Audio problems on Satellite M65-S809 with WXP

Computer sound (intermittently) as its operation to an incorrect RPM (music (FM radio) GD, Internet TV

Tried-anti-virus, Malware scan, Registry scan - updated drivers - ideas, thanks

I m afraid your description is a bit confusing, and I hope that your problem could be described more precisely.

Would it be possible that your sound problem appears only with the power adapter?
Could it be grounded question?

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    On my previous Satellites I have always extended my office to a different view without problem, but my M65-S809 refuses. After I put in place the display properties and click "Apply", the second monitor greys out and becomes 'say-joint.

    I tried to remove the PnP displays in Device Manager, I tried an another M65-S809 laptop.
    Operating system is Windows XP 2002 SP2. The display's default monitor on Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family.Express


    Perhaps you set the bad for external monitor screen resolution. Generally in this way there is no error message just to picture. In this case my TFT screen displays? out of range? Message.

    Experiment with different screen resolutions. Try it also with the FN + F5 key combination.

  • Satellite M65-S809: change in CPU Question

    I have toshiba satellite M65-S809 CPU pentium M740. I would like to change processor pentium M770. Can I do this? What is the highest quality of CUT, I can go to?


    THEORETICAL, it s possible. If you are a technician who is familiar with these machines, which has the appropriate tools (a few special screwdriver, the right stick, cooling...) and the know-how to disassemble and reassemble the machine, the software that is necessary to reconfigure the Bios (because of the new processor) and if you don t mind not you won´t have a performance huge gain then feel free to do so.

    In practice, it s is not possible, since you really won´t benefit from the upgrade to next available processor, which in your case, already one of the top-of-the-cream...

    So, if I were you I do so wouldn.

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  • Strange Audio problem on Satellite L650/0FN

    I bought a L650/0FN nearly 12 months ago and have had problems with its intermittent 'buzz' in all sources and the types of audio files. Now the problem is worse now, the 'buzz' appears on the screen in white and freeze the computer with the only way to stop pulling on the battery.
    I found the following in a forum thread [𹢘] and thought it might be a solution, but when I go to the download page of intel, the description of this driver is the desktop PC and I can't find anything on my machine similar to rapid storage technology drivers, so this may be a dead end. This driver seemed to fix a similar problem in the 0ED.

    "Re: Satellite L650 - 10M - audio/video Lag.
    Posted the: March 6, 2011 10:23 am in response to: Bernz117

    I studied a bit and maybe you could fix this TSRI (Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver) V10.1.0.1008 update.
    But before you do this, you must back up data from the HARD drive.

    "I searched a bit and the upper V10.1.0.1008.or driver is available for download directly on the INTEL website under the following link:"

    Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

    After reading your issue described ad must be a hardware related issue seriously.
    Did you test your laptop with the factory settings?
    You hear this buzz using headphones too?

    Have you tried to contact Toshiba service and ask if the problem can be?

    Sorry, but it is not easy to understand exactly what is happening.

  • Audio problem on Satellite T130


    I'm having a problem with my Satellite T130-11U.
    When I try to watch a video, I can hear the music and other sounds, but not the voice of various characters. I have already installed the official drivers, what can I do?

    Thank you

    What types of video files you watch when this happen?
    Videos on YouTube, self made video movies, avi/mpeg files or something?

  • Card driver problem its satellite 2800-400 with XP - SP2

    I upgraded my Satellite 2800 400 to XP - SP2 and my sound card driver does not work with SP2 aperently. I downloaded the latest driver I can find and it's since 2002, but this driver does not work with the Skype program. I get a massage that the sound card driver doesn't suport SP2.
    How can I solve this problem without deleting the SP2 update.

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    The device was shipped with this sound card:
    Yamaha YMF754 FM, MPU401 MIDI synthesizer. SB - Pro compatible

    You can try to check out the other laptops with the same sound card for the new sound card driver or you visit the website of s manufacturer and research out there for the new version on this driver.

