Backup to maybe flash drive?

Considering options for the backup of the system. Tried to drag and drop everything to disk but not too happy with the results.

Trying to decide between the USB external hard drives and asked if the new 8 GB to 16 inch discs concert would be likely a consideration.

Experience with "purple haze" of media disk sent me to these reflections. Have the original OS disk but have updated and added drivers, want to ensure that I have backups of the system in the event of any problematic scenario. Any input would be appreciated.

The current machine of concern is Presario SR1463CL, Athlon 64 +, 512 M SD3300 Ram, 160G HD WD Caviar, Windows XP Pro Sp1 - 3 installed. USB, card readers and Liteon DVD double layer RW/CD-RW.



P.S. Have searched this forum for related documents and not sufficiently influenced. Intend to search the forums 'Material' and 'Other' to see if I'm right in rough terrain.


Thanks for the comments. Still hesitating, positive probability for HDD enclosure. Abundant information and quick response never fails to amaze me.

Thanks again.



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    After back back, very many updates of windows, my computer is full of problems and it is not representative of the restore points far enough back to correct.  I want really to save my data and programs for flash drive (s) and then go for a full recovery of the system (return to factory).  When you try to do the backup on a 4 GB USB key I get an error including 0 x 81000029.  I have seen posted answers to this.  Everything is included to aid Vista disk from the window which was not included when I bought my computer. Any help would be appreciated.


    The following article should be useful. To use system recovery options, you have Vista installation disc. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) repeatedly will install on the computer Windows recovery environment. To cross check if it is installed, try the following steps.

    1 start the computer and press the F8 key continuously to get advanced boot menu options.
    2. on the menu advanced startup options, check if the Startup Repair tool is in the list.
    3. If so, select it and press ENTER.
    4. If not, then you should organize a Vista installation disc.

    You may receive error messages when you try to perform a backup operation on a Windows Vista-based computer

  • Re-install the Ultra Manager backup-16 G flash drive

    long story short.

    Had a problem with my new 16G flash and finished last week by having to redeem another.  Kept asking me to format the drive when I tried to access it, it was after I got 12 GB of data on it.

    So, got my new and immediately put in shape, why, cause, I didn't want the same problem.  Well, I deleted the backup out of there Manager.  Where can I download this nice piece of software?

    Thanks in advance guys


    Oxford, AL


    Here ya go for those who have the same problem:

  • Win 7 Backup and Restore does not recognize the USB flash drives.

    Win 7 Backup and Restore does not recognize the USB flash drives for a backup image or a recovery disc.  Given that Windows 7 Starter Edition is used in many, if not most of the netbooks and netbooks have no optical drive, support for flash (thumb) drives would be very handy, especially for repair and recovery.

    Back up and restore: frequently asked questions

    You can't save backups to a flash drive, you need an external USB hard drive.


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • Tried to backup my computer on 3 flash drives, but it does not work, possible corrupt files

    I tried to back up my computer on 3 flash drives. None worked. A friend told me that I probably have a file corrupt (s). How can I clean it and remove them? Windows 7

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    The location is a USB flash drive. You can't save backups to a flash drive.

    J W Stuart:

  • How will I know if my flash drive has backed up all my data?

    Just bought a flash drive.  I figured out how to run a backup on the flash drive.  But how do I know if the flash player now has my files?  And which files actually need.  How to restore files should I have to?

    These questions can be answered by checking the help files or documentation for your backup program.  If you have used Windows backup as your backup, open help and Support and check the documentation for backup Windows.

  • How to recover a file on a flash drive that windows removed

    Windows said there was a problem with my removable drive (flash drive) and asked to scan the disk and fix it... other messages that I read says you should do.  I did, but now something very important on the flash drive is gone. I always use the safely remove hardware and eject media option before removing the flash drive.  How can I retrieve this file?

    You can't, it's gone.  You will need to get your most recent backup copy.  Flash drives have an average duration of 4 years direct, but many die younger (30% die during the first 2 years). And don't forget, some die faster.  Take this into account when you use flash drives and always keep a copy of your files in a backup or place online like OneDrive.

  • I have enough space on the flash drive backup but message says no space.

    Original title: complete PC Backup

    I have Windows XP on my computer and try again to back up my computer before a move.  I have two 2 64 GB San disk flash disks that should accommodate more than what I have on my computer.  However, I get the message that one of flash drives is not enough, so I inserted the following - which is not big enough.  Positively, I don't have that much on my computer to consume up to 128 GB of backup space.  Do I need to use a different backup program other than that of the control panel?  Is there another one that is good, useful, fast?  Help!

    If you are using in relying on the built in NT backup to back up your system, it is the primitive technology (obviously - since you will be asked for a floppy disk when it is done).  If you have a disaster (even minor), you'll have a big problem trying to retrieve your orders if you do not have a floppy drive - and maybe even if you do not have a floppy drive you are most likely still a big problem if you need to restore your stuff.

