batch processing model loop

How to set the model of batch TestUUT loop once? You need to use TestUUT and not only passage require the dialog box of the UUT.

In process model so step ' Goto next batch "is modified to create a branch to"- end of batch loop -", discussions do not stop.

Please advice.


The simplest thing for you to do is in the verification of sequence/reminder pre-batch Parameters.ModelData.BatchLoopIndex if it is > 0 or > 1 (forget if it is 1 or 0 according to), then set Parameters.ContinueTesting = false rather than perform the steps that are normally performed in this order. That is it really. That should do it.

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  • News station using the batch process model


    I have a test sequence using a model of sequential processes and station information by using the following, I.



    I create a new test sequence that uses the model of batch process - when I try to enter the information Station data using the syntax above I get the following error

    Name of variable or unknown property 'RunState.Root.Locals.StationInfo '.

    Can some advice please if I go to the wrong place when using a model of batch process?

    Thank you best regards &,.


    Batch and parallel models you can access this information using:



  • Test of parallelism by using batch processing model


    I am relatively new to TestStand and have a question that seems to have an easy solution, but I can't understand (looked like the examples, forums, etc.)

    We use the model batch (minor modifications for reporting) but all run sequentially and have the template option set to 1 socket. I have 2 tested EHR sharing a room of temporary and 2 4145 s PXI (one for each DUT, using 1 channel as the power supply and the other three channels for the measures). I manage all the instrument in a reminder of ProcessSetup initializationg and jump into the MainSequence once the test is done I'm going in the ProcessCleanup recall and to close all references (we use digital recorders for instruments).

    I want set the template option to have 2 Sockets. So if I put the VI call that sets the temperature at will TestStand "A thread only" two starting sequences and one of them would set the temp and the other would ignore but spend once executed step.  Is there a way to tell TestStand "for USE 0, use SMU1 and USE 1 use SMU2" and go to the next temperature?

    It's a weird situation because all the examples I could find have the problem "more DUT with Instruments" so in my case, it's a problem well have .

    Thanks in advance!

    You can use the expression RunState.TestSocket.Count 0 based.  Use this value to create your EMS chain.

    Pulido Technologies LLC

  • Get the context of the sequence of other connectors (active) in the batch processing model

    TestStand 2014 - model updated the batch


    System controls an environmental Chamber and doing trials on 4 of the UUT.  Room Enviromental is the shared resource and is controlled by the synchronization of thread only lot.  A UI TempMonitor of Labview (also synchronized lot) pops up, until you reach the target temperature and soaking time is over (so you can monitor returns to the House and see the amount of time remaining.  It all works fine in the system of warnings in.

    Now, there is a new requirement to take permanently UUT s to ensure that they remain in the State during the temperature ramp and soak period.  The simple answer is to integrate this track in TempMonitor UI because it has access to all relevant data pads.  However, I would need to do an end run around traditional return since it is only run by one of the four (up to).

    My thought is that if I had access to all active sockets sequence contexts, I could ask them their index and State, follow up and write the results to réécrirait a local variable before leaving the user interface.  The only thing that prevents me from going forward, it's that I don't know how to get the engine to give me the sequence for each Active socket contexts (0-3 which may be disabled via the setting ContinueTesting false instead of disable flag, it is a product of use pass 3rd batch of party model, so the executions of people with disabilities are marked as completed when running rather than wait).

    Or, Alternatively, how inspect all executions and to determine what decision he belongs (if necessary, because my data acquisition engine runs in its own, hidden, execution).

    Thanks for any help,

    Mike Webster

    Actually, I was looking for a way to get the SequenceContext for the other active sockets that launched the TempMonitor GUI, so I could put results in the other sockets directly.

    However, I gave it, and instead I am launch the GUI TempMonitor in its own thread and have each socket to monitor the status of USE on its own with a separate VI until what the ramp / soak temperature is how the GUI will highlight Boolean StationGlobal that triggers the individual to continue.  More complicated, but also in the spirit of TestStand to things, I think.


  • Out of sync a station with the model of batch process?


