Bandwidth VSAN not used with VM Home, but is used on hard disks

Maybe it's just the way its supposed to be, I'm not sure.  I asked VMware support and they were very non-committal for trial on a response.

I have a VM storage strategy that says: failure 1 host to tolerate, to allocate objects on 2 discs.

vSphere to 6U1.  Freshly built and VMs and then migrate to it.

When I look at a virtual machine, I see:

VM House


-Raid 1



Hard drive


-Raid 1

-Raid 0



-Raid 0



Are only the VM host is supposed to follow a policy of storage defined?

Or should I just use the built in Virtual Storage default SAN policy?

Note: after the virtual machines have been put in this VSAN cluster (using my local storage strategy), I did go back and change the default virtual SAN storage strategy to have a bandwidth of 2 instead of 1.

I don't understand why the VM host is not scratched as the hard drive is.

Thank you!


This is an expected behavior for the VM host Paul Namespace.

I wrote about it here -

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    "AlanGroves" wrote in message News: 5ad56eb2-6572-4420-9ff7-54c84666a20c...

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    Noel Paton | Nil Carborundum Illegitemi | CrashFixPC | The lazy three fingers

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    Unless you are intentionally 'testing' the Nightly version, and are familiar with Bugzilla, and Bug reporting, you should not use every night. Nightly receives updates almost daily and it may be unstable for days at a time as Bugs are fixed, new code added to test and code is corrected for additional work. Nightgown is the first of the 2 Alpha stages of development process.

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    All parameters have already were OK except:

    Advanced tab: HTTP1.1 settings tick the two boxes HTTP1.1 (second box was disabled)

    Security: check the box 'Enable native support XMLHTTP', (has not shown on my system)

    After the restarted and tried change, problem still there.


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    Hello Win Htut Aung,

    I understand that you have had problems of load on several different computers and I want to help you get the issue resolved and isolated. Just for you help determine the cause could you let us know if your devices are still perceived by your computers, USB devices or iTunes?

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    If the problem persists, let us know. The entire community is here to help.
    Best regards

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