AutoSave of Windows Mail

There is no mention of the question of whether Windows Mail has the function "auto-save" like MS Word.  When you send an e-mail to long and there is a loss of power, is there a way to retrieve what you typed after that the power is restored and the pc working again?


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Windows Mail is no car except as Word don't.  Your best bet will be to use Word to create your emails any longer and then copy and paste into an e-mail message or save email every few minutes that you type it.

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  • Windows Mail-> Thunderbird. Online help does not program. How to import?

    I'm trying to take the Thunderbird ( online for converting Windows Mail to Thunderbird (no Live Mail). I'm at the stage of import. The instructions say:

    "In Thunderbird, go to tools | ImportExport | Import all messages from a directory. Also to its subdirectories. »

    Under Tools, there is import, but no footage. When the import option is selected, it does not allow a directory location, only what to import (Eveything, Mail, Contacts, etc.). When choose "Import all" and pressing 'Next' nothing is on the list to import. The button 'Next' does nothing and the Cancel button cancels the entire import.

    Can you explain (or point to an article accurate and up-to-date on) how to import all messages (including local mailboxes and the structures of files kept intact).

    Thank you.

    In the first paragraph of the section "Import Windows Mail Messages", it says you need to download and install the ImportExportTools add-on - we. Once installed, the relevant menu options will appear in TB.

  • import from windows mail emails from a broken vista pc

    My 32 bit Vista computer died - power, card mother etc. I have Acronis Disk full backups on a daily and external drive Acronis cloud of my files 'user '. What I don't have is a Windows Mail systems working group to export my old emails. When I run Thunderbird, are there emails in any way I can get these old backup, even if it means going from one place to another to get them.
    As a temporary measure, I am now on a Windows 7 64-bit system.
    If someone can help, but needs more information, let me know.
    Thank you.

    If your drag / drop off the mail will find themselves in some folder you \drop in.

    A better solution would be to use the add-on from the import export tools if you have several nested folders as it will import a folder and the subfolders. The add-on will recreate your folder structure. It you choose to import the messages in a folder and its subfolders.


  • Thunderbird. Migration from Windows Mail (Win7) and Firefox 35.0.1 is not compatible with ImportExportTools of Mozilla Support

    Try to migrate from Windows Mail, NOT Windows Live Mail in Windows 7 Home Premium.
    When I try and import the messages I get the message ' ImportExportTools is not compatible with FireFox 35.0.1.
    I'm following the instructions at

    Y at - it a compatible version?


    Chris Parker

    You can download the extension using Firefox.
    But you will need to install it in Thunderbird.

  • E-mail client reset to Windows Mail from Office Outlook on installation of the latter: How can I do this?

    I recently installed MS Office and of course Outlook has been installed too. Previously, I was able to send a link to Firefox by clicking on the file option and Windows Mail (my preference) would be the load with the link included in the email that I send. She insists now loads of Office Outlook. How do I re-set to Windows Mail? Thank you.

    Hello steve, please refer to change the program used to open links in e-mail

  • Stop the background color printing on e-mail using Windows Mail

    I have asked this question before and was advised. [When I tried to find the answer, I got:' bug 683139]-using the ' high contrast black ""Accessibility Option"Win XP results in the colors of the screen printing", I discovered there was no such bug by this number. Now I think that somewhere in Mozilla there is a simple and complete answer that would solve the problem that I, and several others are apparently seen. So, here is again - when I get and want to print it, the background color that I have on my Windows Mail page prints also. That I don't want. I want to email to print with no background color to everything to save on color ink. It is not flattering that I get an email from my background color is printed when I print the email. So, I need to know how to prevent that from happening?

    Another thread is here - - why did you mark it as resolved and then start another thread?

    This bug exists and a fix we talked until the discussion has been hijacked. Not yet fixed, so turn off the high contrast in Windows text looks like the way to avoid this issue for now. Or use another browser to print from Windows Mail for now.

