Authentication only the selected app pages


I have a request that I have about 20-25 pages, all are mainly reports.
In this request that page is there for any changes to the data.

I want other pages to be PUBLIC, but when the end user go to edit this page, I want to check for authentication.

So basically I want authentication for this single page only, not to any other page.

Please suggest me how I can do this.

Kind regards


Go change the definition of the page and change the authentication "Page is Public" for public pages

BR, Jari

Published by: jarola on November 18, 2009 12:08

Tags: Database

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    You need to loop through the rows using RowSetIterator.



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    Hi EyeArt,

    Draw is a mobile application only.

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    Hey guys, I'm having a problem here. I have the list on my list of web app so that a user can click to go to the landing page the selected items. I created a template for the landing page web app. The problem is that in my template I {tag_whatever} on the page and all relevant tags for that particular item. For some reason, the BC does not render the tag. Oddly enough, it is not also make a {module_loggedIn} tag that is on this page. I don't know what to do here. I need people to click on the name of the item web app and then land on a page that shows the rest of the web content of the app element. How should I proceed? Thank you all!


    P. S.

    Web Apps landing page, I mean the URL that is generated for each individual part of web app. Thank you!

    Tags render only part of British Colombia he is part of. Tags of web app only make layouts of web app.

    If you choose a model for a web application element which will not include these tags.

    You need to apply labels and manage layouts of the web application itself. You have the list, the list view backup and detail and can also create your own layouts extra list as well.

    In regard to the tag module that you listed there. This isn't the right module and why it won't be rendered. It's - {module_isloggedin}

    For a web app list view that you do not create a page for this, you use its great layout. You use the tags associated with this layout, and then you create the HTML for this page layout and add the tags in there.

  • Get only the selected tabs

    I have the chore of adusting thousands of tab stops in hundreds of paragraph styles and stole scripts useful to reset the tab stops. I thank anyone who has ever displayed such extract.

    I thought it would be easy to write a tab-nudger, the idea being that the user could select a range of text containing tabs and add or subtract a point at a time, but only for tabs in the selection.

    The obstacle is that

    App.Selection [0]. TabStops

    Returns all the tabs tab in the paragraph, even if the selected text contains only one or two of the related tab characters. So I guess that the script would somehow determine which tab stops at the point go with tab characters in the selection. But her party "somehow" left me speechless.


    As you have noticed, each PointInsertion, Word, line, text has the same tabStops set as a parent.

    Succesful edit tabStops associated with the current selection needs to discover:

    • How many legs (characters) are inside selection comparing to the whole paragraph.
    • tabStops how are defined for the current text selection (supposed to be at least as much as the number of tabs inside the paragraph)

    Below the function returns an array that contains two elements:

    Array [0] ==> number of defined tabs for the current selection (perhaps it is necessary to add some)

    [1] table ==> table with the tabStops indexes associated tabs in the current selection.

    function tabsFromSel() {
                        tabStopsArr = [],
                        k, stop;
              if (!app.selection[0].hasOwnProperty ("baselineShift") ) return false;
              app.findTextPreferences.findWhat = "\t";
              var tabSel = app.selection[0].findText();
              if (!tabSel) return false;
                        tabTot = app.selection[0].paragraphs[0].findText(),
                        len = tabTot.length,
                        lenSel = tabSel.length,
                        tabStopsDefined = app.selection[0].tabStops.length;
              while (len-->0)
                        if (tabTot[len]===tabSel[0])
              stop = len + lenSel;
              for (k = len; k < stop; k++)
    return [tabStopsDefined, tabStopsArr];

    So it could be a foundation for other changes (i.e. the user interaction with the dialog box)

    Function returns false if there is No text_selection or without tab found inside the selection


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    It's not exactly what you want, but it might be close:

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    See this:

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    Hello, I can not view my php files in a web browser when you view files on my localhost. When I hit F12 only a blank browser page. I checked my path for files host local and all seems good. It worked a few days too. Don't know what I did. Help, please!

    Your site doesn't have to be online to check the code.  You can copy & paste into the W3C Validation tools.

    In DW, go to window > results > Validation... Press the green arrow to check your HTML code.

    Nancy O.

