BB10 - App appears enlarged

I am converting an application WebWorks's PlayBook to BB10, and when I load on my Alpha device, everything seems very zoom-in. Ripple it seems in good condition.

I tried



var meta = document.createElement("meta");
meta.setAttribute('content','initial-scale='+ (1/window.devicePixelRatio) + ',user-scalable=no');

but in both cases, I get the below screenshot (taken the device with remote web Inspector running to display the dimensions of the image)

Inspector Web shows pictures of a resolution of 175 x 254, however during the measurement in the screenshot it is closed to 395 x 575.


So much worse... had to remove the HTML meta and then the JavaScript set one worked.

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  • License model for BB10 apps in AppWorld

    On the BB dev site, I found the following:

    Applications running on the BlackBerry 10 operating system is the use of a static licensing model, regardless of the choice made in the licensing model in the supplier portal.

    This means that we don't need to bother about the licensing model for BB10 apps and let the App World which must manage the licesning Blackberry world mechanism?

    Fix. In BB 10 it is not possible for a user to save the app package and copy it to another device. Therefore, there is no chance of your app executable escaped a user and then on any other side loading on their device. It is protected in this way and the dynamics of license is not really necessary...

    But if you want extra protection, you can always do it within your application, but you have to manage your own licensing model in this case.


  • BB10: Splash screen for landscape only app appears

    I can't seem to get my startup screen in my landscape only BB10 game.

    I tried


    that works fine in my other app (portrait and landscape) - (I just did a version of the portrait of my splash so to fit the syntax).

    Then I tried

    : landscape.png



    Then I tried the format suggested in this article :


    (and Yes, I change the names of my files accordingly - even if I don't know who is supposed to be the portrait and landscape one and I also tried commenting on one or the other of the two files)

    I checked the files in the .bar file, and the manifesto still shows something like that, that looks all right:

    Entry-Point-Splash-Screen: (1280 x 768) air/splash - 1280 x 768-.png

    or when I use two files

    Entry-Point-Splash-Screen: {1280x768}air/splash-1280x768.png:{1280x768}air/splash-768x1280.png

    But no splash screen never appears unless I put

    -app.xml file...

    Can anyone think of anything anyone else I can try?


    My app: Get set - get up!   Get ready for the revolution snooze.

    have you tried to set the aspectRatio? I use this for all my apps in landscape


    and in your bardsescriptor / blackberry - just tablet.xml

  • No popup blocking BB10 app

    The environment: ripple running chrome on Mac OS X 10.7.5 23.0.1271.101.

    The device is an Alpha of Dev BB10 running The SDK is BlackBerry 10 SDK WebWorks

    Question: any time I do a Javascript alert() and confirm() app completely freezes. Once I dismiss the dialog box, I can no longer click on anything whatsoever. The only thing I can do is drag on my device and close the application. Here's what's weird: I wanted to debug this so I compiled the application with the indicator "Activate Web Inspector" is enabled. When I run the application on the device, a popup appears that gives me the port number and IP address where can I consult the debugging tools. It's after that I reject this popup the app is also frozen. I can't do anything except to close the application.

    Anyone seen this before? Maybe I'm missing something my config.xml file?

    Kind regards


    Never mind. After posting, I realized that I didn't have the latest version of the SDK. I downloaded and recompile the latest application (gold) SDK and everything is fine now.

    I would like to delete the post, but this can be useful for someone else who can make the same mistake.


  • The purchased App appears as purchased on the App Store

    Hello everyone.

    Here's my problem.  I bought the game Metal Gear Rising: statement earlier.  I played it for a few months, but then I had to do a clean install of the operating system and I'm trying to download the game again until now, because I wanted to spend my storage to an SSD.  Now that I did it, I can't download the game.  It does not appear in the tab purchased on the App Store.  And when I go to the page of the app if he asks me to buy again.  I've already paid nearly $40 for this game, so I would like to know what I can do to download and to recognize that the game was bought by my Appstore account.

    Thank you.

