Auto-rotation does not work on my WT8-B-102


I have restored my Tablet WT8B-102 and my auto rotation does not work. I instaled all the drivers and the nohing.

How can I fix it?



You restored your device with the recovery image?
I mean do you use your WT with factory settings?

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  • Z5 - accelerometer / auto rotation - does not work

    Hi all

    I hope you can help me with below the question.

    I'm a very happy new owner Xperia Z5 'almost'. After reading the forum for the last 4 weeks, I finally bought Xperia Z5 only 2 days ago. After moving to iPhone5, I was very pleased until what I figured out that accelerometer (and auto rotate) do any work.

    My investigation went as far as following:

    -in the Middle-> screen-> auto rotation is switched ON and despite the fact that it does not

    -in service mode * #* #7378423 #* #*-> Service tests-> accelerometer-> the "ball" in the image is ALWAYS on the left side (meaning: there is no way to move the ball to the right, regardless of how I move or rotate the phone, see pictures at the bottom of this post)

    -in Safe Mode - the question is the same

    -After repairing the phone via PC Companion - the question is the same

    -Gyro works very well

    I'm totally out of ideas now and are about to book a service at Sony (never had to do so fast that leaves a bad first impression, unfortunately).

    If any of you had a similar issue and have clues on how to fix it, please let me know.

    Thank you


    Happy to help

    Thread locked.

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    Nobody likes Macs.

    When you open the settings of the utility Scan IJ, there are 3 tabs at the top. The first tab is settings when the analysis is started from the computer, the second tab is for setting when the analysis is started from the control panel. Make sure that you change the destination folder to 'Save to PC (self)' on the second tab!

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    A power plan is a collection of hardware and system settings (such as the display, sleep, etc.) who manages the way your PC uses power. Lock screen the console after the deadline option must be added to the advanced power settings.

    Change power management and check.

    Power plans: frequently asked questions.

  • HP 8 1401-Auto screen rotation does not work

    Automatic rotation of the screen does not work, even if the automatic screen rotation is turned on in settings

    Auto-rotation of the screen to switch off / on has not helped.

    I am currently using a utility (app) to force the rotation of the screen. It works, but it is not the solution.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

    Android version 4.2.2

    Build 1.0.7_WW - FIR - 13.20140211

    SpikeyDutchman wrote:

    After that the auto reset to factory-rotation still does not work.

    Any thin that otherwise I can try?

    Contact HP.


  • Iconia tab a700 auto rotation does not

    Iconia tab a700 will not allow the auto rotation screen.  When pulling the top menu, tried to select "auto rotation" but it does not work.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!

    Close the volume buttons, there is a little switch, please check if it is in the unlocked position.

  • Laptop won't start no-auto repair does not work

    When I start my computer laptop repair auto appears at the bottom of the screen. This makes the screen turns blue, nothing else happens. Any ideas?


    What model of laptop do you have exactly?
    Have you tried to recover the laptop using recovery media or HARD drive recovery option?

    In my opinion, the recovery of the system should be as next as repair the automatic system does not work.

  • Auto focus does not work in the creative modes

    I use EOS 600 d for the past three years. I was and I am not able to auto focus in creative modes. I actually thought that there is no installation of the auto focus in creative modes. Only when I attended a workshop in Chennai yesterday, I got to know the automatic update facility is available in creative modes too.  I tried with three lenses and in all cases autofocus does not work in the creative modes only. In basic mode, it works well. I browsed the forum and found to RESET. How a reset should be done? Someone please explain. I can't find any updated firmware for 600 d.

    Thank you, Mr.Waddizzle. I did a reset according to your advice and now AF works in the creative modes also. Thank you.

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    My hide does not work.  I uncheck that it and click on apply. I then check it and click on apply, and it disappears momentarily and returns immediately.  Thank you!!

    WAIT!  This works when both auto-hide is selected, and the taskbar is locked!  Thank you!!!

