Bar of menus menus icons bar / customizable?

I have Vista Home Basic which works very well for me.  However, I have a problem when I use Windows Explorer or IE 8: what happened to the icons on the menu bar (such as the scissors to cut the Clipboard to paste)?  I really got used to them in XP Pro and not miss them!

I just can't understand how to customize menu bars to get back them.



Unfortunately, this feature has been removed in Vista (and Windows7 as well).  There is no functionality to customize to add buttons like cut, paste and similar to all toolbars in these versions of Windows - customization options are very limited and do not include options like that.  I could also find no third-party toolbars that provided these options.  It has been removed from Explorer Windows and Internet Explorer.  It is impossible even with a registry tweak.

Here is an article on how to add a button to a toolbar (but it's especially for programs - not for things like cut or paste):  I do not think that this will help solve your problem (a problem that we ALL have with Microsoft), but it may be useful to customize your toolbar.

Sorry it wasn't the answer you wanted to hear, but it's how she stands with Vista and Windows7 (and I guess that's the way of the future).  Maybe you can make up for this loss by learning how to use and customize the right click context menu (which is essentially a replacement if you can call it).

Here is an article with a download of a free tool to help customize the context menu in Vista which may be easier to use: Good luck!

Instead of these buttons, learn how to customize your right-click options to include many features that were on this command bar.  This article is quite advanced (and involves editing the registry) then you must back up the registry before you begin anything as follows:

Here is another article on how to customize the context menu.  It is also a little advanced and you need to download several other programs follow the instructions but it might be a little easier than the above procedure ultimately:

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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    You can click on the "Restore default" button to restore the toolbar setup by default if there is a problem with the customization of the toolbars.

    You can check the problems caused by a corrupt localstore.rdf file if you continue to have problems.

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    You can take a screenshot and post it?

    Command + shift + 4

    Click and drag the cross on a reasonable part of the menu bar, so we get an idea of the place where, and which is adjacent to the triangle.

    Try to do not include personal information.

    The screenshot will be placed on your desktop.

    You can use Preview-> tools-> annotate to draw circles, boxes, arrows, and put the text on the next page if you feel you need our attention on something specific, or block anything sensitive that went up in the screenshot.

    Start a response to this tread, then drag and drop the screen shot file in the answer box.  Add any additional text as the case.

  • How can I recover my bookmarks icon in the menu bar?

    The icon of bookmarks in the navigation toolbar have disappeared due to no action known on my part. It is used to reside in the upper right corner with the 'Home' button and 'Download' arrow. Miss me the quick link to my favourites... can someone help me? Thank you.

    You happen to have the classic menu bar displayed? When you view the full width with its own menu bookmarks menu bar, then the icon of bookmarks in the toolbar hides automatically. When you use the compact menu (orange button Firefox) then on the favorite icon reveals.

    Or maybe the icon moved to a different bar. You can use customization feature to look around her. You can use one of these to start:

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    Note that there are two different bookmarks available. If you are looking at them in the Customize dialog box, Word Bookmarks appears twice for one that displays the drop-down list.

  • The address bar, "back" button, forward and refresh button is not visible. How to change that?

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    Menu bar (File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, help)

    Press Alt V T M (CTRL + V T M on Mac) on your keyboard. This should restore the menu bar (Firefox 3.6)

    Other toolbars

    View | Toolbars | Select the desired toolbar

    Other measures to try

    Try to restore the default value set by going to display. Toolbars | Customize | Restore the default set. This will put the toolbars in the default slot

    Safe mode

    You may need to reset toolbars and controls through Firefox in Safe Mode troubleshooting questions
    Make sure that completely close Firefox first. When you get to the Safe Mode window, select controls and then make changes and restart and reset toolbars.


    What happened to the file, edit and view menus?

    Customize controls, buttons, and Firefox toolbars

    The back, home, bookmarks navigation buttons and recharge are missing

    I hope this helps!

  • Is there a plugin or a way to remove the green bar address/AwesomeBar progress bar?

    As much as I love Firefox, I don't not too fell in love with the progress bar green wee that fits into the awesomebar in 5. As I installed it 4-status-Evar, I really don't need, and I think it's a bit ugly to be honest.

    Are there plug-ins or options in preference to make it disappear or am I stuck with it until my brain learns just to ignore it?

    Use the options to status-4-Evar, on the "Progress" tab, uncheck "Show progress in the address bar. There is now a "S4E" icon on the location bar or use the options through the Add-ons Manager.

    For more information, see

  • my awsome bar shrank & stretched/how to repair?

    I was downloading a program H.P. [smart printing] and once completed
    he filled the bar with icons awsome trying to remove these via the menu bar customize = - the result was as described - a close position with tiny bar
    text & small icons that also awsome bar is stretched across 3/4 of the Panel


  • How do I make the smaller address bar so I can get all my favorites next to her, thus avoiding the need for the bookmarks toolbar?

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    You can try adding this code in the userChrome.css file.

    Add code to the file userChrome.css below default @namespace.

    @namespace url(""); /* only needed once */
    #nav-bar-customization-target > #personal-bookmarks {-moz-box-flex:1!important;}

    The file userChrome.css (UI) customization and userContent.css (Web sites) are located in the folder of chrome in the Firefox profile folder.

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    3. open the Menu button (to the right of the Navigation bar) > customize-> click on the button from the title bar in the lower left corner - then exit customize

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