Basic mx data acquisition and real-time application


I am generating an output through OR pxi 6733 using the basis of programming in labview 8.6 mx DAQ.

The problem is when I create a digital output channel indicating an error and say not supported for this target.

I'm not able to use the base that I have all of the same software version installed in the HOST and TARGET of mx daq.

I use in time real 8.6 and daq mx 8.9.5.

Thanks in advance.

You use DAQmx or DAQmx Base?

I guess his DAQmx because DAQmx Base does not run on the objectives of the RT.

Can you provide us with an error code?


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  • Continuous data acquisition and real-time analysis

    Hi all

    It is a VI for the continuous acquisition of an ECG signal. As far as I understand that the analog read DAQmx VI must be placed inside a while loop so it can acquire the data permanently, I need perform filtering and analysis of the wave in real time. How I implemented the block schema means that data stays int the while loop, and AFAIK the data will be transferred on through the tunnels of data once the loop ends the execution, it clearly isn't real-time data processing.

    The only way I can think to fixing this problem is by placing another loop that covers the screw scene filtering and using some sort of registeing shift to transmit the data in the second while loop. My question is whether or not it would introduce some sort of delay, and weather or not it would be supposed to be the treatment in real time. Wouldn't be better to place all the screws (aquicition and filtering) inside a while loop? or it is a bad programming practice. Other features I need to do is back up the data I na file, but only when the user wants to do.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    You have two options:

    • A. as you said, you can place the code inside your current while loop to perform the treatment.  If you're smart, you won't need to put one another while loop inside your existing (nested loops).  But it totally depends on the type of treatment that you do.

    • B. create a second parallel loop to perform the treatment.  This would be separate processes to ensure that the treatment is not obstacle to your purchase.  For more information, see here .

    Your choice really depends on the transformation that you plan to perform.  If it's much the processor, this could introduce delays as you said.

    I would recommend that you start at any place in the first loop and see if your DAQ buffer overruns (you can monitor the rear of the buffer during operation).  If so, you should decouple the process in separate loops.

    In what concerns or not ' it would be considered as real time processing ' is a trick question.  Most of the people on these forums say that your system is NEVER in real time because you're using a desktop PC to perform processing (note: I guess it's the code that runs on a laptop or desktop?).  It is not a deterministic systemand your data is already "old" by the time wherever he leaves your DAQ buffer.  But the answer to your question really depends on how you define "real time processing".  Many lay it will set as the treatment of 'live' data... but what is "actual data"?

  • data acquisition in real time using the module sim900d (not arduino0


    I'm doing my final year project. I'll send the data from a remote location using sim900d for the other module (sim900d) connected to my laptop. Now, I need to import data acquired through sim900d connected to my laptop in Labview. But I don't know how. Kindly guide me

    I looked for it and thus to find a link that uses the serial port to send to commnads

    so now send orders AT serial number is easy. first of all examine the emitting part. for this you need VI config series VISA and VISA series write VI. You can serach these VI by right click I your new VI block diagram and press search on the top left corner. Here you type the serial port and you will get a list of the VISA series live.

    Here is also a link to or

  • Over acquisition and real-time mapping

    I think you should set a stop condition on your loop.  After getting your last sample, you can call DAQmx Read again and you should get error-200278.  That actually makes sense.  You can index in your waveform and "Get the components of waveform" allows to get the table to, and then use an array size VI to account for the number of samples # you acquired (see photo).  When you reach the number you wait, stop your loop.  You can also solve this problem by reading the 10 instead of-1 and count (i + 1) * 10 = acquired samples.

    Whatever it is.

    Let me know what you find.


  • cRIO and 9234 modules do not work or communicate via fpga with accelerometers, fpga, connected to the real-time application is also related to shared variables related to modbus slave


    I have a compact rio, which has a 4 way frame this chassis is the three modules of ni9234, they are related using FPGAs for application in real time, then using shared variables in the low-speed loop associated with a slave modbus to communicate with the domain controllers, the nor 9234 accelerometers linked to them with option ac coupled iepe on c modules , my problem is the real-time application seems to work well even when power loss occurs it restarts without problem and the fpga written hard disk portable bin files very well, but without an accelerometer connected I get readings of low noise as soon as I connect an accelerometer to one of the outputs 10 it just goes to a fixed number (0.03125) as soon as you unplug it again He returned to readout noise, I ran a scan on the modules and get only a spike when I connect or disconnect the accelerometer, I tested voltage at the pins on the module and I get 22 volts CC which makes it more likely that the material is not the problem, but software is perhaps the cause to hang up, I join the project and files for your perusal. I also realized a new project which, in mode directly linked scan has the module entry in the shared variable and the scenerio even once again. Help would be appretiated.

