Auto erasing in pro SSD comes from standby/hibernation mod.

Hallo! Help me)

I'm on macbook pro 13 "2011 i5. So I bought ssd to upgrade my mac. These are the 128 GB plextor m6pro. I cloned all the disk system ssd. Also I bought optibay, I broke my hard drive cable, so now the whole system works on optibay and ssd (without hard drive).

I have a serious problem. When I close the macbook and then open after a few minutes my system begins to work is not properly so I click on system reboot and Flash then folder with the question. I like this for 4 times, other times just system opens when I opened my macbook. Then I go to the internet-> disk utility boot and see this ssd is completely erased, no partition! I don't really know what to do.

It seems that he connects with optibay because it uses cd, mode standby/hibernation and sessions.

Please help me! =)

I forgot to add, all the time, I used trimforce enabled, unless it's necessary information. Hope someone could help me.

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  • Satellite M30X-111 wake up from standby/hibernation mode

    People, like many of you, I had the questionable connection DC problem and I solved this at the time of re - solder the wandering joint on the connector for the motherboard.

    Everything was fine with the laptop until yesterday when I tried to get the machine to wake from standby / hibernation if it is when you close the screen) and now all that happens is that the blue light around the power button lights up, the CPU fan runs for about 5 seconds, the HARD drive light flashes once Maybe two times and the DVD briefly climb towers.

    Also nothing happens... the screen is blank and the laptop is actually not from the occasional maelstrom of the fan.

    Is it in any case to perform a reset of some sort to get it to snap it on hibernation? I have read up on this subject on various forums and have tried to start without memory, without the HARD drive and the DVD drive and still no life.

    Any input is appreciated that I need this laptop to spring into life again.

    Thanks in advance



    to wake up the machine, simply remove the battery and the AC and leave the machine for a few hours. After that, it should work again.
    By the way: sometimes it s a good idea to do a biosupdate, because maybe the problem comes from the bios.

    Please give some comments about your success... :)

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  • Satellite U300-144 does not come from the standby/hibernation mode

    Hi, can anyone help?

    I have a new Satellite U300-144 accompanying the Vista home 32-bit preinstallation. I have a problem, he wants to come to the sleep/hibernation mode, and my clear blue power is always on standby/hibernation mode. I hold the power button to restart the computer and then I get a message of illegal closure because I don t shutdown right.

    I tried to upgrade the BIOS later for my model and the n t the problem, then I tried to upgrade to Vista Ultimate t doesn't help either. I installed all the drivers and everything works real well.

    A colleague using me U300 Office. I asked him to check the extended sleep/standby option and he reported that everything works correctly. He always uses the factory settings and only one update is added value package. He kidnapped the former and installed latest version of the Toshiba download page.

    Have you installed latest PPVS too?

  • Running back from standby/hibernation program

    Hey there,
    I want to launch a program every time I come back/sign my computer after the standby/hibernation mode. I only found a possibility to play sounds of a logon each time that this happens, but I can't run programs like that. Is it possible to do it on Vista?

    PS: If it isn't, can you send this request apparently simple functionality to the Windows 7 development team?

    While the mark's instructions look as if they will work, there is a more elegant way to achieve, using Vista built in Task Scheduler.

    To create a task that runs whenever you unlock your profile:
    1 open the Task Scheduler [start > Panel > system and Maintenance > administrative tools > Task Scheduler (or just type "Task Scheduler" in the box start search)]. You will need an administrator account/password for access to this.
    2. Select "Create a task" to create a new task.
    3. a panel with several tabs will open.
    4. fill the 'Général' tab to meet your needs.
    5. go to the "Triggers" tab and choose "new". Another panel will open. At the top of this Panel, you will see a (see below). Open it and choose ' to unlock the workstation. Then choose if you want this task to run just for your profile or for everyone. Click on 'ok '. (You can find it useful to use the option "Delay task" to delay the task for 15-30 seconds to give your office a chance to load before the program runs.)
    6. go to the Actions tab, select 'New', choose 'Run program' and locate the program you want to run.
    7. Select the tabs 'Conditions' & 'Settings', respectively and change various settings according to your needs. (Make sure that the "Run on AC Only" option is disabled if you are using a laptop and want the task to run when it is unplugged).
    8. click OK to save your new task.
    Now, whenever you unlock your profile after the standby or Hibernate mode, your program runs.
    If you follow these instructions, but choose "connection to" rather than "To unlock the workstation", your task will run whenever you connect (unlock and logon are not the same thing as the computer is concerned, so keep that in mind).
    This may not work if your profile is not protected by a password, but all mine, so I couldn't test it in this situation.
    I hope this will satisfy your needs.
    Best wishes
  • locks up PC / gets stuck in standby/hibernation mode

