BB maps is paralyzed by ATT, all other cards that I can call him by program on "BOLD"?

I inserted a MenuItem "display the location of the sender" display Email menu. I hope that when a user opens an e-mail and selects the location of the sender 'show' in the menu, it will bring BB maps and show the current location of the sender.

However, BB maps did not appear and then I've debugged it on the "BOLD" device. (Define criteria and get an instance of LocationProvider) went well until it reached LocationProvider.getLocation(-1).

Here is the code segment:

System.out.println ("view our locations');

try {

location = provider.getLocation(-1);

System.out.println ("get location");


} catch

(LocationException e) {

System.out.println ("could not get (LocationException) location:"+ try () ") ;}

catch (InterruptedException e) {

System.out.println ("could not get the (InterruptedException) location:"+ try () ");


Only 'show the locations' has been printed, but 'get location' has never printed. Feels like the thread stopped at the place = provider.getLocation(-1) and never returned.

I've read a lot of online messages and seems ATT disabled and hidden BB cards to promote the browser. The trick of using non Att theme not working anymore. Several people have complained that their BB icon cards disappeared at the end of March 2009.

That's why cards BB no-show in my application? Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you


LWG is OK - BB Maps has nothing to do with LocationProvider.

However, you can start programmtically than Google maps if installed, using the ApplicationManager interface. O check for both and prefer BB Maps, but allow the customer to select Google given that some people prefer.

See this thread on the BB Forum a tip on this:

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    ~ UL

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    Good. When your problem has been fixed mark the thread as "Resolved" If you please.
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