Battery on the Controller PERC 6 / i integrated Poweredge R900 and 2950.

Hi, we have this error below Poweredge R900 and Poweredge 2950 for 4 days now, I hope that he will be gone after 7 days (such as by Maximum learning delay)

Battery on the Controller PERC 6 / i integrated:

Name battery 0
Degraded state
Loan of State capacity
Learn the State duly
Next time learn 0 hours
Learn 7 days 0 hours maximum
Learn the Auto Mode

In case the error continues after 7 days, is there any solution to this? or replace the battery if error remains.

I had been searching for the right part No. battery so that we can order in advance, thank you for giving the battery part No. for Poweredge R900 and 2950 Controller PERC 6 / i integrated.

Thank you much in advance.



Rais info is stored on the discs should not be a problem

R900 page 84

2950 page 74

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  • Request preventivo per batteria Controller PERC 6 / i by PowerEdge 1950 Server


    come da oggetto sono a take UN preventivo per sostituzione di una batteria per controller it PERC 6 / I integrated by a server PowerEdge1950 in quanto it software Dell di administration lo tell in stato FAULT, low voltage.

    Speaking saluti.


    the batteria Può acquistare online:

    Oppure take it supporto a pagamento tramite questo link:



  • PowerEdge 2900 (and 2950) with PERC 5i - extend Raid 5


    I have a Dell (PowerEdge 2900) server with a Raid PERC 5i (with BBWC) controller and 4 SATA drives installed (a virtual disk Raid 5, Windows 2008).

    Now I have an extra drive (same capacity, same speed) and installed on the server.

    I tried to expand the existing virtual disk (and the disk group) with the new physical disk drive in the BIOS of the controller and openmanage server administrator (managed node) running on windows.

    But it is not possible to do with this Raid Cntrl?

    Is there a way to do this without loss of data and maintenance of raid 5 redundancy?

    The same procedure I need to do on a PE2950 (PERC5i)

    Thank you and best regards,


    What have you tried exactly, and what has happened or what have you seen?  You did not mention anything that leads me to believe that you tried this in the right place :)

    The PERC 5 / I can do without a doubt:

    With the disc, go to OMSA, PERC, case/bottom of basket, storage, physical disks and make sure your drive shows ready.

    If ready, go to the OMSA, storage, PERC, virtual disks, select Reconfigure in the drop down menu to your RAID 5, follow the wizard to add the disk.

    If the record shows the foreign, go to the OMSA, storage, PERC, Information/Configuration (link at the top of the page), click on foreign/clear in the dropdown menu, then follow the directions above.

  • Battery on Controller PERC 6 / i integrated [CF]

    The batery status failed.

    Could you please tell me how to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance


    Buongiorno, the sto contattando by mail.

  • VMware ESXi WARNING - battery on the controller workload 0...

    Hello world

    I get this warning frequently daily some of my ESXi server that runs on Dell Power Edge 2950 - III:

    Status: Warning (yellow)

    Alarm: State of the sensor changed hardware host

    Duration: 2010-10-24 22:30:55

    Sensor "on controller 0 battery charge...". "equal attention.

    Sensor 'State of health Rollup VMware' equal attention

    is there something wrong with my server ESXi?

    Thank you.

    As written it is a normal feature of the PERC controller which has a cycle of learning for the battery.

    On vsphere 4.0 this task generate a lot of alarms, but after I upgraded to 4.1 I got the alarms only during the learning cycle.


