Audio stuck all playing without stop-Windows 7


I have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop, running on version Home premium to Windows 7. Recently, I re-installed the windows by using the backup utility dell to the factory settings and after that, my audio started stuck while playing music (audio feels like the computer hangs). I tried to update the IDT audio driver by using Device Manager, but says that the driver is up-to-date. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver but no use. Will this be the problem of my audio driver or hardware problems. Please suggest something that I can fix this...


Hello, Annick,.

Thanks for posting your question on the forum of the Microsoft community.

I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

You did the hardware changes to your computer recently?

Make sure that your speakers are properly connected to your computer.

Many computers have taken three or more who connect to a sound card or sound processor, including a jack for microphone, line-in jack and line-out. Your speakers should be plugged into the line-out socket. If you don't know what it is, try plugging your speakers to each of the jacks to see if any of them produce the sound.

In some cases, you can work around the problem by disabling optional speaker effects that are known as improvements. If the disabling effects speaker resolves the problem, you may need to update your audio driver.

I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

Method 1:
Run the troubleshooting of Audio playback
Open the troubleshooting of Audio playback

If this does not help, then use method 2.

Method 2:
Please use the suggestions contained in this help article and check the issue.
How can I stop my music skip or break down when I play?

In addition, Please update the latest audio drivers from this link:

Additional information:
Tips for solving common audio problems

I hope this information helps.

Please let us know if you need more help.

Thank you

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    Just for information:

    -A long time ago I started to use a headset on my laptop (Toshiba) to online conferences. Its has worked well for the helmet and on the laptop's built-in speakers.

    -A month there are built-in speakers stopped working, and I could only hear things in my helmet.

    -J' recently lost my helmet so now I can't hear anything.

    -When to check the control panel and click sounds and Audio devices, it says "No. Audio Device" and all options are disabled.

    -When you open Device Manager, the "Other devices" directory is open and all the devices listed in it have icons of yellow question mark with dots exclamation mark next to them.

    -J' tried to uninstall the devices listed in the "Other devices" directory and leave the window reinstall them on reboot - I read on another site - but every time I did nothing has changed.

    -The directory of sound, video and game controllers has 5 things listed in there: Legacy Audio Drivers, Legacy video Capture devices, media control, Audio Codecs, Codecs video devices. None of them have all the icons next to them warning.

    -When right click on each one and select "update driver", each of them come in saying that 'impossible to find a better match the software currently installed. I don't know if it's just to check my system or if it also checks the internet.

    So, what are the options I am left with now? I need to do some work with videos, looking at them on their media player and their change in Movie Maker, and I keep says that the audio hardware cannot be found "required" and I can't use the app.

    Thank you.

    Hi TiJuanWells,

    Check to see of the audio peripheral show in Device Manager by following these steps:

    • Click Start
    • Right click on my computer
    • Select Manage
    • Select Device Manager
    • Expand sound, video and game controllers

    If the devices are there and are not installed, right-click on the device and install it or update drivers.

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    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

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    and test?

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    Have you ever tried the General troubleshooting steps?

    1 force restart the phone now sleep and home for 10 seconds, button until the Apple logo comes back again. You won't lose data.

    2. in case that does not work, set back to factory settings, without using the last backup. Test the phone. If it works, restore the backup.

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    Do you use the his release screws? If you do, try this. On the 'Play Sound file VI' set timeout = 0

  • IPOD Touch - not all songs play without WIFI?

    Synchronize all my songs to our new IPOD touch by connecting IPOD to computer/ITunes, try to understand why some songs will play without WIFI and some (those who play will not have the little icon of the Ipod).  I thought he had to do if the song was purchased on ITunes, but not true.  I click on the button "Icloud", he turns to a circle with a button, as it's the download, but then it stops 1/2 way through.

    Try the following steps:

    On your computer:

    1. If you registered for the Apple's music, you can activate the library music iCloud.
    2. Click on the iTunes menu > Preferences.
    3. Scroll down and check the "show Apple music and iCloud music library check boxes.
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    5. Select all the pieces and add them to your library of music to iCloud.
    6. Once songs have been added to your iCloud music library, you can activate iCloud library of music on your iPod touch.
    7. On your iPod touch, tap Settings > music.
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    To download songs:

    1. Open the music application.
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    5. Slide downwards on each song, artist or album and click more.
    6. A dialog box appears on your screen.
    7. Click on download.
    8. Restart iTunes. Quit iTunes, then open it again.
    9. Restart your iPod touch if necessary.

    Good luck!

  • I have no sound on my pc am under XP service pack 3 have tried to use the Windows XP disk to install the driver for the Audio system built-in Audio of P17.sys without success.

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    I have no sound on my pc am under XP service pack 3 have tried to use the Windows XP disk to install the driver for the Audio system built-in Audio of P17.sys without success. I bought Rocketfish to a sound and turns off sound internal on the bios and still get the same error and the show. Help, please...


    1. What is the exact error message you get?
    2. Are you not sound on the computer or Rocketfish?

    If you do not get the sound on the computer, then all first activate the sound Board in the BIOS and check. Also, follow the steps in this link and check if that helps:

    Otherwise, I suggest you to give us more information about the issue, so that we can help you better.

    It will be useful.

  • Torrent video plays fine in Windows Media Player, but only audio in Windows Movie Maker?