    I clubhouse of compaq with preinstalled windows vista that I bought the pc in September 2008 when I fist got the pc he would be stuck in standby/hibernation mode when I pressed on the moon shaped button or when I let it just fall asleep on his own. I went back to the futureshop in my period of 2 weeks buyers and they interlaced monitor as would the tower should green light that he was always on but monitor would remain off until I unplugged the pc from the wall (button / stop does not work)

    now almost 2 years later July 2010 I have problems with Explorer does not or anything like that to with the internet, even my network sharing Center wouldn't load so I took it with future shop service plan and they found some viruses but removal did not work, so they have restored and now I have new sleep problems and they advised me that it can't be fixed. I have disabled the sleep on the keyboard button, but left the pilot light. the technicians reported that they turned off and now it will not (duh!) they told me that I just have to live without it no idea what can help?

    Try to reset the default power Plan settings. information is at the link above. [11] = power % 20Management

    And how to solve problems in Standby Mode is at the link above.

    And read the information of 'Related links', too.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Lose Internet connection after sleep/standby/hibernation Mode

    I recently bought a new HP Pavilion Elite e9105z CTO Office and migrated from Win XP to Vista Home Premium x 64, with a NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controller.  Whenever I come off standby or standby mode, I lose my Internet connection and have to restart my system or run Windows Network Diagnostics to repair the network adapter settings.

    I tried several remedies available on Internet; but unfortunately, nothing has resulted in a permanent solution.  I contacted my service provider ISP (Mediacom) wonder if it was / is a problem with the firmware used to my cable modem SBV5220 support (for example, incompatibility with Vista) and they said there is no.  So far, I have:

    1. Reinstalled NIC driver.
    2. Power options controlled and reset with USB CDC.
    3. Apply the update for Windows Vista (default gateway setting is lost) for x 64 systems (KB933872) - response that update does not apply to the system.
    4. Reset the IP configuration via the Cmd line.
    5. Tab power, unchecked the box that shuts down the adapter then power save comes into play.

    Access the computer several times a day and having to reset Internet connections became extremely aggravating.  I hope there is a solution.  Thanks in advance for your help.

    Back from a 3 week stay, during which my office has been extinguished, my local internet connection would come is no longer active when he came out of hibernation.  The without line worked, but the local connection would not work unless physically, I unplugged the cable from the router (Netgear) and reinserted it.

    After several days of frustration, I went into the Manager of devices, unchecked ethernet optional adapter "allow the computer to turn off this device."
    This seems to have cleared up the problem, at least until now...
  • Satellite M115-S1061 - how to activate the standby/Hibernation mode

    I recently got a laptop from my father and the settings are a bit strange.

    My modes standby and Hibernate are also well off and due to the lack of a cooling device, it constantly turns off when I leave.

    So whenever I leave, I have to shut down my computer, then restart again and his old fact.
    I need to find a way to get my laptop to activate the standby or hibernation mode so I can't go through this process each time.
    Its a Toshiba Satellite M115-S1061.

    Also, I checked the options of standby power, and they say the same things as well.

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    The history is confusing for me.
    Just a few questions to the beginning:
    What operating system do you use?
    You use Toshiba power saver or power Windows options?

    If you know that this laptop turns off when you leave why do the restart if you know it goes off even when?

    You let your laptop with no activity, or you leave while an application is running?
    Maybe is related to overheating decommissioning.

  • Question from standby/hibernation on Portege M400(3G) after update BIOS 3.50

    After installing 3.50 BIOS update, the machine stopped to switch to manual mode of sleep. He begins to enter standby mode, the screen turns off, switches of the computer during approximately 5 seconds with power led to go off and then restarts.

    After reboot, Vista Business 32 reports BSD caused by the unknown device driver. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

    That s right, the same topic has already been discussed, so please check this page. :)

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  • Mode from standby/hibernation missing on my laptop Satellite L750-16Z

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L750-16Z. So I had a lot of material on an old hard drive, I had need so I put my old Hard drive in my new Toshiba & installed all the drivers I could find for the model L750 /.