  • State of the controller H710P degraded, but pdisks and vdisks are OK

    Hi, I have several PowerEdge servers R720 with Mini H710P (embedded) controllers and PERC H710P who have problems. Omreport, the controller is in a non-critical State and a degraded state:

    Controller of
    ID: 1
    Status: No reviews
    Name: PERC adapter H710P
    Location ID: PCI Slot 2
    State: degraded
    Firmware version: 21.3.0 - 0009
    Minimum Firmware Version: 21.3.1 - 0001
    Driver version: 06.806.08.00 - rh3
    The minimum required driver version: not Applicable
    The Storport driver version: not Applicable
    Minimum required: Version of the Storport driver: not Applicable
    Number of connectors: 2
    Regeneration rate: 30%
    BGI rate: 30%
    Consistency check rate: 30%
    Rebuild rate: 30%
    Alarm status: not applicable
    Cluster mode: not Applicable
    SCSI initiator ID: not Applicable
    Cache memory size: 1024 MB
    Patrol read mode: Auto
    Patrol read status: stopped
    Patrol read rate: 30%
    Read the iterations of patrol: 42
    Give up control of consistency error: disabled
    Enable reversible hot spare and replace the: enabled
    Load Balancing: not Applicable
    Auto Member Replace on Predictive Failure: disabled
    Redundant path view: not Applicable
    CacheCade Capable: Yes
    Persistent backup: disabled
    Encryption Capable: Yes
    Currently key encryption: No.
    Encryption mode: no
    Preserved cache: not Applicable
    Spin down drives unconfigured: disabled
    Turn down hot spares: disabled
    Spin down drives configured: disabled
    Automatic disk Power Saving (Idle_c): disabled
    Start time (hh: mm): not Applicable
    Time interval of rotating upward (in hours): not Applicable

    Vdisk is OK:

    Controller PERC H710P adapter (Slot 2)
    ID: 0
    Status: Ok
    Name: Virtual disk 0
    Status: ready
    Hot violated political alternatives: not
    Encrypted: No.
    Layout: RAID-5
    Size: 3 350,25 GB (3597303545856 bytes)
    T10 Protection Information status: No.
    Liquid state of Cache associated with: not Applicable
    Name of the device: / dev/sdc
    Bus protocol: SAS
    Media: HDD
    Political reading: Adaptive Read Ahead
    Political writing: write back
    The cache policy: not Applicable
    Stripe Element Size: 64 KB
    The strategy of Disk Cache: disabled

    And so are the physical disks (output truncated, there are many records!):

    ID: 0:2:7
    Status: Ok
    Name: Physical disk 0:2:7
    Status: ready
    Supply status: leader
    Bus protocol: SAS
    Media: HDD
    Part of the Cache Pool: not Applicable
    Remaining nominal write Endurance: not applicable
    Predicted failure: No.
    Review: LS0A
    Driver version: not Applicable
    Model number: not Applicable
    T10 IP Capable: No.
    Certified: Yes
    Encryption Capable: No.
    Encrypted: Not Applicable
    Progress: Not Applicable
    Mirror Set ID: Non Applicable
    Capacity: 558,38 GB (599550590976 bytes)
    RAID disk space used: 558,38 GB (599550590976 bytes)
    Space disk RAID: 0.00 GB (0 bytes)
    Hot spare: dedicated
    Vendor ID: Dell (TM)
    Product ID: ST600MM0006
    Serial number: S0M4EMF4
    Part No.: CN07YX587262251B0119A02
    Negotiated speed: 6,00 Gbps
    Measuring speed: 6,00 Gbps
    PCIe negotiated link width: not Applicable
    PCIe Maximum link width: not Applicable
    Sector size: 512 b
    The device's write cache: not Applicable
    Date of manufacture: 03
    Week of manufacture: 02
    Manufacturing year: 2015
    SAS address: 5000C5007F103929
    Form factor: not available
    Void Publisher: not available

    I had found a previous thread which suggested updating the firmware, but I can't find a more recent version of the firmware for controllers (embedded or extra).

    If it makes a difference, all servers running RHEL 6.6 (Santiago)


    I think you are right in assuming that the problem is caused by the firmware being obsolete. The firmware is actually a few updates behind. You can find the latest version of the update here. Updated the fw on the controller and let me know if the VD shows ONLINE later.

    Let me know what you see

  • Help needed with two new HHD to RAID 1 PERC 6 / i integrated controller

    We have a client that has an out of warranty PowerEdge T610. On the Dell OpenManage Server Admin, I can see that he can see my 1 RAID PERC 6 / i integrated controller. On one of the controllers, we have a RAID 5 that has 4 discs dedicated to a data store (drive D), we two discs devoted to the Windows SBS 2008 (drive C) operating system on RAID 1.