    My project has 5 test stations are run in parallel. I decide to use the batch process model because I want that they start and stop together. Next to startup and shutdown, I have some part in the need for synchronization of the entire test sequence. But in 5 stations, I want a workstation without flash sync to these steps. I tried to use the commands synchronize with the precondition, but it looks like that other stations are waiting for that one I jump the sync. My other option uses rendervous with number of parallel thread total is - 1. I test it and it works. But I still want to know if I can use batch synchronize step or not because it offers synchronization of start and exit synchronization.

    Thank you!

    NTT says:


    Thanks for your reply.

    I want to have something happening parallel with other threads, but without effect by steps of synchronization batch. I have several workstations parallel to the Assembly line. They are sync due to the pick and place. But I want to have a process is functioning as the station manager who keep track of USE between the train station and other site conditions such as pressure, temperature.


    As a general rule, the intent of the TestSockets in the process templates is that they will have a 1 to 1 with DUT match, taking your 5th corresponds to an object to measure? In other y 5 DUT tested at the same time? DUT often need things like logging database or report generation. Your 5th decision-making requires the generation of reports? If not maybe this 5th Jack is really more than one thread of utility and creating a new thread or performance during execution makes sense for her. If your 5th instead making it really fits under test DUT in parallel enitrely separately from others the DUT then maybe you should start up a new run for the socket using the sequential model and just run as your other shots are running with the model of batch processing.

    So, it really depends on what you use this 5th station/thread to find out which method would probably work better.

    Hope this helps,


  • Variable overall station by the object to be measured using a model of batch process


    I have 4 DUT which is tested by using individual ports of com I use global variables Station 4 to store 4 Com ports - COM port assignments are in no particular order and vary depending on the test PC station.


    S1 = Com12

    S2 = Com14

    S3 = Com10

    S4 = Com9

    Using a model of batch process I want to test DUT all at the same time: I'm trying to understand what is the best/better way to S1 to S2 for UUT2, UUT1 and so on!

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank you best regards &,.


    The easiest way is to use the property Runstate.TestSockets.MyIndex to index a table.  Each socket of the batch will get an index (from 0 to n - 1, where n is the number of sockets) when it is created.  You can create an array (of strings? I can't tell if you just have channels or need a container) and use the property for the index in the array.

  • Model of batch processing is suspended when Windows is locked

    I'm running the model of batch processing with 5 Sockets.  When the Windows form is locked, the grip of the model after all the test sockets have finished the model batch step titled 'Sync with controller - AfterPostUUT. '.  This call is part of the ManagedModelSupport.dll.  I have TestStand 2012 SP1 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

    I have attached a few screenshots.

  • Access to information USE testsocket in the model of batch processing


    I have a custom reminder pre-batch TS 4.0, which fills in the serial numbers, part numbers, etc for the DUT being tested (using a model of batch processing). These variables are found in the pre-batch settings. However, I can't understand how to access these values further reminders (SequenceFilePostStepFailure, for example).

    In the pre-batch sequence, I can access the serial number for UUT4 using Parameters.ModelData.TestSockets [4]. USE. Serial number. But I can't find the object of ModelData when you don't the pre-batch and tried to look in the root, runstate, hand, sequence, etc., without a bit of luck.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you


    You can find it at:


    There will be only at runtime, and only when you actually run using the model of batch processing.

    Hope this helps,


  • Is this possible? -Combination of 2 images batch processing

    I haven't used Photoshop before and I need some advice before you buy.

    I create animations using Rhino/Bongo/VRay (if it does not mean something to you, it's the Keyframe/NURBS Modeler facilitator /Renderer) whose output is a large amount of still images, each image can get coded in an AVI file. Before the encoding process I would like to combine two sets of images. A series is the perspective view of the object of the animation and the other is a superposition of the company logo and animated data views. All images of these two series being unique, I would like to combine animation-001 with overlay-001, 002-animation with overlay-002 and so on until the end. Note the overlay is a PNG with transparent background.

    Is Photoshop the right tool for me?

    Bravo for any help on this matter,


    The bridge is Adobe file browser application. It is more than that, but it opens folders of files that you can select and do different things with.

    With a program called ExtendScript Toolkit that I use to write the JavaScript for Photoshop, Photoshop should have. I am very inexperienced with VBScript, so I could probably help you with that.