    The only problem now is I n ' have no sleep / hibernate options. They are grayed out.

    Can anyone suggest how to get this working? Or maybe there's an ACPI option that must be changed in the BIOS? Would be appreciated if anyone has the suggestion

    To be honest I didn t understand what have you done with HARD drive but the fact is that you are missing some basic as display driver drivers.
    I'm afraid that you must clean OS install so I highly recommend you to install original recovery image (original version of OS) m that you got with your laptop.
    You have recovery media?

  • standby, hibernation mode.

    my computer will go to sleep / hibernate without put me there.  will not come out of Standby / Hibernate unless I turn off the cpu.  Don't let even power down of the cpu.  tried to reset the default values in the setting of such power as suggested in the forum.  did not work.

    What make and model ask you questions on. It could be as simple as getting into the BIOS and the quest for performance, or the Management tab.

  • Stuck in standby/hibernation mode

    After a long weekend, our computer will boot back upward.  I tried the power proposed, off, remove the battery and drain the power from the computer after having disconnected everything.  Even when the computer reboots, the only thing that happens is the fans kick on, the mouse lights up but not else.   I tried another monitor to make sure it wasn't a problem there.  The lights on the keyboard light up ever.  I can get a model # but I think that it is not a question of model, but something I can't understand.  Any suggestion would be appreciated before that I have to take it to the store.

    Inspiron 570

    He's back on now...  But thanks for the reply.

    Left it unplugged for 48 hours, has changed the small battery inside and cleaned the dust out of it.  It came immediately after the battery change.  Not sure if it was the question or not, but it works like new now.  Just to note, it has not started to work again until the battery has been replaced.

  • How to disable the standby/Hibernation on series Satellite Pro U mode

    I have on my Satellite Pro U installed Windows Vista professional series.

    During the defragmentationprocess my machine automatically goes to sleep.
    Does anyone know how to disable temporarily on hold, the defragmentation process can be completed successfully.

    Published by: Admin on December 1st, 2007 08:13


    to disable the standby/Hibernation mode on your system, you should just go to "Control Panel" and open 'powersaver' to change settings powersaver.

    The Powersaver contains profiles where powersaving all associates are defined parameters. You can change this profile and disable the sleep/hibernation mode to perform your defragmentation.

    It would help if you post what system you have...


  • Satellite U300 doesn't wake up from hibernation mode


    I was wondering if someone can help me,

    I have problems with my brand-new Satellite U300.
    When it comes into sleep/hibernation mode I can't have to reactivate.

    The power led remains blue. In the order of UDE the laptop I have to turn the power off completely and then re-boot.

    How can I stop this from happening?

    Thank you


    I think you should try to update the BIOS.
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find compatible drivers and BIOS.
    Then first try to update BIOS and then check if it helps.

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro A200GE-1F9 may not resume from standby or hibernation with SP1


    Details of the laptop: [my laptop: ie = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 131911]

    I recently used Windows Update to install SP1 vista on my laptop, but since this installation I can't resume from standby or hibernation. (Service pack has successfully installed - according to Windows anyway).

    At the resumption of his sleep, I get a blank screen.

    During the recovery from Hibernation, I receive a STOP error message: + Stop 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x82F11020, 0x9A9D9714, 0x00000000) + caused by * Classpnp.sys*.

    After checking these forums, I have seen that Toshiba does not support SP1 + what is accurate? +

    + * If so when/how we will notify when Toshiba released a "patch" for compatibility Vista SP1? I'm guessing that via personnel TEMPO? *. +

    Before installing SP1, I installed all the updates (from Microsoft and Toshiba) and had no problems; all the drivers are up to date.

    Thanks for any answers in advance.

    I guess that this happens because of a problem of compatibility between some pilots and SP1

    > After checking these forums, I saw that Toshiba does not support SP1 is that correct?
    Yes it's true.

    > If Yes, when and how will notify us when Toshiba released a "patch" for compatibility Vista SP1? I'm guessing that via personnel TEMPO?
    I think that there should be information on the Toshiba driver page, support page or we will receive some information of Toshiba through applications of Tempo.

    We'll see

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    I downloaded the Adobe Pro 9 Setup program on a new mac and it says that it can not be installed because it comes from an unidentified developer. I have a serial number and want to just 9 Pro on my new machine

    How to open third-party applications to developers not identified in Mac OS X "Mac tips.

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