Basic information about thundirbird - where to go, what version is coming - is very dated. Someone at - it supported?

I'm looking, more serious than before, for an easy to use and reliable email client. While Thunderbird can be 'heavy' she seems to have the best support I can find in the recent email clients and supported.

HOWEVER - I try to google on the recent development of Thunderbird I'm mixed messages. I think that the pages you want to me to see do not exist in the mailing lists I've read (that I found the beta list), but the pages I found via google: reference

Reference/mention very old versions (for example, the next release is version 38)

In short, common locations of data ( I expect to at least be up to date) are very dated. The current wikipedia would be an improvement as well - on the current state of Thunderbird and Mozilla, org

And, finally, to mention as a place to stay current - the last entry from blog as December 9, 2015 - in three to four weeks - a year ago.

On something different - not Thunderbird related - do not allow someone to register until they are in the process of question ready to confusion. I found, rather, given the list by accident. Almost everywhere else connection has a registration for new users link. Almost given up on these circular links who wouldn't let me register...

So, later, when I have more time I hope to go back to what I originally came here for - to make a suggestion/ask a question (because maybe what I'm looking for is there, not sure how to find).

Best regards, Michael


Thank you for the answers. My goal was simple: just to draw attention to the current state and to leave the power to answer, time and manpower.

I would hate to see Thunderbird 'lose' position only because pages that research bring "unknowing" are therefore his date.

It would be better, overal if these dated pages have been deleted. Earlier, rather that later - I hope - the search engines would begin to direct queries to the pages that were still standing.

FYI: I use version 50 something (I think it's only) and we are back to the 45 version because the 'grammar' modules do not go beyon level 45 - official level.

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    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    If I leave also say for the ethernet ports can allocate to each virtual machine?

    Sorry for all the questions, I know its probally all posted a billion times before, but I'd like to hear from people about my particular Setup (even if it is Basic).

    So in summary; 4 virtual machines each with their own dedicated NETWORK card, what should I do and is this possible?

    Thank you guys!

    PS be Im only 22 smoothly and have more than 500 end-users to support...?  :|

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  • What version of Thunderbird I use?

    I'm used to see an 'About' option (which tells me what version I use) when I click on help, but I saw this on Thunderbird. How can I find the version? I ask because I'm trying to copy emails from Thunderbird on a Windows XP computer to Thunderbird on Windows 8 computer and although I can copy files, Thunderbird Windows 8 is not 'see' them. Its file structure is very different from that of Thunderbird on the XP machine.

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    P. S.
    I clicked on "Shared Data" on my Firefox browser, that means all average data? All good or bad I should know about?

    Hello 010matrix010, firefox will not run on the default Web sites, but only silverlight content when a user activates explicitly the plug-in through the icon in the address bar or click on the embedded content.
    also the support for plugins like silverlight in the browser will be dismantled at the end of next year:

  • Looking to find where is the history of my account so I can find information about my purchases

    Looking to find where is the history of my account so I can find information about my purchases

    See here:see your purchase history in iTunes on Mac or PC - Apple Support store


  • Where to find information about all Tables of the Source for Oracle EBS

    Hi all

    We strive to implement Oracle EBS R12.1.3 with analytics (OBIEE11g).

    Currently, we need to know all the sources (Oracle EBS) Tables for the following modules:

    1. supply chain and order management Analytics
    2. purchases & move analytical
    3 finance Analytics

    We have searched in Google, could not find any information.

    Can anyone share a document link that can provide some information about it?

    Thanks in advance


    1. production & order management Analytics
    All the major paintings in inventory (Articles, categories, onhand, operations), order management (headers, lines, clients, types of orders, deliveries), WIP (work, work order requirements, operations orders)
    2. purchases & move analytical
    All the main tables in shopping (po_headers, po_lines, shipments, suppliers, receipts, invoice headers, distributions, the invoice),
    3 finance Analytics
    All the big tables of AP, AR, GL

    Analytics extract data from a large number of tables. (hundreds, if not thousand)
    I'm curious to know what you do with this information.

    Sandeep Gandhi

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    Friends and experts, I need your help in learning OAF.
    I'm new to OAF and want to know more information about the following java classes.

    When I created a simple search with EO, VO and AM page, the following java classes are created.
    I want to know
    What is it?
    What to do with it?
    where do use us it?
    The sample scripts if possible?
    Please correct me if I am wrong, I know that we use it to manipulate data for a particular line, such as getattribut, setattribute, delete, update, insert operations. There are different methods are been created when you create the OS if you select options in the method "generate" during step 4 on Assistant EO.


    Thank you

    Hi Sri,

    Entity objects are essentially based on a single table that encapsulate business rules. These objects are used by the OAF page to perform update/insert/delete operations.
    Inside of the you will find setter() and the get accessor () Java methods that we call like accessor and mutator, each OT attribute is mapped to the column in the database table.
    You can also generate a create method Validate () method.
    For example: to get the value of the sequence in the OPS, you can use method Create().

