Backups Time Machine very slow on 2015 MacBook Air

Associated with a topic of discussion between a few days ago (two MacBooks, 10.11.4, a fast Time Machine backup and a very slow), I start a new topic with new information that seem to show it is a problem more general and not related to Time Machine networks.

Here's the situation:

  • A 2015 MacBook Air, 10.11.4, 8 GB / 512 GB, has extremely slow performance of backup Time Machine, taking 40 hours for the first 300 GB backup and incremental backups for a long time as well
  • TM performance is essentially the same whether on the network (wired Ethernet) or a USB3 external disk
  • When you back up to disk USB3, I confirmed that the information system shows that the port is configured as USB3, not USB2 (nothing else is plugged into the USB port)
  • Tests of bandwidth I/O gross (using dd and iperf) show no problem; the network reached 110 MB/s bandwidth, written network managed at 50 Mbps, external USB3 HD written work at 40-50 MB/s (write hard drive speed limit)
  • 3 other Macs of various ages from 2009-2014 on the same network have no problem at all do backups Time Machine Network; a backup complete first on a 2011 MacBook Pro 500 GB takes 5 hours or more than 10 x faster than the MBA problem
  • Time machine network uses a Linux server running the latest Debian and Netatalk 3.1.8 and the connection is via a USB3/Gigabit adapter, no WiFi, and iperf tests with this arrangement shows 900 MB/s of throughput of the server.  In all cases, the Time Machine and external time Machine Network USB HD have the same symptoms.
  • The problem with MacBook Air is configured the same as the MacBook Pro 2011, which she replaced "daily driver", possible
  • This problem was shown by the MBA since his unboxing conversion, taking 20 hours for his first backup once Setup initially.  Incremental backups now take several hours, leading to interrupted incremental backups and, I believe, databases corrupted backup triggers new full backups that take today the 40 hours.

Using Terminal Server and iostat, Console, etc, I see that there is significant activity e/s for the backup drive on the order of 20 to 40 MB/s for long periods on the MBA during the TM backup, but during that time the average declared backup size as shown in the window in the console and TM is growing by only 5 GB/hour.  This occur even if the backup will the external drive or a network drive. This seems to mean that the I/O bandwidth to and from the disk hard external, only 1/600 contributes to the progress of the backup.  I am sure that there is overload of certain checks and other tasks, but not to a 600-to-1 ratio.

I tried to disable the limitation of the I/O of low priority as shown here: close-el-capitan-upgrade, that helps a bit (maybe 20-30%), but not by a factor of 10 for others.

I have gone through a number of the Time Machine of Pondini troubleshooting steps, but he found nothing corresponding to these symptoms.

The only thing I can conclude is that Time Machine, the application or configuration, on this specific MBA, is down. (A single thought that I wrote this to the top that I have not tried: the MBA and the time MBP running VMware Fusion and have a file of 50 + GB VM; on the MBA that is not excluded from TM backups while on the MBP is)

Does anyone have advice on what to watch next?  In all cases, only one key would be why it seems that only 0.16% of all the bandwidth I/O to the backup drive seems to be actual data backup.

Once again, three other Macs, all running the same 10.11.4, back to the Time Machine Server perfectly and have for years.  Only this new MBA glue as broken out, either to a network drive or an external hard drive USB3.


(A single thought that I wrote this to the top that I have not tried: the MBA and the time MBP running VMware Fusion and have a file of 50 + GB VM; on the MBA that is not excluded from TM backups while on the MBP is)

What happens when you exclude it as the MBP?

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  • Backups Time Machine EXTREMELY slow

    I have over 500 GB for backing up a Mac Book Pro 2.7 GHz, 16 GB of RAM.

    When I connect the HD 1 TB in a single day does about 40 GB means that it will take several days making the first backup.

    Not a problem if I do not need to use the computer.

    But when I move, sometimes, the USB cable will move and the backup was interrupted and had to start again.

    It will be very useful if I could to pause the backup, or I can do remotely by the USB port on the router, but mine is D Link.

    I do the backup of an another Macbook that I won't touch these days, so I managed to connect one computer to another via Airdrop.

    Does anyone have another solution?

    Kind regards.

    After a major update, as many files changed, Time Machine backup is indeed a lot of your time, although I've never known this measure more than one or two hours.

    My suggestion would be to stop the backup, restart your Mac, and then manually call the ball upwards before you stop using your computer at night, make sure you leave your powered Mac of the day overnight.

  • Why is backup time machine so slow?

    I bought a new backup drive.  1 TB LaCie.