  • Windows mail problem

    Hello guys. I have windows vista Home premium 32-bit, such as Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus. I do not know "why windows mail does not open.
    I wrote: "cannot open windows mail because of a software restriction policy. For more information, contact the system administrator". Can you help me? I have HP Pavilion desktop computer. Help


    Thanks for posting in the HP Support forum.

    Read this post on the support of Microsoft Answers forum:

    If all goes well, the proposed registry tweak would do the trick.

    If you need a software email client for home or small office use, I also recommend that you consult Mozilla's Thunderbird:

    This is the free and open source, very popular and reliable program.

  • How to recover after crash emails from windows mail?

    I just had to reload vista & all my old files are stored in a folder called "windows.old" including a folder of windows Messaging. I am trying to retrieve all mails that were in windows mail before everything crashed on me, someone knows how?

    Thanks in advance

    I agree with Akuma. It is certainly not related issue of Toshiba and you should try to check some Microsoft forum and try to find a definitive answer.

  • Re: Issue of drafts of Satellite A200-28 and Windows Mail


    can anyone help?
    My laptop has SP1 on it and seems OK except with Windows Mail.

    Every now and then when I put an email in the drafts folder when I return to finish writing it this stupid laptop has marked as an email sent so I can't change it.

    I have to open select "just cut" and paste it into a new email.
    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Stupid thing, it's there are 6 other e-mails in there in some are finished, some are not.
    Yet his chosen it to mark it as a read/sent email.

    Check if you have installed the latest updates for Windows Vista? Thought, there was an update for Windows Mail or something like that.
    This behavior was before you update SP1 already there?

    But I couldn't be that he must look at its parameters. Maybe there are a few options on air currents and how they are treated.
    Sorry, can't give you better help, because I only use Outlook.

  • Problem with Windows Mail on Satellite L350-145

    Establishment of a L350-145, I met a problem to start Windows Mail.
    At first, I thought that the problem could have been due to a large Import OE, or an interaction with my AV (Kaspersky) or software firewall (Comodo).

    However, having disabled from this other software, then by removing existing user Windows Mail files and finally have restored the system to the box start in HARD drive recovery files, I'm still having the problem, it's...

    If I do a deed of record (for example, creating or deleting a folder), the list of records not updated until I exit and restart the Windows Mail application. Similarly, if I empty the deleted items folder that contains a folder deleted the content of deleted items not updated until I exit and restart the application.

    Because this behavior is allowing me to perform actions on files that have already been made, I fear this could eventually lead to a corruption of file / data mean. And since I can reproduce this problem on a freshly recovered system * before * any operation others actions and installs, I'd be surprised to see that no one he met.

    My conclusion is that there is a problem with the distribution of Toshiba for this laptop. The file name for the collection was 06491XSP.swm.

    Try to update Windows Mail and see how it goes.

    I think that its been via WindowsUpdate.

    Otherwise, try the free (and big!) Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Satellite A200-1A 9: problem with sending/receiving e-mail using Windows Mail

    Use Windows mail, I have to open/close the program to be able to send emails, they are entangled in the Outbox. By closing and reopening the program, mail is sent. Also the blue figure 1, supports showning 1 mail unread in the Outbox is there all the time, although there is no read or unread emails in the Outbox

    Not a problem server as all mails are go/very good reception on my desk.

    Pressing on send and receive button does not help. Although from time to time on what it will receive emails when you press send/receive, but will not send the

    I have Norton Internet security 2007 and getting fed up with the ongoing problems that seems to cause during the period 2004-7.

    Is there a problem with the running with Vista Windows mail program which is known

    I think I found a solution

    Please check this:

    Windows Mail won't send or receive emails

    It seems that the update of the Software Desktop SMS Installer version will help to address this problem.

  • Desktop SMS and Windows Mail are not working together


    thought I'd post here here as having a few issues with my Windows Mail but my desktop computer suffers the same problems and on a Vista forum where I posted my problem a few very useful told me who to try to solve the problems.

    One of them suddenly realized I had said my laptop is a Toshiba, and apparently the Desktop SMS and Windows Mail are not working together so that the person suggested unless I use it to uninstall apparently amongst the technically trained its known that these two programs do not like each other and explain why my office is not the problem but the laptop don't.

