Audio and video out of sync in first after importation


I've seen a lot of discussion threads on this site and others on the subject. I shot some videos on my iPhone 6s and wanted to compile it to Premiere CS6. When I watch the video on my phone, VLC or QuickTime Player, the audio and video line up perfectly. When I import it in preview the sync audio and video download very out of wack. I tried to convert the video in .mp4, .mpg, .mxf file formats, and nothing does the trick. I tried to use the hand brake to apply a constant rate, but not luck. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Data sheet:

CS6 6.0.5 Adobe Premiere version

16 GB of RAM

a lot of free space on the hard drive

Thank you



If you go to the movies on a cell phone from Apple, you may need to use an Apple program for editing... have you looked at Quicktime Pro?

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  • audio and video out of sync in first pro cc 2015, player QT video on a mac mini

    So, I use Adobe Premiere pro cc 2015 to change a screen capture video recorded with quicktime player. I'm on a mac mini with OS X el capitan, and it was my first time using first (so I probably just doing something wrong because I do not know the program, but anyway, I imported the video into the first, (it's a .mov file format) and the video and audio are out of sync) so I thought ok, I can simply detach the audio, move it above, the re - attach it, right? so I found a part of the video that has been easy to match the audio and video, and I lined up. Everything was perfect until I went to other parts of the video and realized that they were always out of sync. Apparently, the video is at a different speed or format or something as the audio, and even if I have lined up on the one hand, the other parts are always out of step. I looked at how to fix, I messed with the project settings, then tried to change a .mov to a mp4 (because a mp4 file that I already have on the computer was functioning very well in first) and finally, as a last effort, I downloaded version 2014 so and NEITHER VERSION WORK they both the same number.

    If someone can please help me I WILL BE so HAPPY and thanks a lot in advance

    I am really sad because I'm upgrading to use iMovie (ugh) and I was so excited for the first time and now it is messed up, and I'm really disappointed.

    If it makes a difference, the microphone that I use is a blue snowball ice I bought a week ago (WEEK AGO) haha

    None of the parameters of creation, or QT player or something that might help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you, Owen

    Thank you very much!! I finally found out with the help of the family, but I thank very you much for help!

  • Adobe first Pro CC 2015 Audio and video out-of-sync after the upgrade of the 2014 cc

    Hello everyone

    Once the upgrade to first Pro CC 2015 I get all of my video projects that are locked with a yellow box (Adobe Player) that says "Audio and video out-of-sync clock to ', and all my footage has the same problem

    No reason? HE WORKED IN CC 2014 PEARLS!

    any help is very appreciated.

    OK, since I'm short on time and my boss's eye laser pierces my skull, I had to ROLL BACK TO CC 2014.2 G * T!

    Fortunately, there is a way MORE HERE: how access, restore or update any Version of Adobe CC apps | ProDesignTools

    don't forget to install the updates after: all updates of Adobe CC 2014: Direct Download links for Windows | ProDesignTools

    Lesson of the day: If you have a big project on creation, and you are tempted to update CC 2015 for THE MOTHER OF GOD NOT WHERE, AND GET THAT HAND OF THE MOUSE NOW! It will mess up your project and throw the errors that you never had in CC 2014.2

    Good luck!

  • Audio and video out of Sync

    I capture images from video game using ShadowPlay recording at 60 fps mp4 files. When I import into first and play in the sequence, the audio and video are out of sync. When I play in VLC or Windows Media Player, the timing is perfect.

    Why first plays the audio and video synchronized?

    The corrections that I found online that does not solve the problem are:

    -Make the video in the work area bar (it actually makes it worse for some reason any)

    -Edit video in .mov file extension

    -I know how to use Handbrake to make the files before import has also been suggested, but I don't want to have this extra step added to my workflow, it should not be necessary.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Tempest tim wrote:

    Also, is there no other way to get around the problem of variable frame rate?

    Not if you use the GPU hardware to capture your h.264 videos, there isn't.  First can not correctly handle variable frame rate images.  And the images only you're going to get your encoder is VFR.

    You have 3 basic choices:

    (1) stop using ShadowPlay and use something else which will tax your system more to capture video in a constant frame rate format.  There are other applications that capture images CFR, generally in AVI format, and the resulting files are massive.  You will have a drop in performance in the game when you use these applications.

    (2) transcode w/parking brake to the CFR

    (3) use a different NLE.  Sony Vegas, from what I hear, will support VFR without problems.  Most other NLEs will not, including Premiere Pro.

  • Audio and video out of sync after rendering


    I already asked a fairly identical question like this, but I have some news:

    First of all, my problem is that after the export of the audio and video is not synchronized as in the scenario. Well, many have told me that he deals with variable frame rates, because I have images is 25 frames per second and sequences with 29.97 fps. But normally first would have changed directly each element in my sequence (25 fps, 1920x1080p) settings. And later when I add the clip in MediaInfo, he also tells me that the frame rate is 25 fps constant, not Variable. So I think that this is not yet the problem more.

    But now, here's a little 'story': when I open the video after the return of his perfectly synchronized WITH the VLC Media Player (and not Windows Media Player).