    VOImpl (VO): He just consist of an sql database query, you have probably noticed during execution of a query for example: VO.executeQuery ();
    to run any validation it provides iteration and access to the rows in its result set.

    VoRowImpl: Represents an individual line in a view object.

    You will understand when you write code using objects /voRowimpl voimpl

    It basically performs the business logic, we will define our methods to implement the business logic.
    For example: you can call a controller method and set the method, you can use the initialization of the request or
    you make the DML operation, etc...

    Summary : the main reason why we have java file divide between EO, VO, AM is because OFA is designed with MVC design model.
    in other words, isolate the responsibility of the code in each layer (model, view, controller). His bad habit of writing
    all of the code in a single class file.

    For example: controller class should accept the per-user setting and move these parameters files BC4J ( and his work as the
    to execute the business logic and return the result back to the controller.

    To apply the standard of coding MVC, model design, we have these java files EO, VO, AM, CO. with more practice, you will understand the different
    methods defined in each of these java files.


  • How can I determine what version of Firefox that I and where do I go to for updates.

    Yahoo 'suggests' switch to Firefox 8. How do I know what version I have currently (there not 'Internet Options' under Tools) and where I go to find the updates down according to Yahoo?

    Help > about Firefox = the version number is there.

    In addition, you can type Subject: support in the Bat location and press ENTER, to get more information about your installation of Firefox.

  • Get information about the physical location (serial) Visa (slot) in PXI time real (Pharlab)


    I PXI system with controller time real (OS Pharlab) and many maps series (about 6 cards).

    The maps in the series are two different models, which each contain several (8431/8 and 8421/8) serial ports.

    And the COM Port enumeration mix and I would like to know the link between COM numbering where it is linked.

    I have already dealt with a few methods:

    1. I've tried using the node property of Visa but he cannot know which card port COM belong

    2. I tried to use the Configuration Library system and don't manage to get general information of the card and not what ports have this card.

    3 try to fill you with the VisaConf.ini, but discovers that ASRL and COM Auto-enumeration is the same.

    4. I tried to look in NISerial.ini, NISerial.dbs and NOR - RT.ini and did not find any help here.

    Application engineer or support suggest to look in the registry of the operating system Pharlab because it is windows based and material information must be stored in the registry

    Further explanation on the problem of PXI enumeration:

    PXI produce enumeration auto for the ports series (COM3, COM4, COM5...) according to the card slot, but when there is a mix of the two models of the system would then list a model (8431) from 3 to 50 (6 cards and 8 ports) and the other model (8421) 51 to 98. so if I have 8421 in 2 and 8431 slot number in the slot number 3 it would list 2nd slot COM59 to COM68 and 3rd slot COM11 to COM19.

    Why not just use NOR-MAX to manually configure the ports?

    The system is essential and can not be stopped for a long time and he operated by people who are not very technical, so the customer who wishes to be able to exchange business cards without futher configuration.

    Thank you

    Or Hirschfeld

    Application engineer

    SK-Electronika, Israel

    Solved and download the example of solution of community

    Get the location COM (Serial Port) and Port physical location in the chassis

  • Non-compliant WMI when retrieving information about the same exact machine

    For some time, WMI has reported the following information some machine:
    Win32_ComputerSystem\Model = "HP EliteBook 8560p.
    Win32_ComputerSystem\Manufacturer = "Hewlett-Packard".

    One day, WMI has reported the following:
    Win32_ComputerSystem\Model = "161A___".
    Win32_ComputerSystem\Manufacturer = "HPQOEM".

    A few days later, WMI is returned for having reported the usual:
    Win32_ComputerSystem\Model = "HP EliteBook 8560p.
    Win32_ComputerSystem\Manufacturer = "Hewlett-Packard".

    I don't have the machine and the user can not explain what might cause WMI retrieve various information.

    How to get Windows in a State where it is retrieved different information about the same PC?
    Is there a way to 'reset' WMI so it retrieves information constantly?

    What similar (and different) for prior experience (different machines).

    The usual case is:
    Win32_ComputerSystem\UserName = DOM-user
    DOM is the domain of the user (in uppercase)
    the user is the user name (all lowercase)

    But sometimes WMI recovered:
    Win32_ComputerSystem\UserName = DOM- USER
    the username was all uppercase.   Apparently caused when the machine into hibernation


    Win32_ComputerSystem\UserName = DOM- dom -user
    the field of user uppercase followed by domain user in all lowercase letters.  Never explained.

    I use WMI to develop an ID for purposes of the license, so it is extremely important that WMi systematically extract information.

    The problem with username is solvable.

    However, the model with randomness and Manfacturer seem more problematic.

    Thank you!!!


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