Bad speakers on Satellite C70D-B-10UM

My girlfriend bought me a new laptop of Toshiba C70D-B-10U (my second Toshiba), it's a good laptop outside speakers, they are terrible. I didn't want my first post to be a complaint but, Toshiba cut corners when he put the speakers in this series of laptops.

Or did I not put their right has anyone else had this problem, ideas or solutions thanks.


I think your laptop is only small stereo speakers and the sound is not the best. I have S50 Satellite - B with Harman/kardon speakers, and the sound is really good.

You can try to change the sound options, but if you want to have the best sound quality I'm afraid you need external speakers, the BT speakers perhaps.

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  • Satellite C70D-A-11 t - sound does not work with HDMI


    I buy a Satellite C70D-A-11 t and pass it on Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition.
    I have install all drivers, and I have no problems.

    When I want to connect it to my TV for the first time, I discovered that there is no sound on the TV.
    I try to go on the speaker (near windows clock), right-click, sound, first tab (I think it's 'Read' in English... I have a french Windows) and my device (TV) does not appear.

    I'll be back on the Web site of Support of Toshiba to download the latest driver "HDMI Audio driver" for my laptop, I connect the cable, and it appears in the sound properties. I select it as default device and the Øresund have just my TV.


    But when I restart my laptop (with or without the HDMI cable), TV disappear from the list in the sound properties, the only solution to reinstall the Audio HDMI driver to retrieve the sound.
    If I start the installation of the driver with the 'Advanced' option, I have the list of drivers to install and I see all the drivers are already installed, but the HDMI Audio Driver will be modernized... I have install and it works until the next reboot.

    Could you explain to me why the version of the driver do not remain on the system, and how to do the work without reinstalling every day?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


    Someone here? :(

  • How to install Ubuntu Linux on Satellite C70D-A-111

    How to install Ubuntu on a Satellite C70D-A-111


    This video helps you out?



  • Problem connecting Wi - Fi on Windows 8.1 - Satellite C70D-A-11F

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11F (PSCENE).
    The integrated Wi - Fi adapter is a "Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Network Adapter", but I can't connect to my private even when WiFi (WPA2-PSK-AES key).

    Color of the Wi - Fi indicator light is orange in front of the computer.

    When I try to connect, its status will change to 'Not connected' to 'Disabled', then back to "not connected".

    I can't understand the origin of the problem, or what to do, besides this Toshiba product is not listed in the list of elements supported...

    Any idea guys?

    Thank you.
    Damien Paris, France

    The amber light indicates that the network WiFi or Bluetooth is enabled.
    This means that even if the light is orange, the WiFi could be OFF and BT can only be activated.

    You should check if the WiFi is enabled. You can do this by going to settings PC (Win button + C, and then click Change PC settings)-> network-> WLan slider On / OFF

    The WiFi network can be configured too using the old method you know Win 7
    Go to control panel-> network & sharing Center control-> on the left click eat Wireless Networks
    Here you can add the network news and can start the configuration.

  • Satellite C70D - Has: game lag due to the graphics chip?


    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11th week series 1.
    Unfortunately, I'm at the moment not really satisfied with the image... game is lagging because my graphics.

    My question is where you can find how much I consume the 4 GB.

    And where can I put I consume more or less. Since then, it is a separable memory Yes.

    My English is not perfect. hope someone understands.

    Please answer


    Well, I m wondering why you bought a device with a (inner part of the CPU) graphics chip if you want to use the laptop for games?

    The laptop supports the AMD Radeon HD graphics 8400 which is part of the A6-5200 Quad-Core AMD processor.
    This GPU is similar to Intel HD GPU, which is also part of Intel processors.

    Such graphic internal cards are not really designed for a game of course, you would be able to run and play a game, but don t expect too much

  • Need some drivers for my Satellite C70D-B-10U


    I see that not all the site provide download drivers. In the management of devices, I have yet 2 missing drivers
    PCI peripheral controller and unknown encryption/decryption.

    Can someone help me with it?
    Thank you

    All the drivers for the series of satellites C70D-B-10U (PSCLEE) can be found here:

  • Toshiba Service Netherlands; dissatisfied consumers! Satellite C70D-A-114

    Dear users,

    My 8 week old * laptop Satellite C70D-A-114 * (purchased January 14, 2014) is down for the second time.
    It is still the HARD drive which gave, as well as a broken cd tray.

    Currently, the situation is that Toshiba blames me for inflicting damage to the laptop Satellite.
    Well, without any physical damage on the outside, it's a hypothesis rather bold, true?

    It is not just that I, as a consumer, have suffered a lot of frustration and discomfort by this second default when a 8 week old product, don't... Now, it's MY FAULT.

    After calling several times to a pretty expensive 'helpdesk'... which is now the result broken down from the Toshiba laptop which has not left my house since I bought it 8 weeks ago.
    (he also spent 2.5 weeks for repair and transport... so if you think... I used it about 6 weeks and now it is down for the second time)
    The laptop remains the repairfacility, until I paid for the repaircosts. 25% of the price - new.
    I lost not only my product, I'm subject to blackmail.

    In any case, feel like it... feel like I'm made to blame for a product that is less... that makes me furious!

    Way to go, Toshiba NL!
    Excellent service * not *.

    Post edited by: Satellite-user-NL

    Sorry to hear all this. Have you asked Toshiba hotline if there is only one service allowed in your country, or you can send it elsewhere?

    I mean Toshiba contracts with various small approved partners and if you are not satisfied with one of them tried to contact someone else and ask for help.

