Audio/video out of sync watching netflix or streaming videos

I have a laptop HP G-62-355DX that for watching movies, audio and video are out of sync up to 20 seconds. Not too nice to try to look like that. Any who are experiencing similar problems or know how to fix this?

Hello Ken,

Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft Forum.

1. what browser you use watch Netflix?

2. If Internet explore which version of Internet Explorer you are using?

3 are you facing this problem of Audio/video synchronization with Netflix?

4 is to the Audio/video sync problem while watching the DVD movie too?

You can see the link below for the version of Internet Explorer.

What version of Internet Explorer I'm using?

I suggest you follow the steps in the article below and see if it helps.


Audio and video does not


The problems of Netflix streaming video in Internet Explorer running


Please answer back with more information and the current state of your computer, we will be happy to help you further.

Thank you.


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  • PSE video and audio go out of sync on finished product

    A very strange problem has developed.  I have a PRE project that plays perfectly into the program itself, but when I exit the project start audio and video in sync but go not synced to the first place where the audio and video clips are spliced.  To be precise, I have a file mp4 audio (.m4a) synchronized with a .mov file.  At the first break, where I spliced m4a, m4a and .mov to .mov, the project is in phase when I play in the video window of PRE.  But when I have the project output, video and audio go out of sync at the first break.  Other facts:

    • PC, 8 GB of RAM, W7, all installed updates.
    • By using the same file .prel about a month ago, it worked well.  (I tried to do a DVD extra of this project, when the problem came.) The only thing related to the video that changed on my machine was a new version of Studio of GoPro.  Just in case, I uninstalled from my computer and the problem of PRE is still there.  Could GoPro have left something it's messing things up?
    • In this case independent of the output - DVD, mp4 format, etc.
    • If I insert an empty picture at the junction stay video/audio synchronized until the next splice point, when he goes back out of sync.
    • It happened first in PRE9, but I also PRE13 (who reads the PRE9 files) and the problem happening there too, in the same way.

    I am completely puzzled, especially because this same project file perfectly synchronized DVD in the past produced.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.


    Thanks for the clarification of your question.

    Complexion all the case is if this problem is limited to a single specific project file.

    Here's what I read since you wrote...

    You say that your audio synchronized to export this file in a project is present for Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 and elements 13/13.1 first.

    These programs do not seem to share/use the same built in programming of the export. And, further, you say that there is this audio desynchronization if burn disk or export the file to one of these versions at this time. Is this correct?

    Even if the problem is not manifest prior to export, which has been described above point to the project file. Have you changed anything in the project settings or export settings in this file of project for good time / wrong time - courses of transitions, component files software plug-in, flow? And you say that look very detailed to the timeline, the content of this one project has revealed no change before and now after? You write

    Would such a program have changed or are damaged?

    From what I just wrote, could the project file has been corrupted, but...

    If you want to look at this as a corruption of program, then you will need to take uninstall, cleaning, reinstall to 9.0/9.0.1 and 13 to dismiss this idea and replace any missing files of exporting program. But, once again, we are dealing with a single project or all your projects with this problem.

    Please consider.

    Thank you.


  • Razor tool Causes audio go Out of Sync


    New Premiere Pro and video editing in general. I have an hour long video (.mp4) that I recorded with my Sony Xperia phone. I have been using the razor tool to cut and remove things I want, but it seems that it causes the audio go out of sync. I rechecked and the audio is certainly synchronized before starting to edit the video.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    It would be good to check if it is the CFR or video VFR, as more phones record video as variable rate, but may record audio as a constant. MediaInfo is good at that...

    Media Info:

    If you "drop" your file on that and look in the tree on the video stream, it will tell you if it is a constant or variable framerate. If variable, use:

    Handbrake download page:

    To change the file to rate constant so PrPro can run better.


  • Help!  Audio goes out of sync after export.

    OK, people. I need your help. I have a looming deadline of THIS FRIDAY to put this.

    I have a multicam editing over a show that runs 1 hour 20 minutes. It renders perfectly in the timeline panel, all the video and audio perfectly synced. Looks and sounds exactly like what I need.