  • This officejet pro 8600 is not duplex scan size of different pages, only the size of page letter

    I have a desktop hp jet pro 8600 and printer. My original printer scanned pages front and back of different sizes, the printer stopped scanning properly and I replaced with the same model. Now, this printer can not scan other than letter size paper. I can only scan two-sided letter-size pages! The reason why I bought this printer has been for its scanning capabilities. I talked to support HP they said it scans only some dimensions of the page in duplex mode. Please HP DIFFICULTY this problem and give your customers the ability to SCAN RECTO VERSO DIFFERENT SIZES of PAGE. I've been with hp for many years, printers, laptops and a computer

    Message reads

    "The document feeder only supports analysis for some sizes of paper double-sided. If your original is too long or short, use the scanner glass.

    HP I'm supposed to use glass scanner page-by-page, I bought a officejet pro for special to spend less time scanning features manually. I wonder what the reason for this restriction of page size, it worked on my previous printer.

    I solved this problem without downgrading the firmware to version CLP1CN1232AR.

    I downloaded and installed HP Web Jetadmin to do this (www. /webjetadmin). Then, I followed the instructions on the manual ( to activate this option.

    The image I used was obtained on the HP ftp site:

    The name of the image is: ojpro_8600_n911_g_n_1232A_09272012.ful.rfu

    Now, I can scan both sides of the legal size.

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    I use Adobe Flash Pro 2015 CC and I do a long animation (about 5 minutes) when I synchronize the frames to the song in the background. If I press on "ctrl + enter" and test the movie, then it always starts from the beginning no matter what I try. If I hit enter and play the animation, then it starts from where I want it, but no music can be heard.

    Preferably, I'd like to be able to listen to music when I click on play, but if this is not feasible (I know 'play' has its limits) so I wish I could at least 'test' try it with only selected images. (I want to all both know anyway for future use)

    Nevermind, I found the answer online. I needed to do a right click on the layer of the music, go to properties, and under 'her', I changed the option to synchronize the 'event' 'Stream '. The music is heard now when I click on enter/read.

  • its very urgent: move the oaf apps page

    Hi gurus,

    I developed a page and I register successfully in applications.
    After you move the apps to new change small local machain changes.

    My daught is import the page again.

    Thank you
    Out straggler

    Yes SLOWPOKE, you are right.

    You must move the last xml file, then run the import command again.

    Thank you

  • How can I change only the selected reference indicators?

    I need to change the benchmarks of several pieces on a Multisim / Ultiboard design, but I don't want to have to re-export to Ultiboard involved much more own your work. Any suggestions? Thank you very much, Tod


    You can change reference in Ultiboard and then return indicators to annotate to Multisim to update the schema.  To annotate the return, in Ultiboard select transfer > back annotate to Multisim.

  • iTunes 12.4 cannot update only selected apps more!

    There is an iPad app that I use extensively (X 32 - Mix by Behringer, a professional music app), the latest version which is buggy. I have turned off updates automatic app on my iPad and have been updated manually all new releases app EXCEPT this one manually before daily synchronization. With iTunes 12.3, I was able to select all app updates, DESELECT the one in question, and then right click on one of the other, which would give me the possibility to UPDATE 12 APPS, or how ever many were available that day, not to mention the stroller one. With iTunes 12.4, this option to update only the selected applications does not seem to be available - I have to click on each one, one at a time and click on "Update", carefully avoiding clicking on X-32Mix. Very annoying and lasts much longer. Am I missing something?

    I will also add my vote that I preferred the side-by-side listing of available items, click on (music, apps, podcasts, sound signals, etc.) rather than the drop-down below, which is not an improvement.
    If someone sees a way to select a group of applications and the update, please let me know!

    Thanks, JW

    I've looked everywhere for a solution from the latest iTunes update

    I tried to hide the apps that I don't want TO update to your updates same reason-bad,

    but they always appear in the update list

    Apple killed the right-click in this case. I agree it is very annoying, because there are tons of apps updated whenever I check

    I wrote a comment in the same time and I suggest you to do the same thing

    I'll let you know if I find something

  • Enter the selected line only an editable af:table ADF


    We have an obligation to engage only the selected lines in a table. All lines in the table must be modifiable. There should be a 'Save' button in a column that has to save the selected line when you click it.

    Could you please share your comments/suggestions.


    JDeveloper and ADF

    Thank you


    Maybe you can add the attribute transitional to EO as an indicator whether the line should be validated in db or not, override EOImpl.doDML () and skip super.doDML () If this attribute is not set.


Maybe you are looking for