    And my question is: how is this possible? Couldn't, I now just change the Standart to VLC Player and then upload it to Youtube with the normal sync? What is the difference between windows media and VLC media player in this case player? Maybe it's because I have a few Quicktime footage in my sequence, which can be read with VLC Media player and not with windows media player?

    If you have any ideas, let me know!

    Thank you

    You basically answered your own question. VLC has proved to be more versatile and superior then the WMP.

  • Audio and video out-of-sync clock at 00:00 in "Adobe Player.

    No problem with Adobe Premiere Pro 2014 - and then I upgraded to 2015. My first file/project now get this error when I play my video in the player draft. (screenshot included)

    Video jumps backward and forward, the error window appears. And audio, of course breaks in and out. I tried to start with a new project. Fell to a simple piece of video in the project which had NO audio - always get the error and playback jumpy.

    Of course, I wish I had not being updated, but it's too late now. And for the first time that the process REMOVED upgrade my 2014 version-, really sucks for my production schedule

    Help - please!

    How can I fix it?

    How can I get CC 2014 Back!

    premiere Pro CC 2015 Error.PNG

    Hi all

    There was some success workarounds for this problem. You can:

    * Disable the input device listed in default of entry via the Device Manager (so that the default input device is "No. Device") available.

    * Change the entry to something like line or microphone input device and a device and then connect this entry (even a pair of headphones will usually work for this)

    * Alternatively, install Asio4All to provide an alternative to the MS driver listed under device class.

    These options have been used successfully to solve this problem. The Premiere Pro team knows and is actively working to resolve this issue. If all goes well they'll have something soon!

  • audio and video out of sync on some readings

    I just started on a few Web sites have a problem when I stream movies. The audio is not synchronized with the video. I have experienced a few times in the past and could stop playback and restart to fix the problem. Which is not solved the problem now. I keep my empty cache, so this isn't the culprit.

    It is only on a few Web sites and they have always played fine before. How to track down the problem?



    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode, which disables most of the modules.

    (If you use it, switch to the default theme).

    • Under Windows, you can open Firefox 4.0 + in Safe Mode holding the key SHIFT key when you open the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu.
    • On Mac, you can open Firefox 4.0 + in Safe Mode holding the key option key when starting Firefox.
    • Under Linux, you can open Firefox 4.0 + with leaving Firefox then go to your Terminal and running Safe Mode: firefox-safe-mode (you may need to specify the installation path of Firefox for example/usr/lib/firefox)
    • Or open the Help menu and click on the restart with the disabled... modules menu item while Firefox is running.

    Once you get the pop-up, simply select "" boot mode safe. "

    If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to understand that one. To do this, please follow article Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems .

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before you open Firefox for normal use again.

    When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. It might help others who have the same problem.

    Thank you.

  • audio and video out of sync in 2015.2.

    But only on a 4 k monitor. I tried everything... clean windows (10) installation and re-installed first

    Also deleted the cache files... even added a sound card... and update all the drivers.

    But nothing has solved the problem. Anyone have the same problem?

    Hi, I found the answer. It has nothing to do with adobe itself. I had to just switch to diplay port into my monitor. Fixed

  • Why do my audio and video start in sync, then move quickly out of sync?

    I have just installed Windows 8 and have also ordered: 12 items first.

    I also have Windows movie maker.

    When I play my clips in Premiere Elements, they audio and video synchronized early, but quickly get out. This does not happen with Windows Movie Maker and I had tested a few videos NCH also editing software and do not have this problem.

    can someone tell me what I have to do to get this working right?


    For troubleshooting purposes, assume that the video is characterized by a variable instead of a constant rate.

    1. download and install the free program of handbrake.



    Import your video 1280 x 720

    Then, where it says "Chapter", I put for seconds


    Locate, and then set your backup location for the file to process



    Picture tab

    Leave as is

    Video tab

    Video codec H.264 (x 264)

    Framerate (FPS) 23.976

    and point next to Constant Framerate

    Press start at the top right of the workspace

    Wait for 'Queue finished' in the progress bar in the bottom left of the workspace.

    Then determine if this H.264.mp4 file works for you in Premiere Elements project set the project preset manually set the



    AVCHD LITE 720 p 24

    This should rule in or out a possible variable rate being at the heart of the problem.

    Thank you.


  • Unlink the Audio and video in gray in the first 13 items (Windows 8.1) [new user]

    I posted (or at least I thought the post worked) this Mar.27th question, but I can not find it or that the answers I have gotten so if anyone knows his comings and goings, I would appreciate you tell me how to see while I have 2 threads running for the same question. My question is: why is the ability to separate audio and video tracks greyed when I am trying to replace the part of an audio clip (without ruining the synchronization between audio and video existing). I work with a saved file "projectX.prel". I noticed when I opened a new project that the option to break the LINK is active. This seems contrary logic is to say action to break the link would be more likely to be needed when you are working on an existing file as opposed to when you are working on a new file? How can we separate the 2 components (audio & video) so I can just edit the audio clip without the work of procedure to break the LINK? Would appreciate any help anyone can offer with the foregoing. Thank you.