    I downloaded a video torrent on my Windows Vista laptop. When I went to play in Windows Media Player, it works fine. However, when I try to play it on Windows Movie Maker, I can place only the file in the audio section / music, even if it is listed as a .avi file, when I import the file and drag it on the timeline. There is no red X or any sign of a problem with the actual file. When I go to preview, I get only a black screen, as expected when playing audio files. I checked super files supported for Windows Movie Maker, and .avi is supposed to be a supported video format.

    I've downloaded xvid on my computer and it is before I even started with torrents. I know that this translates to the game in Windows Media Player.

    I tried to download the same different torrents and I get the same problem each time a different torrent site, so I know that's not the real torrent.

    I went to tools > Options and unchecked the box I had, which was the AVI decompressor, and the problem persists.

    I don't want to convert the video file, unless it is absolutely necessary. If I need to download something, I will do, as long as you point me in the right direction.

    I ask this question because I see only problems with the .avi Windows Media Player files, and I want to edit the file to make a music video.

    Any help is appreciated!

    It turns out that the only way to solve my problem was to download Windows Movie Maker 2.6. Now, I can actually edit with ease and use the original .avi file without problem. I still don't know why I had so much trouble with the version that came with my laptop, but now it's the only solution that has actually produced results.

  • Windows 7 Media Center plays audio from VOB, no video. However, the VOB files play fine in Windows Media Player 7. What gives?

    I have VOB files in a VIDEO_TS folder.  Windows 7 Media Center will generate a thumbnail for them, but when I play them I'm audio but not video.  However, when I play in Windows Media Player will play without any problem.  Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Hello Pinkled,

    Just got out how we can get video of .vob files play correctly:

    It's pretty simple, just add the folder to the library of MOVIES instead of VIDEOS. It is true that videos, just listen to the audio, but no video appears during playback.
    Once you add to the movie library, W7 Media Center it will read "like a DVD" then you will also be able to navigate through menus.

    Hope that works for you also.

    Kind regards


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    Clings in the key on the keyboard? Wired or wireless keyboard?

    Try to run this program, copy and paste the result in a response. The program was created by Etresoft, a regular contributor.  Use please copy and paste the screenshots can be difficult to read. On the screen with the Options, please open Options and tick the boxes in the bottom 2 before the race. Click on the button "Report share" in the toolbar, select "Copy to Clipboard" and then paste into a response. This will show what is running on your computer. No personal information is shown.

    Etrecheck - Information System

    Reset an Apple Bluetooth mouse or Trackpad wireless keyboard (pairings and other common troubleshooting problems)

    Restart your computer, hold down the option/alt - P - R keys command before the gray screen appears. Continue until you hear the startup chime for the second time.

    Reset the NVRAM EXTRA memory

  • I do not understand this statement "It is a good idea to keep track that uses a bunch of Audio channels selected in the arrange window, unless you actively play or record on a software Instrument."

    It's a good idea to keep track that uses a bunch of Audio channels selected in the arrange window, unless you actively play or record on a software Instrument.

    Which no longer applies in Logic Pro X 10.2.3. In old versions of logic, selecting a range with a software instrument automatically would make this instrument in "Live" mode, which means that the instrument has begun to transform any MIDI in sound with a minimum of delay. This direct mode becomes an instrument need CPU power (on a single processor) and peut overload the audio engine. It is a waste of CPU if there is no direct game. Then select an audio track would ensure that No instrument is in direct mode. Now (LPX 10.2.2 or more) in direct mode can be turned on or off on a track, chosen or not - it is the R button on the track header.

  • Windows Media Player play about half of the clip, then the picture cuts off, the screen goes black, but audio continues to play.

    Windows Media Player play about half of the clip, then the picture cuts off, the screen goes black, but audio continues to play.  Just reinstalled MP 11, same problem.


    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    · This occurs when you are working on any specific file format?

    · Were there any changes made on the computer?

    · You play the file in mode full screen?

    Change hardware acceleration

    a. you can try to change the hardware acceleration in the middle and check (you can try another level too.)

    b. right-click on a space empty on the desktop.

    c. go to the resolution of the screen.

    d. click Advanced settings, and then click the "troubleshooting."

    e. set hardware acceleration in the middle. (Here you'll get the only option your video card sound support).

    You can also check: you receive an error message of codec or audio plays video but does not play when you play media files in Windows Media Player 11:

  • When you use Word or Windows Mail my cursor to type goes in all directions without warning.

    When you use Word or Windows Mail my cursor to type goes in all directions without warning? What is the problem?

    Hi, the Dalesman,

    Using a laptop?  Make sure that your hand is not sweeping the touchpad while typing.

    HP Support document

    Troubleshooting of mouse - mouse cleaning details

    Good luck!

  • When using my computer, all applications and the windows are closed at the same time, got disconnected and the computer turns off as if someone stops manually.

    Original title: it's a virus that's causing this?

    It happened a few times now. While I use my computer, all applications and the windows are closed at the same time, I am disconnected and the computer is off, as if someone manually stops the computer. I turn on the computer and log in and everything seems to be okay. No data deleted, not that I could find and detect anyway. One day when I turned on the computer, it run chkdsk before doing the usual startup. I use the computer for 2 years and this is the first time, she never did a chkdsk on its own. I used Microsoft Essentials and no viruses were found.

    Should I worry?


    You can read the following article and try to download the Microsoft Safety Scanner and perform a full scan on your computer and check.

    Microsoft safety scanner

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Check if there are logs of events related to the issue in the event viewer which may help us to solve the problem of the:

    What are the information contained in the logs of the event (Event Viewer)?

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