    Thank you very much


    Whren using waveform with the 9234 acquisition, we recommend the following FPGA and RT model.

    It can be extended as a datalogger with:

    or using shared variables combined with the analytical engine

    The FPGA in all this, as well as the framework of RT have used successfully by 1000s of users.  I recommend giving these a try.

  • How to run a window of data acquisition and another pane at the same time


    I have a main window for data acquisition and in front panel there are four Sub Vi. When the main window of data acquisition is running and at the same time if I run the Subvi - main window stops data acquisition and the secondary window starts to run. But I want to launch the window of acquisition of primary data and the pane at the same time. Please give me a solution for this...

    Thanking in advance.


    Hi Nikhil,

    My explanation has answered your question. Take a look at the image as an attachment. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Sample of high acquisition rate of data using data acquisition and continuous data backup. Also I would chunck data into a new file in each 32 M


    I'm very new to LabView, so I need help to find an idea that can help me to record data continuously in real time. I don't want the file is too big, so I would like a new file in Crete in each 32 mega bytes and clear the previous buffer. Now I have this code can save data of voltage in the TDMS files and the sampling frequency is 2 m Hz, so the amount of data very fast increase and my computer have more ram 2 G, then the computer hangs after 10 seconds, I'm starting to collect data. I need some advice you briliant people.

    Thank you very much I appreciate really.

    I'm a big supporter of the architecture of producer/consumer .  But this is the place that I recommend.  The DAQmx Configure Logging does all that for you!

    Note: You will want to use a table instead of a graph here.

  • Control software for real-time Applications

    Hi all

    We develop products based on the platform or sbRIO and deploy applications to the target in real time. We need to get these what UL listed products and part of the procedure test requires that the software be locked and not changed while the test is in progress. For this I need a way to get and display the checksum (or some other signature) of the currently deployed on the target real-time application.

    Is there a way to do this? Please let me know if you need more information.

    Thank you

    Hi LabVIEWingToday

    On the first link in the previous post, there is a section that explains what is the checksum and they recommend a community tool or a LabVIEW VI, you could use programmatically.

    To calculate a checksum on the key files, consider using the File.VI MD5Checksum, which is built...


    R. Esteban

  • On a Linux operating system, what tools need to developed a real-time application that communicates with FPGA?

    On a Linux operating system, what tools need to developed a real-time application communicating with FPGA?

    It is not unclear to me by reading the documentation on the website OR tools or drivers should I install on a Linux operating system in order to develop a C++ real-time application (that interact with FPGA) which will take place on a sbRIO-9651.

    Is this possible at all?

    Thank you


    Everything works very well with an FPGA VI, compiled with LabVIEW FPGA 2015.

    1. I have installed Eclipse on CentOS 7 with cross-compiler found at this link:

    Compilers C & C++ GNU for Linux ARMv7 (Linux host) 2014

    2. I also install a debugger crossed to debug application c / c++ remotly. Once on the page go in the section "Linaro Toolchain for Cortex-A" and download the second link linux "linaro-toolchain-binary (big-endian).  The binary gdb is in there, so you must point towards him in the Eclipse debug configuration:

    Linaro Toolchain for Cortex-A

    3. I installed the linux drivers from NOR-RIO 15:

    Driver OR RIO 15.0 for Linux

    4. I was able to program an application to c / c++ opening and running a LabVIEW FPGA Bitstream in a few steps:

    Example of API Interface FPGA C OR real time Linux and Eclipse


  • Missing PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller drivers


    I have a problem with my Inspiron 11 3148
    Service etiquette: CSFND32

    A few weeks ago, I did a clean reinstall of windows 8.1 using a .iso downloaded from microsoft technical support and put in level to windows 10 in a short time after.

    I don't have my thumb drive installation, where the microsoft .iso image file.

    Since then do a clean install, I had a few questions I'm going to break my best.

    1. lack of drivers for unknown devices & a PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller.

    I had some problems with wifi, so I looked in the Device Manager to check if my card needed a driver update and discovered several other device driver errors, which cannot be resolved by using windows update. The card wifi itself says it is updated.

    I tried to use the dell service detect downloaded applet on the page of the Dell driver IE, but it does not seem to function.

    If someone can identify what (s) I might need for these unknowns that would be fantastic.

