BB10 Alpha Firmware Dev


I recently had the BB10 Dev Alpha device, and I have a question about updates of the firmware:

1. How will I know that my device contains last version of the firmware available?

2. How can I upgrade to the latest firmware and/or reload the OS image to him?

I read BB10 Dev Alpha FAQ here:,

and, according to the answer to question 4 ("my device does not start, what can I do?") There should be a way to reload the image of an operating system on the device ("b. There could be a problem with the OS image. Please try to reload the operating system by using the steps described here. ") but I can't find either no description of this procedure in this FAQ, or links to"here", where he could be described.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You will be able to upgrade the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha with a future beta version of the Desktop Manager.  So far we did not an OS for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update.  Please see the instructions supplied with your dev alpha for the procedure on registration for the beta program of BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

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    How to run BB10 Simulator alpha?

    Is it acquisitions have chips of debugging for Simulator?

    How to create debugging tokens?

    Thank you and best regards,


    The Simulator does not require a token of debugging.

    If you have an alpha of dev, you can use the Setup Wizard in Flash Builder to run you

    through creating a debug token:

    If you aren't using Flash Builder but using instead command-line tools, use the command:

    BlackBerry debugtokenrequest - cskpass - keystore - storepass deviceId-

  • App not showing the world alpha app dev

    I developed an application to BB10.0.9. When I downloaded, I chose the QNX, Min OS 10.0.0 platform.

    It has been approved and can be found on the page of web app world but not showing the world alpha app dev


    This should now happen 2 - 3 times a week. We work for it as close to production as possible in the coming weeks. If after 2-3 days that you don't see appear your app and the portal provider says "for sale" Please let us know

  • Possible to update BB10 Alpha on Mac?


    The upgrade of the BB10 alpha page seems to ask you to download the last Director of office for Windows (even if you are on Mac).

    For Mac users, is it possible to upgrade to the new version of BB10?

    Thank you!

    The Desktop Manager with the update for the Mac is now online, and it does not (unlike Windows)!

    I've been on 188 Bundle, so first it was last updated at 197, and after my DevAlpha restarted and then reconnected, it appeared today updated.  It is now installing!


  • BlackBerry smartphones can not access my Alpha (A) Dev


    I just restarted my Dev Alpha and he said 'Thank you for your participation' and I can't do anything else than to turn it off.

    How to access this new?

    Thank you

    P.S. I'm on Windows XP

    The Alpha of Dev A is no longer officially supported from You can try to download the latest versions on the device from here:

    But it is NOT supported.

  • BB10 Dev Alpha Simulator Dev Mode doesn't work


    I have a problem with BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Simulator. When I go into the VM for the 10 Dev Alpha settings BlackBerry Simulator and enable development mode, the icon of the Mode of development will not displayed it.

    I can't see the IP address of Simulator and install my application.


    U can not find the icon of the mode of development in the Simulator. What you have to do, it is after switching to the mode of development for sure, go into settings,-> select network from the drop-down list-> note in ipv4 ip address... And it's ip address, you use the mode of development.

  • Background BB10 Alpha mode

    Hello world

    for those of you who have already installed the latest version of the firmware on their devices-Dev Alpha:

    For example, the calendar app. If you have noticed, when application is made in the background, the display switches to a different view when it is passed in the background. In the background, the calendar displays upcoming events

    Question is: have you implemented that already? If Yes, how did you do? If not, how would you do it? (In fact, I have no idea, I just noticed today... my guess is that it is something like get the event that enforcement is growing at bottom and then simply to show a different view?) Is not as there is a special event in the latest version of the SDK, but plain old stage.addEventListener (Event.DEACTIVATE, function(e:Event):void {showMyBackgroundView() ;})

    But even in this case, the question is what discovered to show if other BB10 devices will have different resolutions... Have not yet tried, but if someone could confirm, that would be great

    Yes you can. You must bring your app to sleep periodically to refresh the view. It suggested not to do it too often, but the demos and tutorials that I've seen, this address.

  • BB10 Alpha connect no no DM on Mac

    Just picked up the BB10 peripheral Alpha to KW jam yesterday, but were unable to connect to DM on Mac to get the update. Everyone knows this?

    Error message: unable to connect with this device... bla blah blah blah the BlackBerry Desktop Software and gives me the opportunity to try again or repair (tried both, without going...)

