BAD Offset Null

Hi all. I measure the strain with gauges of half-bridge. I use offset null, but if I change rate samples each time I have nonzero values. I now what is a ghost, but is at - it a method or calculations now which is exactly the rate for me to get the values null on unloaded of the strain gauges?

P.S. I get about rates zero on = 15000 s/s

I'm guessing you already read that, will depend on so the real answer to how fast you can taste on the impedance of the system and how fast can stabilize a load high-impedance switching between channels.

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    I'm trying to use the example
    load_cell_null_off_shuntcal.VI with a scale of full-bridge (Honeywell
    Model 31, not amplified). I'm using LabView 8.6, cDAQ-9172 and NI9237. The
    load cell is connected to the pins 2,3,6 and 7.

    Entries for the front side of the VI
    are: excitation10V internal; mV/V 2.1492 (calibration sheet); weight max 10
    lbs; resistance bridge 350 ohms (Honeywell specifications); 9237 shunt internal
    100 kohm resistance; map of shunt R4 (default setting). I chose
    "Do not offset null" and "shunt cal.

    This is the error I get:

    Error-200077 occurred at DAQmx
    Do a calibration Shunt (bridge) .vi:1 or the possible reasons:

    Measurements: Requested value is not
    support for this property value.

    AI. Bridge.ShuntCal.GainAdjust

    You asked:-61.980405e3

    Valid values begin with: 500.0e - 3

    Valid values ending with: 1.500000

    If the "shunt cal.
    green button is not selected, there is no error. I understand that the Gain
    Change value should be approximately 1, whereas I get is much larger. The Subvi DAQmx PerformShuntCalibration
    .VI (bridge) contains a "Call library function node" which I did not
    find out how interrogate.

    Someone else has experience
    with this error? Do you have any advice on:

    How to 'see' the calculations being
    carried out inside the "call library function node"?

    What the correct shunt element
    a full-bridge load cell location is? (although changing this location only)
    does not eliminate the error, I can't find this info).

    What can I do wrong with
    my entries to cause this error?

    Thank you


    Hi Claire,

    You must physically connect the SC of arm of the bridge terminals (normally R3). The terminal is not provided for the connection of external resistors.

    See the example

    C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\examples\DAQmx\Analog In\Measure Strain.llb\Cont Acq strain samples (with calibration) - OR

  • Gap between the screws with the NI 9237 & Assistants DAQ

    I have a set of scales attached to a NI 9237 module in a cDAQ 9174. I have two separate screws following the gross load cell output (mV/V). The two screws acquire through a DAQ Assistant. Two Assistants DAQ are configured in the same way, and yet they have different output values. Reads around 0.003 mV/V being not charged while the other reads 0.03 mV/V - an order of magnitude difference. Any thoughts on why this is? Thank you!

    Thanks David,.

    Finally, I followed him there down to a calibration offset null being applied to a DAQ Assistant and not the other. Is there a way to remove this discrepancy in the DAQ Assistant? It is not evident. I only noticed after DAQmx code conversion and managed to remove it it.

  • Strain Gage Calibration Wizard in MAX

    V MAX 4.6.0f1

    I have gauges 1/4 bridge connected to the SCXI-1314/SCXI-1520 module 3ea.  Strain Gage Calibration Wizard will only perform a reliable "Offset Null" if I create a global virtual channel for each individual gage.  If I create a task NIDaq-MX, none of the templates will be "offset null" correctly.

    This is a problem because I use VI Logger.  VI Logger only accepts the tasks, not a global set of virtual channels.  Why the wizard of calibration of strain Gage works only on each global virtual channel?

    I hate to reply to my own post, but: "Autozero" mode must be set to OFF, never ONCE.  Apparently, who raises the calibration askew.

  • simple pressure transducer


    Does anyone have a pressure transducer with offset null simple vi constructed in code. I'm relatively new to labview and most of the examples I have seen are way to complex for me to understand what is happening.  Is it better to use the DAQmx Wizard or data acquisition?  I have two sensor of pressure (excitation omegadyne-10V) hung on to with a module for 1121 SCXI-1327. I wrote a program to convert mV to pressure using a linear scale, but that's all I know how to do at this point! And I want to know how to read the two transducers.  Thank you!

    Don't forget that you will need to change your excitement of inside out and remove the part with the shunt calibration.

  • Error-50150 when calling DAQmx perform compensated bridge removal

    I have a question very similar to This One, but the opposite is happening. I create a task that contains 2 channels of analog input (strain gage quarter-bridge). One of the channels is on a cDAQ NI 9235 Module, the other is a cDAQ NI 9219 module. Both modules are in the same chassis OR cDAQ-9172. When I try to run the DAQmx perform compensated bridge removal on the job, I get error-50150.