    First broadcast 13 elements 8.1 on windows 64-bit. Have you updated to the 13 to 13.1 yet? If this isn't the case, please do so using Help Menu/updates to date of an open project.

    But for the immediate question...

    I don't see any sign of a previous post you so I'm not sure what happened to your prior shipment.

    When you import a file that contains the video and audio, they come into Premiere Elements project related - party video presenting the

    Video of track 1 and the audio portion on the Audio 1 track.

    If you want to unlink the audio of the video

    a. Select/highlight the chronology of the record and go to video Menu/unlink Audio and video and click it. It does not work.


    b. right click on the file of chronology, and in the drop-down menu, find and click on remove the Audio and video link.


    c. hold down the ALT of the main keyboard to the computer and click drag the audio from the video.

    Please consult the bulletin and review, and then let us know the result.

    If any questions or need any clarification, do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you.


  • Imported audio file related and video out of sync

    I have video and audio in Mixcraft, export it to an .avi file, and then import it into APE8.  For some reason any video and audio is out of sync way every time.  Any suggestions?  Thank you for always!

    For sustainable development projects, MS AVI with CODEC DV/DVC is the right to choose. There are very, very little to gain with the AVI uncompressed, except much larger files.

    Good luck


  • File audio h.264 out of sync. First CS5.5

    After building a new machine with first CS5.5, using the Q4000 NVIDIA card, I have trouble opening my audio are out of sync. I export sequences DSLR the same sequence was already good export on my old computer. Now, when I export, the sound is out of sync a few images. There is something really funny going on. When I play the same video file in Windows media player, it seems to be in harmony. When I play it in Quicktime, it is clearly out of step. Also, when I upload to Vimeo, it is out of sync as well.

    If you want to see my computer's specifications, you will find them in this post:

    When I export the same file in Mpeg DVD, it seems in sync. Is - this problem anyone familiar?

    See the raw images to compare sound.

    Refer to your sequence to make sure that you don't to not push the audio out of sync at all.

    Remove the media cache in the project and leave the first re - conform to the audio.

    View the full source, sequence and export of settings.

  • Premiere Pro CC 2015 video / Audio won't play - Out-of-Sync Audio and video clock errors

    After the installation of Premiere Pro CC 2015 I am unable to actually play my video in the timeline.

    I must point out that the same video and audio files accurate work perfectly in my previous version of CC 2014.

    Usually when I hit the play button nothing will happen and then after a time it will stutter back and fourth between a small loop (no audio present) and give an error that says "clock Audio and video out-of-sync (instead of time) in"Adobe Player.

    I tried full uninstall and reinstall Premiere Pro CC software 2015 without success. I also tried to delete all the preferences of Premiere Pro to my settings user without success. I should also mention that after effects CC 2015 is oddly also often send me errors do not have enough executives, so I'm not sure if they are related. Once more, the CC 2014 version works perfectly.

    For reference the video file is a .avi with Xvid compression and sound is a .wav. These have always been used exactly the same with CC in 2014 without problem.


    8.1 - fully updated for Windows

    NVIDIA GTX 780 video card

    32 GB of ram

    3770K i7 processor

    All Nvidia drivers are also updated.

    I also ran a full virus and malware scan just in case for some strange reason, that was at fault, and I ran into zero issues. Media Encoder, Photoshop, and Illustrator CC 2015 that all seem to work great.

    I am quite technically savvy and this one left me speechless, that really stinks that I was looking forward to the potential improvements to speed updates. That's life.

    Matt Borchert wrote:

    Nothing seems to be enabled. The CAD is what is selected in CC 2015 as shown in the image above. It is the only available thing to choose, and I can't select None or disable.

    Thank you.  In 2015, CC, you can click on the settings... button in the Audio hardware preferences.  Then in the record of the OS dialog box tab, you can disable manually (for example, right-click and choose the appropriate option) the SPDIF input.  It is only a temporary workaround until get out us a patch with a fix, but let me know if it works for you.

  • Audio and video of the iPhone, do not sync in Premiere Pro

    Good afternoon! I'm having a problem with the synchronization of audio and video when I change the first adobe, recorded two videos for my iphone 6s and edited first by using sound effects, png and JPEG images and includes texts by the Prime Minister himself, but half of the video with impatience I lose audio sync with video I thought I had done something wrong, has remade the editing and even once, there was this error how can I solve this problem? Recognizing!

    Title edited by Kevin Monahan


    The 6s iPhone uses the camera application which does not reliably draw a constant cadence, he shoots at a variable rate. You can buy apps that take on a constant pace, however.

    To fix your issue, you need to transcode into something like the hand brake. Then import it back to Premiere Pro. Next time use a better application.

    See you soon,.

  • Audio and video automatically not bound

    For some reason any settings have been changed in the version of Premiere Pro cc that I work in 2014.  As I drag the clips in, my audio and video are not related.  First tried to highlight all the parameters and bind, but the option was not yet there. I also tried to connect individually and the option was there, but he did not.  Can someone tell me why my clips are coming in my sequence not related and how to fix it?

    the button "linked" the selection is disabled on the mounting Panel?

Maybe you are looking for

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