Auto fill data

Hello gurus,

I have the situation where there is an element with lov attached to it.

The customer's requirement is for a specific of LOV value when the user selects in LOV and tabs it so in this case it 5 Articles to side must auto fill with values...

How can I get this feature?

Thank you


Hi Johny,

I solved this problem and nice work. Thanks for your help.


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  • Age of auto-fill Date of birth?

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to have an AGE automatic fill when I get birthday. Fill in the form to work several times a day and I still have to go online and calculate it.

    That's what the box looks like:


    The DOB format is mm/dd/yy but you can enter yyyy and it will automatically change to AA. I want to include the date of birth and age automatic fill relative to the current date. Y at - it script javascript or something that I can insert into the form field? Thank you!

    It worked perfectly.

    var date of birth = util.scand ("mm/dd/yyyy", this.getField("DEFENDANT_DOB").valueAsString);

    If (dob! = null) {}

    var today = new Date();

    var age = today.getFullYear () - dob.getFullYear ();

    var m = today.getMonth () - dob.getMonth ();

    If (m< 0="" ||="" (m="==" 0="" &&="" today.getdate()="">< dob.getdate()))="">



    Event.Value = age;


    else {}

    Event.Value = "";


  • Want to auto fill a context menu

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to auto fill a context menu with the data of a column on a separate sheet. On sheet 1, I have a bunch of product names in column A (with their prices and taxes from columns B.). On the sheet 2, column A, I would choose the products required for this project in a context menu (drop-down) which includes all items on sheet 1, column A.

    I have a lot of products listed in sheet 1, column A, so it is not practical for each context menu manually. I also need to add more products to sheet 1, column a quite regularly, so need it to update automatically. I can't for the life of understand me. Any help would be much appreciated.

    I'm using 3.6.2 for Mac numbers.

    Hi Liz,

    We do not have the feature of auto filling of the popups at this time. In other words, we don't have popups that will update when a column is revised.

    It may be that you work hard for you to complete your pop-up windows. If you have a column of items, select and change the format of "popup" each of these cells is a popup with all values in your column. You can copy and paste them to your other journal and he use it.

    A while back I developed an applescript script to automate this process, but it is still a process that must be run-it introduces himself. Let me know if you are interested and I'll see if I can dig it up.


  • Auto Fill contact and map

    When I bought my Mac I added my personal details as my card for an auto-fill.  Some how my card spent at my sisters name and information. I followed the steps to activate it using my information as my card for an auto-fill, but when I click on "Go to My Card", my sisters card shows always also my card to autofill.  Any ideas on what to do next?

    Please, back up all data. Export the map to your brother by dragging to the desktop to create a vCard file. Remove the card Contacts and try again define your own card than yours. Success? Restore the deleted map by double-clicking on the file that you created. After you import the map, you can remove the vCard file.

  • Yahoo mail address auto-fill lists everyone already included in every email I ever sent/received

    At least that's what it looks like...

    FF (29.0.1)

    Re Yahoo mail: when entering a container for an email, the auto-fill drop down shows possible is well beyond my contacts. It includes everyone that I have never sent/REC/WAV and all addresses that have been also cc would be in these emails.

    What I read on the Yahoo boards that suggestions are generated from the data browser stored (IE. It's a browser problem is not a problem with Yahoo Mail). I have FF options to delete the history (disabled/offlinedata browse/download/cache/forms/search/cookies/connections/people) each FF closes.

    I am able to delete unwanted suggestions one at a time, but as a practical approach that goes beyond ridicule.

    FF maintains a master list of addresses of the party? If so, how can I delete everyone except my existing contacts?

    Thank you!

    Firefox does not save addresses except that form data; the data that you entered previously in Firefox.

