Audio book Formats, identification labels, etc... I do not know...

I downloaded a number of audio books from different places and have loaded a number of them in my rocket.  Now, I found some embarrassing and frustrating problems.

1. load and get the list under "Audiobooks" with the title of the book, where, during playback, I get:


Title of the book

Chapter (name, number, etc.)

That's what I want and assume is how it should be stored and listed.

2 other get listed under 'Audio books', but 'Unknown', where if I opened the 'Unknown' book get a number of different titles with a mishmash of ads chapter, during playback, I get:



Chapter (name, number, etc.)

Not what I want as during playback I jump of a book to another according to the titles of chapters being similar and next in numerical order... Chapter all those game before chapter two... etc...

Any suggestions?  In one case, I have two books in a series from the same source, the same author, the title of various books.  One is like in the first example above and the other is stored as described in the second example.

I played a bit with the ID tags without success.

Although it shouldn't make a difference that I'm simply drag / drop in MSC mode.


Diana wrote:


Thanks for the comments.  In fact I forgot to mention that I use a Mac, so the only option I have for my audio books is drag ' decline in MSC. Do you not think that it will be a problem if I convert all my tags ID3 version 2.4?  As I have this capability with iTunes.

Thank you


Not sure, Diana.  I think the "rocket" works very well with ID3v2.4 tags, but I have not experienced with that.  All what I can say is try it and see how it works for you.

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    N ° you are simply changing the file extension.

    If you're worried, try it first on a copy.

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  • Audio books and Podcasts in the Windows Media Library

    I have a lot of audio books and cd courses and have recently begun to download podcasts.

    For now, all this shows mixed with my music files.  Many audio books / race have a number of CDs and they appear separated.  Is it possible to have separate for Audio books and podcasts... files and separate libraries as well?  For example, it has a music library, a video library, etc.  I would like to have a library of Audio books and podcasts, so that they do not appear in the music library.

    Then, if this is possible and I get it set up, how to remove these things from the music library.

    Thanks for your help!

    Hello!! :) Yes! :) Click Start, and then click documents. in the left pane, click libraries. Then up, click New library. An icon appears and it automatically allows you to type the name. Enter the audio books.

    After you do this, it is said that he needs you to include a folder. leave it for now and click the icon of the music. then, click new folder. Enter the audio books. Then, in music files, find all of your audio books, according to the authors, how much you have, you may have to do it one by one, but drag them to the wire music, hold and then a list appears. Move it to audio books and he lay.
    Keep this up until you're all done. Click on the new icon of audio books, that you created. Click on include a folder and find the folder of audio books. Double click it and it must insert them for you. :), hope this helps!

    To delete audio books in the media player, go to the library and click on organize. then click on options. The box comes up and the first open tab is the library. in that list of checkboxes, find the on that says "remove files from my computer when it is removed from the library." If it is checked, uncheck it. If this isn't the case, then let him. :)

    in this way, you don't remove them completely. Then, right click on audio books and remove it. I hope this helps! :)

  • Creating audio books

    Hi people,

    I am creating an audiobook. I have already registered and modified and created MP3s files, but now I need to merge them into one big file, yet maintain the separate tracks and chapter names. Then maybe save it in audio book format.

    I'm brand new on hearing and it is a bit overwhelming.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!


    Buck Godot wrote:

    Well, I mainly use Audacity. I was told I would be able to convert these files using hearing, that's why I bought it. I have the Audacity files. Wouldn't be easier just to start them? The main concern is to be able to have a big file, but still have tracks separated with Chapter information.

    I don't know who told you that the hearing would do this, but they were wrong. Ordinary MP3 files, which creates hearing, do not support the markers or any kind of information of the chapter in standard - that's what you need the audio book creation software. Hearing is, of course, significantly higher than Audacity in a lot of ways, but I fear that the realization of audio books is not one of them.

    What it does however, is working with the wav files to native mode. WAV files support markers and a much more 'normal' approach to the creation of audio books is to convert those properly, but as I said, this is not mandatory. There are all kinds of different pieces of software available to help you, but it is really not what you want to end up with.

    Simple Audio conversion book audio DAISY whith the Pipeline. DAISY Consortium

  • I can't get an audio book to transfer to my ipod7

    How can I transfer an audio book to my ipod nano 7 of my main computer

    If you want to use the Auto Sync (instead of dragging the items to iPod manually in iTunes), find the iPod touch device in iTunes.  The screenshot below shows the upper left corner of my iTunes window, with touch iPod in red circle

    Click this buttonto display the settings of the iPod summary screen in the iTunes window.  Along the left side, in the sidebar, under settings, click on audio books.  To the right, the parameters of audiobooks on the iPod screen.