    When we look at the server, I have physical disks located in:

    Our drive D data store:

    • 0:0:0
    • 0:0:1
    • 0:0:2
    • 0:0:3

    Our reader C found in:

    • 1:0:4
    • 1:0:5

    We just added two new hard drives for RAID 1 based on the conversation we had with Dell, they recommended that we can try from C data to the new larger disks. When to Dell Open Manage looking at the physical disks on the PERC 6 controller / i integrated, I can see that it has detected two new 500 GB SATA drives that the client installed. However the tasks available do not allow me nor their format to use as they appear in the management of the computer as a disk that is available for use. Is there something that we are completely absent here?

    Regarding the new disks located here:

    • 1:0:6
    • 1:0:7

    My options for available tasks are the following:

    • Blink
    • Unblink
    • Assign Global relief
    • Claire...

    I already have them deleted once as I didn't know if they should be formatted to be recognized, but in the computer management disk management they don't even appear at all. I thought that I had a task of 'on-line' that I could assign to the readers so maybe they appear to start to use the new storage HHD.

    With regard to the current firmware for the controller.

    • Firmware version: 6.2.0 - 0013
    • Driver version:
    • The Storport driver version: 6.0.6002.18005

    I have attached a PDF file to this post to view details on the disks. Sorry for the fine print, but it's a PDF so you should be able to zoom. Any assistance about why readers as not detected in disk management would be absolutely awesome. :)


    PERC does not support non RAID... you can just throw the discs and use them. You'll need to set up and initialize a new RAID array with the readers. It is not a task of "physical disk", therefore in OMSA, go to the page of the virtual disks and click the new link Wizard of VD at the top of the page to create a new VD of the BONE.

  • Warehouses of unstable data using PERC 5 / i integrated controllers ESXi 4 Update 1


    Already had an ESXi 3.5 installation works well and booting from a USB flash drive. My system uses two Dell PERC 5i integrated adapters. Shut down the system and it has restarted on another device USB with ESXi 4 Update 1 (currently without a license). I looked in the HCL and PERC controllers appear to be there. The new version seems to start only are fine but no data in the client stores.  So I started experimenting and created a store of data on vmhba1 controller. In the "Adding storage" Wizard, I did this: chose disk/LUN - & gt; Highlight vmhba1 - & gt; the next screen says disc is empty if it was not when used under ESXi3.5 - & gt; Enter the name 'slow-drive' - & gt; has chosen the smaller block size setting "256 GB, block size: 1 MB '-& gt; Click Finish. The system seems to create the data store. But when I start to browse the data store and copy a file to it, she starts and seems to copy then produced an IO error. If I reboot, the storage diappears.

    I've seen references to the use of some utils esxcfg-volume and fdisk-l to persistent editing shells. But this I/O question seems strange.

    Are the Perc 5 / integrated i indeed took in charge the controllers?

    Do I have to use a certain version of BIOS for controllers (I have them update code recent BIOS that worked with ESXi 3.5)?

    All ideas are welcome.

    Thank you

    Battery backed cache write - a DIMM ECC Registered (up to 512 MB) on the controller and a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack connected to it.

    Please give points for any helpful answer.