    If my task contains channels of only one of the modules cDAQ calibration completed successfully. Any ideas? I can't understand what is the cause.

    More information...

    LabVIEW 8.6.1

    DAQmx 9.0.2


    Certified LabVIEW Architect

    Hi TobyD,

    This seems to be a variation on the other problem you have linked, CAR #4HDABJ0O in the legacy CAR Pb, alias #198928 in the BD of CAR new CAR.

    DAQmx has a special code for offset NI 9219 removal, to manage the NI 9219 special scale of watchkeeping. (Considerations NOR-DAQmx devices > physical channels > C using DAQmx series explains how the mode of watchkeeping on the NI 9219 is special.) Looks like it is originally calibration null offset NI 9219 acquire separately the calibration offset NI 9235 null data, leading DAQmx to disable all channels on one of the modules, DAQmx handles incorrectly, causing the error.

    It seems that the #198928 CAR should be fixed in the next version of DAQmx. Until then, the workaround is to create separate tasks for execution of the offset null calibration on each module. Note that you can query the AI. Property Bridge.InitialVoltage of each channel to these separate tasks, then set it on every channel in a combined task, so that you can perform your actual purchase by using the combined task. You need only to separate the tasks of calibration offset null real.


  • load cell 9237 + full-bridge: load - error 200077

    I try to use with load cell (Honeywell model 31, not amplified). I'm using LabView 8.6, cDAQ-9172 and NI9237. Entries: excitation10V internal; mV/V 2.1492 (calib. bin); weight 10 lbs max. resistance bridge 350 ohms (Honeywell specifications); 9237 internal shunt resistance 100 kohm; map of shunt R4 (default setting). Selected "offset null" and "shunt cal.

    Error-200077 occurred to Shunt calibration perform DAQmx
    . VI:1 (bridge) or the possible reasons:

    Measurements: Requested value is not a supported value for
    This property.

    Property: I. Bridge.ShuntCal.GainAdjust

    You asked:-61.980405e3

    Valid values begin with: 500.0e - 3

    Valid values ending with: 1.500000

    If "shunt cal' green button not selected, no error. Setting the gain should be about 1. Subvi DAQmx PerformShuntCalibration (bridge) .vi contains "Call library function node" which is locked (?).

    Any ideas?

    What is the location of item correct shunt for a full-bridge load cell? Change this location does not eliminate the error.

    Hello, YTC,.

    The problem is most likely in your external connections of the NI 9237 and the load cell.  As mentioned in NI 9237 Operating Instructions and specifications, page 9, SC + SC - pins must be connected to the terminals of the resistance specified in the .vi of Shunt calibration perform DAQmx (bridge) (in the case of a full bridge, it would be R3).

    Let me know if you still have problems with your calibration.

  • 1520 strain no reading

    Experimental set-up:

    SCXI chassis, the module of 1520, 1314 accessory; 6062E pcmcia.

    Half bridge 350 ohm (type II), and even that (checked by manual measurement with multimeter) shunt resistors. Self excitation (2, 5V).

    I want to measure the strain but cannot. When I started to acquisition, an initial value is shown, say,-200. The value decreases at a constant rate until it reaches autour-970, remains constant.

    I checked manually:

    P - P voltage +: 2.49V

    Voltage output - P: - 1.24

    Output voltage - P'+: 1.24

    Voltage at the terminals of R4: 1.24 V

    Voltage at the terminals of the R3: 1.24 V

    P + - Vout resistance: 350 ohms

    Resistance P - Vout: 350 ohm

    If I try the offset null calibration, I get error-200380 (see attachment).

    So it looks like an open circuit, but I interpret manually tension through R, what happens?

    I am amazed on the solution that I found:

    After checking with the multimeter is everything as should be, I changed full bridge configuration in order to access with the meter at each point in the bridge and provide measures.

    Everything was going fine manually but still not in LV

    So, after a while, I changed .vi DAQmx Read of multiple channels of wave rippling single channel, as I was measuring only one channel.

    Now everything works fine.

    I am amazed, I supoused that channel Multiple consisted only a single channel.