    Here are a few interesting lines, that I pulled on logs of DM:

    (318) 2012-08-24 23:31:46.508 WARN * HTTP_REQ orders ask: '' has expired

    (318) 2012-08-24 23:31:46.509 ERROR * default orders (0) request a Timeout: - (?) / (5.000000)


    (318) 2012-08-24 23:31:57.528 WARN * BASECMD control device "[device name: BlackBerry () (pin: model: BlackBerry hardwareID:0 x 4002307 GUID: 21AEED911F04585A7C18BB4382485D17CBB6100D - bundlenull)]' is brick, will attempt to reconnect"

    (318) 2012-08-24 23:32:02.528 BASECMD WARN * backorder Timedout device of bricks


    (318) 2012-08-24 23:32:10.539 WARN * BASECMD control device "[device name: BlackBerry () (pin:model: BlackBerry hardwareID:0 x 4002307 GUID: 21AEED911F04585A7C18BB4382485D17CBB6100D - bundlenull)]' is masoned and not recovery"

    (318) 2012-08-24 23:32:10.539 ERROR * default orders Exception BDQNXConnectException - BDQNXConnectException (device is invalid or bootrom mode) created

    (318) 2012-08-24 23:32:10.540 WARN * BASECMD orders don't command cannot connect because of the camera is invalid or in the bootrom mode type: errno 2: 0... Clear cache password

    The unit on and fits perfectly and didn't do anything for her, beyond setting up wifi and connecting with BBID. I also tried different combinations of device/macbook reboots, DM uninstall/reinstall, repair of the appliance, by changing the type of USB connection, activating/deactivating the mode of development.

    Any ideas?

    OS / X - 10.8.1

    Mac DM - v2.4.0, build 16

    BB10 Dev Alpha -

    PS. Also, the device is supposed to come with a plate of micro-sim in housing? Mine isn't...

    I didn't have the patience to raffi, and for a reason, even on Windows, DM takes forever to connect and show me the device password prompt. Also, the hit reboot-time-connected wouldn't show me more the repair option.

    I finally managed to update with what follows (in Win7):

    • DM start
    • Make sure that Dev Alpha is off and plug in USB
    • now, DM very quickly now detects and shows me the repair dialog box
    • go through the process of debrick, as documented
    • then repeat the steps above after delporte

    Something like 1.5hrs later, I finally had my device up to date!

  • BB10 alpha device connected to Linux but poster in IDE "not connected"


    I use Ubuntu 12.04 and bbnk 10.0.6 for development. My alpha camera can connect to Linux and I can download the configuration previously debugging token created on another Windows XP PC to the device. I also import my key sign created previously on Windows to the current Linux environment. But now the 'not connected' USB to IDE BB10 poster display and cannot deploy any application on the device. What is the reason? He cannot mix the sign key and debug token created on a different platform like Linux vs Windows? Help, please. Thank you.

    Kind regards


    It works very well.  A few tips to remember:

    -Set :-> Parameters of storage and access-> USB connections (connect to Windows)

    (Automatic detection does not work with Linux)

    -Make sure development Mode is set to 'works '.

    S ' sure "ifconfig usb0" returns something, preferably

    S ' ensure that you can test the DA dev mode IP: (this is the default)

    If all the above works, then you should be able to use it with the IDE.  If the IDE thinks that it is not connected, ignore the error and try anyway.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones new version Alpha of Dev of submission

    Please could someone explain how to 'release' one. BAR the file?

    My presentation app is currently in draft status.

    I don't know where or what a package file is, or where to put the name of the device.

    My release.txt file contains-

           BB10 Dev Alpha

    I compressed it and she agreed.

    But they still want a Bundle file and the device.

    I also compressed my and which has also been accepted.


    OK, sorry about this!

    I saw the Add-file-Bundle section and everything seems OK now

  • His work on Alpha to Dev, but works only on Z10

    Hey there everyone! First of all, thank you for this forum, I had some problems in the past and I found some solutions here. Well, this time I couldn't find any, so I'm making my own post!

    Well, me and my team, we have a problem. Our application has multiple sounds on it. We do this with HTML5, JS, CSS3, Phonegap. The sound works fine on my PC when it should play and it works also on our Dev Alpha. We have a Z10 to test the application subsequently a final device to make sure that the app works very well. But when we put on the Z10, wow! The sound does not work and worse, there is a good chance that the application stops working, it is frozen. Once she even restarted the Z10!

    Then, someone has an idea? We do not use libs like jQuery. And also, I have another doubt. How can I make the screen do not resize when the background is double clicked and how lock screen allowing the user to change the vertical view to horizontal view, I want to block to vertical view only.

    Thanks in advance!