  • Model of card mother T7500 and configuration of the controller RAID LSI 1068e

    Hi, I just bought a T7500 workstation I would get around mid-December. Because of current prices for HARD drive storage, I decided to go with the 500 GB basic disk up to HEALING of Thailand. Thus, I am limited to basic integrated RAID controller. Because I am not familiar with the RAID configuration, etc. I wanted to read more before I dive in. The starting point would definitely find what was right for the Precision T7500 motherboard. Surprise! I can't find information anywhere. Even Dell people (3 different sales and support representatives) have not managed to tell me it's the Intel 5520 chipset (it looks that they believe that it is the motherboard model...). Well, I'm stuck. I would appreciate if someone could provide me with the model of motherboard and Special Edition, all information on the capabilities of the controller integrated RAID (LSI 1068e) would help me determine what drives should I plan to buy. In addition, one thing that is not clear to me what I inferred from the configuration on the website Wizard is the issue around disks > 2 TB. Of after I read it, I was not able to determine whether the problem was related to the simple readers > 2 TB or if it was related to the management of a storage space > 2 TB (which could be composed of several readers less than 2 TB). What I have in mind (remember that I do not have the machine right now) is to 4 X 1 TB drives in a RAID 0 + 1 (which I'm not sure that the integrated controller supports) configuration that will result in the storage of 2 GB mirrored. The operating system is Win 7 64 bit. Thanks in advance for any info that will help me to prepare my setup (buy hard drives, if I can find cheap ones) and find information on the configuration of the RAID. MrBricole

    I'm sure the T7500 uses an Intel Server Board (since this chipset is located on the Intel site under its motherboards, Dell is essentially correct, even if they didn't know why), but it doesn't matter in the context of your question, because the '' integrated '' RAID controller is not actually on the Board.  It's a card (called "integrated" only because it has a slot on this machine).  Because the functionality of the RAID controller is not on the Board of Directors, Board info will not help you.  Everything you need to know about your Council and the entire system, you can get the T7500 manual.  SAS 6/iR (LSI 1068e) RAID controller information can be found here:

    NOTE from the ADMIN: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell >

    The SAS 6/iR will not support more than 2 TB of drives, or it will support more than 2 TB of virtual disks.

    It will also only supports RAID 0 OR RAID 1 OR both, but not together (not levels no RAID nested as RAID 10 or 0 + 1).

    So with four 1 TB drives, you can easily do two RAID 1 (called integrated mirror in the controller BIOS CTRL-C)... or you can do two 2-drive RAID 0 (Stripe called integrated in the controller BIOS CTRL-C)... or you can run mode non-RAID, with four individual discs in the operating system.  With this controller, those are your only options with four 1 TB drives.

    If you want / need more features RAID (nested RAID, 2 TB of the VFD above, on board levels, cache, etc.), you must upgrade to the PERC 6 / i.

    Do not buy office records class... Make sure you get enterprise-class drives.  If you decide at some point to go with PERC, not only enterprise class disks will be fundamentally necessary, but certified records would be strongly recommended for stability and performance.

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    gauge the battery to the boot screen and battery on report menu conflicting Details about the level of the battery. The gauge from the battery to the Starter incorrectly displays the low battery level that prevent the start of the battery. This happens on macbook pro retina 13 inches

    When I try to startup macbook pro retina in battery mode, it will fail to start showing low battery level and an indicator to recharge the battery. It does not start on battery. When I then connect via the power cable at startup (and check the battery level), monitor of battery in the menu bar indicates that the battery is charged to the top.

    It gets really frustrating and remove my ability to use the macbook pro retina as a truly portable device...

    Appreciate any help on this

    Have you tried resetting the SMC? Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • How to change the battery of the hybrid tuner of TV Toshiba remote

    Excuse me, I have a problem.

    I bought my toshiba several months ago hibrid tv tuner, and now I need to change the battery in the remote control.

    I do not understand how to remove battery because the conteiner for battery, in the bottom of the remote controller, seems stuck.

    Please, you said to me before I break this remote...

    Excuse me for my English but I'm Italian...
    Thank you for the collaboration!


    What a strange question. : ^ O
    Are you serious?
    I think that replacing the battery works like on many other remote controls.
    I put t think that it s blocked!

    Try to push the cover in the direction of the arrow (if exists)
    This should work!

  • Fail to communicate with the controller of pump ISCO D series

    Hey everybody,

    I have an ISCO D pumps controller (which is connected to a syringe model 100DX ISCO pump) series I want to control using RS232 on Labview. I don't have their LabView Toolkit that Teledyne has mentioned in their technical Bulletin (TB06). In addition, I would like to automate my test, so using the Labview Toolkit will be not too useful.

    The problem I face is not being able to communicate with the controller via hyperterminal or LabVIEW.