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                protected void layout(int width, int height)
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                    this.setExtent(550, 250);

    Just write your edit as field

    SerializableAttribute public class RichEditField extends BasicEditFields


    int [] offsets = null;

    Are police [] = null;

    String text = null;

    RichEditField (label As String, String text, int [] offsets, make police [])


    Super (label, text);

    This.Text = Text;

    This.Label = Label;

    Offsets = this.offsets;

    This.font = do;

    Add validation for offsets and text here


    RichEditField (label As String, String text)


    Super (label, text);

    This.Text = Text;

    This.Label = Label;

    This.offsets = {0};

    This.font = {g.getDefaultFont ()};

    Add validation for offsets and text here


    / * Here is a method to add customization of fonts as

    setFont (offset, length);

    setFont (offset);

    public void paint (Graphics g)


    g, Clear ();

    for (int i = 0; i)<>


    calculate it according to x, y using offset

    int length = 0;

    g.setFont (do [i]);

    If (i<>

    length = offset [i + 1] - offset [i];

    on the other

    Length = Text.length () - offset [i];

    g.drawText (text.substring (0, length), x, y);

    Super.Paint (g);



    This method is not compiled may have errors and may have many features according to your needs.

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    Bitmap - any Bitmap that you generate using suggestion of Hithredin.

    Good luck!

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    5.5 vSphere Administration Guide: & src = vmw_so_vex_ahanc_265

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    Source port identifier

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    The TDP and UDP destination port number


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    S: Syn flag

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    code 0 = Please check if the Android player was totally started when you got this error. Otherwise, you can either


    increase the time-out of the launch of reader Android on BlackBerry-> BlackBerry Android Development Tools


    page preferably or wait until the Android player is completely started and try again. NULL.]



    Please guide me how to solve this question where can I find


    BlackBerry-BlackBerry Android Development Tools >

    Please guide me with the Exact path

    Thank you

    OK, I have one installed and installed a new freshly.

    Solved my problem. Please answer my query to the other

    on the loading BAR file on BlackBerry Q5 Please.

  • Offset and IGNORE NULLS for LEAD/LAG

    Hi all

    so far, I thought that I understood the functioning of LEAD and the DELAY, but after you add the IGNORE NULLS and a shift, I'm confused

    I created a Fiddle SQL that executes a 11 g R2, v$ version returns Oracle Database 11 g Express Edition Release

    CREATE TABLE vt (part INT, ord int, val INT);
    INSERT INTO vt VALUES(1, 1, 8);
    INSERT INTO vt VALUES(1, 2, 10);
    INSERT INTO vt VALUES(1, 3, 3);
    INSERT INTO vt VALUES(1, 7, 2);
    INSERT INTO vt VALUES(1, 9, 5);

    Arghhh, of course, I am wrong and the result is correct

    OFFSET 2 more IGNORE NULLS does not mean ""find the next non null from two lines after the current line ", there "find the 2nd non-NULL value from directly after the current line". "

    And to compensate FOR the 1, both rules will return the same result.

    This occurs when you are focused on a specific thing and not see the forest for the trees.

  • When I try to automate - fusion photo I get this error - which freezes my Mac and I have to force leave to use anything - 19 error: bad argument: invalid resource format. Error on line 0, the character offset 560, in ' {alignChildren: 'fill', text: ' $$$

    Error 19: Bad argument: invalid resource format. Error on line 0, the character offset 560, in ' {}alignChildren: 'fill', text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/process/Name = Photomerge', orientation: 'row', alignment: "fill."View1: Panel{"text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/Scr/layout = layout", direction: "column", alignment: ["fill", "fill"],View2: Group{orientation: "column", alignment: "fill."_LOauto: RadioButton {text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/shine/Photomerge/Scr/Auto = Auto ", alignment: 'left'"},view4: Image {image: "/Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CS6/Presets/Scripts/Stack%20Scripts%20Only/P_AutoAlign _Automatic_87x38.png"}},view5: Group{orientation: "column", alignment: "fill."_LOperspective: RadioButton {text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/Scr/Perspective = Perspective', alignment: 'left'},Vision7: Image {image: "/Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CS6/Presets/Scripts/Stack%20Scripts%20Only/P_AutoAlign _Perspective_87x38.png"}},view8: Group{orientation: "column", alignment: "fill."_LOcylindrical: RadioButton {text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/Scr/cylindrical cylindrical = ', alignment: 'left'},view10: Image {image: "/Applications/Adobe%20Photoshop%20CS6/Presets/Scripts/Stack%20Scripts%20Only/P_AutoAlign _Cylindrical_87x38.png"}},view11: Group{orientation: "column", alignment: "fill."_LOspherical: RadioButton {text: ' $$$ / AdobePlugin/Shared/Photomerge/Scr/spherical ball = ", alignment: 'left'"},view13: Image {image: ' /}

    Hi Donald,.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    This happens usually when the script does not have enough permissions to manage this.

    Please make sure that this folder applications, and two libraries have full read and write.

    Also if it happens again, please tell me if you use Bridge for example or directly with Photoshop.

    Thank you


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