effective if well written.  Internal or external, you must decide how you want to classify or ordering entities before concatenation.  The order must be absolute (i.e. without fasteners).  Policies to 'solve' the first entity out of string and the string output of the policy to concatenate a string to produce this entity = the entity 'before' + ', ' + attribute of the entity are fairly simple.

    I guess the answer is: it is not necessarily a better way to do it in OPM and I don't think that there are constraints, or a more effective solution is necessary unless you already know you will work with a very large number of entities or very long strings.

  • 30EA1 - Multiple Instances

    I find that when I open multiple instances of SQL Dev that the second instance does not render the DataGrid correctly.
    When I run a simple query such as SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL into a 1st time I get the data grid and the visible line, if I run the same query on a 2nd instance of SQL Dev on the same DB said rack 1 row played in 0 seconds but only displays not in the data grid I quickly refresh the DataGrid I can see the data but never, it remains visible.

    I'm on Windows XP connected to a 9i database

    Thank you


    See 30EA1: 2nd instance of sql Developer provides no query results

    Kind regards

  • Use of multiple instances of the same browser...

    Hi people,

    I have a question...
    I inherited a large APEX application, it uses Oracle SSO to log.

    We are migrating the application to a new set of servers and run regression tests.
    Testers are connecting using IE6 and multiple instances of the application both on the oldTest newTest servers and opening.

    If at some point, you can:
    an application Admin user (username ADMINTEST123)  logged into the application on oldTest
    an application Admin user (username ADMINTEST123)  logged into the application on newTest
    an application standard user (username TEST123)  logged into the application on oldTest
    an application standard user (username TEST123)  logged into the application on newTest
    Is this supported?

    Could someone tell me or direct me to the documentation or the thread that lists which is supported / unsupported for use of browser with APEX and SSO?

    Thanks in advance,

    So this can I conclude that what you say and the above results we could get questions if connection users and open new windows in this sense?

    Yes, if users connect or not, if requests for pages using the same session of apex are issued different browser instances, the results may be undesirable.


  • How can I hide/show toolbar again operate independently on multiple instances of firefox?

    I run two instances of firefox.exe. One for the left monitor and one for the right. There is a toolbar that I want to see on the right screen, but I don't want to see it on the left screen. This used never to be a problem, but it is now. It seems as if well now why show/hide toolbars are inextricably linked, and by changing or watching a toolbar on a single instance simultaneously causes the exact change even on the other open instance. I'm hoping that it could be a simple solution to this effect in the subject: config, however, I would rather not tamper with these settings until I'm sure that settings with the fix for this particular problem.

    Thank you for your attention and for taking the time to read this post.


    Toolbar settings are common to all windows open in this instance of Firefox.
    I don't know if there is an extension that allows to fix this dependent window, so you can check the website of modules.
    If you can't find one then you would use a second instance with its own profile.

    You can add - no.-distance to the command line to open another instance of Firefox with its own profile and run multiple instances of Firefox at the same time.

  • Question about multiple instances of Thunderbird running at the same time

    I read that when you start Thunderbird by clicking on its icon or the shortcut must only load once, even if you click on it several times. It should be just a window of TB. If I click on the shortcut/TB desktop icon, it behaves like that. I can click several times and that a single TB window will open and be active.

    However, if I run the 'quick launch' TB on my windows 8.1 (or no matter what windows) taskbar, I get mulitple TB windows to open, as much as I want. So if I click on TB icon in the quick launch once, I get a single instance of it. Twice, I get two, and etc. In the quick launch any program behaves like that. He starts programs with a single click and launch again and again.

    Only, I click it once and get an instance which is good and how it should be. But this behavior with the quick launch is ok? It must do this not with Thunderbird? Thank you.

    There is usually no advantage by running multiple instances of Thunderbird, unless specifically do you these race with different profiles. In practice, if they are allowed to use the same profile, the first Thunderbird should should acquire the profile and therefore block the others, although this may not become apparent until you try to salvage something, for example, a message, or to change certain settings.

    Your multiple Thunderbird work successfully? They all show the same mixture of accounts, folders and address books? Can all or part of them save and make changes?

    If this is the expected behavior, (i.e. some "typical" windows) I do not like; He does not play well with profile blocking and I think that lead to problems.

  • Firefox does not work for multiple instances of the SAME user account on Windows Multipoint Server 2011

    We have a PC HP of MulitSeat MS6200
    It runs Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 (which seems to be a twisted version of Windows 7)
    It is implemented in a laboratory of computer science and students connect you using their account for shared room - IE multiple instances of the same user accounts are currently running on the PC at the same time.
    The first student to run Firefox can work with it without a problem.
    However, when another student try to start firefox they get the following message:
    Firefox is already running but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system.

    Cannot start Firefox using a profile that is already used by someone else.
    Each Firefox instance needs its own profile or you will get this error message.

    Use-no.-line switch remote control to open another instance of Firefox with its own profile and to different instances of Firefox running concurrently.

  • Multiple Instances of the Application to access the same DAQ hardware

    I have a relatively simple application that reads from a device of data acquisition (OR-9205 connected to NI WLS-9163) wireless.  I would like to run multiple instances of the executable, but I get the error-201105 (resource reserved) as soon as the DAQmx task starts on the second instance.  Each instance tries to acquire different channels of the same DAQ hardware.  Is this a problem with the data acquisition device, or DAQmx in general?  Thank you.