    When I export the video in form file H.264, audio not get synchronized with the video of 13 frames! But that's not all... It doesn't go to the complete audio track. There are about 50 minutes in the middle of the video where the audio goes out of sync. The audio at the beginning and end of the video is aligned perfectly in sync. It is just the central part which is twisted.

    What should I do?

    This has never happened before, and I have worked extensively with multicam in first Pro CC before that. Never been a problem. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the first and also remove all media cache files, but still no dice.  I also tried to copy the clips in a new sequence in the same project, copying the clips into a new sequence in a NEW project, the nesting of the sequence... nothing works.

    My configuration:

    MacBook Pro retina (Rev A)

    First Pro CC (latest version)

    Panasonic GH3 images in 1080 p 24 p AVCHD timeline

    3 cameras & 1 audio file to WAV in Multicam

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    OK, I figured out how to fix it:

    1. In first Pro CC, choose SEQUENCE > DELETE RENDER FILES.
    2. Try to export the movie again.

    It worked! I exported the same sequence, and it took a lot of time to do a new rendering of the audio files, but when it was finished export audio and video are in sync. I don't know what caused it, but this fix, so I hope anyone else having this problem can save a lot of time in reading this.

    See you soon!

  • NB100 and Toshiba DVD player - photo & audio are out of sync

    NB100-12 has during playback of DVD, photo & audio are out of sync - began to arrive after months of work perfectly!

    What can I do?

    Playing DVD doesn t mean a lot to me.
    What DVD? Original DVD movie, an avi file recorded on DVD, own created from the DVD, what exactly?
    Which player do you use?
    Have you noticed the same thing with a lot of different movies DVD playing with different players?

    Please provide more relevant information.

  • Audio/video out of sync on netflix - when the laptop is running on battery power


    When you watch netflix on my asus laptop with windows 8, the image and the sound is out of sync. It takes a few minutes before its noticeable, and it is progressively worse if I continue to watch.

    I noticed that this never happens if the pc is connected to a charger. If I connect the charger after starting to watch netflix without, the video will go faster until it compensates the difference accumulated upward between the sound and the image.

    It started to happen a few times a few months ago, now its everytime I watch netflix. I him have not lived with other video services or streaming - youtube works perfectly fine, as well as a site of Danish online streaming that I use sometimes.

    Is there anyone who has any idea what is the cause? I find it very strange, even if its only slightly annoying. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    I apologize in advance for any grammar errors - English is not my first language.

    Best regards


    It's worth a try.  I suspect that it could be due to energy saving features.  There are options within the configuration to be able to change the way the browser handles 'javascript timer frequency' during the execution of a battery, what could be the cause.  But quite honestly, I recommend trying the application instead of using the Web site.  If it works, it means that you get maintain power efficiency, more enforcement provides a more enhanced Netflix as the site experience, quite a bit more quickly too.

  • Audio skips out of sync in several places when the export of the first pro

    I have a short, 15 minute, turned to 23.976 FPS.  When I export to load in yet somehow audio jumps not synchronized to several different places.  The weird part is that in all cases there are 2 people in the scene and that a single audio out of sync breaks people.

    I went through all the audio files in the sequence in Premiere Pro (CC) and the audio fits perfectly even though I play in first.

    I checked and double checked settings FPS in first and still, as well as other parameters such as the video and audio format audio sample rate, etc., and everything is consistent.

    I'm exported from Premiere pro using the "Multimédia" option and choose MPEG2-DVD, NTSC, 720 x 480, progressive quality of 23.976 FPS, 100, CBR, target 9.00Mbps, with audio PCM, 48 Khz, stereo, 16-bit output.

    Source sequence is 1920 x 1080 (1.0), 23.976 FPS, progressive, 48000 Hz, stereo.

    I also used Media Encoder on the same sequence to create an MP4 file and that seems to come out perfectly synchronized throughout.   So, I'll try using media encoder to create a .iso file, if possible.

    I'm new to this, all the words of wisdom or of things to check would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Bobw

    Voice out of sync with the lips.  I look for "bilabials" (P, B and M) in the speech, then make sure that the sound correctly synchronizes with the lips.

    I guess we can do exactly the same with notes on an instrument if it was of expert musicians.

