Audio CD import

How do import you an audio CD compilation as a single album?  When I select Import, the program broken down into separate tracks and will bring together not as a folder under the name of the primary artist.

Setting generally a title of the Album and Album artist common will fix things.

For deeper problems see grouping of tracks in albums.


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  • Video file as audio HELP import MPG!

    Video file as audio HELP import MPG!

    I'm using Premiere pro CS5 trial version. The videos I have are in format .mpg and play fine in other programs. When I import into first they import in the form of audio files.

    I have a week to get this project done for United and Im panic! He worked on the computer of the uni before Christmas, but doesn't work here, it's the same program and the same operating system (windows 7).

    What I'm doing wrong!

    You are doing nothing wrong. The trial version does no MPEG support. Fully-paid version has no such limitations and also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don't like, you can return it for a refund.

    The limitations of the trial version are HERE.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum.


  • Why is there no audio after importing video movie maker?

    I also installed windows 7 and now I get also hear no sound when I import video with windows movie maker. I really hope this can be fixed.

    Hello Baker,

    Thanks for posting on the Community Forums of Microsoft Vista.

    You can try to disable the restore default setting filters and check if you are able to get the audio when you try to create a movie in movie maker.

    To restore the default settings, follow the steps below:

    1. open Windows Movie maker

    2. click on tools and then click Options.

    3. click on the Compatibility tab.

    4. to restore the default list, click on restore all the default values and click Ok.

    When you restore the default settings, the list and the filters settings are given to the last known good setting.

    Also if you have everything installed any third-party application to create movies try to uninstall it and check if you are able to view the movie in Windows Movie maker.

    If the steps above do not work, try to disable the whole filter in Windows movie maker and check if it works.

    To disable the filter follow the steps below:

    1. open Windows Movie maker

    2. click on tools and then click Options.

    3. click on the Compatibility tab.

    4. uncheck the box all the listed filter and click OK.

    It will be useful.

    Thank you and best regards,


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  • Audio jumps imported in first

    Hi guys,.

    Recently, I tried to capture gameplay. Long story short, everything went well. I rubbed through the images and all audio is synchronized and everything is good. However, when I import into first, audio jumps on a specific point in the film, causing the rest of the synchronization sequence. As I said earlier, the film is very well before importing it in first.

    Anyone know what is happening and how I can fix this problem?

    I use Premiere Pro CC 2015 (9.0 Build) on a 10.0 Windows laptop (Intel i7 2.60 GHz, 8 GB RAM)

    Thanks a bunch!

    If it is a variable rate, convert in constant rhythm with brake hand and then import it into Premiere Pro.

    Use MediaInfo to find the codec and the rate:


  • Many audio tracks imported

    Hi guys,.

    I work with PP CS6, some original sequences (from camera Panasonic) has 4 tracks, but two of them are empty.

    It's really annoying delete the two empty traks of each element, and I don't want to have many audio traks in my calendar!

    I would like to find a way to import and place in the line of time ONLY TWO AUDIO TRACKS instead of FOUR.

    Thanks for the tips


    Select all your clips in the project Panel, right-click and then modify / Audio channels. You can then edit your audio tracks on:

  • Audio only importing does not correctly - tried everything offered - still does not

    So, I imported the video 6 or so in first CS5.5 and listened. The audio is screwed up and stops randomly at half way through.

    Now, I had this situation before too with an MP4. The fix online was to rename it with the MOV extension and lock/read-only file, and it worked.

    This time, however, the file already is a MOV.

    I tried locking and its import - did not work.

    I tried renaming MP4, locking, and import - still same results.

    I tried to erase the cache media, several times - did not work.

    I tried to import other project - did not work.

    I even tried to CONVERT in Media Encoder to aac. Still does not work.

    What now?

    We used T5is of Canon DSLR to take all of our images. They are MOV files, and we were switch between modes of [email protected] and [email protected] fps.

    p.s. I finally got around the issue by extracting the audio into mp3 files using the free version of AoA Audio extractor. This does NOT, however, resolve the bug, but it was urgent.

  • audio not imported on the timeline. Please help me. I'm going crazy

    Hi, I use a macbook pro after years of windows. I upgraded my Adobe CC software. I was using before CS6. I work with usually. MTS has clips that I have a camera video sony.

    The problem is that as the mac does not read that these first files does not recognize them either. I called Apple support and they told me to look for an app on the app store that I had to convert them. I did and I converted to mp4.

    I use a project that I've already started on a PC. On the section of the project, I changed all the sequences and it worked with the clips that I already had on the timeline. The problem is that if I want to import a new clip or part of a clip on the timeline of the section of the project or the audio source does not appear and there's the little yellow triangle with the '! ' indicating an audio loss as summer disclosed. In contrast, audio works if I play the clip in the source section.

    Thanks for your help

    Please try this: from the SD card, copy all THE files and folders on your hard drive. All of this, do not alter the content. Then in the first, use the "media browser" actually import the images. This often allows various issues. First CC should be able to manage your clips natively without messing with the converters. The media browser method works much better than "file > import"-assuming you have any content intact card and NOT just only .mts files.