    Please also see this page:

  • Yellow exclamation on high-definition Audio on the Satellite A200-175 with XP


    I have a problem with the installation of Windows XP pro on this laptop. I downloaded all the drivers on the site (chose the PSAE6 since the PSAE6E isn't there), but there are now 2 exclamation points in the devicemanager: Audiodevice on bus High Definition Audio and PCI-geheugencontroller (Dutch Xp).

    I also installed (you must try something...) States patch KB888111 XP sp2, but that did not help.

    I can reinstall this laptop as much as I like, so experience is no problem. Anyone?

    Kind regards


    AFAIK you need two patches. The patches are: KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix.

  • Device audio problem / its satellite 2450-101

    My sound has kept silent for while now. I didn't know about the volume control sneaky hidden on the side of my laptop, so I've done all sorts...

    Today, I was so desperate to hear certain sounds (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing) that I played a little... It seems to me have uninstalled audio device - in the Control Panel, windows tells me I have no audio device.

    Obviously, it was a stupid thing to do - how can I remedy this? Download anything from microsoft? Or is it a problem of Toshiba? My manual is no help.

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Charlotte,.

    You should be able to re - install the audio device from the utilities Toshiba (NOT recovery CD) CD that you received with your laptop.


  • Audio problem in Satellite A100

    I am using a Satellite A100 and used UBUNTU in there.
    I have now installed XP and I cannot restore my audio.
    Here are a few things I tried
    1 Installing and uninstalling drivers
    2 restore and update drivers
    3 check that the service windows audio is

    The message I get in the Properties window is that "device cannot start".

    Kindly help. I am unable to work without audio.

    P.S.All used drivers have been downloaded from the site Web of Toshiba only for Xp


    Satellite A105 is the same as A100 but it s for the American market.

    I put t know what sound chip you have, but have you checked the sound settings in the sound card software?
    Alternatively, you can disable/enable the sound with FN + ESC

    Good bye

  • Audio problem on Satellite C50D-A-133


    I have Windows 8.1 last updated and my sound does not work since yesterday, I have Avasat antivirus, when I go into Control Panel to see sound option was committing an error: error 0x800706cc, I understand it's a vrius or something else, I have an X on my Dowes on its icon.

    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Select Device Manager. Go to the module controller Audio, video and game
    Select the audio driver. Click right on-> select uninstall
    Restart the computer and Windows will reload the driver again.

    Usually, this will correct these annoying problems

  • Digital audio problems on Satellite A300 (PSAGCA-06M01N)


    A few weeks ago I noticed that my laptop is announced with the audio digital. I looked through the sound options of Windows, he told me it is in the front. After a lil' googleing I found out mini-Toslink (optical 3.5 mm).
    I bought a cable, it is plugged in, does not work.
    Made sure the drivers have been installed, everything seems to go well here.
    Tested cable in my computer friends, cablings.

    So now I don't know where to go from here?
    For me, it seems that the socket or the plug inside is broken, because when I plug a normal headphone jack into the port, it pops up a message saying something just got plugged, however is not with the optical cable.

    Someone at - it there HD Audio works on any similar Toshiba? Or does anyone have any ideas as to why it may not work?

    Thanks for any help!


    Not all A300 are equipped with a digital audio output
    However, if you are sure that your laptop supports this feature then it should be possible to operate

    You must make sure the digital output was chosen as default in Control Panel-> sound-> the Read tab.

    If the digital audio output will not appear in the sound options then you must right-click and must check if both options are enabled; Show hidden devices and show disabled devices.

  • Audio problem NB100 - pregnant no sounds, with headphones, it's ok


    need help, please.

    I have a brand new Toshiba nb100-10y, but have no sound - without headphones. To say my speakers no sound.
    OS: XP Pro SP3, Device Manager Winndows is ok, do not have any yellow mark exclamation. And as I said, with headphones, it's ok.
    I use the factory drivers and their default settings with the bios 1.90.

    Someone has an idea? (Or I need to find any place of service...)



    If you can use the headset then it would mean that the audio driver is working correctly.
    As I m wrong not the NB100 does support the Realtek sound card.
    I think you should have got a Realtek HD audio Manager in the control panel.
    Check the option in the Realtek HD audio Manager and make sure that all controls are set at the top level.
    Input/output Audio, you can find the option and could test the speaker output.

