Auditor of plug-in does not notice a new version

Now, I use Firefox 30.0.
I think this plugin checker does not notice a few new versions.
In fact, he said "This is the last version." in the following plug-ins.

13 (last 14) flash drive
Shockwave player 12.1.1 (last 12.1.2)

I know that the erroneous report of java beta proseeding 8.
These plug-ins is in the same condition of java? or check the failure comes from other reasons?

If we think the plugin auditor more?

I take it with a grain of salt and check Web sites where I get my plugins for new.

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    Since this is a brand new machine, contact the place she bought, or Toshiba directly. No sense screwing around with it while it's still under warranty.
    It sounds more like a problem with the hardware than software, and if you do too much in how to disassemble things, they are likely to say you cancelled your warranty.

    SC Tom

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    Checking update Java plug-in does not show latest version after update same

    You exit and then restart your browser after Java update in order for the right version of Java to display the Plugin Check page. I felt it necessary to do so.

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    I suggest you to send your request in the Silverlight Forums for assistance.
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    Note: This warning can be disabled in the BIOS Setup.

    I don't worry for a couple of days, but when I plugged in the power adapter, the battery status said "battery level of 48% (plugged in, does not support).

    In the settings of the BIOS under General battery information, he showed "AC adapter / CC = unknown" under System Logs, events of the BIOS, he showed: DateTime "alert!" Unknown sector adapter, can affect performance. »

    I clicked on the 'Diagnostic' button on the start page alert and Dell SupportAssist under "Battery and AC adapter" report shows "current adapter: 1 watt adapter, top: n/a, low: n/a.

    The little blue light on the plug of the adapter lights up.

    Many people have encountered similar problems with Dell laptops, but there only seems to be as well as workarounds and very few solutions. I have a very short time period in which to return the machine, and I'm not at all a type of material, so I'm not opening upward.

    Suggestions for solutions/FAST?

    Thank you


    Yes, I did and it works! The MS Store sent me one as well, but it was a 90 watts, not 45 adapter. It turns out that they don't have. They sent me a backup battery, which is nice. Find out what Amazon of the adapter I got:; PSC = 1 & redirect = true & ref_ = oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00

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    It is always recommended to run regularly only on battery power. It will actually make the battery last longer to let it discharge once a month. Realistically, if your laptop is on a desktop and plugged all the time, it is better to just remove the battery and only use it when you need portability.

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    I need to download the drivers to operate?
    It will work on my laptop, or is it a "most recent" CD player that will not work with my laptop?

    I'd appreciate any help. THX

    The BIOS does not recognize this new CURIOUS because the player seems not to be fully compatible.
    I think there bad master/slave/c-salt settings

    As you know these settings can be changed on the external CD/DVD drive for desktop switching jumper. But it is not possible for computers portable CD/DVD players.

    You can solve it only purchase a new compatible disc.

    Usually the ASP in your country could help you buy this disc of these guys here
    However, you can consult the user manual if there are a few details on the compatible sides.
    My user manual provides this information.

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