    Using a simple script, you could do a fileset at a time and the process through them with the batch processing function, so it will open the animation file, find the overlay file appropriate, combine and save in a combination file, and then close all 3. Then move on to the next round. Or you can configure the script to loop through doing the same thing.

    Photoshop allows you to run scripts on the fly. Go to file > Scripts, and you will see a list of script files preloaded. You can click Browse to run one that has not been preloaded.

    To preload a script, it must be copied to the appropriate folder where Photoshop load scripts at startup. Usually the folder where the application is running from / presets/Scripts settings

  • Batch processing dialog box USE information

    I need to customize the model of batch processing with CVI. Need to add 2 for example several channels of serial number of the batch on top, remove the status message, bottom of socket - don't show the Seraglio etc number box. It looks like the files that I need to change are batchuutdlg.c and modelpanels.uir.

    Found that the source code is under "Instruments\TestStand National 4.1\Components\Models\TestStandModels." What are the best practices to make the change to the regulations provided the code? Also what files will be needed, if all the updated code will be then be in the same directory?

    Please notify.

    It depends on what version of TestStand you have.  Back in the day (I think that pre 4.0) there to be users and the folder OR in each of the folders TestStand. You had to copy into the users folder and make changes there.

    Nowadays (certainly with 4.5, but not sure about 4.1 knowledge is true for 4.1.1), you would put any change to the public folder.  If you go to: C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\ you will see a link to something called the TestStand Public folder.  This file should be structured like the file.  The same and all directories.  When you change the native code copy you on public directories and this way you always have native original code if you need to go back.  In addition, it handles situations where you might not be an administrator on a computer - you cannot edit files in Program Files.

    If you look in the search directories in TestStand, you will see that it refers to the Public folder first, then the Aboriginal file.  In this way that it captures your code always updated first.  So if you were to spend the SequentialModel.seq in the public folder your way would look like this: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\National Instruments\\Components\Models\TestStandModels\SequentialModel.seq (for XP).  But you would still have the (unchanged) SequentialModel.seq on in the Aboriginal file.  When a sequence file loads and will enter the process model, he looks first in the public record and captured this process template.

    In your case, it would be one of the files you mentioned.  Well I think that you would like to move all of the CVI code above, so it can stay with the prj.

    When you go to deploy on the first tab, there's a checkbox called: deploy files to the directory Public TestStand.  If all of your customizations will now be included in the deployment.  It will put their new in the public folder on the deployment computer and the search directories should be similar, so you would be good to go.

    Hope this helps,

  • Why do I need to use GIMP for batch processing?

    Dear Adobe,

    I am grinding wheel through thousands of images to display and model for an online retailer. Masks and Photoshop layers came in quite handy when I was doing the models

    but now that it's went down to reuse these templates, I have to look elsewhere.

    1. why any other piece of software on the market have a lot deals section, and yet you hide your?

    2. why not the image processor to resize horizontally and vertically, although it claims? In fact, he won't distort the image to resize, which in fact, I want to do it. I had

    to download GIMP to achieve this functionality, as well as to specify the output file and change the dpi. These are all included in GIMP but not Pshop. Thank you for that. And do not tell

    ordering me to go to stocks. It is perhaps useful to something of things, but it is hardly the best way to do this, save your exact measurements and then by saving or not saving, then

    See what's happening. Like I wanted it was in GIMP and its pathetic that 20 years, Pshop still doesn't have a credible batch processor, or tell me where it is now.

    Additional charges for this maybe?

    3. what has changed in Bridge CS6 since CS4? I see absolutely nothing different, but then the output is still limited to PDF and "WEB GALLERY" a dysfunctional glob

    code easily came out of jquery, but maybe you have impoved ending. My last experience with web gallery was so dysfunctional that I'll just stay to fix what has

    under the hood myself. I mean web gallery used as flash, then something else which is not common. Let's just agree that this is an option of amateur. Of course

    I don't know why 'exit' may include other options for the batch processing of files, since actually rename the batch works, but you are the decision makers.

