automatic update for applications


Is there a way/setting for automatic updates for all applications?

Yes. Settings > iTunes and App Store > updates on WE

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  • Is there a way to automatically update iOS applications during synchronization?

    I noticed that with iOS 9.2.1 apps that I've updated in iTunes don't are not automatically updated in my devices iOS during the synchronization process. I need to scroll through the entire apps list, select the update apps I want to transfer my devices and then synchronize. I'm not sure of the logic behind this change as it just to create an extra step and requires more time.

    I tried to find a way in the preferences to change this, so that when I update the apps in iTunes on my Mac and then synchronize my devices, iTunes automatically updated all applications on the device. Is there a way to do this?

    Check this setting in iTunes is enabled:

    "Automatically install new applications" under the list of applications on your applications tab when looking at the device settings (the unit must be connected).

  • How can I get automatic updates for windows xp drivers easily?

    How can I get automatic updates for windows xp drivers easily & no frills?   in the same easy way for windows 7

    Thank you, appreciate it.

    Hi Abdellah,

    1. what happens when you try to perform automatic updates?

    2. were you able to perform before automatic updates without any problems?

    Method 1:

    You can read the following article and try to reset the Windows Update components and check.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Method 2:

    You can also visit the computer manufacturer and try to update the latest version of the drivers for all devices.

    How to manage devices in Windows XP

    Also refer to the following article to improve the performance of the system.

    Slow PC? Optimize your computer for peak performance

  • My computer installs the automatic updates for Vista Home Premium, but fails to set them up.

    original title: Microsoft updates

    My computer installs the automatic updates for Vista Home Premium, but fails to set them up. I'll through in circles, trying to figure out what the problem is. Everything was fine until a week ago. Help please

    Thanks for trying to help. It was too complicated for me to fix, so to get help in. happy to say now, all right.

  • How can I install to get the automatic updates for my drivers on a system Windows 8?

    Original title: hardware device

    How can I install to get the automatic updates for my drivers on a system Windows 8?

    Go through the links below, it offers you a complete description of the automatic updates.
  • Automatic updates of applications

    Where are the settings for applications on the HP Photosmart eStation? I mean the automatic update settings.

    Thank you, God bless you


    EPrintCenter, it is in the FAQ section: Please check HP ePrintCenter periodically for new and updated print apps.

  • Receive automatic updates for Windows XP "error 127: the specified procedure could not be found." Also "error 0 x 80240036: could not start the service automatic updates on local computer»

    Update CPU which proved later to be bad.  Replaced by original CPU.  Re-installed Windows XP Home using a slipstreamed CD that I burned the original non - OEM drive that has Service Pack 2.  Integrated Service Pack 3 which I got from the MS. site  Everything works well except for Windows Update.  The setting seem to be correct in Administrative Tools/Services.  The status of the Service is "stopped".  When I try to start the automatic updates from Administrative Tools/Services I receive "error 127: the specified procedure could not be found."  Also "error 0 x 80240036: could not start the service automatic updates on local computer»  Used the range of anti-virus and malware and found nothing.  Currently using Avast 7.0.1426.  I also used various tools of Fix - It MS nothing helps.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


    1. what application or antivirus security suite is installed and your current subscription?

    2 Norton (another) or a McAfee application ever installed on this machine?

    3. What are the fix applications that you used so far to try to fix this problem?

    Try the next method and check if that helps you with the question of the 127 error you receive.

    Method 1: Rdding the DLL file by doing the following:

    1. Click Start and click Run, in the search box type CMD and press to enter.
    2. right click on CMD in the list and click "Run as Administrator".
    3. type the following command and press ENTER. Regsvr32 msvcp71.dll
    4. close the command prompt window.

    Method 2: run the file system (CFS) Checker:

    (Note: you need an XP installation disk to start the System File Checker search.)

    The SFC command is used to detect and resolve problems with the files on Windows XP and Windows Vista computers. This command allows you to launch the Windows File Protection Service and allows you to analyze all integrity-protected Windows files and replace all problematic files identified.

    1. click on start, and in the box to start, search type CMD
    2. right click on CMD in the list and click "Run as Administrator"
    3. type the following command and press ENTER. Sfc/scannow
    4. close the command prompt window.

    For more information on scan SFC (System File Checker), please look in the link mentioned below.

    I hope this helps.

  • LOST laptop computer SOUNDHave WITH WINDOWS. His lost after automatic updates for VISTA operating system. Don't KNOW HOW TO GET sound BACK. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?

    Have a laptop with the Windows Vista operating system.  After an automatic update of 3 steps software, I had sound.available and can not hear anything when I use Media Player.   I don't know how to get the sound to my laptop.  Can someone give me some advice on what I can do to get

    my sound back on my laptop?

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.


    Hi rmartinehp,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are facing the issue with sound, after the automatic updates, you have lost the sound.

    Before you start the troubleshooting steps, I need the information required.

    1. this problem occurs with particular application?

    2. (

    I suggest you to see the links and check.

    No sound in Windows

    See also:

    Tips for solving common audio problems

  • Automatic update of applications


    We automatically update one of our applications. It will check the server (basic HTTP request to check the last current version) and if a newer version of the application is available, it will download and install the new version, after the user agrees. Someone at - it examples of code for the upgrade part? Thank you.

    You can download the cod file and install it automatically using codemodulemanager.

  • TURN OFF automatic updating for printer in Windows 7

    Best regards

    I'm a tech support person, I have a client with a Cap HP 1315, in Italy.

