bandwidth of the function "power spectrum".

I use signalexpress 2009. To analyze the acquired time signal from the area of the previous step in the same project, I applied the power spectrum function.

DAQmx Aquire step is configured as follows:

Acquisition mode: continuous samples

samples read: 1024

Rate (Hz): 1024

With this configuration, I expect a bandwidth of 0-512 Hz power spectrum analysis. Instead, the function of the power spectrum gave me 0-820 Hz frequency components.

How can I trust the result of 512Hz on?

I've attached screenshots of:

(1) my application project configuration

(2) result of frequency domain


Very useful information, thanks to you both for helping!

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  • How to show the output of the signalexpress power spectrum in data dashboard

    Hey guys.

    I made a program that collect analog data from two sensors in vibration, and then I use the signalexpress power spectrum to get in the frequency domain.

    I would like to show the signals and the FFT in dashboard of data.

    It is not possible to display the data directly because the XY graph in data dashboard supports only the two figures on the right cluster table?

    Is it possible to convert data from the spectrum of power signalexpress table of cluster of two numeric values?

    Or any other ideas would be appreciated

  • How to get the normalizede power spectrum or spectrum of amplitude in laview?

    Hi, I'm recently analyze and compare the different beep power spectrum to various different sounds. In order to avoid the effect of the amplitude (which changes to different requirement, even for the beep even), I want to use the standard power spectrum or spectrum of amplitude standardized by deviding the power of each frequency components of total power of the sound signal at this time. So, how can I achieve this in labview?

    Thanks in advance

    What is the data type? If it is an array, you can just divide by the sum of the powers. This value can be designated independently, or you can just divide by the sum of all elements in the array (use Add the elements of the array).

  • Save the wave shape of power spectrum

    Hey labview masters, I need help! I'm developing a labview program to calculate the power of a waveform spectrum injected into a signal acquisition interface 4461. The program gets the fft of the captured signal and return the array of power, as well as background noise spectrum. He is then sent to the host via a TCP connection.

    Everything works fine except that I can't record the signal power spectrum more he sent to the host. I tried to trace all the x / y values via the command in the field, except that I can't add the axis labels.

    Can you tell me how to trace the full spectrum of power, add labels and save it in the pc?

    Thank you guys

    João Matos

    Export image is an Invoke node, not a property node.

    Right-click on the graphic terminal of waveform and select Create > invoke node > export Image.


  • BER in the power spectrum


    I have a question about BER and SNR and I would appreciate your help.

    I have a power Spectrum (live with the presence of interference) and I would like to know in what parts of the spectrum, I can achieve a target BER (lets say 10th-3)

    My suggestion was to first determine the signal investment ratio on the graph (for BPSK) and then search for available positions in the spectrum that can give me this SNR

    So say for 10-3 BER, en No. DB 9 (on the graph)

    If Eb (dB) = 9 (dB) + No. (dB) or Eb (dBm) = 39 (dBm) + No. (dBm)

    now my questions are?

    1 - instead of BER can I focus on NRS and are my calculations correct?

    2-noise background in my power spectrum is observed from BDP-110-130 dBm is not a value constant .what should I do in this situation to find Eb?

    3. What about interference? because WLAN is perhaps the received power - 50dBm in this situation that the SNR appropriate therefore to achieve this BER?

    is it correct to say Eb should be = - 50 + 39 (dBm)

    I thik find positions them avaiable in the spectrum (especially 2.4 GHz) to achieve a certain BER or SNR should not be as easy as I think.

    Hi tintin99, the calculation seems to me.

    For the second question, I don't know what application you are considering, so it is difficult to answer. If you measure performance to highlight, I'd go for the peak noise. To help us to give an exact answer, you provide more information about your application. For example, NEITHER-6115. The following link will be useful: NOR-6115 noise floor.

    In case you're only interested in theoretically calculate the background noise, please check for the radio receiver noise floor. According to the definition, you can calculate the background noise as follows:

    Background noise =-174 + NF + 10 log bandwidth

    Where NF is the noise figure.

    I hope my answers help. Still once, for questions related to the concepts of communications, please try discussion forum, I mentioned above. RF meter of NOR, please post to measure RF devices

  • Coercian dot on the power spectrum

    Hi all

    Was just curious to know why I have a point constraint on my FFT power spectrum when it fed a waveform?  I thought (and detailed help is agree with me) that a waveform has been the type of entry required.  There may be more going on here that I realize, but clearly I'm not.

    As a sidenote, I'll you this because I replace an express VI in an application, that they gave me to end up and the express power VI spectrum seems to give results that are disabled by the square of the input function.  OK then that sentence makes little sense, what I mean is when I plug a function up to my DAQ board generator and supply a sine to a known frequency spectrum of power express VI sets out 16 Hz instead of 4 Hz, 2500 instead of 50.  The spectrum of normal power VI works fine.  Do not Express VI anyway but just curious.

    Thanks in advance!

    Is the matrix Y DBL?  SGL or EXT would produce a dowry of coercion.


  • How to increase frequency resolution in the power spectrum?


    I work on the analysis of data GET vi, and manage mucho when it comes to display a simple power spectrum which gives a precise simulation of sine wave frequency I use now.  Most of the brain waves are between 1 to 50 Hz, and so I try to get a resolution of at least 1 Hz frequency.  However, no matter what I do (increase the sampling frequency, use different sub vi and blocks), the chart plot only in frequency of 10 Hz increments.  I know this must be a simple problem, but I can not find good documentation on this and would appreciate any advice anyone could give on this problem.  I'm racking my brain here!


