Availability of Vista drivers for Toshiba laptops

A few months ago, I installed Vista RC1 and it worked well with Vista picking up all the drivers outside the slot for memory card and sound

This was not the end of the world. I could just use my camera docking station - although it was not as convinient and the sound worked, but was not very good. It's abit intestine and the virtual sound thing didn't work.

I just checked on the download section of files on the Toshiba site and there is still no Vista drivers - I have my laptop Satellite A100

Does anyone know when Toshiba released drivers for these things

Vista was released to the manufacturer (RTM) for a few months now and its on sale to the public very soon

I want to know before I installed the final version - that we received


Hey guys

After a lengthy investigation, I found some Vista drivers on Toshiba Canada website:

hope that will follow a different laptop models

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