Automate the PC through a WHS 2011 hibernation


I have a network (2 PC Windows 10 and a 2011 WHS) works well; Lights-out is running on the ESM.

Through Lights out I can hibernate/wake up all the PC; I would like to automate this process: i.e. PCs acting on each day at 07:00, stop at 23:00.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.


PS: I'm not sure that I'm posting in the right place.



Your Question is beyond the scope of this community.

I suggest that repost you your Question in the Windows Home Server community.

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    I don't know how to reset or refresh the window "Multimedia library" in order to recognize the music files I have on the server.

    Please advise...

    Thank you for your help.


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  • Recommended specification of the system for WHS 2011?

    I have one of the first generations of the HP Mediasmart Home Server, and I want to upgrade to WHS 2011 when it comes out later in the year.
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    I know that the graphics card will obviously not a problem, but someone has any suggestions on what I should look for wise card for a good experience continuous?
    Also, I have about 2 TB total in my current WHS, so I was thinking about buying another 2 TB drive, copy everything on it and then by installing the other disks in the new box for extra storage.
    Of course, calling into question, if there is enough internal connectors for additional discs (I think I have 3 internal external and 1 on my current WHS).
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    It is obviously for storage of data, a hard drive fat is important. Reliable hardware is also a good thing. I would say as minimum specifications: dual core processor, 2 GB of RAM or more, 70 GB of HARD drive.

  • Automate the calculation against Essbase ASO through the calculation Manager

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    Anyone know if I can automate the calculation stored in calculation on a cube Essbase ASO Manager?

    I need calculation automated directly against an Essbase cube as it is not a planning application.

    I tried to use CalcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd , but it seems not to be able to find the application. I'm assuming that she tries to locate a planning instead of an application of Essbase application.

    Currently I have a number of calculation parameters in the calculation Manager but I would like to automate the process, as well as on a daily basis, the cube is rebuild and recalculated.

    Any ideas if CalcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd should work or if there is another method, in addition to my calculations in MaxL.

    Thank you


    What version? If it's so for Essbase you use a launcher separated in % EPM_ORACLE_HOME%\common\calcmgr\\lib, calcmgrCmdLine.jar file if it is an earlier version and then probably will need to use MaxL

    See you soon


  • Best used to move some Photos of WHS V1 WHS 2011

    Current configuration of Lightroom:

    -Lightroom 3 on client PC

    -Photo exercise on the client computer for fast performance

    -Posted photos (20 +) on WHS V1

    -Same catalog includes pictures on the client PC and WHS V1

    Desired installation of Lightroom:

    -Same as above with pictures of previous years on newly built WHS 2011

    How do the desired configuration? The newly built 2011 WHS build WHS v1, so I won't be able to have both systems at the same time. I copied all the pictures of the previous year to an external hard drive.

    I can just build the WHS 2011 system, copy the photos on the new server and tell LR how to find pictures on the new server?

    I wouldn't mess my catalog.

    The tips are greatly appreciated.

    I just did what you suggest about a month ago.  He moved forward without any problems after the upgrade. FWIW, I don't miss Drive Extender at all since I lost some files to it in the past.  He played also never really well with the Microsoft Synctoy utility.  I am much happier with individual readers saved automatically every night on an external drive...


  • WHS 2011 SAS hard drives showing up as removable media

    I have a WHS 2011, I built and with it, I installed 5 SAS 1 TB hard drives each and they are connected to a dell sas raid controller SAS6/ir, after research in disk management to try to make a new split volume a disc appears only four make their appearance as a removable media , and I can't use an any of them.

    Hi Stevensample,

    Given that the problem is related to Windows Home Server 2011, you must validate your application in the Windows Home Server Forum to get help.

    Windows Home Server Forum

  • WHS 2011 OEM with HP Proliant Microserver license will not activate

    I'm building a new Server OEM WHS 2011, using HP Proliant Microserver.   I first installed one a box, entered the serial number, I get an invalid serial number message, even though I know that I entered the number is correct.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Hello Miked53,

    You can find Windows Home Server forums at the following location. I suggest you re-post your question here:
  • Error during the upgrade to Windows Live 2011 2520039 KB

    I tried to install the upgrade to Windows Live 2011 2520039 KB, but it was not successful.

    Windows Update informs 800706BE error. I have installed all other improvements for Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit).


    see if that helps to fix:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    There is also an automatic 'fix - it' here

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  • Automate the backup of Config

    I'm looking to install a way to backup the configuration of my C370.  Currently, I know how to do it manually via the GUI.  Is it possible to automate this process and it backs up through the CLI?  I was searching through the CLI yesterday, but I couldn't find what would save the config on the command.  I guess if I could find the command that I could set up a job through our Kiwi CatTools to do.  I would like to know if anyone knows how to do this, or if you have found another way to do this effectively.

    Thank you


    Hi Mike,.

    There are actually two ways to do this.

    You can save the configuration of the CLI by using the saveconfig command. You can load a configuration file using the loadconfig command. I would like to run these commands first, just so that you can see the process. Basically, you can script something around these commands that could do the job.

    We also have a section of Nice knowledge base that covers this topic as well. The approach is a little differnet but the results are the same.