    I ran their (mentioned in TB06) integrated series test and communicate as expected. I also tried to run their program remote pump (mentioned in technical Bulletin 19 of Teledyne - TB19) which seems to do what is expected as well.

    I tried to talk about using LabVIEW first using the vi that I joined, and I saw nothing on the buffer. So, I moved to hyperterminal.

    But when I try to send the command 'remote' listed in TB19, it doesn't seem to do anything. There is no answer on the hyperterminal.

    There is mention of a DASNET Protocol, and I found the .dll file that I also moved in my Windows System 32 folder. It did not work even after that too.

    I have attached TB06 and TB19. Let me know if you have other ideas how to do to test it.

    Please let me know if you need further information.

    Thank you


    Hey everybody,

    After going through their best manual, I found the way to correctly send a frame. The manual at,, section 7 specifically, it is intended.

    For the purposes of anyone who stumbles across this thread, here's an example.

    If you have your.

    Destination (the pump regulator) ID = 1

    the source of the (computer) message = 00

    and you try to send the message to DISTANCE that would turn the controller in "REMOTE" mode

    Then you would send '1R006REMOTE1B', where 1 is the ID of destination
    R is right to recognize the previous received message

    00 is the ID of the computer

    6 length of command

    "REMOTE" the command itself, must be uppercase

    Checksum 1 b (which changes with the command of course)

    And you can do the same thing in LabVIEW, you can enter '1R006REMOTE1B' in the VISA write while keeping everything else the same as the snapshot of the vi I sent previously.

    Dennis, actually do not have the CD itself, but I assumed, would nothing more than an executable since I downloaded the demo driver for LabVIEW ( under utilities) pump. I am currently trying to locate the CD here at the lab, and I will update this thread if I find something useful.

    I guess that my problem has been resolved.

    Thanks for your input in this Dennis.

    Kind regards


  • How to replace the internal rechargeable lithium ion battery in the XF-100?

    Manual 168 p describes the required battery type, but not a clue as to how to find it, access.

    Hello Jimcooper,

    Page 170 of the XF100 manual specifies the battery built-in rechargeable lithium (aka, back toward the top of stack), as well as a stack of lithium CR2025 button.  One could interpret this particular section and page in the manual as referring to the same farm, but it is actually two different and distinct piles.  I apologize that we could easily although found otherwise.

    The built-in rechargeable lithium battery (aka, the rear battery [who manages the time/date settings /]) is the only one we are referencing with reference to your application.  It is internal and cannot be changed by the end user, because it requires the Service Factory gun to do so.

    This contrasts with the button lithium CR2025 (which we provided) turn the controller wireless of the XF100.  It is not identical to the built-in rechargeable lithium battery that is referenced when we talk about your online application.  You can change wireless on button on the gamepad CR2025 lithium battery according to the needs.

    Abandoned this information we are not able to suggest to try service yourself and recommend rather using the website of Canon USA (link here) to set a ticket service for the camcorder to send to Canon for assessment and/or service.

  • Basic PCMCIA question: where is the controller?

    Hello people,

    I have a basic question of the PCMCIA:

    The PCMCIA controller is integrated on the motherboard or does the PCMCIA device?

    Practicality: if I want to change the PCMCIA in a laptop, I can change everything (part mechanical + electronic) or simply the mechanical part?

    I have a mono-emplacement controller, and I would have a dual slot PCMCIA. If the controller is on the motherboard, I have no chance of success.

    Thank you:


    The controller is on the motherboard. Pcmcia slot unit is removable, as stated above, but it's just a cage to hold the cards... no chip is in it other than a plug-in interface on the motherboard which channels to the pcmcia controller.

  • Sostituzione batteria R710 RAID controller


    Sono a take UN preventivo relative alla batteria da auswechseln al PowerEdge R710 quanto sul display compare the written relative alla batteria del controller download.

    The batteria che ho trovato nel sito:

    e compatibile?

    Speaking saluti

    By how far the batteria del RAID controller, part da acquistare e questa.



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