    Thank you

    Jeff Pulera

    Safe Harbor computers

  • Why CC Pro suddenly removes audio all imported regardless file format? Worked perfectly before.

    This problem happened from one day to the next day with no changes to parameters, etc. I tried to import all formats and the audio is far from everything. Thanks for any help...

    Well, then I think it's a source patch issue. Make sure that an audio track is selected for source patch.

    You can learn more here: using Adobe Premiere Pro | Source patch and follow the targeting

    As for the form of audio wave, or 'badge' icon, I'm guessing that you have the project Panel in the display of the icon, in which case the audio badge indicates that the clip has linked audio. I would have had to be more specific and asked questions about the icon in the list. That's where you should see the insignia of the drop-down list for a video and audio clip.

  • First Pro CC v8.1, caravan drops audio when importing

    I've updated PP CC to 8.1, caravan - and the first project that I opened was to be updated of course.

    That is - a clip of .mov with audio on it which played perfectly before the update has no audio attached to it--and when they are imported - the uadio is not imported.

    1. the clip plays in VLC with audio - opening of windows Explorer.

    2. the original clip that played with the audio in the previous version of PP not changed somehow.

    3. after importation of the successive copies - it's never audio tied there now.

    Any ideas what has changed to make a clip already very well - he lose audio s in the last PP?

    Thank you


    Same problem here with a few clips.

    Do not drag and drop to import.

    Some browser workarounds use multimedia or cmd + i. try renaming the files (.mp4-> .mov, mpg-> .mpeg) try to rename Footagefolder.

  • Video and Audio fine import... but no soud in timeline

    Hey, it's a question unresolved from a previous post.

    When I import my video sequences in the first he plays well back into the source at the top window on the left. (video and audio)

    However when I drag the clip on the timeline that the video appears and there is nothing in the audio line under it.

    Click on A1 in the header of the Audio track, then "turned on".

  • Audio only importing do not

    Hey! I'm new to first Pro CC, and I have a problem that when I import a video clip with audio related, the video appears in the timeline panel, but is not the audio. Audio only transfers more if I use this file to a new sequence, not when dragging in an existing sequence.

    The files are my Canon t4i .mov files. I tried to convert them to .mp4, but the problem persists.

    Here is a screenshot of the problem. The first clip was used to create the sequence and clips after that he have the problem above.

    Premiere Screen.png

    Thanks in advance!

    Make sure that the Source patch is activated for an audio track.

    Also note that first seems to see a visible clips - 009_Slow, high - audio only, although it has a thumbnail. Don't know what to do with it.

  • Audio video import mismatch

    This is my first time using body, then I'm probably not a good thing. I have a long 15-minute video in h.264, 1080 p at 60 frames per second. I played through the entire source file and everything is there, but when I import into first the audio gets slowly out of sync. It starts fine in the beginning, then there is a slight delay in the Middle, and it is completely shut down at the end. It does the same thing during export. Any ideas?

    Hi angry,

    I found a thread on the nvidia forums that can be useful. - de adobe premiere pro /

  • Unable to select audio to import in Flash CS5


    I work the Flash CS5 app on my Mac OS x 10.6.8. I worked on a cartoon recently and trying to import some audio to my library, but I can't even choose a file (of any type; .wathever .mp3 .wav). I already reinstalled Flash, quicktime was updated and searched all over the web for a possible answer. Help, please.

    Thanks in advance,


    You can't see any audio file when you try to import into your library?

    If so, when you click file > import > import in the library, check near the lower right of the import in the library panel to see that "all files" in the drop-down list.

    or if you see an error after selecting audio files?

  • Export Audio Captivate, importing to 9 presenter does not load the published file.

    Hi all

    Quick back-story. We bought a subscription to Captive when they announced HTML5 support, but due to lack of devices supported, we also bought a subscription to the presenter who has a mobile app. Some of our content have been created using Captivate now these projects had voice over I had to export and rename audio files to associate with the correct slide. I went ahead and manually imported each individual audio file to the correct slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

    My problem now is when I publish the PowerPoint (2007) with 9 to present project does not charge that he has just the rotation he arrow. For some reason any the project works in "Preview" mode, but not when it is published. Is there a way to find the path where are stored the cache preview files?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Jerry,

    Please check the following settings:

    GoTo Adobe Presenter > quiz > Manage > Reporting

    Make sure that AICC is not enabled.

    If the AICC report is enabled, it will not play in Destop mode.  Please disable the AiCC.

    If this isn't the case then plase share you sample file for me to [email protected] and will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

    Thank you


    Adobe Presenter Engg team

  • Only Audio stereo imported .mov file plays in 1 channel


    Only, I imported a .mov file, which, when you look at its properties, said that the Audio is STEREO at 48000 Hz. Yet, when I play it, the sound comes only from 1 channel and the other speaker is silent.  I looked everywhere in the forum to find answers, but none of them seem to work.  Basically, I want to just duplicate the left channel and copy it to the right channel, so the same sound can be heard from two speakers.  (I think that the person who registered used a mono microphone and somehow he went alone to one of the stereo channels).

    Any ideas?

    Use the audio effect of fill (right or left). This will duplicate the right channel on the vacuum.

Maybe you are looking for

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