    In any case, I turn on the "show time audio units" and then carefully align the appropriate sound with the position of the pack language appropriate lip. Often it's 'zoom' on the frame and audio tracks and the cleaning back and forth several times.

    OK, but let's go back to my problem.  That, it turns off does not exist.  I treat so badly that I had to remove the camera and audio sound recorder and sometimes contract between the two during a audio jack.

    AND, I actually had audio out of sync by about 3 images in three different places in my sequence, in one place.   And Yes, I looked at dozens of times and convinced myself that it couldn't be my work because I had "checked" so many times.

    This was caused by a drawing of lots of last minute "tweaking" and "assume" that the settings I made did not affect the video tracks & audio following.  (HINT: it is almost always if you don't take extreme care and seems sometimes even when you do.)

    AND I also had a "nested" sequence I had absolute fits for audio, synchronize perfectly on.

    BECAUSE...   I had 'nested' video but I have NO audio with her nest.

    .... The "Lesson Learned" here is: "If your export ends with audio out of sync quit"guess"that it is impossible because of your Premiere Pro sequence is wacked"

  • audio is out of sync during playback

    Hey there community.

    Since the update in 2015, I have a problem that the sound is out of sync during the reading (but OK on the rendered output files).

    It is out of sync in only about 4-7 images, but I edit a lot of complicated, optimistic dance videos, and I can't get the real feel to change.

    as I wrote, the rendering of the output is OK, but inside rendering is also out of sync.

    Please help !


    Win 7

    Intel i7 - 3930 K CPU @ 3.20 GHz

    64 GB OF RAM

    SSD @ RAID 10

    Quadro 4000

    First Pro CC 2015

    2 * LED monitors

    What are your settings in the audio hardware preferences?
    Do you use the sound card on your motherboard, or an extra?

  • Audio track out of sync after importation of raw at first

    Hi there I have the following in first pro cc problem:
    I record Let's Play videos via Nvidea-Shadowplay in 1080p/60fps/30.000 Kbps
    I checked the equipment in VLC Player and all is well.
    Now, I do drag and drop the file into Adobe first CC and the audio seems to be out of sync.
    This is different. Sometimes the Audio seems to be beheind, and in other cases, it's too early.

    It is a serious problem for me, because it leads to a lot of post production audio tewaking to solve this problem.

    I have no idea how to solve this problem, because the raw material I recorded works perfectly, but the file is big
    to put on youtube, ofc.

    Hallo Leute, ich habe folgendes problem:

    Wenn ich Let's Play videos Shadowplay aufnehme und mir das dann material I m VLC Player betrachte sind Audio und Videospur 100% synchron.

    Wenn ich das material dann aber in Premiere Pro reinziehe habe ich bei Manchen, nicht bei allen videos das problem, dass die Tonspur asynchronous ist. Sometimes ist das Bild zu Fox, dann wieder der ton.

    DAS führt zu viel Zeitaufwand beim Nachbearbeiten.

    Wenn ich das video dann Raus ist make're immer noch asynchronous.

    ICH habe keine idea woran liegen konnte das...

    Vari-Productions says:

    I record Let's Play videos via Nvidea-Shadowplay in 1080p/60fps/30.000 Kbps
    I checked the equipment in VLC Player and all is well.
    Now, I do drag and drop the file into Adobe first CC and the audio seems to be out of sync.

    What you run is image variable rate (VFR) video.  ShadowPlay and any other application that uses nVidia's hardware h.264 encoders will produce VFR MP4 files.  Premiere Pro does not support the VFR vids very well at all; It is designed to handle the constant rate (CFR).

    To resolve this problem, you'll want to transcode your MP4 files using something like Handbrake on CFR versions.  I've never used Handbrake for this, but I know that others here to great success.  Search for phrases like 'VFR' and 'variable frame rate' and you should find a lot of results.

    I solved this by using the ffmpeg command line application, you can search and download from various locations.

    ffmpeg-i - hide_banner - 1 - crf 19 vsync - r 59.94 - vcodec libx264-preset copy - acodec ultrafast g 50

    If you prefer to use a GUI, then check brake hand or other tools.

  • Audio got out of sync somehow...