    PS: you can use the new Realtek audio driver directly from Realtek page.

  • Satellite Pro P200 with WXP - two components without driver

    I installed XP Pro on my Satellite Pro P200 15W and I installed all the drivers on the driver download page, but I have still two components without driver: these devices, I don't know what types of devices are, because it seems that this medication works very well. The features are:

    Memory (Controladora de Memoria PCI) PCI controller
    Unknown device (unknown device)

    I aso installed upgrading Bios WIN5.00, but both devices still does not.

    Any idea?

    Thank you everyone

    The * PCI controller memory * Intel Turbo Memory is called a chip Flash cache logic Intel (Robson device).
    It s a new technology designed to support the new features of Vista.

    There is not driver for it for Windows XP because XP doesn t supports the function of cache, it is supported by Vista.

    The other unknown device could be everything; You may need to verify that the devices do not work. LAN, WLan, etc...

  • Satellite Pro L500 with WXP: reinstalling driver

    Hi all

    Ive been pulling my hair out trying to reinstall a driver that I accidentally uninstalled during a cleaning system.
    It relates to the 'device modem on high definition audio bus"which now appears as one? in the Device Manager. It is also seems to hinder my web browsers.
    Ive been in the sites Toshiba and download and install the audio device and realtek modem drivers, nothing seems to work.

    Im a part time computer user so any friendly advice is welcome

    see you soon,


    If uninstalling and reinstalling these drivers do not work then the next step is to do a system restore to restore the registry to an earlier date.

    If this does not work, then Windows is damaged without repair possible. You may need to run recovery to restore Windows to its factory condition and back up your important data.

  • External Usb Audio Card Popping and cracking sound with Satellite L500


    My name is Boyan and I am from Bulgaria, and a year ago, I bought a laptop satellite l500 series (I can't tell which is exactly the model at the moment because my computer is not currently with me and my user manual, the only thing that is said is that it is for L505/L500/L500D / L505D.) But from memory I think it was the Satellite L500D-ST5506 which is currently not at my dispossal, because I gave him for repairs for the same problem that I say down below)

    The problem with my laptop, is that when I plug in a Usb Audio card in my laptop I have a crackling sound during live sound is played hollow map external speakers/headphones. I tried several sound cards and speakers/headpohnes which work perfectly well with other computers, including laptops, but the problem continues even when I use an external sound card to connect to the laptop not appearing in my laptop speakers/headphones.

    The problem is important only when the signal passes through an external audio card and it is very disruptive since I use my laptop to create music and I bought a sound card expenssive and speakers that can not be used with the laptop. I tried 3 types of sound cards:

    M-Audio Fast Track Pro

    BEHRINGER uca 222

    and a simple 3d audio usb audio card external and the problem persists.

    At first, I thought that the problem is software and I should install the new drivers, windows 7 automatically recognizes and installs the drivers for the devices and I have its in (but with the cracks and educated) so I tried using the official drivers sold for me with the sound cards, but without success: the problem was still there. I tried to find the new drivers of the sound cards on long official distributors and I downloaded it but the problem was still there. Then I tried to delete all the audio drivers on my computer and just use the external sound card for sound but this eighter helps force. I updated my drivers for my sound card build - in as well but again - no luck.

    After substantial thing frist I did when (2 weeks after I bought the laptop) was to contact the store where I bought my audio card and they said that the problem may be so eighter latency or high voltage of the laptop they advised me to try to reduce the latency of the parameters or to try and see if the problem persists if only my laptop running on battery power. I tried two things, and they did not help. Audio cards worked without problems on all the other computers I tried them but me. So they told me that the problem could not be audio cards.