    Hey Joe,

    Unfortunately, you can only one type of access channel with each program.  For example, you might HAVE a program access and another use AO, but you can't have two programs different AI the same access card.  It is common among all of the DAQ hardware to NEITHER.

  • Multiple instances of VBAI

    I know that we can now acquire multiple cameras in VBAI (thanks!).  However, in my view, what to do so leads to very complex control sequences.  It doesn't look like VBAI has fully embraced parallelism for anything other than the FTP transfer.  What should I do if I have 5 cameras GigE each needs to be raised, and where it is possible that two can be triggered at the same time?  Can I run multiple instances of VBAI on a single PC (hey, it's multi-core)?  I predict that the current response is to use LabVIEW, but VBAI is especially LabVIEW... right?

    I want to retain only the simple, single camera, inspections on the PC.  Running multiple instances of VBAI would allow me to devote an instance for each camera without worrying about what's happening on TSF the other 4 (or more).

    No, I have not tried to do it again.  Currently, I am out of town and away from my vision laboratory.  I thought that if this is possible, it is worth mentioning to the public and if it is not, then, it is worth noting in R & D.  The system I'm imagining would be a future version of a system, we finished just where we had 4 NI Smart Cameras and a GigE camera.  The question is on what to do if all 5 GigE cameras.  Don't worry, we still love the SmartCams!

    On a sequence of validation.

    Dan press

    PrimeTest Automation

    Hey Dan,

    Good question! VBAI supports the acquisition of several cameras, even if they are triggered at the same time. We have a flag in the acquisition stage that allows to specify if you want to wait as the following picture or purchase immediately. Thus, in the case simple two cameras triggered at the same time, you will have an initial state who tried to acquire the camera 1 and if there was a timeout he loop back and try again using the wait for the flag of the next Image. When an image is acquired, you know that the other camera was triggered, so you transisition to another State who acquires the camera 2 with an immediate flag, since we know that the image is already there. You can use the image select to switch between the two images, so it is possible, but not necessarily the cleanest. Even if you had two VBAIs simultaneously, synchronizing is not trivial to make sure you weren't inspect imageN camera1 and imageN + 1 on camera2, but perhaps this would not be the cause of your system. In any case, we don't currently support multiple inspections VBAI operating simultaneously on a system, but it is certainly a feature that we know.

    Thanks for your series of validation,


  • get all the screws in memory on multiple instances of application LabVIEW

    I try to get references to all of the screws in memory on multiple instances of LabVIEW application. Specifically, I'm trying to get the VI Refs screw (and their subVIs in memory) in another Explorer of projects at design time. (The other screws do not work.) For example, if you are only interested in VIs in the current instance of App (read the Project Explorer), you can use the following code:

    However, if you have multiple projects open, how can you get the references VI to the screw in the other project? It seems to me that it would be an another App Ref, but I guess I don't know how to get this reference. I'm assuming that if I could get this reference, I could use it in the same way as above for the list of App.AllVIs.

    Any help/clues would be appreciated. Thank you.

    I just tried the code below.  It runs in a single project; I have also open a second project with more than 300 screws and it opens a reference to each one without any error.  Are you the application instance reference wiring open Reference VI?

  • Update loop under Vi of hand / run multiple Instances

    Hey everybody,

    If I want to keep my code as modular as possible so that I can see any sub or VI.

    One of the SUB vi is permanently offices incase another output is detected. I don't want to make this mark on the main level because I don't want a huge loop in my and you won't worry about sending shift register valuse to my Subvi for him to function.

    Essentially, I have designed this subroutine Vi and am now trying to constantly be driven from a

    This hand is simply.

    Cluster of entry--> Sub VI

    Void VI retains a loop waiting for a change request action. Unfortuantely when I change the vale in the avlues in Subvi don't update. I guess that makes sense, in C, for example when you call Returns you need to wait until the end of the function call to update. Yet, as Labview is so strongly focused on taking SUB vi to do almost everything for you, I can't imagine labview is not able to update these values. I looked around and the answer seems to be global variables. I really don't want to use the because my application will become very big, but I'll use them if I need to.

    Unforunately, when I tried to use my global variable thing, it didn't work.

    1. global Var = Cluster

    2. it's in the Subvi both the main VI.

    3. when I run my code the global variable is not up-to-date on both front sides when I change one of them. I'm doing something wrong?

    A few comments.

    • You have not included the global variable
    • If you want to run multiple instances of the Subvi in parallel, it must be reentrant.
    • As the Subvi is interactive, it must be configured to display the front panel when it is called, otherwise there is no way to stop it ever.
    • All your time loops needed little expects. They have no need to turn as fast as the CPU allows, all other processes of hunger.
    • "Go to under control" is extremely complex and crawling with weird stuff like an ant farm.
      • The shift register must be initialized to avoid surprises (but you probably don't have it all)
      • Your loop runs one time too many.
      • Avoid the stress points, such as the structure of the case.
      • You can replace this whole thing with for example a table of threshold, no need to loop. (see image below).

    Good luck!

Maybe you are looking for

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