    You need to acquire a second data to get the 1 Hz resolution.  The increase in sampling rate only increases the bandwidth that covers the FFT.

    Frequency resolution = 1/sampling

    Scale of frequency rate of sampling/2 =

    For your application, you will need to have a sample of at least 100 Hz rate.  At this rate, you must purchase 100 samples to get the 1 Hz resolution.  At the 1 kHz sampling rate, you will need to acquire 1000 points for the 1 Hz resolution.

  • Unit of the y-axis of the power spectrum


    I am acquisition of acceleration of an IEPE accelerometer. Units of the axis y of the signal in the time domain are in (g). The signal in the time domain is then injected into the Spectral VI Express measures to obtain the power spectrum of the signal. In the Spectral Measurements Express VI, I put the results of linear and the window (Hanning). My very basic question is: what will be the units of the axis y with the linear option power spectrum and how can convert their return to unit (g). If you provide an example of calculation that would be very appreicated. One of my simple code is attached.


    Unit Conversion VI spectrum lie in LabVIEW palettes: functions > Signal Processing > spectrum analysis

  • 'power' and 'size' in the power spectrum?

    When I choose "power at the stage of the power spectrum, numbers in my data were negative. I don't understand why. What is the difference between "power" and "ten factor"?

    And what are the "dB" and "linear" in the average of actual size selection? "DB" means the following equation? Vnorm = 20 * log10 (Vnorm)? 'Linear' means greatness?

    Thank you very much!

  • Collect data from specific frequency of the power spectrum


    I want to know how to collect data from specific frequency of power spectrum file. I'm trying to separate data from specific frequency of the original file.

    This will depend on much how your data is stored. You will need a way to read the file in LabVIEW and then a way to identify the data you want. I often record data in a .csv file, then I use "Reading worksheet" to get the data in a table. Then, you can simply use 'Index Array' to get the datapoints you need.

  • Whenever I get up for a minute, my computer turns off is there a way to disable the functions "sleep" and "hibernate"?

    My computer used to stay... since I work with clients, my computer work is often interrupted. He is turns off if I stop for a moment and it's annoying to keep back on each time. The function 'Start'-j' looked where you shut down your computer and noticed "Sleep" - who says turn to turn off and saves the info... and "Hibernate" - which goes out and saves the info... but I don't remember always those who are there. Is there a way to disable this option, so my computer stays on?

    It is not related to firefox, but I think I can help you:

    1. Click on the stack (if you are connected, there a picture of a plug) in your taskbar (near the clock) windows
    2. Click more power Options
    3. Otherwise, go to control panel-> power options
    4. Click change when the computer sleeps
    5. Adjust the settings so that your computer does not sleep for a long period of time.

    See also:

  • How can I restore the function of carrier on my iPad 2?

    Since the last update, I've lost the function of carrier on my ipad2, I completed several resets hard.  A new SiM card makes a temporal difference, but the function of carrier went, once again.  I read that Apple messed up many iPhones but it seems

    I know that the only one with a problem of the iPad.

    AAnyone to resolve this, please?

    I have this same problem on iPad 2 since the 9.3 update.  I have not found a solution, but I found a way to get the cellular network.  But if you turn off and then turn on the you will find that he is gone again and you must repeat the following work around.

    1. turn off the power and remove the SIM card.  Then be able to turn it back on and it will ask for SIM card.  Insert sim card and it should find the network.  It's simple, but if you have a case that is a nuisance to maintain sideways.

    second workaround solution.

    1 go to settings and disable (mobile) data cell.

    2 turn airplane mode ON.

    3 turn off iPad.

    4 wait about a minute. (Not sure if absolutely necessary)

    5 iPad power on.

    DISABLE airplane mode turn 6

    7 activate cellular data.

    You should then see a cellular provider box pop up under the cell data area and must seek and find your network.

    It works on the iPad 2 and I hope that other iPads.

    I noticed heavy battery drain less than 9.3 and when I ran my iPad in the condition of no Service, use of the battery is improved considerably.

    Good luck.

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    New monitor 23 "HP - HP 2310 m accidentally pressed the button too long power; now, I can't get the monitor to turn off completely. When the computer is off the screen goes into sleep mode with orange orange LED (switch) continuously. How can I completely disable the monitor and the message "Power button lock '? Thank you

    From the Manual:

    Power Button lockout - indicates the power button is locked. If the power button is locked, the Power lock button warning message.

    ◦ If the power button is locked, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to unlock the function of the power button.

    ◦ If the switch is open, press in and hold the button for 10 seconds to lock power button function.

    See you soon,.

  • Apple has added a feature to limit the bandwidth on the networks of comments yet?

    I've read many threads saying that the bandwidth of the guest network could not limited to Airport utility, but most of them have at least 2 years. Apple still feature added to its range of airport?

    It's not even a firmware update... and without a completely new firmware, there is no possibility of QoS. I think you expect that Apple will never offer more. They reduce the functionality does not improve it... Look for example at El Capo disk utility.

  • How to find the guide of spectrum x 360 - 13-4101 Convertible

    Try to find a Guide to the user on the operation of the screen and the keyboard and everything that I can find is a material 3 page "booklet".  I was expecting to see a description of the keyboard keys and the function in the Panel, placed there by HP, but not luck. The user guide that I think would be about 50 pages at least and describe how to use the spectrum


    All your manuals here.


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