    4. its too bad. This work has taught me a lot of new things about layering, masks and the functionality of the configuration section, I have no qualms with, however,

    considering how many companies you have purchased, you may want to include tons of features used in these programs, but it would be too the patterning

    expenses of Mgmt. Maybe we'll just fix the views of the window that we broke in CS4 and call it a new version.

    5. thanks for forcing me to discover GIMP, that does not demand a thing. I don't really like to be there yet, but we'll see if that changes with time. They actually have some

    different filters and rendering options that Adobe could have included years there are firearms, but even once, there are just simply not enough money for everyone at Adobe.

    Why?  Simple: because you know not how to use the application.

    You know, it never fails: the strongest mug shot, plus the likelihood of PEBKAC.

    In closing, I would like to remind you that you are not addressing Adobe here in these forums from user to user.

  • process model: include PreUUT and PostUUT step translates report

    Hello everyone,

    Little background:

    My test team has 4 writing code developer for 4 different components. The endurance test, we have common requirements as variable input voltage and of the temperature. Instead of using the common installation model, we prefer to use PreUUT of TestStand process model element. This helps each of follow us strict coding style.


    There are many examples to record the results of PreUUT and PostUUT in the report. However, all of these examples require change in file client sequence. How to implement this feature in the process template itself? So that developers do not have to ModelCallback process or use patterns in their code and still the tension updated the and temperature in ProcessModel could be connected to the report.

    Ah yes, I use TestStand 2013 (4.1)



    Thank you, Julian.

    Some of your other posts has helped me solve the problem of the PreUUT. I don't know if this is the correct method, but it works very well for me.

    Did the following:

    1. in the ProcessModel activated sequence result record for any stage in PreUUT sous-séquence.

    2. in PreUUT sous-suite added after declaration-

    "" 'RunState.ProcessModelClient.Data.Seq ["MainSequence']." Locals.ResultList = Locals.ResultList

    And voila, I PreUUT step results in my report. I would like to have feedback on your part. Is this a good method? do you see any risk?

    The next challenge online is now to log PostUUT results in the report.

    Kind regards


  • prevent the 2 instances of process model


    We have several testers in operation.  There is a particular test that we run, which has some downtime involved on the object to be measured, and it seems that there is no test running.  Then a person can come and try to run another instance of a sequence, so re - run model of process, trying to initialize the hardware that is already in use and causing a cascade of errors, screwing as the test that was running.

    Is there a property, I can verify from the outset in the process template, I can program into a command prompt to warn the person "there is already another ongoing test here, an abortion?" and "cleanly"?  Or better yet, is there an option somewhere in teststand as "to prevent simultaneous execution of process model" or such?

    Thank you

    David Jenkinson

    Try this one.

  • Property to tell whether the process model has been run?


    Is there a property to look at a sequence context, where I can tell whether or not the process model has been run?  I need to edit programmatically initialization step vi, depending on whether the process model has been run.

    Thanks for any idea,

    David Jenkinson

    RunState.Root! = RunState.Main


    PropertyExists ("RunState.ProcessModelClient")

  • Process model: additional results


    I have again to TestStand (process templates) framework.

    I would like to set up the process for my project template include comments of step and stage requirements for each step of the sequence.

    I've seen solutions where sequence recalls were used to implement this. But this requires the incorporation of reminders in the sequence file which I don't want.

    How can I do this?



    Hi Benjamin,

    Is there a reason that you can't use the callbacks?

    Reports in TestStand consists of 2 elements: Collection of results and reporting.  Basically, the report is generated on what is collected.  The collection occurs during runtime.  So basically, if your collection contains no comments and requirements then it is impossible that a report can be generated with this information (as this information is no longer in memory).

    However, since it is of the static elements of a stage you can potentially get away with the creation of some kind of reporting mechanism focus on disk in the sequence copy and enter this information using the API TestStand.  The idea would be that you would through your collection of results and looking at the result properties you could identify what stage in what order in which order was called file.  Then open this file in sequence and glean the demands and comments for that step.  Quite honestly, that would be a hairy algorithm.

    If you use the statement-fly, you can use the ProcessModelPostResultListEntry callback in the process model and information on the step and put it on the report.  It would avoid having to add all your file of the client's sequence recalls.

    Hope this helps,

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