    See if the history of the form of compensation solves this problem: history of the form of compensation

  • How to stop itunes from Auto-filling of music on my ipod touch

    How can I prevent itunes AutoFill music on my ipod touch unwanted 5 without having to delete songs or hide the songs (the ones I bought from the iTunes Store) my library on itunes (Windows)? I think that the songs that continue to if autofilled on my ipod are the ones I bought in the store. I didn't hide them in my library, I want to hear them more later to see if I want to add later, but I got fed up and did exactly that.  I will not hide from my library is because I want to be able to see without having to connect to my apple account in the itunes store, to see what songs I bought but have 'hidden' from my library or deleted the download of the.

    I have no music sync checked, however, whenever I plug my ipod into my computer, music always synchronizes on my ipod.  I don't have the option to automatically download the songs I purchased on iTunes store checked.  I usually manually delete each of the songs, but I'm tired of having to do so.

    I just tried to erase my ipod first of music, including those I wanted to keep, but I came across the problem where they would not disappear, even after reset everything on my ipod touch. I had to manually delete all (before doing so, I did what I do always when running in auto-fill issue - delete music in data storage settings manage, which works normally, but this time he did not).

    I'm really starting to hate Itunes because of this auto-fill problem.

    I'm on Windows and iTunes 11, for what it's worth, but I think it should work even if you have a slightly different version.

    Before you plug in your iPod, go to the menu small case in the upper left corner of iTunes (or if you have the menu bar visible, click on change). Select Preferences, go to devices in the pop-up window, and check the box that says "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads of automatic synchronization. Click on low of the pop-up window.

    This should solve the problem. Worked for me anyway (I am like you and prefer to manually manage all my stuff).

  • Field of auto fill...

    I have a form that collects data of currency.

    what I want to achieve is to get a calculated, based on what value above, which would appear in another text field automatically before submitting. This value would then be saved to the db on submit.

    for example:

    <? PHP
    $unitvalue = $POST_VARS ["textfieldunitvalue"];
    $quantity = $POST_VARS ["textfieldquantity"];
    $totalvalue =($unitvalue*$quantity);
    ? >
    < td > < input name = "textfieldtotalvalue" type = "text" id = "textfieldtotalvalue" value = $totalvalue > < table >

    I guess however that both GET and POST methods activate only on 'submit '.

    So, how to get an auto-fill feature?

    Is there a simpler solution?

    On May 14, 2007 in macromedia.dreamweaver.appdev, geschenk wrote:

    > youíre approach is correct, but youíll need frame text
    > fieldis value in and here "echo" variable.
    > means:
    > The way it o now, the visitor would be able to change or remove the
    > fieldis table of contents, so if don't want that to happen, you should
    > do better that a field hidden, means...
    >.. .and also "echo" the result in the form of plain text

    In fact, since it is a derived value, it should not be stored in the
    database at all; It should be calculated when the value comes from
    the database. At the very least, the calculation must be performed
    serverside, just before inserting it. Once you create the value
    by calculating clientside, could create an enterprising site visitor
    their own form to submit this information.

    You can view the information in the unchangable like this form; Note
    the 'disabled ': attribute

    name = "textfieldtotalvalue".
    Type = "text".
    ID = "textfieldtotalvalue".
    "value =""
    Disabled = "disabled" >

    Joe Makowiec

  • How can I prevent the Thunderbird auto fill email addresses that I deleted?

    Thunderbird fun to auto fill email address that I deleted. How can I stop this?

    If they were not in one of these 2 books that Thunderbird could not provide them as a suggestion.
    Sometimes contacts added to a book without all the info and does not seem to appear. You can find them by starting an email and it was addressing the problem email address. Save the email in drafts.
    Now go to the drafts folder and select the message by clicking it once.
    Make sure that the message pane is enabled in the drafts folder. F8 activates / deactivates the message on and outside pane.
    In the message header at the top of the message pane the info From that will be you and the info that will be the address of problem will be displayed. To the right of the addresses is a star. If the star is filled with the color, the address is in one of your address books. Click on the star and open an edit dialog box. This box will tell you which book is the contact, but more importantly, is there a delete button when you remove it.