    I can copy files directly to him and it's pretty fast.

    When I try to make a backup using time machine, it took 2 hours for 5 GB of backup and still has not finished to calculate the time to complete the backup.

    Kind regards


    Maybe this will help you:

    Is this the first full backup or incremental backups?

    The first backup takes a long time.

  • How to set up backup Time Machine with MacBook?

    Hello community:

    I wonder what is the best way to configure a Time Machine backup with a new MacBook.

    Because the device has only a USB port that is also used to load, I don't really feel comfortable that I can only backup wile, the MacBook is on battery. That doesn't seem fair.

    One possibility would be to use the adapter USB C AV that she can continue to charge the MacBook while being a USB hard drive is connected. But I'm not a big fan of having to deal with three cards for a simple task like a backup.

    Apple promotes wireless with the MacBook. One possibility is to use a (rather expensive) Time Capsule or a NAS that takes care of Time Machine.

    There are now hard drives wireless market. Does anyone have experience with these?

    I'd be curious to know how you do it.

    Thank you!

    Ideal for keeping backups Time Machine 'behind the scenes', you want to use the solutions SIN or Time Capsule. You can also use a 802.11ac AirPort Extreme with a USB external HD as well.

    Don't forget the partial backups will occur at least once per hour after the first full backup is made to take full advantage of what offers Time Machine. Although the connection of an external disk directly to the MacBook would potentially offer the best performance of overall data transfer, it must be connected.

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with hard drives wireless so I can't help you there. Because they would have to connect to the same network of Wi - Fi as the MacBook, all backups would go first the wireless AP, then, on this disc. I can only imagine the performance of data transfer to be a little dismal at best.

  • Loading iTunes library of old, defunct macbook to new macbook using backups Time Machine

    Hello. How can I get iTunes library from my old Macbook loaded on my new Macbook using the backup Time Machine that exists from the old machine. The new mac is connected to the time machine, I can open Time machine, see the backups, but get nowhere when you attempt to load the library in iTunes on my new Macbook. I see the file .itl from the old machine to backups... where can I go from here?

    The iTunes library on the new machine is empty, so save is not a matter of concern.

    Thank you!

    Message from ludovic 06/2014: library iTunes backup restore Time Machine - useful advice where to restore to a new drive: -> and make sure you go back enough for the version you want.  If Time Machine backup just the version "later" may be one you don't want to.

  • El Capitan upgrade crash & loss of backup Time Machine

    I have a 2008 MBP running Yosemite and back up to a Time Capsule. Last week, I noticed weird problems with connectivity and slow performance. Last week, I started receiving messages that the Time Machine backup failed.

    I decided to upgrade to El Capitan in the hope to solve weird problems I saw. I checked in the application Time Machine that my last backup was March 28, so I proceeded with the upgrade.

    The upgrade of the El Capitan crashed and I got an error report. I tried several of the fixes available online (hold Shift and start in safe mode to complete installation, command-R and reloading the OS X). Nothing has worked.

    I finally decided to go back to my backup TM start over and try again. I held command-R and got in the start menu. I chose to restore from a backup Time Machine, which has been connected to my TM. However, my TM shows that my latest backup is 28 July 2015. It is a huge problem...

    How is it, I was warned never between July and March that backups are not working?

    Why TM would show that I had a valid backup on 28 March, when its not available in the restoration of the process?

    I am at a loss. I am trying to restart in safe mode to see if my files are still on my local HD, but who is locked up.

    Can you please advise what to do? Thank you.

    Time Machine is less reliable.

    I advise the people now to create a clone of their computer startup drive bootable using an application like Carbon Copy Cloner... immensely more reliable than TM.

    Which of course is useless for you now.

    My advice is to put the current hard drive of the computer replaced. It is likely that the installation failed (and your previous operating system was in place) because of the disk hard defective... they are cheap and readers are now extremely better than 2008 if the laptop is on the original drive.

    Clean, install the OS on the new drive, then connect the old hard drive to the computer using a sata cable USB... drive bracket / speaker.

    Then you're going to see how good or bad it is... and I hope that you can import (use the migration assistant) and get all of your files.

  • Moving backups Time Machine - the operation cannot take place because the backup item is not editable

    I want to change the external hard drive that I use for my time machine backups. I went through the steps listed here:

    Time Machine: How to transfer backups from a current backup disk to a new backup drive - Apple Support

    It seems to work correctly. I shot TM back and adding the new drive. TM is now backing up files on the drive up, but there is a problem.

