background image to swap?


I'm looking for a possibility to dynamicaly change the background image of a vi.

See attached example: the switch should change the image of the circle in an area of the image. the two images are superimposed and I thought I could make a visible image and the other invisible, but the images have no terminal in the block diagram...

Any idea?

You will need a convert down to the 7.1. Don't have it on my PC.

I used a photo ring make the images with decorations (btw use allows a gif for transparent images when importing) and stick to the ring of the image. has taken about 30 seconds.

Tags: NI Software

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    Can anyone help identify this error and suggest how to fix it?

    I never heard of this issue.
    Can you change the standard background images provided by Windows?

    When this problem occurs you want some private photos?

  • Background image files

    Do you like the picture background TOSHIBA files?

    I think most of us do, but they are usually available on the preinstalled only Windowses. However, in the case when you are doing your own installation (and you do not register before these background images), these files are not available.

    Could do us a weblace, where we can download these files, available for any user of Toshiba, who just wants to get the favorite background image? Perhaps, some circles of Toshiba's House and beautiful could appear on this site as well.

    Currently I am looking for the new SATELLITE design, which is included in the system of the M50. Someone would be kind enough to send it to me?


    Background images are not available for download. As Meier said maybe it will be nice that all these files can be based on the download page. Maybe one day. :)

    Good bye

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