    Audio rendering


    For audio, this probably has to do with the limits of the audio channel of OMAP (Dev Alpha B, Z10 STL100-1) and Qualcomm (Z10 STL100-2/3/4). Most likely, the Z10 test you on is STL100-3, which is the set of Qualcomm.

    For the OMAP material, there are 64 contexts of available multimedia rendering, which is a good amount.

    For Qualcomm (and this is a limitation for any device based on this material) there are 6 audio streams available on the scale of the device. Every time you the preload/play a new audio file, it takes an additional audio stream. You can see how this would cause problems quickly.

    If overwrite/reset is a pretty dramatic effect, and I would be a JIRA issue against this newspaper because, in the worst case, I expect the audio does not play. not to crash the machine.

    The current solution is to use an OpenAL extension, we have currently available as a plugin of Cordoba:

    If you don't want to use of Cordova and direct WebWorks, you will need to explore your own custom extensions. OpenAL bypasses the mm-engine layer rendering and is not supported by the same limitations.

    Unfortunately, the decline in performance and the side effects of mixing too many simultaneous sounds on chipset Qualcomm is radical enough. Being a hardware problem, the problem becomes very complex, but our teams are working to improve I just don't have a timeline on it yet.

    Resizing of the screen

    To avoid this, there are two options. The first is to assign a room when you lock the initial-scale, scale minimum and maximum scale values. Along the lines of:


    It's also a good idea to wrap your content inside a

    container. Example:


    And use some of the styles on this container to ensure that the content does not exceed the dimensions of the screen. Example:


    The second option is to operate the touch-event mode which should theoretically disable the zoom:

    However, it was until recently brough and seems to be broken. A JIRA is recommended for this question.

    Orientation lock


    This can be done in the config.xml file in the and specifying applicable element:

  • BB10 Alpha device not for Linux

    Hi guys! I got a camera of Alpha BB10 of the Jam. Barcelona

    I use Kubuntu Linux x86_64.

    When I connect Alpha device using the USB port, a device screen tell me about the installation of drivers, but only for Windows or Mac. Kubuntu detect device as an audio CD, but cannot climb.

    This means that I can't use Alpha device under Linux, only for Windows or Mac?

    Best regards.

    I found that its really the USB auto detect which merges in Linux.

    For detection of basic working properly, I just go into the config 'Storage & sharing' menu and change the option "USB connection" to "Auto detect" to "connect to Windows.  Now, every time I plug the device you in a Linux machine picks it up very well.

    FYI, the USB connection is basically IP - on USB.  This is not different from WiFi, except to work a bit more smoothly.

    When you enable the 'development' Mode, your computer will probably be re - detect the device to a different (and essentially constant) IP:

    PS I do all my development on Linux work, when possible.  (there are a few preview QML bugs that occur mainly on Linux, which could lead me to go to a Windows box instead of temporarily screwing with my video drivers, but it's really just a question when DIY/prototyping UI bits)

  • alpha of dev and QT5 proplem

    I'm starts with developing blackberry bb10ndk and I installed and install vmware and dev Simulator alpha, but I can not connect to the Simulator how can i and I install QT5, but I cannot PROJECT HTML5, I need akit target which is which.

    There is no Qt5 on the device (yet).

  • Alpha C dev problem - alpha device blackberry 10 dev program is over...

    I got this message after I upgraded to the latest firmware and now it won't go away, even after a reboot. Also tried to re - load the firmware, but no luck.

    Help, please.

    Update on this problem:

    My problem has been resolved, but it took a replacement of the device to solve.

    I'll be shipping the defective unit to BB, so I hope they can figure out what went wrong and prevent other developers.

  • BB10 Dev Alpha bezel Swipe

    I'm not able to get the action shot of bezel superior to register on the Dev Alpha for any of my applications.  I tried everything I found these tips and on github.

    I tried the sample project swipemenu.js WebWorks I packed up the sample application to the Alpha of Dev, and I can't get the hang of the bezel to work.  I can click on the button and trigger javascript code to display the menu, but this isn't really a shot of bezel.

    I added the BB10 the tag in my config file. I placed the following in my appssection (found here -

    But I never see the alert, now how the shot of the upper bezel of importance.

    I also place the file javascript WebWorks (webworks - in my application.

    I do not use the BBUI.js for this app because it causes too many conflicts at this time. Y at - it someone who has got the hang of the upper bezel to work in BB10 WebWorks app on a Dev Alpha device.

    OS version:

    10 BlackBerry WebWorks SDK

    you expect the event ready webworks and you enroll.

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