  • Why my auto focus does not work like Julieann K does in his tutorial

    I tried to use the auto focus selection, as shown in the tutorial by julianne k and it does not work.

    After reading your response, I realized that my photo file was huge, so I reduced the entire file significantly down for something like 8 x 10 and it worked fine.  My account was just too big. I tired of small files, and the update worked.  the file may not just be very big. I thought that after you suggested I go to 8-bit. Thanks David

  • TextArea auto resizing does not work from flex 4.6


    before flex 4.6 on air mobile for android, if the height is not specified in a s:TextArea, auto sizing textArea, since flex 4.6 does not work.

    Thank you.

    Try switching it back on the TextAreaSkin instead of the StageTextAreaSkin.   StageText allows you to get a native text input, but there are limits to the way he plays with the rest of the display list.

  • "auto play" does not work

    When I try to install a new program in my windows system 7, or when I insert a blank disc to burn music the 'auto play' will not work.  When I opened the computer and right click on the 'E' drive, a window opens and I click on 'Open' and I get another window which asks to me "Please insert a disk".  Can anyone help?

    Activate AutoPlay

    Click on Start/Control Panel/hardware and Sound/AutoPlay
    Select "Change the default settings for the media or deivces"
    There should be a box in the upper left entitled: "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices".
    Place a check in this box and then click on the Save"" button.
    You will also see a long list of options 'media '. two of them are named: blank CD and DVDs.
    You can try the default or set an action from the drop-down list and still "Save" the changes.

    J W Stuart:

  • Auto Detect does not work; can I switch to MSC?

    After trying all the fixes, I concluded that my auto detection mode just doesn't work and the drivers, or whether it cannot be repaired. my computer (XP S3) simply does not see the sansa clip +.

    But in MSC mode, it see it.  Unfortunately all the audio books that are responsible for now are not visible during exploration mode MSC; Opens the Sansa clip folder, it displays all the empty folders even if there are 4 books out there.

    My questions: 1) is there a downside to using the MSC mode?

    (2) is it possible to get mode MSC to recognize books here now, or do I have to reformat and start over?

    Oh and the other mode is not recognized or the other.

    Thank you, I'd just throw this thing. !

    Phil of the lost

    If I understand correctly, the MTP mode is broken on your PC and the device is in MSC mode.

    No worries, you can use MSC, but you lose the basic functions of the PSG.  According to your audio source, PSG is required for the feature DRM (license).

    I believe that sound can be used by MSC as their DRM is a little different.

    To fix the MTP system (if the device communicates in MSC, you're almost there, like data makes to the device), manually select MTP mode to maintain the function of automatic detection to go back to the other mode and plug.

    If you open Device Manager, find the Clip mentioned under Portable device.  Device Manager can be found starting with the control panel.  Double click on the Sansa, or right click and select Properties > driver > Uninstall.  I like the right click directly to Uninstallshortcut.  easy huh?  Then, unplug the unit, wait a minute (30 seconds should be enough), then plug back in and it will reinstall automatically.)

    Don't forget, the MTP drivers are part of Windows Media Player 10 and later versions.  Windows XP came "out of the box" with 9 WiMP, which can be upgraded by simply installing WiMP10.  The application Microsoft MTP Kit from Portage is available on the Microsoft Web site also, often enough to install the Kit fix a frazzled WiMP 9 and install later.

    Why PSG disappears?  Often, the registry entry for the Sansa is key, as the ability of the PSG is simply "off." The registry is fragile, often changed that you plug into various things about these USB ports, or install different applications.  Windows uses the registry as a pure practical cheat to decide how to manage devices that only can be found on the USB bus.  If the entry is corrupt, we suddenly lose features such as PSG.  Try reinstall thing, it is the simplest solution and generally solves the problem.


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    OK I found the solution; Go to control panel > display > Change display settings then make sure that the "allow the screen to auto-rotation" is selected. It worked well for me

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