    Check the box of the books audio Sync.  This enables the automatic synchronization of audio books.  You can choose to synchronize all of the audio books, or a part of the selection .  Implement this screen as you want, and then click apply.  Go ahead, iTunes automatically updated iPod when you connect (or click sync , if already connected), to keep 'in phase' with your library of audio books (or the selected part).

    NOTE: If you want songs to be on the iPod too, in the sidebar of the iPod, under settings, click on music.  Similarly set up screen settings of music from iPod (and apply).

  • Audio-books sorted by title.

    All my writings and half of the classic audio books I have download for free are not playing in the right order on the fuse +.  I loaded the book of Mormon.  He played first in the introduction section.  The first file is 1Nephi Chapter 1.  The next is not 1Nephi Chapter 2.  This is chapter 10.   The same issues are seen in the Old Testament.    If I load the first few books I get Deuteronomy and exodus before Genesis.  Also, I get the chapters 1, 10, 19, 2, 3 and 4.

    Fuse + seems to sort the audio/podcast books by title.  If the same books are moved to the section of the fuse music + they play in order.  Maybe this section uses the name of the file or folder., 18692, 5297-62, 00.html is the place for test files.

    The old fuse doesn't have this problem.  I suggest you copy the same files to each player.  The Old Testament has 1 003 files.

    It would be nice if you could hold the arrow down for 3 seconds and force the reader to jump 20 files per second for the first ten seconds and 50 entries a second from here on out.

    I have thought that the fuse + resorted file by file name, once you have moved the music podcast file.  I was wrong. It replaces the title with the name of the file.  That is why all the books I've downloaded in the past 5 months have played perfectly after I moved it.  I looked at one of the books I moved and the titles exactly the same as the name of the file.  We have the fixer title lazy perfect in the reader.  That's why I'm sure that books with the incorrect file names is a mythical creature.

    If the fuse + sort of audio books / podcast by file by file name and display the title, all the files that I have would play perfectly and the title would not have to be fixed to play.  I noticed at 80% of my books have titles that are ok now.  It was the 20 percent that was originally 80% of my pain of sort.

    I saw a player who sorts MP3 files by file name and displays the title.  It's the fuse.  It is in the music section.  How do you think that it should be applied that logic to the book section on the next firmware updated?

    I also discovered an easier way to get my files will appear in the podcast section without having to move them.  I changed the kind of all my books in podcast.  This causes my resident book in the music folder and play the podcast menu.  So more than this is 80% of the books that I load using WMP (Windows Media Player) to play in order and creative titles do not have to be deleted or affected.    When I want to see all the books on my player I look into the kind of podcast using WMP.  If the tiles are not perfect, I have to move it and let the person who reads the book tell me the titles.

    Still seriously, I hope someone will take me to the top by looking at the album section for the design of the next section of audio book.  As I said 'Audiobook in Album view', the design of the section is ideal.  I agree that it would be good to keep the music and audiobook is menus separate.  Once the audiobook sections is reworked podcasts will have their own sections.  The first layer of the new audio book section would be identical to the podcast section. The next layer is where the magic happens.

    Please, please, please, someone look at section album and comment, please.

  • Shuffle playback audio books out of use

    The last two weeks, my Shuffle plays my Audible audio books out of order. They appear clearly labeled as part 1, part 2, etc... However, they end up playing in random order. I tried to do a playlist out of parts, but that did not help or the other.

    The Shuffle is nearly three years. I use about 30 hours a week. Is it just the time for a new?

    Last week, I bought a Nano, but even after 10 hours of changing the iTunes settings, support Windows 10 settings, chatting with Apple, and try various bugs found on various forums on Apple, I couldn't make it work. The problem with the Shuffle might be related?

    The problem with the Shuffle might be related?

    Hard to say without more details on the problem using the iPod nano.

    For the shuffle, you should try to do a restore on the computer, using iTunes.  The problem may be caused by alteration of the data on the shuffle.  Restore erases the shuffle, reinstall its software and sets it to the default settings.  Try to synchronize your audio books again after the restoration.  The restore button is on the recapitulation of the shuffle settings screen in iTunes.

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod settings - Apple Support

  • Audio book in failure

    First time in the display, so if I did something wrong I will apologize. I tried to solve this problem through other e-mails and tips etc, so kind of tired.

    I tried to review some of the related posts, but still, it doesn't make sense as to what went wrong.