    I use a MacBook Pro 13 inch non-retine, Intel Core i7 2.9 gHz, 16 GB of DDR3 RAM, 240 GB SSD.  Running macOS Beta Sierra, but I met this problem even when I was still running of Mavericks, and then when I was running from El Capitan.

    If you bought it from one source other than the Mac App Store, you must reload from this source.

    If you bought it from the Mac App Store, but with another Apple ID, you must be logged in with the Apple ID.

    If you bought it from the Mac App Store with the same Apple ID, click here , or contact Apple.


  • After installing firefox os native app appears with a generic icon, which is the same for each of them

    I solve problems reinstall B2G ZTE provider, but all the native application like phone, camera msg etc apperars with a generic icon without staining, it is the same for each of them.

    some app have been updated, i.e. the market and in this case a correct icon appears, but others not update appears with a generic icon uncolored, customized with the name of the application text only.

    my phone provider was movistar, the manufacturer was zte and the model is open from zte.

    I need help to install the correct icons without having to completely reinstall the system if it were possible. Otherwise, the help is to know how to reinstall B2G correct icons

    Hi Josefer,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have problems with your Firefox OS. What are the instructions did you follow to Flash your device ZTE open? Did you receive errors in the process?

    I would say the best way to solve this problem would be to reset your device.

    Warning: Resetting your phone will remove all data stored on the device, including applications, data from the calendar, e-mail accounts and settings.

    To reset the device, follow these instructions:

    1. Open the settings application.
    2. Press the button of device information.
    3. Press the button more than information.
    4. Press the Reset button.
    5. Press OK to continue or Cancel to cancel.

    If the problem persists, you may need to reflash your device using the construction and the instructions available on the download page of ZTE:

    In addition, please remember that the best place to find support for questions specific to the device is directly with the OEM, as they provide the device-specific builds.

    We hope that this problem fixed the problem you had. Please report to us if this helped!

    Thank you!


  • How can I get the health app appears on my watch.  The one with the little heart.

    The health app is not appear with my apps on my watch.  How he do with it?


    The health app is installed on your iPhone (as part of the iOS).

    It is not also installed (or available to be installed) on your watch.

    Health and fitness data from other sources, iPhone, and Apple Watch are grouped within the health on iPhone app. Combined data is reflected in the application of health dashboard, which adjusts the results to avoid any double counting of data from different sources.

  • JNI in BB10 app?

    Hi guys,.

    I would like to know if it was possible to use JNI to a soft BB10. I'm a bit new with this thing and I saw somewhere that it is possible.

    Because I have an android app, but I need some had a few special API to properly operate the BB10 and that I need to use JNI.

    Is this possible? If so, is it possible to find a sample or a doc about it somewhere?

    This could be great!

    Thank you!

    Yes, it is supported since 10.2.1:

    My application (with JNI) installed perfectly out-of-box (no change needed)

  • BB10 - app does not support output


    I run on an issue that almost every time I stop the app by swyping far open apps that he responds with one "application does not handle the message 'Quit' and was slayed.

    Anyone know what is the problem with the last SDK WebWorks or BB10 Dev Alpha update I'm here? Is there a manager of output-functionality is defined in the config.xml file or anywhere else in the app?

    Kind regards.

    Hi Adam,.

    After the update it works even better, apps closed not by its own which often and the call of;

    works now. But I think the point is to add the webworks JavaScript in the header of the screens, isn't it.


    I work with bbUI.js and my testimony works out well right now using this action bar:


    Not to worry the


    I work with my own implementation to locate the application to the default language of the system at boot or even if I press on a screen to the stack.

    Thx again for your information here!

  • How to add the App to BB10 App Store?

    How do you add an app on the App Store of BB10?

    I assumed it would be the same as other applications and BB10 just select the target of the BONE from the portal of the seller but there is no option of BB10.

    Problem solved, I looked under BBOS but its actually under QNX.

  • App deny the reason: "App appears either too small or too large on the device.

    Unfortunately, the test app time seems to be very long and short answers standard.

    I send my application in January and has received a refusal, a month later at the end of February. The corresponding email a few days later just said "the app doesn't appear correctly on the device, it seems too small or too big on the device."