    Hi all

    I worked on a piece of footage for a few hours now, a master clip editing down to about 20 subclips, and everything was fine until a few minutes ago. The sound is completely out of sync and even out of order. It is not a matter of seconds fast or slow; the audio is jumping at a completely different time to the main element. I don't know why this happened, and I can't find a way around it.

    The main element plays precisely outside the first 5.5 in QuickTime, VLC and Windows Media Player. I tried to copy and rename the master clip and the replacement of the damaged file inside the first with the file named differently, but that does no good. I opened an auto save the way until this issue has been raised and which is messed up also. I rebooted first and all that... nothing helps. I even made on a small clamp to see if she makes very good, always messed up.

    This problem seems to affect only the subclips of this master file in particular, the other master files and their sub respective clips work very well... And I don't remember with certainty what I did right before this happened. I think I've been playing with the opacity of a subclip or something... This happened once before on a small project, but I have spent a lot of time on this one and I wouldn't lose everything.

    Any ideas on what I can do to save the clips? If there is a way to export the sub clip info and place it inside a new project or something... I do not know... It's the 20th video I edited on this hardware with the only occurrence of this nature happening before.

    Adobe Premiere 5.5

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    AMD Phenom XII X 4 955 @ 3.20 GHz

    8 GB ram

    NVidia GeForce GTX 460

    Integrated sound card

    Video/Audio comes from a Sony Bloggie Touch 4 GB

    The video is 720 p, mp4 format.

    Great, thank you. OK, let's try this:

    1. Download MPEG StreamClip. The latest beta version is fine. It is a good tool to have in your arsenal, anyway. It's free and requires no installation.
    2. Open MPEG StreamClip and go to window > Preferences. Check "Flow of Fix with data breaks" and (although not entirely necessary for this particular difficulty) "preserve the GOPs to In/Out. Click OK.
    3. Load MP4 in MPEG StreamClip misbehavior (file > open files).
    4. Go to editing > Timecode break trouble; I don't know that it's necessarily the problem (or solution) but it does not hurt anything.
    5. Go to file > save as and choose a name and a destination for the file. Let the type of the value MP4 and click Save. This will copy the data streams of the original file - no encoding again that happens - and package it in a MP4 container.

    At this point, import the new MP4 in your Premiere Pro project and let me know if it worked. If so, you can select the original main item, right-click and select replace footage; Choose the new file and your changes will be kept, but the file will be replaced by the work file.

  • Audio goes out of sync after export (PP CS3)

    Hey there!

    So I had a few problems with first Pro CS3. My main problem is with the audio goes gradually out of sync after export. I am trying to export in 1440 p (2560 x 1440). I export in h.264 with 60 images/s.

    1. Original file type: AVI
    2. Original Frame height and width: 1680 968
    3. Original Audio bitrate: 1411 kbps
    4. Original Audio sampling rate: 44 kHz
    5. Original frame rate: 60 fps
      Data rate: 1191254 kbps
    6. Total bitrate: 1192665 kbps

    Before installation:


    Can someone help me and tell me what are the audio settings I should export in correlate with 1440 p and 60 frames per second? Any help is much appreciated, and I look forward to your responses.

    Much appreciation,


    What codec is used in this avi (as it isn't a regular avi of a camera) and if the framerate is variable, you need to convert to constant framerate before importing it in first.

    Converter for example Handbrake.

    Bit rate may be too high. Don't forget that CS3 is pretty old.

  • I just updated my elements14 first, but something is wrong: video is not stable and audio is out of sync.

    The same file is ok when I open it with VLC. I use an ASUS laptop. Already rebooted after updating. Can anyone help?


    Not sure if your video was recorded with a variable rate without more information.

    1. what operating system for your components 14/14.1 first?

    2. what camera or device recorded video? If a mobile phone, iPad, iPhone, or one of these screen capture programs, it is most likely that you have a variable rate for your video. Premiere Elements has problem with this type of video. The symptoms of this beach of situation of desynchronization of audio to not be able to import the video at all. The typical solution into your video HandBrake for the H.264.mp4 with the version of constant frame rate and put in Premiere Elements project.