    I want to DISABLE the automatic updates functionality check, can someone help me to do this?

    Operating system is Windows 7.

    My client doesn't want automatic updates, prefer to check the updates manually. I agree that

    This function should be optional. It should be easy to check in the properties or somewhere in

    Put this on or turned off, but after a long look at the awkward interface for the printer and elsewhere in the operating system

    I can't find a way to see this feature and turn it off.

    Thanks in advance for any help here... best regards.

    William Posey

    Pantelleria Italy

    Hi William,.

    In the Menu start, open the all programs, open HP and launch the application updated HP - you should see a settings button in the lower part, click on this button and change the frequency of checking of updates (select never you want to manually check), then click on apply to save the setting.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Recently, I had a problem with the import of my photo, s of a Nikon d700. I found an update to 6.2. This means that if you are a user of cloud there is no automatic update for yourl Lightroom?

    recently, I had a problem with the import of my photo, s of my Nikon d700. I found an update to Lightroom 6.2 does that mean that if you are not a user of cloud there is no automatic update?

    Hi johnp,

    • Want to sure that your applications to be updated automatically without any prior notifications for new updates?
    • If you are a user of creative cloud or not, if Adobe has an update for your product, then you would be notified for the same and then its your choice to update or not.
    • Are you always facing a difficult when importing images? If so please help us with the following information to improve assistance:

    1. the current version of Lightroom

    2 operating system Type



  • Automatic update for KB2686509 fails due to 0x8007F0F4 error code. Help!

    Automatic update has tried several times to install this update, and each time it fails.  Am running Windows XP, IE8... do I have some kind of virus that can be fixed?

    Suggest that you first spread malware as the cause of the problem by following these steps:

    I. - delete your temporary files

    Clean the system (compensation to all temp/tmp folders and included all the content offline, the tif browser, delete the cookies of compensation.)>

    Click Start > all programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup
    II. - have your system scanned as a result of security/antivirus installed.
    III. - run this tool from Kaspersky: how to remove malware belonging to the family of Rootkit. Win32.TDSS>
    IV. - download, install, update and run both of these tools to a-squared free scans:

    A very good antimalware app is SUPERAntiSpyware (SAS) and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM).

    It is recommended to use the intelligent quick scan regularly, and complete analysis on a longer frequency - weekly, monthly - or only when something is found or you have a reason to suspect

    MalwareBytes anti-malware (MBAM)>

    SUPERAntiSpyware (SAS)>

    V. - run the Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe) tool:>

    VI. - If any malware has been detectedthere is a Fixit on this page that will reset Windows components to update:
    Read the article KB971058 via Internet Explorer-(only( )
    How to reset Windows Update >

    Suggest you download and Save it. Then, close all the open programs and web browsers.
    Run Microsoft Fixit 50202.msi and choose its default mode.
    After that he finished the race, see if the return code is displayed again when looking for updates.

    If not, then run the Fixit once more and choose his Aggressive mode.
    Restart once it is finished and see if the return code always appears when the updates.

    UTC/GMT is 14:30 on Wednesday, May 23, 2012

  • Alternation of automatic updates for kb980182 and kb2482017.

    Microsoft XP Professional V2002 SP3 after I install kb980182 (promt to automatic updates), a few minutes more late kb2482017 wants to be installed by automatic updates, then first again and back as one replaces the other.  Is there a solution to keep them from wanting to constantly re - install themselves?


    ·         Is the proposed update several times or what?

    ·         You get a message while you try to install the update?

    I suggest you to check the links below for updates.

    MS10-018: Cumulative security for Internet Explorer update

    The update that is mentioned below is the most recent.

    MS11-003: for Internet Explorer Cumulative security update

    I suggest to select the update you want to install manually on the system, then only the last being on the system.

    Windows Update or Microsoft Update offer updates for products that are not installed on the computer

    Also, I suggest you follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

    Troubleshooting Windows Update or Microsoft Update when you are repeatedly offered an update

  • Automatic update for Windows Mail Junk E-mail Filter for x 64 systems [November 2011] (KB905866) Installation status: failed.

    My Windows is set for automatic updates, I am running Vista SP2.
    Update for Windows Mail Junk e-mail filter for x 64 systems [November 2011] (KB905866) didn't load a number of times.
    He gave details of the error: Code 800736 B 3.
    Downloaded and run MicrosoftFixit, it is said that it is fixed.
    I went into Windows Update and tried downloading it twice, but it does not always load.
    It does not appear to slow the computer down while it tries to download.

    Hi Alex-862,

    1. you have made no changes to the computer before the broadcast took place?
    2 are you able to install all other updates?
    3. do you have the 64-Bit Windows Vista installed on the computer?

    Method 1
    I would say allows you to clean start, then download and install the update from the Download Center.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    follow step 7 of section of boot KB929135 to the computer in normal mode.

    Update for Windows Mail Junk e-mail filter for x 64 systems [November 2011] (KB905866)

    Method 2
    Try the steps from the following link:

    Description of the preparation tool system update for Windows Vista for Windows Server 2008, for Windows 7 and for Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Automatic updates for Vista does not

    For my Vista automatic updates do not work. It indicates that there are a few updates available to download but when I try to download, it fails and an error message appears.
    I tried to do some research on it and came across:
    This link has an option to download the file of repair (I don't know if I'm moving in the right direction well), but it asks me to choose between a 32 - or 64-bit version. And that brings me to the next question: how will I know which version of Vista, I'm on?
    Thanks in advance!


    Try the fixit tool to


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