    Here's the question:

    I have a Sansa Fuze 4 GB, aged from a few months and it has worked perfectly! I use it mainly download audio books from my library using Overdrive Media Console software. I quickly learned after useful comments how to load books into the Audiobook folder properly and they run a lot! So the long and short of it is that I decided that I would like to buy one for my mother. I downloaded a book for her in mine to give it a try and BINGO, it is upwards! Nothing is different, same settings, same download location, same format file and instead, the book appears 8/8, rather than 1/8. When it comes to the end, instead of moving forward, he's going to pause, then stops. I removed and loaded again and the same thing. In the meantime, however, I had downloaded a book for me and that was very good and I'm listening with no problems. It's what makes no sense. I tried to download the other 2 books, and again, I have the same problem in the mess. I read on the tag information, but they are WMA files and also I never had any problems. Everything has always been great, but not now.

    I hope that gives you enough information. Have to get it resolved or I'll take hers because she can't deal with any kind of technical frustration.

    .wma files too have tags. And if a man does not have track numbers, they do not play in the right order. This book was obviously mislabelled.

    You can edit the tags (same .wma tags) with mp3tag.

  • How does them mode chapter audio books?

    If I do the mp3s of my audiobook CD and load them on my Clip 2gig (with firmware 1.01.29a), what makes "mode chapter? No matter what? Or is this only valid/good if you listen to audio books in a different format?

    Thank you!

    For Audible mode chapter will pop you through the large audible section piecewise (in my experience the chapters of the book, not just not really different points in the book to navigate more easily).

    For mp3, overdrive etc. Chapter mode allows to use buttons to jump between the fwd/rew audiobook files and will allow the number of files in the upper part of the screen.

  • How to synchronize zip for audio book from computer to iPod?

    I need to transfer a zip file (audiobook) download folder from my computer to the iPod for portability purposes.  How to unzip and transfer (synch)?

    You should be able to unzip the file archived (in zip format) on a recent Mac OS x by double-clicking it.  It says "Mac mini, Mac OS 9.1.x" in your profile information, which makes no sense because even the oldest mini Mac ran out of Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 No.

    If you can decompress the file, add it to your iTunes library.  It may appear in your music default iTunes library; If so, right click it and get the information.  In the Info window, go to the Options tab.  Change the media Type to Audiobooksetting.  The issue should now appear in your audiobooks to iTunes library.

    Configure the sync of the iPod for audiobooks include this audio book.  Please post back with specific questions, with information on your Mac.

  • Audio books several questions...

    Questions about audio books on 9.2 and OS X 10.11.2 iOS...

    1. What is the file format to allow change och mediaformat of music audiobook in iTunes... I see that MP3 works but not AAC... Why?

    2. is it possible to download own audiobooks to iBooks?

    3. audio books is available on iBooks on iOS and not on OS X?

    Aac files end with .m4b?

  • Want to rip the cd audio books "s for pc.

    Want to rip the cd audio books "s for pc. How do I use media player, or should I go for another software

    Hi WilliamHillZX,

    Try the following to see if it helps.

    a. open Windows Media Player.

    b. click on 'Tools' at the top of the Windows Media Player window and select 'Options' in the menu dropdown.

    c. click the "Rip Music" tab and click on the menu under "Format". Select 'MP3' in the menu, and then select the check box next to "Rip CD automatically." Select "apply then 'OK' to save the changes.

    d. press the button to open the drawer of CD or DVD from the computer, insert the CD in the tray and press the status bar. Windows Media Player will automatically rip the audio book in the 'Library' of the program section.

  • I am trying to download audio books to my library's WMA. I get 'error 0xC00D2781' every time.

    Original title: error0xC00D2781

    I am trying to download audio books to my library's WMA. I get 'error 0xC00D2781' every time. How can I fix?


    Reset Windows Media DRM has allowed little to solve similar problems.

    Reset Windows Media DRM by deleting all files in the Windows Media DRM folder. Note that the Windows Media DRM folder is a hidden system folder. To view hidden folders and files, follow these steps:

    a. Click Start and then click my computer.
    b. on the Tools menu, click on Folder Options and then click the view tab.
    c. click Show files and folders and then click to clear the Hide protected operating system files check box.

    Location of the Windows Media DRM folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM

    If you can't find the Windows Media DRM folder, the exact location of the folder on the computer is stored in the following registry key. Ensure that this key points to a valid path:

    Note By default, the path is displayed in binary format. To view the path to plain text, double-click DataPath. In the Edit binary value dialog box, the path is displayed in the right column.

    Registry warning
    this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

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