    For some reason, TM has begun to put backups "freely" for lack of better in the external hard drive, and not in the backups.backupdb folder for a week, then returned to save them in the backups.backupdb > ComputerName > files from backups. So in other words, when you click on the hard drive in the finder, it opens the player and you see a folder named Backups.backupdb and then a bunch of mixed in which files are backups time machine named 2016-01-24-XXXXXX, etc.. When you go to the folder Backups.backupdb, there's a more random "loose" time machine backup file 2016-01-23-XXXXXX, and then another folder with the name of computers and in the folder are all TM backups except loose ones I mentioned earlier.

    It seems that TM is working properly now, but I don't know why he put the files from the first days outside the backup folder. However, when I do drag, I get the error:

    The operation cannot be completed because backup items is not editable

    I want to just put all the files in the right folder so that I can A) keep my disk organized and (B) ensure what TM can find everything correctly should I have to go back.

    No idea what is happening and how to fix it?

    Although the documentation Apple says you can copy Time Machine backups in the Finder, it is very slow and sometimes does not.

    This technique works only if the volume that you copy to the same size or larger that that you are copying to.

    First of all, please open the Time Machine preference pane and click the Select Disk... button. You may be able to unlock the settings first, by clicking on the padlock icon in the lower left corner of the window. Log in as administrator.

    Remove the volume you want to copy in the list of backup destinations. Then turn off Time Machine.

    Launch disk utility, open the built-in Help and search for the term 'Double '. Follow the instructions. All existing data on the destination volume will be deleted. That shouldn't be a problem, because you do not want to mix non-sauvegarde and backup data on the same drive anyway.

    If the volume you are copying has been encrypted by Time Machine, you must first unlock it. Click the release button in the toolbar of the disk utility window.

    Turn Time Machine back on and select the new volume as a backup destination. Alternatively, you can continue to use the old volume, if you wish. Both will be alternated when both are available.

    ATTENTION: If you copy the volume is corrupted, as shown by the ERD or first aid in disk utility, while corruption is copied to the new drive. Do not copy data from a damaged on a faulty disk volume. Put aside the reader and do not use until you don't know that you no longer need the data. Then securely erase it and bring it to a recycling center. Do the same if the restore operation fails with "disk errors."

  • Backups Time Machine missing after model clean install

    For a Mac using Time Machine to back up, is there a way to clean install OS X for a new internal SSD and keeps backups Time Machine historical which have been made using the previous internal SSD?  While as I use it to back up the new internal SSD TM, TM will show the backup history of both the previous internal SSD and the new (up to the capacity of the disc from the TimeCapsule).

    MacBookPro8, 2 I used Time Machine on a time Capsule TB 3 towards the rear for 2 years. No problems and shows 2.24 available 3 TB.

    Last night I did a clean model 10.11.5 install a new SSD, and a transfer application, the user accounts Migration Wizard, etc. Since the previous flash SSD disk internal (format / installed the new SSD, attached to the internal SSD previous via USB flash disk, then started in Recovery Mode to clean the installation model to the new internal SSD and when prompted did the previous internal SSD Migration Assistant).

    Everything no problem above went very well. But now when I "TimeMachine enter", I see that the most recent backup made (before the clean install).  The right navigation (which goes in reverse chronological order of the lower part of the screen to the top) seems to show the date on which the previous backups have been identified.  But if I click on a date, TM Finder main window does not scroll from that date. The top / arrow down buttons to the right of the main window of Finder TM also do not respond to clicks.

    So far as I can tell, I've lost all TM backups except the most recent. I have all saved data elsewhere outside time Capsule, so between that and the 1 backup, I can see in TM I have not lost anything.

    If I had done the Migration Wizard from the TimeCapsule rather than the previous internal SSD flash drive, would that have kept all historical TM backups?

    Thanks for any idea

    Time Machine, please press the shift-command-C key combination. The windshield will show the mounted volumes. All snapshots should now be accessible. Select the one you want and search for files to restore.

    If you need to restore from a backup of the hidden user library folder, first select a snapshot, and then press shift-command-G. A go to the folder dialog box opens. In this document, you enter the path to the folder. The dialog box will help you by automatically filling parts of the path when you start typing.

    The path starts with the slash character ("/"). Enter that. The rest of the parts is separated by slashes.

    The next part is the date and time of the current snapshot. Enter a '2', and the rest of the date should be filled in automatically. Press the right arrow key to access the end of the path. Enter a slash to start the next game.

    Next is the volume name (usually "Macintosh HD" unless you assigned a different name.) Start typing, then jump to the end and enter a slash.

    The next part is 'Users', followed by a slash.

