BACKUP QUESTION: Why is it when I backup the Lightroom Catalog (Edit |) Settings of catalog...) only the *.lrcat file included in the ZIP file... While the *., lrdata file, the preview files, ARE NOT INCLUDED?  When I restore the file *.lrcat from a backu

BACKUP QUESTION: why is it that when I backup the Lightroom Catalog (Edit |) Settings of catalog...) only the *.lrcat file included in the ZIP file... While the *., lrdata file, the preview files, ARE NOT INCLUDED?  When I restore the *.lrcat file from a backup, WHERE ARE THE PREVIEW FILES that should be included in the ZIP to the top.  If *.lrdata (Preview file) are so important, why are not included in the zip?  [email protected]


CraigLevine wrote:

OK, so that's my scenario:

  • QUESTION: WHEN I USE THE [Sub-master] .lrcat, on the new computer, don't need to inculde also files .lrdata [Sub-master] on this external drive?
  • If .lrdata [Sub-master] is regenerated automatically, where he gets all the work (from the preview files) that I did, when I was working, using the .lrdata [Sub-master] when he was on the local disk.

Thanks again for staying with me on this.  I don't know that your answer will solve my confusion. -Craig

[email protected]

Questions 1)

Not because the LRDATA file is fair previews, what LR displays on your screen for a faster loading of the image and will be recreated. The previews only stored in the folder LRDATA is the basic overview created at time of importation for the display of thumbnails and previews of 1:1 for images that you have actually looked in the Loupe View or I guess that appears in the develop module.

He get all the data to create the image themselves file extracts.

If you have several files on your system that have pictures in them and you select one of them that you have not looked at in a while, you will notice LR creation of previews for these images, there will be 3 white dots in the upper right corner of the thumbnail. It's LR creation of previews for the thumbnail view. If you scroll quickly in the grid view, you'll notice a few thumbnails of images are gray, until you stop scrolling, then the upper left tile will come in clear view and the white dots will appear on the other images. It's LR creating previews for those of other images. Once LR created the preview of thumbnails that are on your screen, white spot will disappear. If you scroll down again, you will see more white dots

If you switch to another folder that LR begins again create preview images in this folder. The total number of previews created and stored based on caching of the preview you have in the catalog settings dialog in the management of the files tab.

If not, you need not the LR Previews.lrdata folder. Whenever LR is not very good this folder with a catalog he recreates it to store previews in.

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    If you use iOS 8.1 or later and have not turned on iCloud photo library, or if you use the iOS 7, iCloud backup includes photos and videos in your film or photo library. They will download on your iOS device when restoring.

    • Photos in my photo stream is already stored in iCloud, so that they are not part of your backup. iCloud stores the photos that you have uploaded to my stream of photos for 30 days. To keep these pictures on your device and to be part of your backups, save these photos in your library, film or another album.
    • To view an album My Photo Stream, make sure that my photo stream is enabled in the settings (if use you iCloud photo library, the photo stream my folder is removed).
    • To retrieve the photos synchronized to the origin of your device from your computer, synchronize your device via iTunes on a computer.
    • To restore an iPhone or an iPod touch photo library (or film), iCloud backup must be from an iPhone or iPod touch. To restore photos photo library (or film) to an iPad, iCloud backup must be from an iPad.

    Take care.

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