    2. Wifi issues, perhaps in connection with the missing drivers above.

    -Sometimes does not detect networks.

    -Sometimes cannot connect to the internet when it is on my home network.

    -Is not able to connect to weak points where before he could.

    * Reset the network adapter in the network settings fixes detection and connectivity issues, but does not improve the detection of signals in weak points *.

    3. high (100-96%) HARD drive load for a few minutes after start high and very occasional errors "in areas not paginated page failure."

    -J' lived load disc high enough the last time I got the upgrade of 10 windows the first time, requiring often 5-10 minutes to settle at startup

    -Second time around, I always get high disk load, but it is not too long. The upgrade fee is very 'light', I have very few programs installed and even less to launch at startup.

    -Defects of Page seemed generally coincide with me shortly after you start using Google Chrome. I now use firefox instead and have known only one mistake so far since the permutation

    * I used the windows disk check and ran chkdsk /r for longer check disk to reboot, but both are no problem with the drive *.

    Ok... So usually after I finished writing this post, I came across a solution for the number one problem while browsing the microsoft answers forums.

    I downloaded and installed a driver for the Intel platform dynamic and thermal framework.
    -This solved my problems of missing driver.
    -J' rebooted several times and I am not also problems of wifi the day other than the problem of low task, but what I'll take it!

  • HP laptop - 15-r224tx: PCI controller of Data Acquisition and processing for HP for laptop - 15-r224tx

    I get upgraded my laptop (HP for laptop - 15-r224tx) for Windows 10 but I can't find the driver for the controller of PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing. Please help me find the right one.

    Thank you!

    You are the very welcome.

    It is the latest version of the W10 driver for this card model... see if this solves the problem, if you have not already installed this driver.

    This package contains the installation package driver for the controller wireless LAN Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE in the laptop models running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp72517.exe

  • PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller driver

    I installed win 8.1x64 on my HP Probook 450 G2, but miss me the driver of PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller.

    Can you please help?

    Thank you



    Please see if installing the Intel Chipset driver installs this device. & lang = eng & ProdId = 816

  • Z600 Workstation: workstation Z600 missing of pci data acquisition and signal processing controller driver

    I just installed Win7 Pro x 86 on my Z600 workstation.  It was an upgrade to Windows XP Pro.  I'm missing the driver for PCI Data Acquisition and processing of the Signal and Hardlock USB 1.02 controller in Device Manager.  Can someone help me find these drivers.  I looked on the page of Support/Drivers for this model, but could not find anything.


    You can get assistance on the HP Enterprise Business Forum since you have a professional worktsation.

  • Pavilion TS 17-g099nr: PCI Data Acquisition and processing of the Signal Windows 10 x 64 controller driver

    Hi, it is impossible for the moment to install the driver for PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing.

    I downloaded the driver from Intel, and it did not work... I found a version of this site for windows 8.1 unupdated and it does not work.

    A little help?

    Thank you!


    It could be one of two different drivers.

    Try this one first, and then restart the PC.

    This package contains the Intel Chipset Installation utility. This utility allows the operating system to show the correct name for the Intel hardware that is installed in the Microsoft Windows Device Manager. This package is provided for the laptop models running a supported operating system.


    If this does not work, try this one...

    This package contains the driver which allows Intel platform dynamic and thermal firmware setting. Intel platform dynamic and thermal environment information system temperature and power use for the thermal protection of the system to work properly. This package is provided for the laptop models running a supported operating system.


  • 15 - ac122tu: PCI of Data Acquisition and the controller driver of laptop HP 15-ac122TU signal processing

    Hi team,

    I just install windows 7 edition integral and peripheral Bluetooth windows 8.1 is not be detectable, when I search for problem that I came across this PCI data acquisition and Signal Processing controller driver is missing and a unknown device driver missing shownup in my result of troubleshooting. Please help me

    Please find the screenshot for your reference

    Thank you


    See if these drivers work...

    CQI PCI controller:

    This package contains the driver which allows Intel platform dynamic and thermal firmware setting. Intel platform dynamic and thermal environment information system temperature and power use for the heat of the system
    protection to work properly. This package is provided for the laptop models running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp71638.exe


    This package contains the installation package driver for Realtek bluetooth in the laptop models running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp71288.exe

    Unknown dev:

    This package provides the HP 3D DriveGuard software (HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection) for the laptop models running a supported operating system. HP 3D DriveGuard software protects the drive hard by parking the heads if cell phone accidentally falls, or is suddenly struck by another object.

    File name: sp71811.exe

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