    3. you have two approaches to this issue of variable frame rate...

    a. before you think about hand brake, hold the program playback of video and audio of MediaInfo properties to determine if your video has 3 instead of 1 frame rate in video on the video display. If 3, then go ahead with the variable of Handbrake at the session of rate constant frame


    b. do not bother with MediaInfo reading, just take the video into a brake hand, get your H.264.mp4 with constant cadence. If it works, OK - happy with the solution and assuming that this variable image has been the cause of the problem.

    In addition, make sure the project is set up correctly, with the properties of the media source corresponding to the preset of the project.

    See Edit project settings switchboard to check the settings of the project especially if the project ones automatically.

    A lot of things to consider.

    Please consider. If you need additional information, feel free to ask.

    Thank you.


  • Why my video's audio is out of sync in Adobe Premiere Elements?

    When I put my video in Adobe Premiere Elements, audio of the video is about 1.5 seconds at the end I contacted 6 reps and have had no help from Adobe support.


    What version of Premiere Elements and on what operating system works - it?

    The audio not synchronized with the video after timeline becomes the content of the timeline?

    What are the properties of your source file? And, above all, where is the from file-camcorder, mobile phone, iPhone, or other. Is the device that records video using a variable instead of a constant rate? If so, be aware that Premiere Elements (many versions) do not work well with the sources files that are saved with a variable frequency. Range of problems of desynchronization of audio should not be able to import the file at all. In these cases, the solution was to take the file in the free program of brake hand to get a version of H.264.mp4 with a constant, rather than the variable, the cadence. And then import this version in the Premiere Elements project.

    Please review, study and give more details. Then we can decide on what was then based on details in your response.

    Thank you.


  • CP4.0: Audio is out of sync with slides


    All my audio recordings, motion capture, highlights and legends are perfectly fine in edit mode, but when I publish the video, the output files are mixed up.

    Somehow, the audio file of slide 36 (from a 59-slide project) begins to play from the start and continues to loop throughout the entire video, while the rest of the video is underway on properly. In other words, throughout the entire video, there are always two sound files play - 36 slide file and other files sounds assigned to each slide.

    It's cacophonous (and I'm not on drugs - although highly caffeine!).

    Some information:

    (a) I'm doing 2 videos. Video #2 is a variant of the #1 video.

    (b) video #1 turned out perfectly.

    (c) being that many sounds for video #1 files would be applied to the video #2, I exported the mp3s in a folder on the desktop.

    (d) for the #2 video, I imported the sounds described in (c) slides respective files. I have edited many sound files in the #2 video.

    (e) when I was in the #2 video, I tried the two F4 and publish them, and in both cases, the same sound problem.

    (f) I had a similar problem a while ago and in the past was able to rename mp3 files, then import it back to each slide (something I had read on these forums). So, I made 59 to all slides for video #2. No chance!

    (e) I checked for captive 4 updates and ran an update. Tried to post again. The same problem.

    Can anyone provide any indication as to why this is happening? How can I fix?

    I wouldn't re-record you the audio. It's a very boring read.

    Thank you!


    Can Ruth, you check whether or not you have added inadvertently an audio file in the background of the project? Check here...

    and then here...

    If you have any audio in the corresponding box, then you should remove it.

    Like this...

  • my audio is out of sync


    I am very new to adobe, but I used other editors. The problem I'm having it is when I export I use the Youtube 720 Hd setting and video to to halfway through going mismatch.

    I patched up some videos and added a few overlays sound and picture too. I wonder if its something I've done during installation. I have also noticed that my source saved file of my

    iPhone 6 more said s 44100 Hz and my release says 4800HZ, which maybe is a problem?

    Thanks I hope someone can understand what im asking.

    Almost for some at least some of your clips are VFR... variable cadence. Most put phones in video with the 'target' SPF, but speed up or slow down the number of frames per second, they think is required to record the size of the file. PrPro is not designed to work with that, then you need to use some programs that are some freebies...

    Media Info shows you the details of what is in your media...

    Media Info:

    HandBrake is a software to convert media, in this case VFR in CFR... constant cadence. So, 29.97 is really, still, each image 20.97.

    Handbrake download page:


Maybe you are looking for