    What I then was that I gave my laptop for the Distributor official of toshiba in my country so that they can solve my problem. What they told me, is that a problem with the version of windows which was preinstalled on my laptop and it was not compitable with the sound cards (which was bizzar survey because I tried them on the same windows and they worked, only on other computers). So I'm back from my laptop and passed under my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system to Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64-bit and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition on all versions, that's the problem: whenever I activate a low of passes of audio signal and Audio Usb card he heard cracks and educated. I even tried isntalling Windows XP, but the laptop want spesific SATA drivers for the Windows XP installation which although I found - they helped me install XP and I didn't go the BIOS of the computer to try to put a new and so on, because I'm not sure about that and I could lose my warranty so I said in the official repair shop for Toshiba in my city to put XP on my computer to solve the problem but they can't because they are not liscened to work with software that isn't a recipt for its purchase (which I did not because I bought my windows xp a long time ago and I lost the recipt)

    I gave her to get it repaired for the second time by telling them that the change of my operating system has not solved my problem and what they were doing was they changed the motherboard on my computer, indicating that the build in the device realtek audio on my computer is good enough to support a card usb audio or it may be broken and they change the whole motherboard because the generation of card is stuck, so they did it, but my problem has not been resolved. They told me that although I use and map external audio usb signal always going trough my only internal and I have to disable so I tried to disable this trough Control Panel, but this does not solve the problem and I don't have a BIOS option to disable my sound card build-in. Another thing I thought that maybe the problem is that two audio cards do not work on the same bitrate and Hertz so I put both cards to 16 bit 48000 Hz DVD quality (also tried the other options on the 3 cards that I have) but it's the same thing.

    They told me that it's just my luck and the construction of the sound card does not support this external sound cards and I would had been more careful when they choose to my laptop first.

    I couldn't accept this awnser for several reasons:

    (1) this sound card works on a lower version of windows and are supported by many older models of Realtek and a lot of old computers (one of them bought 2000! and my laptop is of 2010!)

    (2) the guys who were the apperantley of fixing problem don't go so deeply into my problem because they didn't know that in fact the problem was that only they knew that there is a problem with the audio card and the computer interact with them, they knew not that it cracks during the direct play the external audio card.

    (3) I can't accept the fact that Toshiba is manufacturing of models with maps audio chipset that cannot support a simple external Usb Audio card. It is totally unacceptable to me, and I sincerely hope that this is not the case!

    (4) they have tried my audiocards on another laptop of the same series, claiming that they have not at their dispossal at the moment so I'll go tomorrow at a local store and try the sound cards by myself on the same computer in the store.

    What I have now, it was that I gave my laptop for repair requesting a statement of the problem in wrtting with details of the problem so I can go to court or ask for a new laptop, but I'll be charged with little money because according to them there is no problem in the laptop and the problem is that my external sound cards are not compitable with the build in house chipset sound card. If I give my laptop for repair, and there is no hardware problem, I'll have to pay the money. I will do this, but I'm now crazy, because that does not solve my problem and I am wasting time and money.

    What I ask here is, if you can not help me solve my problem and advice me what to do to fix it, please give me the details of the chipset built in Driver sound card on my motherboard, so I can check if it is compitable with my external sound cards and contact the dealers of the sound card to ask them their opinion. Or if you can tell me what it is compitable with and what not, that would be great. Personally, I think this laptop should have no problem at all with a simple external usb running sound card, but I ask you, if you know something more about it.

    If a problem with the build in chipset then Toshiba is manufacturing (or at least sell) audiocards which are not in a normal standart but unfortunately I can not do nothing except complain to Toshiba and never treat whith such productgs more. Otherwise, if this is not true, then my laptop has a problem that is different and I have to go to court with the mans for mounting repair is not my laptop or do not give a new one when I guarantee will not fault of Toshiba and it will be in a way solve my problem.

    I hope that you understand how important it is for me and I hope I have fix the problem as soon as possible.


    I want to say that I am familiar with grammar mistakes, that I did in the text below, and I would ask your excuses that I'm not a native speaker of English.

    Hi, I would just say that I had a similar failure although I wouldn't be surprised if she causing of yours, but you never have knowledge, my fault was the lid of my laptop [9 months], it contains the mic and when the lid has been in a certain angle cracks could be heard worse when I got my external sound card all the time it happened, luck, PS, it's a defective membrane [lid to the body] easily missed by engineer because he was the same angle you English is very good

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