  • Satellite C70D-B-307 - brightness keys stopped working after migration Windows 10

    The brightness keys have stopped working after migration Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (Satellite C70D-B-307).

    How did solve you this?

  • Satellite C70D - A - 11 d function key turn off after use

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite C70D-A - 11 d... When I use once key FN to do a print screen or use the Zoom screen on the space key...

    I am not able to use the 1 to 4 Keynumbers or space to enter a space between two words... it always changes between the larger screen solution or the normal solution...

    I can only change the FN key after changing the settings in the settings of display and after a reboot...
    So I can't use FN without a reset with the F1 to the use of the F12 key and a reboot...

    Normally the FN key works only if it is pressed... If this is the normal operation of the keys 1 to 4 or F1 to F12 will work if configured in the settings, or not?

    What should do?

    Kind regards

    First of all, you can change between the special function key mode (without pressing the FN key) or normal (standard) mode (Fn hold first of all use the standard functions of F1 - F12).

    This function can be changed in the BIOS.
    In BIOS go to Advanced-> system configuration

    Check this option.

  • Satellite C70D-B-300 does not work properly

    Since I bought my laptop Satellite C70D-B-300 I have a few problems:
    (1) I can't turn off the laptop, (the screen turn off but laptop still running), similarly I can't close the session
    (2) start menu windows apps and sometimes that I can't open (if I click nothing happen)
    (3) 3/4 times a day, the laptop get in crash, I can't do nothing, I need to shut down with the power button (press for 10 seconds) even with ctrl + alt + delete does not work
    (4) new problems with 10 windows, I can not open a shop, sometimes cortana and star menu does not work so I need to restart... but I guess windows problem not Toshiba

    Thanks in advance

    There are too many problems.
    In my opinion, you must reinstall the original recovery image feature and test the laptop with 'presets' again.

    What is an option for you?

  • Speed-Up Satellite C70D-A-107

    I have a C70D-A-107 and want to speed up this laptop. Already placed 4 GB of additional memory for the laptop has now 8 GB internal. I doubt if it is useful to 2x8gb. I think that the processor is just to slow down. It has an E1-2100 AMD inside. Is it possible to put in another (faster) processor?

    Satellite C70D-A-107 has been fitted to an Essentials E1-2100 acceleration (1.00 GHz, 1 MB Cache L2) AMD CPUS
    It is not the fastest CPU thats why the performance of the laptop is not the best...

    But upgrading the CPU is not officially supported by the laptop manufacturer... so I don't think that you will be able to upgrade the processor...

    I read about the successful Intel processor upgrades but did not meet someone who was capable of performing an upgrade with an AMD processor

  • ODD on my Satellite C70D-A-11F will not read DVDs

    WEIRD on my t Satellite C70D-A-11F (05.2014) won read DVDs more. No matter that one I try this simply does not work.
    The latest driver is installed.

    Message was edited: assignment has been translated


    If the optical disk drive is installed properly maybe bed lens dirty. Try to clean it.

    Otherwise, if your ODD can read CD but not DVD it can also be a malfunction of the equipment. The reading lens cannot be calibrated properly and failed to find the right position to read DVD media.

    In this case, ODD must be exchanged.

    Try to clean the lens and see if the problem still occurs. If so, contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

  • Satellite C70D wonder my email and password


    I'm new to this forum and bought a Satellite C70D yesterday.
    I went through set up, he asked me my e-mail and password.

    I walked into this and next time I logged on there my hotmail profile picture.
    I entered my password - no problem. I changed the language from Spanish to English etc etc.

    I spent this morning and got the Toshiba Logo - and then he went to white screen and there was a box of large data entry asking me a password. I tried the same and I get another screen showing a red data entry box saying "ERROR CHECK! Please re-enter to continue!


    Can someone help me please. I am operating windows 8.1

    Thank you


    You have no recovery disks, because you have to create own recovery media using the preinstalled software called Toshiba Recovery Media Creator.
    All the details can be found in the user manual.

    Back to you: are you able to start the system?
    The black screen and the grand entrance box looks like the laptop request BIOS password.

    Maybe I m wrong on this password, but in the cases where the BIOS password has been set and you don t know what password you will not be able to boot the system. In this case only Toshiba technician would be able to remove it.

    However, if this isn t a BIOS password then you should be able to retrieve the laptop to factory settings using the Toshiba HDD recovery procedure.

    Turn on the device, press F12 for the boot menu.
    Now the last option should be HARD drive recovery.
    Now, you can follow the procedure for recovery of HARD drive as described here:

  • Satellite C70D-A-111 - cannot print using network printer but the work of USB connection

    I added this Satellite C70D-A-111 to an existing network that includes a printer.
    Other devices can print OK but not this Toshiba.
    The message is "printer is in an error state.

    If I connect the Toshiba to the printer via the USB port, it prints OK.

    Can someone point me in the right direction please?

    Do you use this printer at home or in your business?
    I mean if use you it in your business ask for administrator assistance system.

  • Recovery is required for my Satellite C70D-A-114 files

    I have a Satellite C70D-A-114...

    I rarely used because it was slow

    then I wanted to sell

    first I wanted to get back to factory settings

    Thus, in this process seems to have removed all the files

    so now I only get the message no bootable disk, etc.

    All tried, there is simply no file recovery

    So where can I find such a file for free? It is not normal that he is not on the site.

    All that you can find for free are all the drivers, tools and utilities. Original recovery image (software) is not for free and if you need you must order the recovery directly disk by Toshiba.

    You can order it on

    By the way: in the document of the user manuals is clearly describes how you can create the installation of recovery disc. I wonder that you he has not done in the past.

Maybe you are looking for

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