    After you have reset the Touch of Windows Mail (tutorial on a site vista) wood don't be put off by vistax64 as site 32 and 64 and followed great reset Windows Mail from Brink (do not restore all mail) then uninstalled Desktop SMS and touch of the drink no more mail questions that gave me problems almost every day with marking than reading/sending project messages.

    So had to click forward then remove those bits and complete the email to send and touch wood since doing these two things as soon as send an email to the box shipment or project to obtain the number of emails in parentheses, whereas before it wouldn't happen unless I closed the program and then reopened.

    Hoping that these solutions have solved my problem and wanted to share it with someone else who wants to read this thread and you recommend Vista 64 because they are all very useful there and speak in non-technical terms for those of us not technically trained.


    Thanks for this piece of information. Should be useful for some of us.

  • Windows Mail can receive but not send up to exit application

    Hi and thanks for taking the time to read what I am in need of your help.

    I have a Toshiba P200, Vista Home Premium, Tiscali as my ISP, Norton Internet Security for AV and firewall and access my broadband via Ethernet to a Belkin ADSL router (and occasionally a Siemens router) and I am experiencing some strange events with Windows Mail.

    In short I can receive mail without any problems, but when I send the mail, remaining in the Outbox despite the option send immediately being checked, or by pressing the send/receive button. When I go out Windows Mail mail is sent immediately and is when I restart Windows Mail in the sent messages folder.

    So why I think there is a problem with the laptop. Well, I'm lucky to have a friend who has a non-Toshiba laptop, where all of the above can be replicated. Guess what, Windows Mail sends the message exactly as it should (on my account and on my network, through my router and the ISP, Tiscali etc.), so I conclude that the only difference is that my laptop is a P200.

    I called Tiscali, which confirmed that all my mail settings were OK, POP, SMTP etc, which I expect (because they work on the laptop from my friend), and they advised to contact Microsoft, I did, and since the P200 has pre-installed Vista they say that I need to contact Toshiba, and here I am.
    My P200 has been restored to factory settings, and I tried to get this working without Norton IS and no firewall (Vista and router) but no luck.

    Any ideas would be very appreciated and if I find through other means, I'll post back with the result. If the answer is already out there, please apologize for being too stupid to locate and beg your patience.

    Thank you very much.


    It is typical for support persons. All of them are trying to refer clients and through them. In my opinion Microsoft s reaction is strange to me. They designed the operating system and they should be responsible for the feature.

    I have the Satellite A200 and Satellite P200D and I use Windows Mail on two of them successfully. My laptop is connected to the WIFI router and router directly to the phone line. To be honest, I have configured Windows Mail as you and all of the work are made in a few minutes.

    It is not easy to tell where the problem may be, but I think that there is a problem with some settings of your laptop. Some of them block it somehow. To compare your, with friends laptop is also not the best because it can have completely different OS settings (antivir application, the settings of the firewall).

    Try turning off all the features that can block Windows hotmail to see if there is some difference.

  • locked out using my Windows Mail by accident.

    How can I know it as the user name and password is for my Windows Mail? I've never had to use it and can't remember what they are. How to recover or get news?

    [Moved from the community centre of Participation]

    Vista Windows Mail uses the same ID and password that you use for Webmail site your e-mail server.

  • Error "Failed authentication PLAIN-CLIENTTOKEN" in Windows Mail

    I get the following message from 26/04/14, before that I had no problem with my Windows Mail.  I get this:

    The CLIENTTOKEN PLAIN authentication failed.  None of the authentication methods supported by your IMAP server (if any) are supported on this computer.

    Until yesterday, I had no problem my email.  I don't like the way in which gmail is their e-mail.  I love windows mail but I need help.

    Thank you

    Patricia R

    Original title: Windows Mail

    Hi Bruce,.

    I just wanted you to know that I uncheck in Windows Mail, Log In to authentician and I can now access my e-mail from Windows.

    Thanks again for your help request

    Nice day


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