    If you want to make a backup, an image, or a sort of clone of your system, it makes sense to use modern technology - and that the technology is not integrated into XP.

    There are many popular options for XP Backup and imaging software (s) of third parties.

    A people a popular seem to like is Acronis.

    With this (free 30 day trial) you backup, you can make a bootable CD or bootable USB (which is modern, huh?) and use than disaster.

    They used to have a completely free version - maybe no more - just the 30 day trial, and then you have to buy, but it is highly respected.

    It is so much more robust than the XP Backup, it's laughable.

    There are many other options if you do a little research on Google...

    Here are a few products that other users of the forum could be appealing.  Use Google to find and read about their features and capabilities.  Some have free versions, or you can buy to get more features:

    If you have a Western Digital drive, you can get a version of Acronis True Image free of WD:

    Or you can get the backup software and cloning separately (this is not an exhaustive list and in no particular order, some are free, some not):

    Acronis True Image Home
    EASEUS ToDo Backup free
    Paragon Drive Copy or Partition Manager Personal
    Norton Ghost

    Some disk cloning software for you to Google ideas:

    Marcium account
    Acronis True Image Home 11
    EASEUS ToDo Backup
    Paragon Drive Copy or Partition Manager Personal
    Norton Ghost

    No matter what method you choose, it is prudent to test your method of end to end to make sure that it works.

    You can create a temporary folder somewhere on your system and copy a bunch of files, perform your backup, and then delete the temporary folder and don't forget that you can retrieve your backup.

    The day you have your backup/restore process to work is not the day, namely that it does not work.

  • iphoto to flash drive backup

    iphoto to flash drive backup

    Format the drive to Mac OS extended (journaled) and drag the iPhoto for her library


  • My flash drive which was a backup of my system windows has been accidentally immersed in water. When it is dry can still be used without destroying my USB port?

    My flash drive which was a backup of my system windows has been accidentally immersed in water.  When it is dry can still be used without destroying my USB port?


    Put it in a bag of rice for a few days or more. -seal the bag.

    If you remove all the moisture, it shouldn't affect the USB ports if nothing is
    possible. Usually it is not a problem if the moisture is removed.

    I hope this helps.
    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" experience :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Cannot perform a full backup of my drive hard using a 16 GB Flash drive

    Original title: backup

    I am trying to perform a full backup of my hard drive using a 16 GB Flash disk. Windows does not allow me to do so; or he will put in the form of USB key when prompted to do so.  Help me Mr Wizard.

    1. which is the version of Windows installed on the computer? For example, Windows 7, Vista
    2. do you use the Windows backup feature to backup?
    3. What is the size of the data you want to save on the Flash drive?
    4. what happens when you perform the backup? You get an error as well?
    If you use Windows 7, check out these links.
    See: how much space storage do I need back up files?
    See also:
    Hope the information is useful.
  • I want to use a flash drive for backup, BUT I want a full backup of the entire drive.

    I had once an external drive for backup.  It was supposed to be a backup that would replace everything and put it back where it was.  I cheated because when I got to use it I found that it would reinstall was certain documents and photos.  None of my downloads and all the update programs has been lost. I wanted a mirror image!

    Now, I think a full image on a flash drive would be the way to go, but I don't know what software to use.

    I need help from someone who has this software and a USB flash drive.  Thank you


    1/10 1.5 TB = 150 GB - buy a 150 GB flash drive (if you could find it on the market today) could cost you an arm and a leg. Buy a 1 to external portable HARD drive can cost you a little more $ 100.

    I hope this helps.

  • Backup for exFAT vs NTFS flash drive time

    Windows XP SP3 Home system running.
    Backup of 2.2 GB of data to a USB SanDisk flash drive takes 45 minutes for vs exFAT 14 minutes for NTFS.  Does anyone else get similar results?


    I suggest to check the following links and check if it helps.

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    Hope the information is useful.

  • Using a USB flash drive for backup more driver and application backup recovery

    I have a 32 GB flash drive I used to create a recovery for my Aspire S7 backup using Windows 8.1. I understand that in creating this backup everything on the flash drive is deleted before creating backup. Can I now use this drive for other purposes, e.g., pilots and backup applications, pictures, documents, etc., or this flash drive now should he remain dedicated to the sole purpose of being a backup recovery?

    Hi zimmerbob

    I keep as a backup to dedicated recovery flash drive and use one for drivers & applications.

    It is always wise to keep the recovery discs, as well as the recovery disks. Flash memory is quite inexpensive for the moment!

  • I use Vista and want to backup all my pictures and video on a flash drive. How can I do this?

    I use Vista and want to backup all my pictures and video on a flash drive.  How can I do this?

    The simplest and most reliable way is also the fastest and safest:

    (1) connect your Flash drive

    (2) open your pictures folder and the Flash Drive file side-by-side

    (3) drag your photos into the Flash drive

Maybe you are looking for