    Then is your short user name. It is also the name of your home folder, which is represented by an icon of the House in the sidebar of a Finder window.

    Finally, enter "Library", and then press return. You should now be in the library folder. From there, you can move like in the Finder. You can also select another snapshot of the same folder.

  • Cannot scroll to delete several email messages-just one at a time and very slow-help?


    10.10.5 Yosemite

    Can not hold the command to scroll down and delete send several messages, just one at a time and VERY slow-help?

    If the emails are side by side, select one, then hold down the SHIFT key and select the last one. Hold the command key and clicking on the individual emails should work. What happens when you try?

  • Opening iPhoto library from a backup Time Machine in pictures

    I'm trying to make sure I have backups of all the photos of my old iPhotos library (something that I can open the individual files in the Finder, not just a copy of "iPhoto" Library). I turned on my old iMac that is not used much more to make copies, and when I open 'Photos' my iPhoto library is not linked. When I hold "option" at the opening of the Photos app, I see these options:

    I think I'm trying to access the old iPhoto library, so I click on it, but then I see this message:

    I tried to go to disk utility to repair permissions, but the problem persists. My next thought was to open an old Time Machine backup and try and open the backup iPhoto library, but when I do that, I see this screen:

    Any suggestions on how to access my old photos? What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you!

    Are these old libraries or backups Time Machine? TM backups cannot be opened directly, you must first use TM to restore the disk

    and where are these libraries? On the main drive or on an eternal drive? If on a DHM what format is and how is it connected?


  • Partial access to the backup time machine


    I tried to upgrade Yosemite to El Capitan, but failed. If the local bank staff did a clean install for me. Prior to this, internal hard drive for my Mac has been saved using Time Machine, on an encrypted external hard drive. However, Time Machine is unable to restore a back ups (shows the chronology of the previous backups, but the restore button is gray).

    However, backups are visible in the structure of the external hd directories. However, only some, not all directories are available. For example, I was able to copy Documents mailed to the internal hd hd, but Google Drive are not available. More detail in the attachments.

    My question is: How can I solve the problem just described and, in particular, to obtain access to directories that are blocked so far on the external hard drive?

    Indeed, you have a 'new' Mac... from the hard drive of your Mac "old" has been erased and a new operating system has been installed.

    Time Machine will allow you only to restore a backup, if you look at your current Mac made backups. Since you have a 'new' Mac... (who did not backup, Time Machine is concerned)... you can not use Time Machine to restore the data.

    Instead, use the Migration Wizard on your Mac.  It is located Finder > Applications > utilities > Migration Wizard

    Things could be a lot easier, however, if you take the Mac and your hard drive... with Time Machine backups... back to the Apple Store and let the 'genius' accomplish the task it should have done before.

    In fact, when you first turned on the new 'Mac', installation wizard should have appeared and ask you if you want to restore from Time Machine backups.  That would be the best way, and easier to make your 'new' look Mac as your 'old' Mac but fortunately Migration Assistant can perform a similar function.

  • Is it necessary to use separate external hard drive or external hard drive new or freshly formatted for backup time machine.

    Is it necessary to use separate external hard drive or external hard drive new or freshly formatted for backup time machine.

    Both fresh and freshly, can use as a Time Machine backup HARD drive, although I personally prefer to use newly formatted disk.

  • That the restoration of a backup time machine, a previous password change?

    That the restoration of a backup time machine, a previous password change?

    It could, if the last backup was performed before the change of password, and she understood this password file.

    But if you are missing a password, see this article on the search for your password with the keychain:


    The fact that Time Machine does not have backed up prior to the change, or discarded a way to backup older you may have missed an opportunity to save, if you have changed it.

  • Delete older backups time machine of trash

    I placed the old backups time machine on my full backup of portable 1 TB. Now, I can't empty the trash on my iMac 2009, I'm on OS X El Capitan 10:11:4.

    How can I remove the trash?

    I tried to place the basket by placing folders in the Terminal, in accordance with the instructions from apple support, but it does not work.

    Try to hold the Option key while trying to trash.

    You can't empty the trash or move a file to the trash

  • Upgrade to Yosemite with backup Time Machine El captain

    I have a machine on Mavericks I would take to Yosemite.  I already have the application installed.  I wish it were a mirror image of my machine El Capitan.  Can I switch to using a time Machine Yosemite El Capitan?


    No, but you can upgrade to El Capitan. At this point, you can go to Yosemite, but you can't make a mirror of the El Capitan system. You can't mix and match OS X versions.

    You can restore the backup Time Machine of El Capitan is what your folder.

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