    Anyone who receives a simular response and give additional assistance?

    (By the way, I tested the course before app on my Alpha device and the Z10 and Q10 Simulator and it still works without any problem at all.)

    Dear samyotte,

    Thank you for your kind support offer :-)

    The very good news is that the app has been approved now :-)

    About the ancient city deny the reason I have no idea - maybe it happened due to the current large amount of applications that need to be reviewed. In any case, I'm really happy of approval!

    Best regards

  • BB10 App OTA Installation

    I know this is off topic for this forum, but I don't know where else to open the discussion among other developers.

    Were there any news on if BB10 will allow installs OTA as does the current BBOS?

    App distribution should be only through App World.

  • Relocation of BB10 app already purchased containing items for sale

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you have met my situation. I did a very good search which has not turned up on any result, so I'll describe to you what is happening here.

    We offer a free version of color ID for BB10 on BlackBerry World, which contains an option to unlock for $2.99 via in-app purchase. This allows the user to add more than two custom contacts.

    They bought the unlock code using the in-app purchase system and it worked fine. They have since wiped security their phone, back with the same BBID, they used first to buy products to sell and reinstalled the free version of the app. The app is not "unlocked itself" after reinstalling, similar to how it used to work in BBOS. It is asking them to pay $2.99 for access to all the features of color code.

    I tested it myself on my own OS 10.1 Z10 and the same thing happens to me. He asked me to pay $2.99 to upgrade to the full version when I already did before removing and reinstalling.

    I wonder if you have any guidance or any other procedure to follow to find all of the features of the app that were previously available without having to pay for it.

    I've got about 4 customers who are waiting for a response. I hope that one of you discovered a solution to this problem.

    Thanks for reading.


    After some research, I noticed that they support this verification for BB10:

    BB10 in failure to purchase existing app

  • BB10 App using wordpress api?

    We have a site powered by wordpress and I would like to create an app for it bb10. The site has an API, my html, xhtml, html5, php and javascript programming languages. Is there anyway I can use the API and build a bb10 application?

    All the samples that I can point me in the right direction?

    For any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

    Yep - I wanted to just give you the option fast + simple

    For any application-on-a-phone blog base you have basically looking to consume the RSS

    Of course, you can go much further

    for example

    One of my friends is to play with making an app for its site which secures the location data - concert halls, it lists the app would be able to tell what's happening nearby tonight for example

    To the articles its simply a case of the analysis of the RSS feed that is easy enough and, as you say, you. ve got total freedom when it comes to design

    As everything in WP is stored in the DB it is easy enough to grasp any addons information (for example, my place of friendly sites) and go back to the app

    Depends on what you want to do really - not enuff to continue to give a decent answer

  • BBM SDK Apps appearing does not in the sim card

    Hello everyone.

    1. I have install MDS, installed the sim card

    2 Ran 2 simulators using sim1 and sim2.bat.

    3 added sim2 and sim1 BBM contact,.

    4. in Eclipse went to debug, dug configurations, Blackberry Simulator, advanced

    Added to this that my custom comand line:

    "C:\Users\Adminy\AppData\Local\Research in Motion\BlackBerry Smartphone simulators 7.0.0\ (9900) \fledge.exe" / app = Jvm.dll / Pocket = 9900/session for partner = Sim1/app-param = JvmAlxConfigFile:9900.xml/data-port = 0x4d44/data-port = 0x4d4e /pin = 0x2100000A/app-param = regVersion = 3 /app-param=regDestIP= = regDestPort = / app-param 19781 19783/app-param = DisableSyncServiceRecord = regSrcPort =

    This my dir of custom work:

    C:\Users\Casey\AppData\Local\Research in Motion\BlackBerry Smartphone simulators 7.0.0\ (9900)

    And this as my MDS directory custom:

    C:\bbmsdk\MDS Simulator\mds

    But when I try to debug the example applications that they are not appearing on the Simulator. Any ideas?

    I received the responsible tic tac toe sample but now when I run it it says "BBM is not available", but when I run the two simulators can I use BBM back and forth between them. Any ideas?

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