    How can I schedule or automate the backup of the file of configuration XML from my device?  Where he lives?  How to do a scheduled backup of the configuration of a Windows system file?


    -ESA with AsyncOS 6.x or later.
    -A designated host for the introduction and the storage of backups.


    Familiarity with the BONES of script and forecasts of the tasks is necessary to understand and implement these tasks safely.  Please understand that many of these concepts are beyond the scope of the IronPort customer support and these sample scripts are certainly not taken in charge.  Although these steps have been successfully tested, this article is mainly for purposes of demonstration and illustration.

    The configuration file dynamically generated during the use of the recording or email of the CLI or GUI configuration tools.  To have an effective backup, it is best to "unmask" passwords, which allows you to place a ground form of passwords for local administrative accounts in the device configuration file.  For this reason, we can not simply copy a flat file "running Setup" of the device.  This method allows us to access the device first, issue a command to dynamically build the current configuration, and either save or mail a copy of this file somewhere remotely, without any intervention from the user.  Once this is done, we can then repeat or schedule this task to occur on a regular basis.

    Quickly and automatically save the configuration with the passwords exposed files:

    (1) generate a SSH key pair to use.  Verify that you can access your device via SSH without having to enter a password.  Details on this operation is provided in article #283.

    (2) create script to connect to the device, save the config and copy (or by mail).  Two simple examples written in BASH:

    Example #1: Saving the configuration to a specific host
    #! / bin/bash
    # This saves the config and then he copies locally via SCP in a directory called backup/config-ironport
    USER name = admin
    FILENAME = "ssh [email protected]$HOSTNAME "saveconfig Yes"|" grep xml | cut f 3 - d "" ' "
    SCP [email protected]$HOSTNAME:./configuration/$FILENAME./ironport/config-backups /.

    Example #2: Emailing an email address configuration
    #! / bin/bash
    # This sends the config to MAILDEST
    USER name = admin
    [email protected] / * /.
    SSH [email protected]$HOSTNAME 'mailconfig $MAILDEST Yes.

    NOTE: this similar logic can be applied in any scripting language OS such as VB scripts or batch for Windows.  These scripts are intended as examples only rudimentary.

    (3) use cron or or scheduling tool to start work on a regular basis.  Services like cron or Task Scheduler in Windows are easy tools that can be used to automate simple jobs like that.  For example, the * NIX CRON configuration file follows this format:

    minute (0-59), hour (0-23, 0 = midnight), day (1-31), month (1-12), day of the week (0-6, 0 = Sunday), command

    So a good example to run this script every day at 02:00 would look like:
    00 02 * /location/

    Otherwise, here is another method to automate a backup of the configuration.

    How to do a scheduled backup of the configuration of a Windows system file?

    With the following procedure, you can save the configuration on a regular basis of a Windows system file.

    1 install the emulator of terminal 'PuTTY' under C:\

    2. create a text file with the following line and name it "send_config.txt" and place it under C:\ (Change of [email protected] / * / to the email address you want the configuration file must be sent to)

    mailconfig [email protected] / * /.
    3. create a text file with the following lines and name it "send_config_batch.bat" and place it under C:\
    (Change the "hostname" for the host name can be resolved or IP address of your device and the "password" to your real password for the admin account).

    C:\putty.exe-SSH hostname-l - pw admin and password C:\send_config.txt m

    4. Add "send_config_batch.bat" to the scheduled task window.

    The Configuration file will be sent to the address specified in the "send_config.txt".

    I hope this helps!

    Christopher C Smith

    Cisco IronPort customer

  • using WHS 2011 to save a windows 8 pro laptop I get an error. Does anyone have a solution

    Windows Home Server 2011 is currently not able to back up starting systems UEFI is not able to save the TPG type systems.  It must be sent in a future update of the Windows Home Server product.

    Is this always the case?

    I just had my father buy a new Dell laptop, on the assumption that he would be able to connect to its network and to back up the server in the same way that his laptop Win7 had been save.

    Now, I'm at a loss as the best thing to tell him to do so until the next time that I visit.


    Separated from -.

    Hi William,.

    Your request would be better suited in the TechNet forum. Please post your query by clicking on the link.

    Take the WHS2011 of the discussion here:

    Thank you

  • How to automate the unique fusion of multiple JPEG to PDF files.

    I'm looking for an answer that does not purchase a license, or by downloading a shaded part of software.

    I have a batch of a software suite that creates multiple JPEG files every morning. The final product must be a single PDF, prefer it to order a certain way, but not completely necessary. I tried to do it thanks to Excel, but it was very awkward. I'm trying to implement through Adobe Action Wizard and can create the file I'm looking for, but I can't find how to automate in a batch file that I can task in Task Scheduler.

    Currently, I run a file backup all export to PDF and JPG. I then insert page for each PDF in the order I want to insert Pages using the. I can't understand how to automate the Action once it is implemented.

    These are designed to run early in the morning and the PDF picked up by different software and sent to before the start of the day.

    Any assistance in the automation of an action would help enormously.

    Thank you.

    I think you should forget Acrobat. Batch jobs need under license for this software. Acrobat is not. Software Adobe for the server might cost 100 times more.

Maybe you are looking for