  • I call it Pop Up Auto Fill

    I use a spreadsheet free prepackaged chequing account number on my iMAC.

    When I select a text cell and start typing the word in this cell other pre-selected words are available.

    It is a great feature until you type something you want, like a misspelled word and select 'back' to enter the misspelled word.

    How can I remove the auto fill words that I don't want. For example on the picture to attach it, I would delete only 3 items in the drop-down list:



    Insurance of the homeland

    Hi Bullet12,

    Numbers of creates the list of suggestion of AutoFill on the fly, using what you entered in the cells above the one you are working currently in and select the ones that match what you've typed so far in the active cell.

    A quick check using numbers 3.6.2 presents this offer in B5 with the three headings above it and a typical B5:

    After selecting the right version (without a space), then fix the error in B4, is what is offered in B6 after typing the a:

    It seems that you can remove erroneous suggestions in the list correcting in cells where this mistake was made (and in those where it was repeated).

    Memory suggests that this was not always true, so it cannot work in the version of numbers that you use.

    Kind regards


  • How to get auto-fill to work for applications not not the browser

    Not as long as I am with the browser Safari, but during a phone and go to an application, any application, like Netflix when I put in my email as part of the connection that I have to type out in plenty no matter how many apps i go to, my Samsung would provide auto-fill it in when I start to type.

    Yet once, it is NOT on so that in the web browser on the internet, but on the phone using all apps.


    Thank you

    Not all applications will allow an AutoFill, but I found that I can use a shortcut of ALT text to get my email in some applications. It will depend on the application itself. I went into settings > general > keyboards > text replacement and then entered my email address, then a 3-letter code. When in some applications you can enter the 3 letter code and it will replace as my email address.

  • I don't understand please instructions how to get the "refresh and auto fill icons" back on my destop, simple instructions. k

    My button "refresh and auto fill ' or the icon is missing. I read that a lot of people had this problem, but I do not understand the procedure to retrieve them, the answers have been a bit confusing to me. Is it just a simple way to recover so that they are visible in the toolbar or where ever they are supposed to be?
    Thank you
    Jeanette Gonzales

    Hey, instead of trying several confusing solutions that you indicated. The following article in the Knowledge Base of reference in what concerns the firefox toolbar customization.

    Customize controls, buttons, and Firefox toolbars

    Let me know if you need any help or assistance. Thank you

  • I want to stop the auto-fill in the address bar

    I tried to keep the addresses in the bar upstairs to stop wanting to auto fill, but they will not stop. Please help me. It bothers me greatly.

    • Firefox (Tools) > Options > privacy > address bar: when you use the location bar, suggest: nothing
  • The drop-down menus, context menus and menu for Auto-filling items are not displayed!

    I FF4 beta, it started from FF4 beta 7. I'm working on Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.

    The problem is that I can't see drop-down menus unless they have many elements, or context menus (such as highlighting a text then right click on it), auto fill bars no longer view AutoFill info is entered before... the menu itself appears a bit. but it is transparent and I can not display the items, do not know where to click to select the thing I want.

    I don't have this problem before 4.0b7... after I got it, I thought it was one of the plugins, so I disabled them all but still have the problem!

    A picture describing the problem encountered is taken here, now on this page, I've highlighted a text and right click on it: here you can see the menu appears somehow, surrounded by the red border, but I'm not!

    Tools > Options > advanced

    Under navigation try disabling use hardware acceleration when available. It shouldn't affect the context menus like this, but who knows with NVIDIA cards.

  • I would like to add the auto-fill feature and enter the information. How can I do

    I would like to add the auto-fill feature and enter the information. How can I do

    AutoFill Forms extension:

  • Safari auto-fill passwords

    Before, I said Safari 'never remember the password"to a certain site. How to cancel it? I want to now Safari auto fill the password.

    Safari/Preferences/passwords / Add.

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